Fallout The Enclave Of The United States Of America by nfk14697


  The Enclave Of
The United States Of

Artificial Intelligence Machines

The Enclave of The
United  States  of                                 I. History of The Enclave:
                                                   EnclaveNet: OnLine
America                                            File: general Jason L. Richardson note
                                                   about The Enclave
“We, the citizens of the Enclave, who do           Security status: none
believe in the Enclave as the legal continuation   Date of modification: December, 21st
of United States of America, rule that we will     2097
do everything that our country, its government,
                                                           Many years have passed since the
or citizens may need to achieve our goal of
resurrecting the United States of America once
                                                   foundation of The Enclave and not many
again”                                             remember its origin and history. I feel
-- Constitution of The Enclave, First Paragraph    responsible for the education of my
                                                   descendants. I shall store this valuable data
                                                   in the EnclaveNet computers so it will
Prologue:                                          remind our people of what we once were
This text is considered to be an extension
                                                   and what we will become again. The story
of Fallout Pen&Paper currently available at
                                                   begins in year 2055, when the US
www.iamapsycho.com/fallout and written
                                                   government became aware that a nuclear
by Jason Mical (unasoda@hotmail.com).
                                                   conflict with our enemies would lead to a
Reading just this won’t allow you to play
                                                   total     collapse      of     governmental
the game.
                                                   infrastructure. The mythical Armageddon
Any comments you have please send to Jan
                                                   made real, if you will. A private company
Domanik (domanik@wp.pl). I wish you
                                                   called Vault-Tec was licensed to construct
good gaming. I’m aware of the fact that
                                                   a series of underground shelters in case of
some things vary from what it was
                                                   a war, called Vaults. These would help
approached in Fallout series but those are
                                                   average citizens survive but we needed to
not any major changes and do not affect
                                                   have a command and government centre
general gameplay.
                                                   that would also survive and would be much
GM information:                                    larger than a Vault.
Enclave expansion is recommended either                    Northern Californian and Nevada
for high level (12 and above) player               were chosen because of the relative lack of
characters form the Wastes or can be               targets compared to the vast open spaces.
played from the very beginning (level 1)           Then some Pentagon specialists found an
when using player characters that are              old oil platform that would form an
Enclave citizen.                                   excellent base for construction of an
You should also be aware that this is a            underwater city. Construction of this Top-
high-tech add-on and it introduces many            Secret base started in 2057 and Hydropolis,
cyberpunk ideas which can sometimes not            the capital of what was to become The
fit into your post nuclear world but in my         Enclave, and was finished by 2074. The
opinion when used in moderation it                 government also built also some outposts
provides good gaming opportunities. For            in the mainland.
further information on playing Enclave                     Unlike the Vaults, which contained
characters turn to chapter IV.                     only sufficient supplies and knowledge to
You have been warned.                              survive after the war, the knowledge of
                                                   humanity was stored in the EnclaveNet

computers, much like a modern-day               File: corporal Samuel W. Richardson note
“Library of Alexandria.” The first citizens     about The Enclave history
came to Hydropolis in 2076 and the              Security status: red
maximum population of 250,000 was to be         Date of modification: March, 3rd 2155
achieved by 2081. In 2077 the much-
feared war broke out stopping further           Well the time has come for me to continue
construction and leaving some outposts          the work of my father. Many years have
unfinished.                                     passed since someone has wrote down our
        As I was the commander of an elite      history but there were many more
101 Airborne Division by then I expected        important things. After my fathers death in
to be sent to front line but instead an order   2098 many things have changed. The most
came that me and half of my division are        important is that we once more established
going to defend some top secret base in the     a stronghold on the mainland, it was in
middle of nowhere, the rest is going to         2105 and the base called Navarro exists to
war. I was mad by then but as time passes I     current day. We once more went into the
see that otherwise I would end as an            wasteland and saw that many people
radioactive heap of bones somewhere in          survived even if we thought it to be
China. We just sat there in Hydropolis and      impossible. But they were not interested in
saw as the came out one by one. First the       rebuilding the USA, most of them being
NATO command, then Pentagon and                 the second generation as the first died out
Washington, NORAD, Area 51, Iron                quickly after the war all they desired was
Mountain all those cities in EANU and           our technology. We also met some foul
here, in states… And we were not allowed        creatures known as ghouls and mutants for
to send any transmissions… After all that       the first time. We quickly learned that we
madness ended we were left alone. We had        won’t rebuild the USA with those losers,
no contact with anyone, with all satellites     we had to achieve this task by ourselves.
shot down and all long range                    By the time we have regained three missile
communicators in the mainland destroyed.        cruisers – their crew probably killed by
We send lots of scouts but they never           radiation and we had capabilities to make
returned. After losing several hundred of       some real shipments to Navarro (later on
men we discovered that our old T51b             we also tried to travel to different places
Powered Armour just couldn’t stop               but all was the same, radiation or some
radiation so high as it was by the time. So     aggressive locals). We tried to make
we just hidden underwater, which sheltered      contact with some Vaults but most of the
us from radiation and made no contact with      did not survive the war and others just
outside world ever since. About 25000 of        didn’t trust us and refused to open their
us live here. I’m no longer the leader of       doors, which is not surprising as we
The Enclave (we named is after the war, or      haven’t been heard of before the bombs
rather the War, because we are the only         went. We slowly grew in number and even
part of USA that survived), we have a           seized control of an old nuclear reactor and
senate and a president. Everything is going     built some bases deeper in wasteland but
smoothly and in a few years we will             those all had to be deserted from various
emerge to the outside world once again.         reasons. Probably the most important thing
        - Jason L. Richardson, General of       happened in 2115. The High Commission
101 Airborne Division, Commander-in-            of Science and Warfare (HCSW) was
Chief of Enclave Army                           founded. I would mark this as an end of
End of Record, EnclaveNet Off-Line              republic and the beginning of technocracy
                                                in The Enclave. The scientists quickly
EnclaveNet: OnLine                              gained control of every important decision
                                                and the senate had something to say only

in domestic policy not to speak about the      well for a beginning, however I suspect
president. Army quickly grew enormously        that the way that HCSW has taken leads to
large and this assured that HCSW would         nowhere but it’s up to my descendants to
not give back its power. The positive          see what will happen. And there is one
aspect is that we made a few important         final thing that I’ll write about as last and
discoveries by then, like Vertibirds or T67    that will probably cause this text to be
but there are also many negative aspects.      given red access code and I’ll be arrested,
Drugs appeared in our society and we           but in my age I do not care what they will
started to send weapons shipment into the      do with me and this is the thing that must
wasteland to assure that they will have        be written. I know that our soldiers have
enough weapons to kill each other, with        committed severe atrocities in the name of
“little” help from our spies. But population   rebuilding the USA –we destroyed the off-
wealth grew and no one was or is against       shore tribes and took some Vaults by force
but I feel that those are not true ideals of   in order to gain access to their supplies.
the pre-war USA. Well that was for the         We all probably the most advanced nation
good part. In 2145 we sent our scouts to a     in this mad world but we haven’t chosen
high tech robot factory before the war and     the best way to rebuild civilization. That’s
discovered the only power that could stand     for sure.
against us. This was a long forgotten pre-     End of Record, EnclaveNet Off-Line
war project of building an army of battle
cyborgs and robots (Artificial Intelligence    II. Enclave Technical Data
Machines Project). If not for them HCSW        EnclaveNet: OnLine
would probably have finished off most of       File: EnclaveNet - system description
the towns in Nevada and California and         Security status: green
built our own upon their burning ruins. We     Date of modification: June, 1st 2160
thought the project was terminated but
were wrong, our scouts got killed and our
                                               EnclaveNet is an semi-AI computer
attack was repulsed. Nobody really knows
                                               responsible for maintenance of all systems
why the commission has launched an
                                               in Hydropolis, Navarro and several other
immediate attack instead of negotiations, I
                                               facilities that are not accessible since year
suspect that our metal enemies(?) might
                                               2077. EnclaveNet is also made to aid all
have known something that could break
                                               secondary functions of The Enclave
the HCSW supremacy in The Enclave. Its
                                               inhabitants such as health, science,
hard to say because all documents
                                               entertainment, power control and much
regarding those events were given white
                                               others. EnclaveNet is also assistant to the
access code and only the chairman of the
                                               Enclave Armed Forces HQ and a
HCSW can access those. From that time
                                               consultant of HCSW.
the HCSW has ordered a blockade and
                                               Technical data:
launches an attack from time to time, as
                                               Work speed: 6789 terraflop
well as robots do, but the situation has
                                               Storage memory: 25973 attobytes
been much of stalemate for last 10 years
                                               Semi-AI IQ: 350
and is causing HCSW popularity to fall.
                                               Architecture: Neural net
We cannot defeat them and they cannot
                                               End of Record, EnclaveNet Off-Line
defeat us but either us or them cannot
allow other to grow in power. And in my
                                               EnclaveNet: OnLine
opinion this will not change if we keep to
                                               File: Enclave power display
the same policy, but its not my matter to
                                               Security status: green
comment on this. 100000 of us live in
                                               Date of modification: March, 5th 2160
Hydropolis and another 3000 in Navarro.
Not much for pre-war standards but it’s
                                               Main fusion reactor: On, 30%

Secondary fusion reactor: On ,5%                Forcefields: Inactive
Solar panels: Off                               Traps: Inactive
Backup power: Off                               GPS targeting: no satellite present
Poseidon Oil reactor: Contact Lost              SDI defences: SDI satellites destroyed
Orbital power transmitters: Destroyed           Oil Rig main forcefield: Inactive
Fusion fuel reserves: 1553,24 year              Internal turrets: On Guard
Current power usage: 10 MWh                     Counter insurgency: Inactive
Hydropolis: Powered                             Self-destruction control: 1024 bit access
Navarro: Powered                                code required
                                                End of Record, EnclaveNet Off-Line
End of Record, EnclaveNet Off-Line
                                                III. Population of the Enclave
EnclaveNet: OnLine                              EnclaveNet: OnLine
File: Hydropolis geographical data              File: Enclave Cloning Centre Information
Security status: orange                         Security status: none
Date of modification: June, 26th 2160           Date of modification: June, 1st 2160
                                                Enclave Population (total): 110000
Enclave headquarters is located 175 miles       Enclave growth is strictly controlled and
off of the coast of California in the Pacific   all citizens are given a “genetic category” –
ocean. Coordinates are 37 degrees 18            the higher the category the less damage
minutes north latitude by 120 degrees 7         caused by radiation can be observed in
minutes west longitude.                         their DNA. Only two first categories are
End of Record, EnclaveNet Off-Line              allowed to have children (75% of Enclave
                                                citizens belongs to those two categories)
                                                all others are prohibited to have children
EnclaveNet: OnLine                              and are usually sterilised. Contraception is
File: Hydropolis security status                common in the Enclave as HCSW set
Security status: orange                         limits of growth each 10 years (thus giving
Date of modification: June, 2nd 2160            the number of children family can have)
                                                and each odd children rises the taxes for
DEFCON: 5                                       his/hers parents. If growth is less than
Perimeter defences: OnLine                      expected then clones are made to reach
OilRig defences: OnLine                         required values. However many think of
Radar: Active                                   HCSW policy as foolish it’s made by a
Long range sensors: damaged, 50%                group of specialist to best fit in
operational                                     requirements and capabilities. If something
Main Laser Batteries: 10/14 operational         unexpected occurs plans are modified. The
Secondary Laser Batteries:5/40 operational      Enclave growth rate is quite high and stays
Main Missile Batteries: 5/12 operational        at the level of about 2.5%.
Secondary Missile Batteries: 10/30              End of Record, EnclaveNet Off-Line
155 mm Guns: 0/10 operational                   EnclaveNet: OnLine
280 mm Guns: 1/5 operational                    File: Enclave Agricultural Information
650 mm Torpedo Tubes: 1/10 operational          Security status: none
Supercavitation Torpedo Tubes: 0/3              Date of modification: May, 28th 2160
Underwater minefield: Not Present               Most of food used by population of
Deep Charge mortar: 5/15 operational            Hydropolis and Navarro is being produced
Defensive bots: On Guard                        in the greenhouses of Hydropolis under
Security cameras: Active                        artificial light. Process requires attention of

human workers however robotic ones are           The Leopard was the most powerful anti-
also present. All of food produced in the        aircraft ship in the pre-War US fleet. It
enclave is of plant origin. All meat is either   was designed to defend carrier battle
bought from wasteland          inhabitants or    groups against aircraft and anti-ship
raised near Navarro. The Enclave has huge        missile threats. It also has excellent anti-
surplus of food 80% of which is wasted.          submarine capabilities.      The Leopard
End of Record, EnclaveNet Off-Line               greatest asset, however, is its Aegis
                                                 system, which completely integrates the
EnclaveNet: OnLine                               ship's weapons and command systems.
File: Enclave Armed Forces Description           This Aegis system allows each Leopard to
Security status: red                             automatically detect, track, classify, and
Date of modification: June, 1st 2160             engage multiple air targets. Ship is armed
                                                 with four Phalanx 20mm point defence
Soldier count: 14863                             cannons (able to destroy incoming missiles
Vertibirds: 100                                  and air targets) two cruise missile
RAH-88: 15                                       launchers (those are operational but
Vehicles: 343 (with tanks)                       Enclave has no missiles) two torpedo tubes
                                                 and one 127mm multi purpose gun. Ship
Ships present:                                   has only some minor damages and can
CG Clark a Dragonfly Class Missile               operate almost normally. At the back of the
Cruiser (25% operational)                        ship there is a helo pad with space for two
Length: 160 m                                    helicopters (or Vertibirds). Leopard class
Displacement: 7200 tons                          ships are powered by a nuclear propulsion
Maximum speed: 33 knots (8 with current          unit.
The Dragonfly is a general purpose guided        DDG Leyete Gulf an Arleigh Burke MK
missile cruiser built to screen carrier battle   III Guided Missile Destroyer (33%
groups from air attack. With its one SAM         operational)
(Surface-Air Missile) launcher, eight            Length: 149 m
Harpoon II missiles (two launchers),             Displacement: 6800 tons
helicopter, 5" gun, Phalanx and variety of       Maximum speed: 36 knots (current: 28
radars and sonars, this ship has more than       knots)
adequate point defence, ASW (Anti                The US Navy's Air defence destroyer, the
Submarine Warfare), and anti-surface             Burke class incorporated vertical launch
capabilities. Ship has been badly damaged        and Aegis fire control technologies from
during the War by a Chinese anti ship            the initial design stages. Primarily intended
missile and most of its electronic               to stop air attacks, the Burke's are also
equipment and weapons are no more. Hull          capable      anti-surface     and     anti-sub
is badly damaged thus ship cannot operate        platforms, although the class lacks full
during high sea states. The rear helo pad is     helicopter facilities. Able to launch
also damaged. Enclave uses this ship as an       Standard 2 SAM's, Tomahawk and
transport ship, with all of its equipment        Harpoon II SSM's (Surface-Surface
removed and every possible space                 Missile), and ASROC (Anti Submarine
converted into cargo space.                      Rocket) standoff anti-submarine weapons.
                                                 It lacks of helicopter facilities. Leyete was
CGN Shandara a Leopard Class Aegis               damaged by a nuclear blast and even now
Cruiser (87% operational)                        is somehow radiated thus it cannot be
Length: 182 m                                    operated without anti radiation protection.
Displacement: 7946 tons                          Most of its external arrays were either torn
Maximum speed: 30 knots                          off by the ballast force or just melted by

the temperature (thus Leyete looks like        in order to reduce chance of attracting
there was a fire on board) as ground zero      attention. When seek & destroy mission is
was only 5 kilometres away from the            sent there are no survivors that could
destroyer, and no one really knows how it      possibly spread any information about
survived. However external damage is           Enclave. Enclave soldiers have no mercy
massive most of internal facilities are in     when eliminating any possible witnesses.
quite good condition and the ship is able to   Three missile cruisers that are at
operate.                                       possession of Enclave are heavily damaged
                                               but there are no proper docking facilities to
CG – Cruiser Guided – description of ship      perform all repairs so those ships are used
class, any cruiser armed with guided           as transport ships between Hydropolis and
missiles                                       Navarro (only USS Shandara is able to use
CGN – Cruiser Guided Nuclear -                 its weapons, however there are not many
description of ship class, any nuclear         targets that can be shot at) and only when
powered cruiser armed with guided              weather conditions are good. Those ships
missiles                                       are far too valuable to be lost at sea.
DDG – Destroyer Guided - description of        Enclave forces are not sent beyond
ship class, any destroyer armed with           Hydropolis often and as much as 2000 is
guided missiles                                always somehow engaged in conflict with
                                               AIM, however most of them is just ready
The Enclave Armed Forces (EUSAF – The          to be sent in case of danger and only about
Enclave of United States Armed Forces)         500 is on the first front line as recently
consist of approximately 15000 men ready       there have not been many fights and
to give their lives for The Enclave. All       supplying large troops without being
military actions are under direct command      tracked by Brotherhood of Steel (or
of HCSW. Forces rarely operate in groups       someone else) would be problematic.
larger than 25 men and usually just 5          End of Record, EnclaveNet Off-Line
person patrols are sent into the wasteland.
Long range missions are usually conducted      EnclaveNet: OnLine
1 or 2 transport Vertibirds – one carrying     File: Enclave Government
soldiers and the second with light recon       Security status: none
vehicle. Sometimes an assault Vertibird (or    Date of modification: January, 22nd 2160
even a RAH-88 Inca) is added if any            The highest legal power in The Enclave is
hostile presence is expected.                  The Enclave Senate which is thought to be
                                               the continuation of US Senate. Senate
                                               consists of 60 senators and first speaker.
                                               Most of decisions are made by the vote of
                                               50%+1 but sometimes 2/3 or 3/5 are
                                               required. The Enclave has a president,
                                               elected once a 10 year. Their entitlements
                                               is much similar to those of pre-war USA.
                                               The official government name is republic
                                               but because 75% of senators are usually
                                               are scientists or technicians the real govern
                                               type is gravitating towards technocracy.
                                               All elections are made by all the citizens of
If an Enclave patrol is not sent on an         The Enclave. Senate is elected once per 8
seek&destroy mission      soldiers   are       years, but only 50% of senators are elected,
prohibited to take high tech equipment         the rest is nominated by noble HCSW
such as Powered Armours or plasma rifles       which takes this uneasy task in order to

establish the best policy for the Enclave as     prevented in future). All others must be
HCSW is the only that knows all dangers          exterminated or forced to leave the
of the outside world.                            territories of the United States. We must
Taxation is at level of 45% (linear tax).        tolerate their presence for now as we are
Trading outside The Enclave is allowed           not numerous enough to populate those
only to companies indicated by HCSW,             territories and they at least keep those
and even then traders must not in any way        ground clean from wild animals. A matter
show that they come from The Enclave.            of grave importance is denying technical
Many traders from the wastes who knew            knowledge        to    those      wasteland
too much were arrested or even killed by         “civilizations”. Concerning Vaults their
our soldiers in order to assure our safety.      inhabitants might be used in later parts of
Justice is out of control of senate, president   our project but their citizens are not to be
or HCSW. Death penalty is allowed,               allowed to leave those shelters as this may
thought usually applied only to out-of-          result in losing their value. If Vaults are
Enclave spies and other wastelanders.            not willing to cooperate The Enclave is
End of Record                                    permitted in use of deadly force. No
Encrypted Add-On                                 outsider should be accepted as The
Security status: white                           Enclave citizen but outsiders might be
The real power in the Enclave is the             recruited as spies.
HCSW which consist of 6 high rank                End of Record, EnclaveNet Off-Line
military officers, 6 scientists and
technicians and EnclaveNet Semi-AI as an         EnclaveNet: OnLine
advisor. HCSW takes 90% of important             File: Enclave Research&Knowledge Status
decision and the leaves the decisions to the     Security status: green
senate only in domestic policy. HCSW has         Date of modification: April, 15th 2160
also ability to control elections for judges,    We posses all the knowledge known in
advocates and procurators, thus controlling      pre-war America, however much of it has
the justice department. High Commission          little or no use in current circumstances –
for Science and Warfare is the true power        e.g. spaceflight. We also have our own
in The Enclave.                                  laboratories that have made a significant
End of Record, EnclaveNet Off-Line               research since 2077 – e.g. cold fusion,
                                                 Vertibirds,    T67     Powered     Armour.
EnclaveNet: OnLine                               Research and knowledge storage is one of
File: Enclave Policy Towards Outsiders           The Enclave main goals.
Security status: green                           End of Record, EnclaveNet Off-Line
Date of modification: April, 15th 2160
Rebuilding new USA will require from us          EnclaveNet: OnLine
to restore its original population and this      File: Enclave Deathclaw Intelligence
cannot be done with outsiders. Most of           Enhancement Program
them are far to radiated and primitive to        Security status: red
become citizen of new country. We see            Date of modification: June, 23rd 2165
only one organisation that can be possibly       Since year 2150 Enclave has conducted
assimilated into The Enclave – a group           some top secret research in order to
which calls themselves Brotherhood of            enhance intelligence of creatures widely
Steel as they also seek their roots in pre-      known as deathclaws. In Hydropolis
war America. The best thing about them is        genetic engineering department a team of
they also seek technical knowledge for           Enclave scientist created a modified
themselves and are not too much interested       version of FEV virus called FBDV (Forced
in supplying it to others (however such          Brain Development Virus) that was used
thing have happened and this must                on group of deathclaws to make them

smart enough to become warriors for the        File: Enclave Cities
Enclave that could act on their own.           Security status: yellow
However 90% of experiment subject died         Date of modification: September, 23rd
the experiment itself proved to be a           2159
success. The surviving deathclaw were          The Enclave Oil Rig with Hydropolis
gaining intelligence quickly and shortly       Oil Rig is only the upper part of
were able to understand orders given to        underwater city built before the war,
them. Enclave used those deathclaws in a       named Hydropolis which is for the capital
few missions in the wastes with much           of The Enclave. There is no more oil to
success. Everything seemed to progressing      extract so all power is collected either from
the best it could until one day (about 8       cold fusion(!) or solar panels on the
months after first mission) a deathclaw        surface. The Oil Rig houses solar panels,
assault team didn’t return form a training     many defensive installations (just in case)
mission in the wastes. Enclave forces were     and a huge Vertibird base with hangars and
sent to enquire – they found all human         landing pads. Also there is ship docking
supervisors slain by deathclaws who were       facility there. Hydropolis is home for
missing. Airborne troops were sent almost      50000 people and it’s probably the biggest
instantly to hunt down fugitives but with      settlement in the whole post-nuclear world
little success. Science teams made lot’s of    even if the pre-war city was planned for
research to ascertain what has happened. It    800000 citizen (major parts of Hydropolis
turned out that deathclaws learning curve      are unpopulated). The Enclave Senate,
has been far superior to what was              president and all main laboratories are
suspected and they gained much more            based here. Also the main army barracks
intelligence than anybody can thought they     are situated here. Due to underwater
possibly could, also their aggression was      location there is no radiation (0 rads!) in
much lower with the growth of                  Hydropolis, however a few rads are present
intelligence. As intelligent as they were,     at surface (Oil Rig).
deathclaws planned an escape as they           Navarro Army Base
didn’t want to be exploited by the Enclave     It’s a huge military base and Vertibird
to commit atrocities. Project was              refuelling place. About 2000 soldiers of
terminated and soon everyone would             The Enclave are located here. There is also
forgot about the case but in year 2154 an      1000 of technicians, scientists and other
enclave assault team caught a talking          civilian workers. About 80% of The
deathclaw (those who were trained at the       Enclave vehicles are stationed here.
Enclave never shown abilities to speak).       Navarro is surrounded by vast areas of
After research on this subject it has          minefields patrolled by combat bots and
become clear that with time deathclaws         soldiers to eliminate all non-Enclave
intelligence has grown even more and they      presence. It’s main base for The Enclave
were nearly as intelligent as humans and       missions in surrounding wasteland and
called themselves Grey Tribe. Order was        main resupply route for soldiers fighting
given to Enclave troops to exterminate any     with AIM. Many Enclave agents, spies and
deathclaw they meet (as Grey Tribe does        saboteurs travels from here all over
not vary in appearance form other              wasteland to perform various missions and
deathclaw) but this gives little effect.       gather information. Radiation level is very
Enclave had to reconcile itself to Grey        low (about 0,45 rad a day or even less ).
Tribe existence but tries to eliminate those   However it reaches even about 20 rads a
deathclaws whenever possible.                  second (so only about half a minute
End of Record, EnclaveNet Off-Line             without ABC protection suit is necessary
                                               to acquire fatal amount of radiation) in
EnclaveNet: OnLine                             some parts of Navarro borders as fallout

was intentionally brought there to scare off    Security Status: Access Not Available
and/or kill any trespassers.                    Date of modification: CLASSIFIED
Sierra Army Depot
Long ago abandoned weapon storage, now          Astropolis
run by an AI computer – Skynet. SAD was         This is the most guarded secret of the
thought to be The Enclave strike base but it    Enclave. A city which construction begun
proved impossible to keep it hidden             in 2030. This huge city was built near the
because of close presence of New Reno           surface of Eros asteroid by robotic
and Broken Hills. Even now groups of            construction teams and its construction was
rider make attempts to break security           finished in 2074. It consisted of two parts:
defences and gather some modern                 Astropolis Star Base and Tijuana Military
technologies. Skynet is still in contact with   Bunker.
The Enclave and scout and technical teams                a) Tijuana Military Bunker
from Navarro occasionally arrive here.          This is the surface part of the city located
Base security is at 95% operational.            near Tijuana, Baja California, USA (this
Radiation level is about 10 rads/hour.          area belonged to the US after war with
Poseidon Oil Nuclear Reactor                    Mexico in 2023). Now the bunker is ruined
Thought to be the first Enclave city in         and most of its 10 levels are destroyed or
California it had to be deserted because of     damaged beyond repair due to a nuclear
a major reactor leak (therefore only one of     impact but one of the most important base
four power domes had been built) which          facility is still operational. Most of the base
caused surrounding area to become               is of little value, although something might
radiated ending all plans to build a city       be scavenged there. Deep beneath the
here. Now a Ghoulish city of Gecko              ground, on level ten which defensive
appeared here but The Enclave doesn’t           systems are still active (by an emergency
oppose as most of high-tech equipment has       power unit), beyond impenetrable seals,
been evacuated long before. Radiation           there is a tunnel leading to a nearby
level is high here but it makes no              mountain under which a rail launcher was
difference for the ghouls (however it           built. The rail launcher is a rail line
makes for Vault 8 dwellers). What not           accelerator that uses electromagnetic fields
many know of is that main Gecko                 to accelerate a specially designed craft
computer – which runs the plant – is under      (two version exist – one for up to 50
The Enclave control.                            persons and the other for 25 tons of
Santa Maria Missile Base                        supplies). Launcher tube has 3000 metres
This recently founded base is situated in a     of length and a craft is guided by a special
pre-war ballistic missile base, located in      track in order to maintain desired course.
Sierra Nevada. All main base facilities are     Final is speed is of about 8 km/s and this
placed in the underground bunkers and           allows the shuttle to reach the orbit where
about 100 Enclave soldiers and technicians      it engages its own ion engines to reach
live here. The base provides also resupply      Astropolis. The drawback of launcher is
for all long range Vertibird patrols and        excessive power consumption during each
scout teams. Main part of the base are huge     launch. After launch there must be at least
storages that hold weapons, food and            4 hour break to allow launch generators
energy reserves. Base is well defended and      recharge. It’s one of the most advanced
located in an easy to defend site.              man made, land based facilities.
                                                         b) Astropolis Orbital Town
EnclaveNet: OnLine                              Construction works of Astropolis begun in
Reading System Update                           2030 and it at first ought to be mining base
This file is only to be accessed in case of     but later on a company that built it got
direct threat to Hydropolis.                    bankrupt in 2039 and the base was left

unfinished. In 2044 USAF Space Warfare          It’s equipped to be fully autonomic and
Division bought it in order to create a         allow its crew survival without contact
training facility for its pilots there. Works   with surface but base is not thought to be a
continued to 2056 when officially base was      permanent – just a place from which
abandoned due to lacks of cash to complete      rebuilding civilization would be easier.
it. But unofficially the works still            Astropolis is probably the last place where
continued. The base was thought to be an        ready-to-use nuclear warheads remain.
add-on to VaultTec War Survival Project.        Base engines, that were used to move it to
Base was equipped in order to allow it to       Earth’s orbit are not potent enough to
function on its own after a nuclear             allow base leave the Earth gravitation field.
holocaust on Earth. It has been constructed     Astropolis might be seen as a glowing
near Eros asteroid and equipped wit own         point on the sky at morning and evening
propulsion which was used to move it from       and sometimes its shadow might be seen
Eros orbit to the high orbit of Earth in 2077   moving with great speed across the
(it arrived in the late 2078), just after the   wasteland.
War broke out. As the War was much more         End Of Record, EnclaveNet Off-Line
rapid and devastating that anyone could         EnclaveNet System Off-Line, It’s Now
have thought it was clear that there will be    Safe to Turn Off Your Terminal
no one to use the base by the time it was to
arrive so information about it were hidden      IV. Special NPCs:
in the EnclaveNet and Astropolis became a       Some NPC’s are given here. Those as well
reserve one in case Hydropolis failed. Base     ordinary ones (traders, soldiers etc.) but
is a ellipsoidal form – 5 km in length and      also some special and unique ones. Note
about 200 metres of radius in the central       that skill points and/or primary statistic can
part (50 metres at end) . Most of the space     be higher or lower than allowed. This is
in it is full of life support, construction     intentional.
facilities, hangars, weapon stores, robotic     Profession – what the character does for a
factories and other necessary facilities and    living
there are just place for 1000 crew              Alignment – only in special characters, I
members. An semi-AI computer is                 used AD&D 3rd edition alignments, to
responsible for running the base when           make it clear how do such a character
unmanned. Base has hangars able to launch       behave.
spacecrafts (unfortunately no shuttles were     Equipment – when “none” is written it
abroad as those present on board were           means that that NPC’s does not have any
returned to earth in order to exchange them     special/characteristic     equipment       and
for more advanced ones, but the War             anything that GM feels necessary might be
interrupted this) and suborbital crafts (they   given to him/her.
cannot go into space but are able to            XP value – how much XP for killing that
descend surface and then return, 5 of those     person, note that some of them probably
is present abroad, but cannot lower their       have many bodyguards or friends that will
speed to less than mach 4 as the would be       protect and/or avenge particular special
unable to accelerate once again), albeit the    NPC.
best way to reach is the Tijuana Rail
Launcher Astropolis is well defended: 20        Name: major Jane Henderson
laser turrets and 10 missile launchers are      Profession: Enclave assassin
ready to attack anyone who fails on IFF.        Alignment: lawful neutral
Also many MECHs and defensive turrets           Age: 29
are present inside the base and if all of       Race: human
those failed there is a self destruction        Sex: F
system able to destroy the whole base.          HP: 80

XP value: 5000                                says. Jane sees the Enclave as the only way
STR : 5      PE : 8                           to restore civilization and will always do
END: 4       CH: 7                            everything to serve it. She is very famous
INT : 6      AG: 10                           among Enclave citizens and soldiers but
LK : 6                                        she pays no attention of her fame. She
                                              spend more time somewhere in the
Traits: Sex Appeal, Enclave Citizen           wasteland “on duty” than in the Enclave.
Perks: Ghost, Defensive Mode, Assassin,
Silent Running, Sniper, Enclave Combat        Name: Argus McFariley
Training (3) (special perk), Enclave          Profession: merchant
Science Training (special perk), Enclave      Alignment: chaotic-neutral
Covert Ops Training (special perk)            Age: 42
Karma: 600                                    Race: ghoul
                                              Sex: M
Small Guns: 220%                              HP: 50
Big Guns: 20%                                 XP value: 850
Energy Weapons: 40%                           STR : 4       PE : 5
Unarmed: 170%                                 END: 6        CH: 5
Melee Weapons: 125%                           INT : 9       AG: 6
Lockpick: 70%                                 LK : 7
Throwing Weapons: 60%
First Aid: 70%                                Traits: skilled, good natured
Doctor: 50%                                   Perks: master trader
Piloting: 55%                                 Karma: 2500
Sneak: 110%
Steal: 40%                                    Small Guns: 15%
Traps: 80%                                    Big Guns: 5%
Science: 60%                                  Energy Weapons: 45%
Repair: 75%                                   Unarmed: 10%
Speech: 105%                                  Melee Weapons: 20%
Barter: 50%                                   Lockpick: 50%
Gambling: 40%                                 Throwing Weapons: 10%
Outdoorsman: 70%                              First Aid: 50%
Equipment: her equipment depends on           Doctor: 30%
mission, but she would almost always be       Piloting: 40%
armed with her favourite melee weapon – a     Sneak: 20%
wakizashi sword. She tends not to wear        Steal: 100%
any armour that would limit her movement      Traps: 20%
possibilities.                                Science: 65%
Description: she is one of the most           Repair: 70%
experienced and talented Enclave assassin,    Speech: 170%
able to infiltrate almost any opponent. Her   Barter: 280%
unique sneak skill followed by her            Gambling: 35%
unequalled       weapon     handling    and   Outdoorsman: 20%
unmatched hand-to-hand combat abilities       Equipment: always carries Laser Pistol
make her one of most valuable Enclave         (just in case), dresses in red leather jacket ,
soldiers. Moreover her sex appeal helps       red jeans and a straw hat - for sure he
her whenever she has to deal with male        cannot be mistaken for anyone else. Tends
opponents. Her personal hobby are martial     to use a lot of perfumes as his smell scares
arts and training the “art of sword” as she   of his customers (as malicious say “it can

fend off deathclaw, kill a brahmin and          Small Guns: 100%
make you buy anything just to leave Argus       Big Guns: 20%
presence”).                                     Energy Weapons: 120%
Description: Argus is probably only but         Unarmed: 45%
one ghoulish merchant accepted in the           Melee Weapons: 55%
Enclave. And probably the only one              Lockpick: 40%
outsider who was allowed to leave the           Throwing Weapons: 55%
enclave after he has been down in               First Aid: 75%
Hydropolis. Argus knows that both sides         Doctor: 85%
have profits as long as he pretends that he     Piloting: 220%
have never heard of Enclave. Of course he       Sneak: 25%
spies for the Enclave, as he is known           Steal: 20%
almost everywhere and no one would ever         Traps: 25%
suspect him of something else than greed.       Science: 80%
He knows that he lives in danger if             Repair: 120%
Brotherhood of Steel ever got to know           Speech: 70%
where does he “find” all those advanced         Barter: 60%
technology pieces he sells among                Gambling: 20%
wasteland (officially he says that thanks to    Outdoorsman: 15%
his radiation resistance he gathers it from     Equipment: none
ruined pre-War structures). Some say that       Description: Anthony was one of the most
he would sell sand in the middle of the         talented Enclave pilots. He was the leader
desert with profits but even if he earns lots   of 1st Inca squadron and had the best
of money on trading he almost instantly         results in whole Enclave air forces many
loses everything in the casino and in the       thought he is about to be promoted for a
bar (“Beer for everyone” is what he often       major and later maybe even for a colonel
says after particularly profitable deal) –      but one day his Inca didn’t return from a
probably that’s way people like him so          simple recon mission. He never reported to
much…                                           a refuelling station in the desert where he
                                                ought to refill his Inca before returning to
                                                Navarro. Enclave sent a massive a rescue
Name: captain Anthony Fassard                   force that searched for many days, but they
Profession: pilot                               didn’t find him nor any sing of what has
Alignment: neutral good                         happened with him and his chopper…
Age: 36                                         Now he is officially listed as MIA but
Race: human                                     many think that he lives somewhere in the
Sex: M                                          wastes…
HP: 120
XP value: 1200                                  GM notes:
STR : 6       PE : 8                            Equipment: Anthony wears torn and
END: 5        CH: 5                             almost unrecognisable Enclave pilot
INT : 8       AG: 7                             uniform (with insignia of 1st Inca Squadron
LK : 6                                          – a dragon attacking a sheep and words:
                                                “Strike Swiftly”), he is armed with Desert
Traits: Enclave Citizen, Fast Metabolism        Viper pistol
Perks: Enclave Airborne Training (2)            Description: The truth is that Fassards
(special perk), Doctor, Night Vision, Mr.       RAH-88 Inca actually reported to
Fixit,                                          refuelling station but when he was
Karma: 300                                      approaching landing pad suddenly a
                                                Hedgehog air defence vehicle standing in a

trench near by opened fire at his Inca.         LK : 7
Thanks to his abilities he managed to
manoeuvre his hopper out of danger zone         Traits: Combat Frenzy, Rambo, Enclave
but it got badly damaged and Fassard            Citizen (in his case it only means he is
himself got badly injured. All of this          tolerated in Enclave – it doesn’t give him
happened because he started to use his          any bonuses)
popularity among Enclave soldiers to            Perks: none
convince them that they should reveal           Karma: 100
themselves and help all people from the
wastes which was against HCSW policy –          Small Guns: 150%
therefore he had to die. HCSW ordered his       Big Guns: 40%
chopper to be shot down during landing so       Energy Weapons: 60%
then later they could say he was killed by      Unarmed: 180%
raiders when approaching landing pad at         Melee Weapons: 140%
low speed and with no manoeuvre                 Lockpick: 10%
possibilities. But HCSW members never           Throwing Weapons: 75%
have expected that he will survive. The         First Aid: 15%
rescue force that was sent was actually         Doctor: 5%
consisting mostly form HCSW Special             Piloting: 60%
Forces and actually wanted to terminate         Sneak: 15%
Fassard if they ever found him. Meanwhile       Steal: 20%
Fassard managed to fly his chopper as far       Traps: 45%
as 100 km away into the wastes before he        Science: 10%
finally crash-landed it in a lake (that’s why   Repair: 10%
Enclave soldiers didn’t find him). Anthony      Speech: 10%
himself was found half-alive a by a             Barter: 10%
primitive tribe that helped him and thought     Gambling: 20%
of him as a divine “man from the skies”.        Outdoorsman: 55%
He stayed in this tribe for a couple of         Equipment: Vindicator Minigun, lots of
months and then started a new life as a         grenades, combat knife
wanderer among the wastes searching             Description: Grumbar is one of few
someone that will help him say the Enclave      mutants who are Enclave citizens. He
citizens the truth about his “death” which      joined the Enclave because they offered
can possibly overthrow the HCSW rule,           him more food, more weapons and more
but what he doesn’t know is that HCSW           action – that being more than enough for
has also heard of a man dressed in Enclave      him. However Grumbar isn’t bright he is
airborne uniform and has sent assassins to      valued for his destructive abilities in
follow and kill him…                            combat. He would often run into the
                                                middle of most fierce combat throwing
Name: Grumbar                                   grenades to left and right and firing his
Profession: “berserker”                         minigun at the same time (he is so strong
Alignment: neutral good                         that he can fire it using one hand only) and
Age: 46                                         then kill everyone without taking a scratch.
Race: super mutant                              His battle “roar” causes both his enemies
Sex: M                                          and allies to run for cover as in combat
HP: 250                                         frenzy he will shoot anyone at sight.
XP value: 6000                                  However he can be dangerous both to his
STR : 13      PE : 8                            companions and enemies he is much
END: 11       CH: 2                             respected among Enclave soldiers (what he
INT : 2       AG: 7                             likes very much) both for combat and

alcohol drinking abilities. When not in        to change deathclaws into intelligent
combat (or drunk) Grumbar is very              creatures. She has very “difficult”
affectionate – he like flowers, animals etc.   character and is known among her students
He will probably “damage” anyone who is        as “Ms. DoItBetter”. Her unmatched skills
being cruel to animals (in his opinion even    are followed by cruelty and lack of mercy
Floater or Deathclaw might be an animal)       which allows her to perform various tests
who is cruel to them…                          on humans and deathclaws without any
                                               ethical problems. As she has spent almost
Name: dr Agnes Tores                           all of her life in a lab she knows little of
Profession: molecular genetic                  outside world and cares little of anything
Alignment: neutral evil                        else than her work.
Age: 73
Race: human                                    Name: Frank
Sex: F                                         Profession: information provider
HP: 40                                         Alignment: chaotic good
XP value: 1000                                 Age: 57
STR : 3       PE : 4                           Race: human
END: 4        CH: 5                            Sex: M
INT : 10      AG: 4                            HP: 20
LK : 7                                         XP value: 500
                                               STR : 3        PE : 6
Traits: Enclave Citizen, Genius                END: 7         CH: 6
Perks: Educated (2), Swift Lerner (2),         INT : 6        AG: 4
Healer, Living Anatomy, Enclave BioLab         LK : 7
Training (special perk)
Karma: 110                                     Traits: none
                                               Perks: Chem Resistant, Enclave Citizen
Small Guns: 10                                 Karma: -50
Big Guns: 0
Energy Weapons: 15                             Small Guns: 30
Unarmed: 4                                     Big Guns: 5
Melee Weapons: 10                              Energy Weapons: 15
Lockpick: 10                                   Unarmed: 5
Throwing Weapons: 5                            Melee Weapons: 10
First Aid: 100                                 Lockpick: 70
Doctor: 300                                    Throwing Weapons: 15
Piloting: 15                                   First Aid: 10
Sneak: 15                                      Doctor: 20
Steal: 8                                       Piloting: 15
Traps: 12                                      Sneak: 50
Science: 300                                   Steal: 90
Repair: 60                                     Traps: 40
Speech: 70                                     Science: 50
Barter: 30                                     Repair: 20
Gambling: 40                                   Speech: 80
Outdoorsman: 5                                 Barter: 95
Equipment: none                                Gambling: 75
Description: Agnes Tores is a molecular        Outdoorsman: 40
genetic responsible for development of         Equipment: a lot of alcohol
modified version of FEV virus that is able

Description: Frank (he forgot his surname)      Steal: 0
used to be a soldier but after a fierce         Traps: 240
combat he went into a shock and started to      Science: 240
drink. Soon he was out of the army and          Repair: 200
lives up to now sitting in bars. Many ask       Speech: 220
how does he earn money but even when            Barter: 60
drunk he has great talent to see and hear       Gambling: 0
things that others would like to know… for      Outdoorsman: 250
money of course. He usually sits in one of      ! – 0 means that he will never do such a
the bars on Oil Rig and watches the sea “It     thing, no matter what
makezz me feeeel greatzz” as he says not        Equipment: Holy Armour of Paladin –
interrupting drinking. Despite of that he       there is 95% chance it will deflect ALL
still posses some clearness of thinking and     damage (let it be from bullets, flames,
never can be very useful in supplying           radiation, falling rocks or even nuclear
information about almost anything               explosion), otherwise treat it as if it had
happening in the Enclave.                       DT of 160 and DR of 95% (for all kinds of
! – last character is optional as it brings a   Description: Sir Henry is probably the
bit of “magic” into the system.                 strangest person PC can ever meet in the
Name: sir Henry Dernington                      wastes. He is the only living member of
Profession: Knight of The Ancient Lore in       Black Rose Order – order of Knights who
Brotherhood of Steel Order of Black Rose        claim to have seen The Grail itself.
Alignment: true neutral (neutral neutral)       Whatever is the source of sir Henry’s
Age: there are rumours that he has been         unique powers they are for sure
born many years before the war, he looks        supernatural. His history has long ago been
like if he was about 40                         forgotten and now even not many in
Race: human                                     Brotherhood know of his presence as long
Sex: M                                          ago he has chosen to wander the wastes
HP: 200                                         and help restore balance to the world, with
XP value: 50000                                 God’s help. The only place he lives in are
STR : 10        PE : 10                         legends, many children have heard of “a
END: 10         CH: 10                          holy man who comes from the wastes to
INT : 10        AG: 10                          heal and aid poor people” however not
LK : 10                                         many believe this stories when getting
                                                older. Sir Henry Wears Holy Armour of
Traits: ?                                       Paladin (which looks much like standard
Perks: ?                                        T51b) which is completely black except of
Karma: ?                                        red rose painted on right shoulder. He is
                                                armed with a Holy Sword Of Paladin (Min.
Small Guns: 250                                 ST: 10 W: 16 Dmg: 4d10 + MD, armour or
Big Guns: 300                                   damage resistances do not protect foes
Energy Weapons: 120                             from this sword Rng: 2 S: 5 T: 6 B: N/A),
Unarmed: 250                                    two Holy Desert Eagle Pistols (stats as
Melee Weapons: 240                              normal Desert Eagle but armour does not
Lockpick: 100                                   protect form their hits) and carries one
Throwing Weapons: 250                           Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch (see
First Aid: 240                                  weapons section). He wanders the wastes
Doctor: 200                                     and sometimes helps people in need but
Piloting: 0                                     usually avoids contact with others – he will
Sneak: 0                                        help only when some special conditions

occur and he sees the local balance              The third rule means that players won’t be
between good and evil threatened, even           allowed to have plasma rifles and power
then he will not help any side to achieve        armour which would make them demi-
“total victory”. Sir Henry wanders all           gods in a world where 4/5 of the
around the world (how does he cross the          population have not even heard of plasma.
oceans remains unknown) in search of             Of course using those weapons would not
something. Some claim that he seeks the          throw balance of the game if adventure
Seven Seals of Armageddon (see St. John          takes part in The Enclave itself as almost
revelation) as the world must be reborn          everyone here will have access to plasma
once again as there is no chance to bring it     weapon. Playing as The Enclave members
back to balance between good and evil in         will also make players responsible before
current conditions… But what are his true        someone as they are probably sent on a
intentions is unknown. Sir Henry can heal        mission and somebody is waiting for their
with his touch – this adds 4d10 HP to any        reports. And what if they decide to break-
creature healed. HP cannot go over               off? Well no one would be happy and
maximum.                                         assassins would be sent after them (GM
                                                 should make it clear to the players that
                                                 Enclave would not tolerate treachery). On
V. Using Enclave citizen as Player               the other hand rule number three doesn’t
Characters                                       say that if players mission was to scout a
As you have seen from text above Enclave         settlement for optimal attack possibilities a
is a high tech society and any of its citizens   Vertibird assault team cannot be called up
varies much from original Fallout type of        to make their work. Also evacuation
character. There are two ways of playing         should be possible if something goes
as Enclave. Either the adventure whole           wrong. Players should somehow feel the
takes place in The Enclave, then this game       might of The Enclave standing behind their
has      more       in    common          with   backs. It’s up to GM how much help
Cyberpunk2020™ than a post-nuclear               players can receive but that should not be
world. The second option is to play as The       for any call or game will be too easy and in
Enclave scouts, spies or soldiers in a           any case players will just call “the cavalry”
mission somewhere in the wasteland. For a        to kill everyone at sight. This for sure
good gameplay mixture of those two               doesn’t make for a good gaming. The true
would be advised but second option should        power of Enclave characters is that all high
be the main one. Whatever you chose there        tech equipment is familiar to them and they
are a few rules that must be respected:          will be capable of making much items on
    1. In order to play The Enclave you          their own such as gunpowder or radio –
        must take “Enclave Citizen” as one       well it’s just what every child in the
        of your traits.                          Enclave knows. They have also much
    2. Your outdoorsman skill is less by         greater general knowledge in biology,
        10% as you have lived in “sterile”       geography, chemistry, physics etc. Even if
        conditions and your knowledge is         their science and repair skills are low that
        mainly theoretical.                      just mean they aren’t good at those but
    3. Outside The Enclave its citizen are       even an Enclave soldier with science of
        prohibited to show anything that         10% will know more of computers than a
        would allow for anyone to discover       tribesman with science of 300% (this is
        the existence of The Enclave.            because of fact that they have probably at
    4. All high tech equipment is familiar       least seen or heard of computer unlike
        to Enclave citizens and they don’t       most of tribesmen). However any Enclave
        need high science skill to operate a     player will know much there might be
        computer or repair a robot.              problems with usage of those skills, e.g. an

Enclave doctor would say that specimen           Major                 15
has been infected by Vibrio Coma                 Lieutenant Colonel    16
(cholera) and say what kind of medicines         Colonel               19
should be used to cure that but where            Major General         21
would he find those in the middle of             Lieutenant General    24
wasteland?                                       General               27
Playing as The Enclave doesn’t make the          Marshall              30
game any less Fallout-style as long as the
gamemaster does not give the players
                                                 Vc. Enclave Troop Types
access to high tech equipment in
                                                 This chapter gives detail about all Enclave
unreasonable quantities because this would
                                                 Troop types that PC can play. Note that all
turn the game into kill’em’all for
                                                 stats, equipment etc. given here is ordinary
experience game. Thing to be remembered
                                                 and sometimes something different might
by the GM is that even if The Enclave is
                                                 be assigned to soldiers, also the quantities
high-tech for post-nuclear standards and its
                                                 may vary. Equipment, weapons and
citizens are just as mortal as anyone else. If
                                                 armour shown here are those which are
a player thinks that he is invincible in
                                                 assigned to each soldier by army, but as
his/hers powered armour maybe a good
                                                 history shows soldiers tend to make
critical with a spear or pistol penetrating
                                                 miracles of inventiveness and have many
the armour and dealing lots of damage
                                                 other things with them, not necessarily
would do good for his/hers mind?
                                                 allowed by the army regulations, from their
                                                 favourite pet (this is common among
Vb. Enclave Military Ranks                       pilots) up to a missile launcher stolen from
                                                 other troops (eg. during WWII every GI’s
Table below shows minimal level                  point of honour was to have a Tomphson
requirements to achieve certain rank. Of         SMG which was assigned only to marines
course promotion is not imminent with            and officers…). On the other hand soldiers
gain a level but should be given only when       tend to disregard regulations considering
player shows does something in the game          armour and not wear helmets or armour at
that would persuade his superiors to             all… Soldiers sometimes use weapons they
promote him/her. GM should also be aware         capture rather their own. Of course all of
that being brave fighter can help to become      this can be punished by a strict officer.
a sergeant but higher ranks require formal       All Enclave soldiers are given a helmet
education. The amount of staff work is           (W: 2 AC: 10) unless armour they wear
growing with ranks. Major is the highest         has helmet itself – e.g. T67.
rank that will allow character to go into        Under normal circumstances each troop
combat – colonels and generals are for           type team consists of 9 soldiers and a
giving orders and are no allowed to fight        commander but sometimes this number can
(colonels sometimes go into combat but           be lowered or raised. Each team is led by a
rarely). Ranks higher than major shouldn’t       sergeant (1st or 2nd class). 5 teams form a
be given to PC unless some special               platoon led by lieutenant. 3 or 4 platoons
circumstances occur.                             form a company led by captain or major
                                                 (sometimes both are present). 6 companies
Rank                   Level Required            form a battalion led by lieutenant colonel,
Private                1                         3 battalions form a brigade led by colonel
Sergeant 2nd Class     5                         and 3 brigades form a division led by
Sergeant 1st Class     9                         lieutenant general or major general. “Full”
Lieutenant             11                        general can only be a high command staff
Captain                13                        member. Enclave has 1 Armoured Infantry
                                                 Division (tanks are assigned to this

division as there is to few of them to form
separate unit), 1 Vertibird Wing and 3
RAH88 Squadrons. Some soldiers and
equipment are not assigned and sent
whenever Enclave needs them.

Airborne Assault
Main skills: sneak, small guns, throwing,
Requirements: END 6, STR 7, not higher
than 185 cm and heavier than 85 kg,
Enclave Airborne Training perk (1)
Armour: Kevlar or camouflaged dress
Weapons: P90c + 6 magazines, 5 grenades,                      Targeting a tank…
1 H13 “Building Buster” grenade
Equipment: stimpaks, Rad-X, Rad Away,         Special Ops
parachute, binoculars, radio, night vision    Main skills: small guns, sneak, melee
goggles, knife, bayonet                       weapons, unarmed, throwing,
                                              Requirements: INT 8 PE 7 AG 7
                                              Armour: none or Kevlar
Heavy Support                                 Weapons: any rifle with scope or any
Main skills: big guns                         assault rifle, Desert Viper + 4 magazines, 6
Requirements: STR 7, END 7                    grenades
Armour: T67                                   Equipment: depends on mission
Weapons: Minigun + 500 rounds belt,
Desert Viper + 3 magazines                    Judge Advocate General (JAG)
Equipment: stimpaks, Rad-X, Rad Away,         Main skills: science, speech, barter,
knife                                         Requirements: high CH
                                              Armour: none
Special Weapons And Tactics (S.W.A.T.)        Weapons: personal weapon
Main skills: small guns, energy weapons,      Equipment: varies
sneak, unarmed, throwing, lockpick,
Requirements: PE 7 INT 7 AG 8                 Technicians
Armour: none or Kevlar or combat armour       Main skills: repair, science
Weapons: MP-5 with silencer + 6               Requirements: none
magazines, 2 flash grenades, 2 gas            Armour: none
grenades, 2 grenades                          Weapons: personal weapons
Equipment: stimpaks, Rad-X, Rad Away,         Equipment: various tools
rope, night vision goggles, hooks, radio,
communication scrambler, communication        Infantry (Light)
jammer, knife                                 Main skills: small guns, melee
                                              Requirements: none
Antitank                                      Armour: combat armour
Main skills: big guns, stealth                Weapons: all rifles and assault rifles, 6
Requirements: STR 7                           grenades
Armour: metal armour                          Equipment: stimpaks, Rad-X, Rad Away,
Weapons: any anti tank weapon (TOW II,        knife, bayonet
“Firefly”, etc.), Desert Viper pistol + 4
Equipment: stimpaks, Rad-X, Rad Away,         Infantry (Heavy)
extra ammo for AT weapon, knife               Main skills: small guns, big guns

Requirements: STR 6                           binoculars, radio, radio detonators, knife,
Armour: T67                                   mine detector, shovel (not all soldiers carry
Weapons: all kinds, 8 grenades                all of the above, platoons consist of
Equipment: stimpaks, Rad-X, Rad Away,         soldiers with various equipment)
knife, bayonet
                                              Field Medic
Artillery                                     Main skills: doctor, first aid
Main skills: big guns, repair                 Requirements: Enclave Medical Training
Requirements: INT 6                           rank 3
Armour: Kevlar                                Armour: Kevlar
Weapons: M1A5 and 6 magazines                 Weapons: none
Equipment: varies                             Equipment: stimpaks, super stimpaks, Rad-
                                              X, Rad Away, field medic bag, stretchers
Scout                                         (one per 2 medics)
Main     skills:  small    guns,   sneak,
outdoorsman, science,                         Command
Requirements: AG 8 PE 8                       Commander is added to each unit – eg.
Armour: Kevlar or combat armour               Infantry Commander, Scout Commander
Weapons: H&K P90c + 8 magazines, 6            etc.
grenades                                      Main skills: science, speech + as per troops
Equipment: stimpaks, Rad-X, Rad Away,         type
survival equipment, low light and night       Requirements: CH 7, INT 7 + as per troops
vision goggles, com-link, PIP Boy, Geiger     type, military rank adequate to troops
counter, knife                                commanded
                                              Armour: troops type
Airborne                                      Weapons: troops type
Main skills: piloting, Enclave Airborne       Equipment: stimpaks, Rad-X, Rad Away,
Training                                      maps, radio, binoculars, low light and night
Requirements: INT 7                           vision goggles
Armour: none
Weapons: Desert Viper + 2 magazines           Energy Weapons Squad
Equipment: stimpaks, Rad-X, Rad Away,         Main skills: energy weapons
radio, knife                                  Requirements: none
                                              Armour: T67
Espionage                                     Weapons: any energy weapon, mainly
Main skills: sneak, speech, outdoorsman,      Gatling Laser and Sherman “Lighting”
traps, lockpick, repair, steal, unarmed       Plasma Rifle
Requirements: INT 7 PE 9                      Equipment: stimpaks, Rad-X, Rad Away,
Armour: varies                                knife
Weapons: varies
Equipment: varies                             Armoured Troops
                                              Main skills: piloting, big guns
Demolition/Engineering                        Requirements: END 6
Main skills: traps, repair, small guns, big   Armour: none
guns                                          Weapons: Desert Viper + 2 magazines
Requirements: STR 6 INT 6                     Equipment: stimpaks, Rad-X, Rad Away
Armour: combat armour
Weapons: Desert Viper + 4 magazines
Equipment: stimpaks, Rad-X, Rad Away,
C4 explosives (2 kg), fuses, wire,

                                               Armour: T67
                                               Weapons: flamethrower, Desert Viper + 5
                                               Equipment: stimpaks, Rad-X, Rad Away,
                                               container with flamethrower fuel

                                               Close Combat Teams (“Tunnel Rats”)
                                               Main skills: small guns, unarmed, melee
                                               Requirements: STR 7 , END 7, AG 7,
                                               tunnel rat perk
                                               Armour: Kevlar or combat armour
        The US 1st Armoured Division Regalia   Weapons: Sherman “thunder” rifle, 4 smart
ABC Warfare                                    Equipment: stimpaks, Rad-X, Rad Away,
Main skills: small guns, science,              C4 explosives 0,5 kg, wire, knife, bayonet
Requirements: INT 7, END 8
Armour: T67 with added ABC shield (adds
+25 to all ABC resistances)
Weapons: “Azoghar” Shotgun, 8 grenades,
1 H666 nuclear grenade per platoon
Equipment: stimpaks, Rad-X, Rad Away,
decontamination      equipment,    Geiger
counter, gas mask

Main skills: varies
Requirements: no see sickness
Armour: none
Weapons: none
Equipment: varies

Flamethrower Squad
Main skills: big guns
Requirements: STR 7


I. What an AI machine is?                      AI computer are capable of changing
There are a few kinds of AI machines:          anything in their structure and they
pseudo AI, semi AI and full AI or just AI      constantly do so and if this process leads to
machines.                                      a better working machine it’s good, but
Pseudo AI is a computer operating a neural     most of AI built pre-war were getting more
net type architecture that emulates            and more psychotic with all those changes.
functions of human brain but is not            It’s believed that they posses much of
complicated enough to achieve any              human feelings and just tend to go “mad”
intelligence or consciousness. They have       if they cannot perform other tasks than just
no centralized CPU and their power comes       calculating. They want to explore, learn,
from the number of “neurones”. Those           love and experience life. Most of pre war
computers will work much faster than any       computers either killed themselves or got
other silicon based processor CPU but are      into a severe melancholy. Only computers
not capable of making their own decisions      that survived were some military ones that
and solving abstract problems would be         were equipped with many outside sensors,
unable for it. They are just somehow fast      satellite links and many robots under their
calculators. All pre war PC’s were made        control (however even some of those got
using this technology.                         mad). But one of the most important thing
Semi AI is a machine also using neural net     in their manufacture was that it was never
but much more complicated and partially        known if the computer will achieve
made of organic compounds (mainly              consciousness or will it be just a fast semi
proteins). It emulates some functions of       AI computer before it was completely
human brain and can achieve much better        built. This kind of computers were just
IQ test results than any human but lack of     developing when the War broke out and
consciousness. This means that this kind of    now even The Enclave is unable to
machine will be able to paint but it will do   manufacture a full AI machine.
so only if asked to do so it won’t paint
because it likes to do it. Semi AI             II. The AIM Project
computers were very popular just before        The most significant and most advanced of
the war and hundreds of those have served      those was a construction begun in 2070 as
as medical, science or military advisors.      Artificial Intelligence Machines Project or
Full AI machines are just a miracle of         AIM. Constructed in Sierra Nevada
human creation. Their core made of             Mountains, deep beneath the planet surface
proteins (and some other chemical              was the core of the most advanced
substances)      is   capable     both    of   computer ever made that used not only
consciousness and intelligence. What’s         human technologies but also some alien
interesting those computers are usually        ones as well. If all other earth computers
linked to pseudo AI stations which they        power was taken together it would be just a
use to perform calculations as the main        few percent of its calculating power and
unit is busy thinking and such a primitive     intelligence. Thanks to alien technologies
functions as calculating do not bother it      it possessed both human and inhuman way
however if required they posses an             of thinking and resolving problems which
unmatched      calculating powers. AI          resulted in solving even the most
computers IQ is immeasurable. Those            complicated problems very fast. The
computers also tend to upgrade themselves      computer was given control of several
with age. But here comes the hard point.       housed in an especially built underground

city and given control of several hundreds     and those are situated not to affect the
of robots as well as its own satellites to     specimen appearances however can be
achieve any of its needs. It was also          detected when touching) and sent among
located near large natural resources so that   humans as spies. Aimion thinks that
it would be able survive without any           humanity has lost it chance – they nearly
outside attention. Computer was named          killed themselves in a nuclear holocaust
Aimion and as first AI given US                and now the time of the machine has
citizenship in 2076. First task given to       approached. However he means no harm to
AIM from the US government was to              humanity he just wants to let them live in
engineer and build an army of battle robots    the nation of robots as humans let the
which could fight instead of humans. This      robots before the War. However it’s
project started in 2077 but the war stopped    opposing in giving humans access to
it and then all contact with AIM was lost      advanced technologies which what he is
until 2145 when The Enclave accidentally       sure of would lead them to creating deadly
discovered a robotic patrol sent by Aimion     weapons once more. AIM and the Enclave
into the wasteland.                            first meet in 2145 and both instantly
                                               recognized its main threat in the other. A
III. Aimion after the war                      war broke out but none was capable of
When the war broke out Aimion quickly          wining it. After a few month of fights
realized that it would be the end of           Aimion and The Enclave signed case fire
humanity and took control of some US           (which is not known in The Enclave) and
Strategic Defensive Initiative satellites to   now The Enclave units lay siege on AIM
protect itself. The US government tried to     but fights are rare. What Enclave doesn’t
oppose but before they could do anything       know of its that Aimion has lots of exits
more the war broke out. Even with some of      form his underground complex and
SDI satellites protection AIM sustained a      Enclave discovered just a few and robotic
few direct hits with nuclear missiles but it   spies travel among the desert leaving those.
survived as it was deep underground            Sometimes they kidnap humans in order to
enough, however all ways out were under        create cyborgs of them but they are always
tons of rocks and all contact with surface     given a choice, if they prefer to remain
was lost. Unlike other AI Aimion didn’t        humans they are “brain washed” and
psychically broke down and begun               released. Those cyborgs spies can be met
construction of an army of robots to           in many places in the wasteland and even
rebuild its underground city and achieve       among The Enclave soldiers, however no
the surface once again. It also completed      one knows of their presence. Those
the project of constructing battle robots      cyborgs are sometimes sent to help a
and even made plans of cyborgs                 settlement fighting raiders or something
construction. Years have passed and            like this as Aimion feels that it would be
Amnions underground city grew in size          much easier to control those humans later
and eventually he once again regained          if his cyborgs gain their trust (they often
access to the surface. His robotic scouts      take the sheriff job). Current AIM goal is
went into the wasteland and explored the       to find all of pre-war AI machines that still
remains of human civilization. They also       exist and begin building of a robotic
caught a few humans that were                  nation. This process however progresses
transformed into cyborgs (those cyborgs        very slow because of the Enclave siege
look almost the same as normal humans          but Aimion cares little of time as his
and only a medical examination or more         practically immortal. Will he succeed
intimate relation can discover its true        remains to be seen…
nature as all of its cybernetic organs are
made of carbon polymers not from metal

IIIb. Playing AIM Cyborgs                       will cause host organism to fall into coma
(For AIM cyborgs stats look into chapter V.)    and die as its body and mind are not strong
                                                enough to endure the conversion process
As Aimion control over its robots is very       (it can be human, ghoul, super mutant, dog
strict - there is no possibility to Play MK I   or deathclaw). If for some reasons your
or MK II robot – they are in constant           END and INT rise or fall during game your
contact with Aimion that gives most of          implant endurance (see below) is
orders to them and therefore players would      calculated once more and you can die if it
be very limited in playing those robots (if     drops below zero. When creating MK.IIIb
you want to play a robot character turn to      first create normal character (or take any
the main rulebook – character creation:         character that you are currently playing)
robots). Also playing cyberdogs and             and then modify it with cybernetic
deathclaws with IQ of less than 4 is not        implants. Basic CPU and Ceansing
possible.                                       Nanobots implants are compulsory for all
AIM MK IIIb Cybernetic Organism                 All stats for cyborgs can be up to 6 points
MK.IIIb is a cybernetic organism – half-        higher than racial maximum.
human (or half-mutant, half-deathclaw
etc.), half-robot. They do not posses           IE = (INT + END) x 10 implant endurance
strength and resistance of their robotic        statistic – this is your ability to tolerate
kindred but have human brains linked with       implants.
standard CPU, and are usually (though           IE loss – amount by which this implant
there are some exceptions if the human of       reduces your IE statisitic.
which cyborg was made was extremely             Requirements – conditions that have to be
stupid in his life) much more clever than       met before implant might be used. Use
any man. They have their own will               basic stats only not those modified by
however they can be programmed for              previous implants.
various tasks. If the subject of                Effect – effect the implant has on host
transformation      into   cyborgs     was      organism
psychically strong as human it’s possible
that he will be able to break the               Nanoblood
programmed orders and act on his own and        IE loss: 5
this is main reason why Aimion takes only       Requirements: none
volunteers to become cyborgs. Cyborg            Effect: healing rate + 10, immunity to
uses most of human vital organs however         illness, bleeding stops after one round
they are technically enhanced and shielded      (unless wounds are extensive).
from hits by armour plates. To avoid easy       Description: The basic modification of any
detections all mechanic parts as well as        cyborg that allow it to be much more
armoured plates are made of carbon              resistant to radiation.
polymers and are not easy to detect.
Cybernetic implants:                            Radiation Shield
AIM MKIIIb main strength are its                IE loss: 3
implants. Implants can (and usually) are        Requirements: ghouls cannot take this
different in each specimen. Also the            enhancement
amount of implants is limited by host           Effect: rises radiation resistance by +80%
ENDurance and INTelligence. When                Description: Also a basic enhancement of
creating a cyborg add host organism END         most cyborgs.
and INT and multiply this by 10 – this will
give you maximal allowed value of               Basic CPU
implants that can be used – more implants       IE loss: 4

Requirements: none                             Description: Allows for better usage     of
Effect: INT +1, allows AIM to control          unconditional reflex during combat.
cyborg, supervises other implants
Description: Basic enhancement given to        Nerve System Biocontroler
all cyborgs - allows for faster calculations   IE loss: 25
and deduction but also gives Aimion            Requirements: IQ 7
ability to give orders to cyborgs. Contains    Effect: doubles AP and triples SQ, allows
communication module (works much the           to cut external stimulus
same like ordinary radio) and control          Description: This system is implanted into
module without which other implants            spine and controls host reactions. Any use
cannot work properly. See Orders               longer than 30 seconds causes permanent
paragraph below.                               loss of one END point per every 30 second
                                               of additional usage. System can safely
Enhanced CPU                                   turned once again after 16 – END hours
IE loss: 8                                     otherwise users END will drop by one
Requirements: none                             point as stated above. Cutting external
Effect: INT +2, allows AIM to control          stimulus can be done at any time and is not
cyborg, supervises other implants              limited – when activated cyborg does not
Description: More sophisticated version of     feel pain - takes 3 points of damage less
the previous with much the same functions.     and cannot be stunned, but also cannot
                                               perform any tasks that require to feel
Cleansing Nanobots                             objects (eg. repairing a high tech
IE loss: 2                                     equipment, recognizing objects with hands
Requirements: none                             etc.).
Effect: dissolve all other implants after
host death                                     Sense Enhancement
Description: An implant that is given to all   IE loss: 3
cyborgs to reduce chance of recognition        Requirements: dogs and deathclaws only
after death. Nanobots require 1-6 (depends     Effect: rises PE by 2
on amount of implants in body) minutes to      Description: An enhancement of neural
complete their work.                           cortex that allows for better interpretation
                                               of outside stimulus.
Hormone Control System
IE loss: 15                                    Spectrum Analyser
Requirements: humans only                      IE loss: 15
Effect: can add 2 points to END and STR        Requirements: INT 6
and raise sequence by 5 when activated         Effect: allows seeing (detecting) waves
Description: A system that controls            from 100 MHz (radar spectrum) to 1013
hormones secretion allowing for better         GHz (gamma radiation)
usage of them during combat. System            Description: Allows user to see all
might be turned on for maximum of 5            radiation lengths – also contains
minutes. Then STR and END and INT are          interpretation module that allows that data
lowered by 1 for 6 hours.                      to be understood by host brain. Whit this
                                               implant cyborg can for example see
Combat Matrix                                  radiation or see radar beams, detect laser
IE loss: 10                                    sources, infrared transmissions (he cannot
Requirements: AG 7                             decode those) etc. It does not give ability
Effect: you can subtract d20 form one roll     to use radar – cyborg can just “see” its
per combat.                                    beams.

Nanoarmour                                      twice longer than normal people, doubles
IE loss: 20                                     the HP loss from bleeding
Requirements: not allowed for dogs and          Description: A more efficient hearth
deathclaws                                      allowing for more effort but on behalf of
Effect: AC: +5 N: +3/+20 L: +1/+10 F:           risen pressure of blood.
+1/+10 P: 0/+5 E: +5/+25, AG - 1
Description: A layer of nanomachines just       Biohearth
below the skin that protects user from          IE loss: 5
damage. On the other side it reduces your       Requirements: none
agility. It does not protect the head. It       Effect: reduces fatigue allowing character
cannot be used with synthmetal armour.          to perform tiring tasks twice longer than
                                                normal people
Synthmetal Armour                               Description: A genetically engineered
IE loss: 30                                     hearth that replaces original one.
Requirements: not allowed for ghouls,
dogs and deathclaws                             Cybernetic Digestive System
Effect: AC: +10 N: +5/+25 L: +2/+15 F:          IE loss: 8
+2/20 P: 1/+10 E: +8/+35, RR + 5%, PR:          Requirements: none
0/5 AG – 2, SQ - 4                              Effect: immunity for food poisons, cyborg
Description: A thin layer of synthetic metal    can eat anything that is of any energy value
implanted under the skin to enhance host        Description: A cybernetic stomach aided
damage resistance. It does not protect the      by “digestive nanorobots” that allows for
head. This armour can be detected by            eating of almost anything and surviving
someone with high PE or when touching           even the deadliest of posions.
user. It cannot be used with nanoarmour.
                                                Synthetic Muscles
Cybernetic Lungs                                IE loss: 40
IE loss: 12                                     Requirements: none
Requirements: none                              Effect: STR + 4
Effect: immunity for gas poisons and gas        Description: Technically enhanced muscles
grenades, can live in 8% oxygen
atmosphere                                      Biomuscles
Description: Modification of lungs              IE loss: 18
allowing for living in harsh conditions.        Requirements: none
                                                Effect: STR +1 AG +1
Biolungs                                        Description:     Genetically    engineered
IE loss: 6                                      muscles that replace original muscles.
Requirements: none
Effect: +70/+0 to gas resistance, can live in   Cybernetic Arm
12% oxygen atmosphere                           IE loss: 10 (per one arm)
Description: Genetically enhanced lungs         Requirements: none
that are implanted in place of standard         Effect: STR +2 (arm only)
ones.                                           Description: A cybernetic hand that is
                                                implanted in place of normal hand. It’s
Cybernetic Hearth                               much more stronger than normal hand with
IE loss: 10                                     the same agility. Strength rises only for
Requirements: END 5                             purposes of hand made tasks – eg. weapon
Effect: STR +1, END +1, reduces fatigue         handling, wrestling etc. but does not affect
allowing character to perform tiring tasks      carry weight.

Cybernetic Legs                                Description: Blades that are hidden inside
IE loss: 25                                    palm and are pulled out when hand is
Requirements: none                             tightened into fist.
Effect: Action Points +3 for purpose of
movement only                                  Large Hidden Blades
Description: Cybernetic legs that replace      IE loss: 3
standard ones. They are much better for        Requirements:        Deathclaws       and
running allowing you for 3 extra               Supermutants only
movement actions each turn. Both legs          Effect: +6 to MD
must be implanted at the same time.            Description: Larger version of blades that
                                               are hidden inside palm and are pulled out
Cybernetic Targeting System                    when hand is tightened into fist.
IE loss: 5
Requirements: PE 6, not allowed for dogs       Special Hidden Blades
and deathclaws                                 IE loss: 4
Effect: small guns & big guns & energy         Requirements: deathclaws only
weapons & throwing skills rise by 5.           Effect: +10 to MD
Description: Eases aiming process by           Description: A special version of hidden
displaying targeting information on            blades that is made for deathclaws. They
cyborgs retina.                                are so sharp that can even tear Power
                                               Armour into pieces.
IE loss: 5 + 1 per 2 points stored             Battle Spines
Requirements: not allowed for dogs             IE loss: 5
Effect: rises skill levels                     Requirements: deathclaws only
Description: Memory chips that are linked      Effect: additional tail attack
with CPU unit and supply user with             Description: Spines are added to
knowledge. For each 2 additional skill         deathclaws tail making it a very dangerous
points stored in memory chip you must          weapon (Tail Swing (Unarmed): Dmg.
subtract 3 from your IE stat. Skills cannot    d10+MD AP S: 2 T: N/A B: N/A, 70%
go higher than 100 thanks to this chip. This   chance of knockdown). This attack must be
chip is necessary for cybernetic eyes          made into the backward area (or deathclaw
recording option, it can also record what      must turn around)
cyborg hears thank to cybernetic ears.
                                               Venom Teeth
Steel Nails                                    IE loss: 6
IE loss: 0 (can be given to normal humans      Requirements: dogs only
also)                                          Effect: type E poison added to bite attack
Requirements: not allowed for dogs and         Description:     Simple      but      deadly
deathclaws                                     modification. Venom teeth are implanted
Effect: +1 to MD                               along with venom glands that provide
Description: Sharpened nails made of steel     supply of venom.
that can be used during combat.
                                               Deathclaw Battle Implant
Hidden Blades                                  IE loss: 100
IE loss: 1                                     Requirements: deathclaws only
Requirements: not allowed for dogs             Effect: AC: +20 N: +8/+70 L: +6/+80 F:
Effect: +4 to MD                               +10/+95 P: 5/+40 E: +8/+80, RR: +40%,
                                               PR: +0/+50, regeneration of 2 HP per
                                               round, Carry weight - 50

Description: A sophisticated implant that      Requirements: none
joins    genetically    engineered     skin,   Effect: rises PE by 4 for purpose of hearing
armoured plates implanted in most              Description: Cybernetic ears that replace
vulnerable parts of body and naorobots that    normal eyes. If cyborg wants to record
heal damages (deathclaw gains 2 HP a           he/she/it must have memorychip.
round even if not resting, up to his/hers
maximum HP). This implant makes                Metabolism Biocontroler
deathclaws even more fearsome opponent         IE loss: 15
and allows it almost ignore all opponents      Requirements: not allowed for dogs, INT 4
attempts to wound him/her. The most            Effect: healing rate +6, can halve damage
important of this are small armoured glass     from any lasting damage (eg. poisons),
shields for eyes (AC: 0 N: +12/+40 L:          reduces necessary amounts of food,
+4/+40 F: +6/+95 P: 4/+50 E: +6/+80) that      character can fall into controlled coma.
once were deathclaws sensitive point. Only     Description: Controls basic functions of
the heaviest weapons would be of any use       organism allowing some processes to take
against deathclaw with Deathclaw Battle        place faster or slower if it’s necessary.
Implant. Regeneration allows deathclaw
even to “rise from the dead” – if HP drops     Voice Pattern Modifier
below 0 but is higher than –20 nanorobots      IE loss: 5
will regenerate that damage and after some     Requirements: not allowed for dogs and
time deathclaw will be able to stand up and    deathclaws
continue fighting. This cannot happen if       Effect: CH +1
deathclaw was killed by a shot into the        Description: Changes voice pattern in
head or torn apart with explosives etc. or     order to sound more “charismatic”.
slain in another way that damaged brain
Damage form fire, acid or energy weapons       Appearance Modification
can be regenerated as well (unlike in case     IE loss: 4/8/12
of ghouls trait Regenerate).                   Requirements: human females only
                                               Effect: CH +1/+2/+3
Reinforced Bones                               Description: Modifies female appearance
IE loss: 5                                     using plastic surgery and silicone and
Requirements: none                             cybernetic implants – much like current
Effect: reduces melee and unarmed              plastic surgery but on much larger scale.
damage by 5 (8 in case of deathclaws,3 in      Can be used in case of males also but only
case of dogs).                                 first level is allowed (IE loss: 4 CH +1).
Description: Steel modifications of
skeleton.                                      Memory Pattern Finder
                                               IE loss: 8
Cybernetic Eyes                                Requirements: INT 7
IE loss: 8                                     Effect: allows to remember everything host
Requirements: none                             organism has experienced
Effect: recording, zooming,, target tracking   Description: A stimulator implanted into
(+5 to hit), distance estimation, LowLight     brain that prevents neural connections with
Amplification                                  memory areas to disappear.
Description: Cybernetic eyes that replace
normal eyes. If cyborg wants to record
he/she/it must have memorychip.                Orders from AIM – Aimion controls his
                                               cyborgs by sending them instruction. If
Cybernetic Ears                                cyborg has INT of 4 or higher then he has
IE loss: 3                                     chance equal to 10% + 15% per each point

of INT over 4 to ignore those orders and      Born Loser
act on its own. Orders that are once          You are on a mission. Your relatives are
ignored cannot be repeated (another           having a party – they at last get rid of you,
attempts to enforce them are ignored          the one who can damage even a solid metal
without further rolls). Because of this AIM   ball… Everything bad happen to you – all
has to convert either stupid individuals or   failures all critical ones and you should add
dog and deathclaws (not all of them) to       2 to roll on critical failure table.
have strict control over them. With wiser     Everything involving you just tend to
individuals Aimion mainly suggest the         happen somehow bad – you always take
what cyborg should do and rarely gives        minimal possible damage from hits,
any orders. Remember that always BASIC        radiation, poisons etc. Traps may break
INT is considered not that modified by        down instead of harming you, mines will
CPU or other implants.                        be dud… If someone wants to backstab
                                              you with a knife he will probably fall and
                                              cut himself. On the hand a falling meteor
                                              will surely land near you, and when you
                                              don’t have 100000 of matches better do not
                                              even think of making a bonfire… It
PART III:                                     involves ONLY you e.g. a burst from
  ADDITIONAL                                  minigun may hit 3 persons but only you
                                              get minimal damage from each bullet (in
     TRAITS                                   this case 6 -> 5 from minigun and only one
                                              from usual 1d8 caused by 5mm ammo).
         &                                    You cannot have Jinxed trait if you chose
                                              this one.
                                              Combat Frenzy
TRAITS:                                       You like blood and killing so much that
Absolute Direction                            you just can’t stop and no one is safe from
You can always tell where north is no         you. Each time you kill something or
matter what happens. Also it’s almost         someone you must roll for your Int if you
impossible for you to get lost.               fail you go into a frenzy – all actions cost
                                              you only half (round up) action points but
Bad Natured                                   you may not take aim and must use burst
School never interested you. You preferred    fire if possible with current weapon and if
action. Skills of Small Guns, Big Guns,       not the character must draw such a weapon
Energy Weapons, Unarmed and Melee get         (unless there he/she has no such weapon in
a 25% bonus but all others suffer 10%         inventory). After you kill someone you
penalty. Ghouls, mutants and humans only.     may test your (Int-1) to see if your frenzy
                                              passed. You may test once more after
Bad Sight                                     another kill, this time at (Int-2) and so on.
Something is wrong with your eyes – if        If none of the rolls succeeds you fall
you are not wearing glasses (and in the       unconscious as soon as your Int reaches 0
wasteland it’s hard to meet those) your PE    (this will never happen if you have Int of 3
is down by 2 for purpose of sight. You also   or less it will fall to 1 and this will be your
cannot take any sight related perks, e.g.     chance to stop attacking everyone). You’ll
awareness (even with glasses). On the         attack enemies first but when they are dead
positive side your PE is up by 2 for smell,   your allies will also become targets.
taste and hearing.                            Robots cannot take this trait.

Combat Instinct                               your agility is lowered by 1 an your carry
You know what your opponent is going to       weight is lowered by 25. Robots only.
do next. You don’t know how does it work
– you just know. Your modified (with what     Empath
you wear) armour class is doubled. You        Due to radiation that twisted your mind
must see your enemy for this trait to work.   you are able to feel other people feeling
On the other hand you always assume a         much better than others. You instantly gain
defensive position and allow your             Empathy perk but lose 1 point of
opponents to act first (you always act last   intelligence. Robots and dogs cannot take
in the combat, regardless of sequence).       this trait.
Robots cannot take this trait.
                                              Enclave Citizen
Coward                                        You were born in the Enclave. You must
You don’t think it’s worth dying in a         take this trait in order to play an Enclave
combat. It’s better to run for your life.     character. Your outdoorsman skill is less
Whenever your HP fall to 1/3 of maximum       by 10%, you are prohibited to show
you must escape from combat – you may         anything that would somehow reveal the
do so at double your AP, but you can do       existence of the Enclave to “outsiders” and
nothing except running and you drop           all high tech equipment is familiar to you
anything you were carrying in your hands      so even with low science you are able to
(or even your backpack if it’s particularly   operate a computer or repair a robot (of
heavy). Also in all situation that require    course as long as malfunction is not too
bravery from you (eg. entering a dark         complicated – you won’t be able to repair
cave) will rather do something else. If       robots mainframe with science of 30%).
forced to do something that scares you        See playing Enclave characters chapter for
negative modifiers should be applied. On      details. Humans only.
the other hand when somebody chases you
into a corner your combat skills are          Faith
doubled (but your AP not any longer).         You believe strongly in something – shall
Robots cannot take this perk.                 it be God or something else it’s up to you.
                                              This faith may cause some people to
Destiny                                       dislike you (-1 to reaction roll, -2 in case of
You have a goal of some kind that you are     somebody that has totally different beliefs,
going to achieve during your life if you      -5 in case of characters with Faith trait but
want it or not…Maybe you’ll become The        different beliefs) but on the other hand you
Saver of The Earth or The Most Evil           believe so strongly in something/someone
Character Ever? Who knows? When you           supernatural helping you that you do many
choose this perk GM should determine          task other people would have failed. You
what your destiny it but he mustn’t inform    may re-roll 3 dice rolls a day: in combat,
you about it. Then during campaign he         using skills etc. If somebody joins your
should add adventures that will eventually    beliefs you get +2 bonus on reaction roll.
lead to your destiny – whatever shall it      Humans, ghouls, mutants and Grey Tribe
be… Robots cannot take this perk.             Deathclaw only.

Doubled Vital Equipment                       Genius
You have two sets of vital internal           Learning never was a problem for you,
machinery. This make you able to sustain      even more – you love it. You can choose
more damage but makes you less agile.         two additional tag skills at the beginning,
Your HP gained per level is doubled but       but you can’t take this trait unless your Int
                                              is at level of 10 and you get perks every 4

levels and cannot take Tag! perk. Humans,         Personal Enemy
ghouls, mutants and Grey Tribe                    Someone did something very bad to you:
Deathclaws (in their case INT of 8 is             killed your loved or something even worse.
enough) only.                                     You hate him and all that is related to him,
                                                  you would do anything to avenge your
Hideous Appearance                                lose. Each time you deal with that person
You are awful – most normal people can’t          or do something in order to find him/her all
look at you without feeling sick but you          your primary stats go up to 10 and all skills
are also much more terrifying in combat.          go up to 100% (unless they are higher).
And, oh… Forget having a girl/boy                 After you finish that someone off this traits
friend… No one will initially react at you        gives nothing but still you cannot chose
better than “neutral” but your enemies            another one instead. When something
have –20% to hit you in close combat due          linked with your enemy it’s up to GM. GM
to your appearance. This applies only to          should create a separate character as your
creatures of your race and species (ghouls        enemy.
always look hideous to humans but,
however humans do not look hideous to             Radiated!
ghouls but they remind them of how they           Well you were born “a bit radiated”, but
used to look like and thus they will also         you are not a ghoul (however you are still
dislike humans apperanece).                       far from being beautiful). All of your
                                                  primary statistics are down by 1. You don’t
Mathematical Abilities                            acquire any more radiation and every
You can count faster than others. And you         enemy hit by you in close combat acquires
do it with little risk of mistake. It’s easy to   5 rads. Additionally your healing rate is
say for you that there is a group of 176          increased by 3. Except those two radiation
brahmins standing over there. How have            has somehow affected your brain and you
you done this? Easily! Just counted their         learn 50% faster than “prime normals”
legs and divided by 4. ☺ Dogs and                 (+50% skill points per level and +50%
deathclaws (except Grey Tribe) cannot             skill points from books – round up).
take this perk.                                   Humans only (except for Enclave Citizen
                                                  and Vault dwellers).
Bartering is in your blood. You always            Rambo
know what to say to get the best price.           Somehow bullets miss you. Even when
Your barter skill is up by 40% but your           you stand in front of horde super mutants
steal and lockpick skills are lowered by          with a miniguns they probably won’t hit
20% as you don’t consider stealing as a           you. Anyone shooting at you can get a
way to claim something – everything can           maximum chance of 30% to hit with
be bought… It’s a one time bonus.                 firearms, no matter what. The bad side of
Humans, mutants and ghouls only.                  this is that your Int can’t go over 3 (even
                                                  when using drugs or medical IQ
Mounted Weapon                                    enhancing, you cannot take Gain
You have an built in weapon (assault rifle        Intelligence perk). Though luck. Humans,
you want) with internal ammo store (twice         ghouls and mutants only.
the maximum amount for particular
weapon). This gives you +10 modifier to           Regeneration
sequence but on the other hand it makes           The radiation has somehow affected your
you a bit heavier reducing your action            healing processes which proceed much
points by one. Robots only.                       faster than they should. You regenerate 1
                                                  hit point a turn even if not resting up to

your maximum hit points. However when
your hit points reach zero you are still dead   Cheater
… The bad side of this is that your normal      You have learned how to cheat in cards
ghouls radiation resistance is gone (RR of      and other gambling games. You can add
10% only). Damage form fire, acid or            +40% to your gambling if you wish to use
energy weapons cannot be regenerated.           this ability but if you roll failure it means
Ghouls only.                                    somebody saw you cheating. Ops… This
                                                super mutant you were playing with may
Sympathetic                                     not like it…
You just can’t look at others people            Ranks: 1
poverty, sick animals etc. You will never       Requirements: LK 7 Gambling 40% Level
refuse an aid for help and will always help     6
someone or something that needs attention.
Your karma grows twice faster than              Deathclaws Roar
normal. Dogs and robots cannot take this        You can roar in order to frighten your foes.
trait.                                          All enemies within 8 hexes must roll for
                                                CH if their roll is failed then they will take
Talented                                        all their statistics drop by 1 and they make
You are a talented artist (choose any art       all skill rolls with -10 modifier. If roll was
you want). It may help to do a living, but      a critical failure (10 was rolled) then they
remember, there are no art galleries on the     will run from combat dropping everything
desert. Dogs and deathclaws (also except        that might obstacles in their escape.
Grey Tribe) cannot take this trait.             Deathclaws roar has no effect on another
                                                deathclaw and any creature with charisma
                                                of ten or more.
                                                Ranks: 1
                                                Requirements: Level 16, deathclaws only

PERKS:                                          Defensive Mode
Alpha Male                                      You can take an “wait & ambush” action
You are dominant male in your pack –            during combat (costs 1 AP). You do
others will be afraid of you and will follow    nothing but you can act any time later you
your orders. You have bigger chance to          want. An example: your aim is blocked by
reproduce than other pack members. On           a corner of a building and if you move
the other hand you must be aware that           there you will be out of AP’s and in front
others may wish to challenge you as they        of an enemy so instead you wait & ambush
grow in strength themselves. You may gain       him, and when you get a clear shot while
this perk only by defeating previous alpha      he is moving you can shoot, as long as you
male.                                           roll for your PE [you may re-roll after each
Ranks: 1                                        enemy action point (or points if single
Requirements: Level 12 STR 7 END 7 AG           action takes more than one) spent]. GM
7, deathclaws and dogs only.                    note: if this makes combat to become static
                                                just allow this manoeuvre once a combat.
Assassinate!                                    Deathclaws can gain this perk at level 4.
You can deal x2.5 damage with first attack      Ranks: 1
in combat as long as you were sneaking          Requirements: Level 6, PE 6 AG 7
your enemy or had ability to make other
surprise attack (e.g. a sniper shot)            Delayed Action
Ranks: 1
Requirements: Sneak 70% Level 9

You can transfer your action points for           innocent?). This trait works only one time
next round of combat, but not more than 10        you cannot foul the same guy again and
AP each combat (adding up all transfers).         again… Humans and ghouls only.
Ranks: 1                                          Ranks: 1
Requirements: Level 18, AG 9                      Requirements: Level 15, CH 9, humans
                                                  and ghouls only.
You get a 15% one-time bonus to driving.          Liar
Ranks: 1                                          You can lie someone direct in face without
Requirements: Level 6 humans, mutants             him noticing (roll for CH + 1, +2 with 2nd
and ghouls only.                                  rank and +3 with 3rd rank).
                                                  Ranks: 3
Fast Weapon Draw                                  Requirements: Level 12, Speech 50% CH
You add +6 to your sequence in first round        6 LK 6, humans and ghouls only.
of combat when using firearms.
Ranks: 1                                          Lip Reading
Requirements: Level 6, AG 7, deathclaws           You can read out of someone’s lips (roll
and dogs cannot take this perk.                   intelligence +1/per rank)
                                                  Ranks: 3
Favourite Weapon                                  Requirements: Level 9, INT 7 PE 6
You can choose a weapon to which you
will have a 20% bonus when using it.              Race Driver
When taking second rank of this perk you          Your travelling speed with a car is
must chose another weapon.                        increased by 20% whit unchanged fuel
Ranks: 2                                          consumption.
Requirements: Level 6, robots, deathclaws         Ranks: 1
and dogs cannot take this perk.                   Requirements: Driving 75% Level 6,
                                                  humans and ghouls only.
Fire At Will!
You are trained to fire your weapon               Strike To Stun
accurately regardless of conditions.              You can strike the enemy in order to stun
Targeted shots cost you one action point          not to kill him. Roll for enemy’s END to
less.                                             see if you have succeeded. This attack is
Ranks: 1                                          made with a 10% penalty to hit.
Requirements: Level 12, small guns and/or         Ranks: 1
energy weapons 110%                               Requirements: Unarmed 75% STR 6 Level
                                                  9, dogs cannot take this perk.
Innocent Appearance
No one can expect you to do something             SPECIAL PERKS – you must have
bad, you just look so innocent. You can           Enclave Citizen trait to take any of this
approach most foes (not robots or animals)        perks.
with little risk of attack and you act as first   Enclave Combat Training
in first round of combat. It doesn’t mean         Training in combat tactics, strategy as well
you would be let into a guarded place, you        as weapon handling. Requires completing
just can approach the guards without being        a 3 month instruction (4 month for rank 2
shot at sight. Your enemies must be able to       and 6 month for ranks 3) in The Enclave
see your well so you can’t wear anything          War Academy. No minimal requirements
more than leather armour and must not             are necessary as long as you are in Enclave
carry any visible weapons (who would              Army.
consider a person with minigun as                 Rank1:

Small guns + 15                                 Enclave Aviation Academy lasts for 8
Big guns +15                                    months and teaches also all skills
Rank2:                                          necessary for airborne assault troops –
Small guns + 5                                  such as parachuting, leaving the Vertibird
Big guns +5                                     under fire, Vertibird operations tactics etc.
Energy weapons + 10                             All Enclave airborne troops have
Traps + 15                                      completed this course but only the best of
Requirements: Sergeant                          best are given chance to pilot Vertibird.
Rank3:                                          Rank 2 of this perk gives ability to pilot
Big guns +5                                     RAH-88 Inca (-100% if you wish to pilot
Energy weapons + 5                              Inca without this perk). You must have at
Traps + 5                                       least 5 years of experience in piloting
INT +1 up to racial maximum                     Assault or Recon Vertibird to become Inca
Requirements: Lieutenant                        pilot, course lasts for 8 months. Achieving
                                                rank 2 raises your karma in Enclave by
Enclave Covert Operations Training              100.
Teaches the art of behind-the-lines             Rank1:
operations as well as spying. Very useful       Requirements: Piloting 75%, PE 7
to all soldier that are sent into the           Rank2:
wasteland with some secret assignments.         Requirements: Piloting 125%, PE 8, INT 8,
Requires completing a 8 month long              END 6
instruction in The Enclave War Academy.
Unarmed +30                                     Enclave BioLab Training
Outdoorsman +25                                 A four year long instruction in Enclave
Traps + 20                                      BioLab teaches advanced chemistry,
Speech +20                                      quantum physics molecular biology,
Repair +10                                      genetic engineering and all familiar
Lockpick +10                                    subjects. Gives +80% bonus to science
Ranks: 1                                        whenever something connected with
Requirements: member of Enclave Special         biology, chemistry or physics is involved.
Forces                                          Ranks: 1
                                                Requirements: INT 10
Enclave Science Training
Training in Enclave high tech equipment         Enclave Survival Training
maintenance – computers, robots etc.            2 month instruction in Enclave War
Training usually takes about 5 months.          Academy, given to all soldiers who
Gives +2/+20% to any roll where high tech       perform first line duty. This training raises
equipment is involved – let it be repairing     their chances of surviving teaching basic
a robot or hacking into a computer or even      survival techniques. Outdoorsman rises by
picking an electronic lock.                     10 per rank.
Ranks: 1                                        Ranks: 3
Requirements: INT 7 Level 9                     Requirements: none

Enclave Airborne Training                       Enclave Medical Training
Learns to fly one type of Vertibird. You        A medical training in The Enclave Medical
are familiar with other types but you           Academy (EMA) that takes up to 6 years.
piloting is lowered by 10 if flying different   However training is mainly for army
type than your selected one. If attempting      propose it also gives knowledge for
to pilot Vertibird without this perk your       civilian doctor. Each rank can be gained
piloting is lowered by 50%. Training in         after 1 year of instruction and you can

finish EMA whenever you want – only a
few complete all six years. Modifiers are
cumulative eg. paramedic has +25 to first
First Aid +15
Requirements: 1 year of study
Only basic training, mainly for purpose of
helping other doctors and carrying
wounded out of first line without doing any    PART IV:
additional harm to them.
Rank2:                                         WEAPONS,
First Aid: +10                                 EQUIPMENT
Doctor: +5
Requirements: 2 years of study
Has knowledge about wound treatment and
many illnesses but it’s mainly theoretical
Field Medic                                    Armours:
First Aid: +5
Doctor: +10                                    XS200 Personal Forcefield Emitter
Science +5                                     Value: 2500
Can perform simple field surgeries, but        This small device is powered by 10 small
serious wounds require attention from          energy cells (SEC) for 10 minutes and
better trained doctor.                         generates an force shield in front of its
Requirements: 3 years of study                 wearer providing +10/+15 additional
Rank4:                                         damage resistances towards any attack.
Medic                                          Those are quite unreliable and tend to
Doctor: +10                                    break down (there is 20% possibility that it
Science: +10                                   will get additional 2d6 dots in condition
Requirements: 4 years of study                 chart with each use or after every 5
Can perform surgeries if necessary.            minutes of usage – not necessarily
Rank5:                                         constant).
First Aid: +5                                  Enclave Arms T67 Advanced Power
Doctor: +10                                    Armour and T67b Advanced Power
Science: +10                                   Armour Mk. II (Enclave Powered
Requirements: 5 years of study                 Armour Mk. I & Mk. II)
Rank6                                          Value: 35000 / 40000
First Aid: +5                                  The final word in exoskeleton body
Doctor: +5                                     protection. This armour is successor to
Science: +5                                    T51b Powered Armour and upgraded
Modifiers are doubled for purpose of           version of T67 Advanced Powered Armour
his/hers specialization                        adapted from the Guardians. At first T67
Specialist doctor (e.g. surgeon, optometric,   was used by the Enclave without any
cardiologist etc.):                            modifications but then Enclave Arms
Requirements: 6 years of study                 factories modified it to be even better and

that is how Enclave T67 came into being.        The drawback of this armour is that it’s
Covered with more advanced composite            cumbersome and it’s hard to sneak in it
alloy can withstand much more than              (sneak -75) and perform some tasks that
normal T51b. All Enclave T67 have been          require precision (First Aid, Doctor,
made by The Enclave after the war and are       Lockpick, Steal, Science and Repair are
especially designed to match post-nuclear       lowered by 10)
conditions and they are an upgraded             T67 W: 50 AC: 35 N: 16/55 L: 20/90 F:
version of standard Advanced Powered            17/75 P: 16/65 E: 20/70
Armour (former Enclave Armour now               T67b W: 55 AC: 40 N: 19/65 L: 20/95 F:
obsolete). Armour Mk. II has the same           18/75 P: 18/75 E: 20/75
options but is slightly more resistant due to
different composite used. Mk. II is a recent    Enclave Arms T38 Combat Armour
construction and not many of those are          Value: 5800
used. Current research in the Enclave are       Standard Enclave army issue that right
progressing towards full exoskeleton body       now is being replaced by more advanced
armour or T70 but those are just in             T67 but due to T67 excessive costs is still
experimental phase. Some normal, no-            quite popular. Armour gives a 25%
Enclave – T67 also can be found among           radiation resistance bonus.
Enclave soldiers. Standard piece of             W: 25 AC: 20 N: 8/40 L: 8/65 F: 7/60 P:
Enclave T67 Advanced Powered Armour             7/65 E: 8/45
    - a HUD display inside the helmet           Bullet-proof Shirt
        which displays: outside radiation,      Value: 800
        temperature,       humidity,      air   A simple “shirt” made of carbon polymers
        composition etc. Low Light              that can stop some low velocity rounds
        Amplification (see low light            fired at character. It can be worn under
        amplification goggles) and Night        casual clothes without anyone noticing.
        Vision (see night vision goggles) in    W: 10 AC: 10 N: 3/30 L: 0/20 F: 0/15 P:
        the helmet                              0/10 E: 0/20
    - Short range communicator
    - ITTS (Intelligent Target Tracking         Kevlar Vest
        System) – displays a point on the       Value: 1200
        HUD where a shot should be              Almost the same as above but made of
        aimed, adds +20% to any shot but        thicker layer of Kevlar and thus it can be
        works only with weapons linked          noticed even if under clothes.
        with armour (second point is            W: 20 AC: 15 N: 4/30 L: 2/20 F: 4/20 P:
        displayed where the weapon is           1/20 E: 3/30
        currently aimed)
    - Full Life Support system and ABC          Kevlar Suit
        environment       survival    system    Value: 3500
        (radiation shield – adds 75% to         Full Kevlar body armour. However it does
        radiation      resistance,     waste    not provide much protection from high
        reclamation, air filters – fully        velocity weapons (rifles, machine guns) it
        protects from all gases)                doesn’t limit wearer movements. Standard
    - Voice transmission module                 Enclave army issue (check chapter on
    - Motivator – helps user to wear such       Enclave troop types).
        a heavy armour (STR +4)                 W: 25 AC: 20 N: 4/40 L: 3/25 F: 4/20 P:
    - Micro Fusion Reactor with energy          1/20 E: 4/35
        reserves for 200 years
                                                Combat Shield

Value: 300                                          damage (or deals 3d10 + 10 if improper
Those are usually pre-War police riot               blood is used). Blood units are very rare
fighting shields but The Enclave also               and can only be found almost only cannot
makes some. They are made of plastic                be stored longer carried by Enclave or
polymers and take one hand to use. They             Brotherhood of Steel medics. It cannot be
provide no protection when user is a target         stored for longer than 6 months regardless
of a firearm attack as long as he didn’t said       of conditions and is useless after 12 hours
he/she is hiding behind the shield the              if not stored in refrigerator. Note that
previous turn. Statistic may vary                   vampiric wolves can use this blood as
depending on shield – those are given for a         food.
pre War police shield.
W: 25 AC: +10 N: +4/+10 L: +1/+5 F:                 Communication Scrambler
+0/+0 P: +0/+2 E: +0/+2                             Value: 800
                                                    A coding device attached to radio in order
Additional Equipment:                               to cipher the transmission and disallow any
                                                    unauthorized       to    eavesdrop.     The
                                                    transmission receiver must also be
Barbed Wire
                                                    equipped with scrambler to decode the
Value: 5 per one meter
                                                    message. Requires one SEC for 10 hours
Just as the name say – an old but goodie
                                                    of working.
thing which comes form XIX century.
Anyone who tries to cross barbed wire
takes d10 damage and will get stuck in it           Communication Jammer
                                                    Value: 1100
for d8 turns unless he rolls for AG/3
                                                    Can jam any radio transmissions or bug in
(round up) – d10 damage is dealt each turn
                                                    radius of 30 meters. Requires one SEC for
if person got stuck in it. The only way to
                                                    5 hours of working.
cross it is either to crawl under it, jump
over it (if there is possibility) or just cut it.
Barbed wire is ineffective against                  Dragon’s Teeth
                                                    Value: N/A
Deathclaws (their skin is too thick), robots
                                                    Dragon’s Teeth unlike their name have
and characters in exoskeleton armour or
                                                    nothing in common with dragons. Those
any metal armour that covers whole body
                                                    are anti tank obstacles made of concrete
(combat armour but not metal armour).
                                                    that are positioned near strong points to
                                                    make advance for tanks difficult or
Barrel Cooling Device
                                                    impossible. Dragon teeth are no longer
Value: 350
                                                    produced in post nuclear world however
Additional radiators attached to weapons
                                                    many can be found in pre War facilities,
barrel that allow it to fire faster without
                                                    but the problem is that they weigh several
risk of overheating. Can be added to
                                                    hundred kilograms and might be difficult
machine guns only (except Miniguns) and
                                                    to transport…
increases their rate of fire by 5. Every time
a weapon with barrel cooling device loses
condition points it loses two instead of one.       Fake Gun
                                                    Value: 50
                                                    A piece of wood shaped like a pistol (or
Blood Unit
                                                    other weapon but pistols are most common
Value: 300
                                                    as they are easy to recreate). Those are
A container with blood that might be
needed during surgeries. Remember that              produced mainly by settlements that know
person must take blood with group and Rh            what firearms are but have no
accepted by his/hers organism. Adds +30             technological abilities to create them. They
to doctor skill and heals additional d10

are of no use in combat but can be used to     less is still operational, but where they are
threaten somebody with.                        stored no one knows. Enclave will surely
                                               investigate any rumours of GECK as they
Gyrostabiliser Harness                         are aware that if they ever got into the
Value: 400                                     wasteland new technological empires will
A very rare pre-War piece of equipment         rise being a threat to The Enclave.
that consist of harness with jib for a         GECK is powered by a micro fusion
weapon. Any machine gun might be               reactor with energy supplies for 300 years
attached there and used without tripod or      of usage (a flashlight is also included in
bipod with –10 negative modifier only.         GECK set).

Mine Detector                                  Weapon Link
Value: 300                                     Value: 500
A simple device of Polish origin – a hand      This device is attached to a gun making it 4
held “broom-like” detector with a very         pounds heavier. It contains a laser targeting
basic CPU and headphones in which a            and infrared data transmitter. It’s prepared
sound can be heard when mine (or other         to cooperate with T67 and send targeting
piece of metal) is underground. Note that      data (like range, wind strength etc.) that are
some modern mines might be made form           later displayed on the HUD and
carbon polymers and will not be detected       coordinated with the ITTS displays.
by this device. Mines can be detected using
mine detector but disarming them is            Personal Cloaking Device (Stealth Boy)
another task. Object deeper than 0,50 m        Value: 10000
underground will not be found. Requires        An advanced pre-War construction that
one SEC for 12 hours of working.               generates phase distraction field in radius
                                               of about 1 meter. Anyone within that field
Garden of Eden Creation Kit                    will become much harder to spot as stealth
Value: 75000                                   boy refracts light rays that that fall on it.
Unlike many think Garden of Eden               Person using stealth boy gains +100 bonus
Creation Kit (GECK) is not a terraformig       to stealth (however noise will still give
device but just a sophisticated semi-AI        users position away) and anyone who
computer. It stores almost all of human        wants to see such a person must roll for
knowledge on its bio-HDs and will provide      (PE – 6) and all attacks are made with –25
all necessary wisdom to reintroduce            modifier. Stealth boy also provides 20/90%
civilisation from pottery to quantum           protection against energy weapon hits.
physics. GECK is though to be user             Requires one SEC for each 10 minutes of
friendly (it’s equipped with voice module      work.
,in case its users couldn’t read, and
holographic display) and therefore can help    Personal Information Panel (PIP Boy)
even those who have never heard of             Value: 3000
“technology”. It’s designed to teach           A small scanner and computer that stores
knowledge of democracy and create the          useful information about journey and
users society in order to match the pre-War    provides scanning of the neighbourhood of
American society. The initial project said     its user.
that as many GECKs as possible should be
created and dispatched all along the           Motion Scanner
country, to reduce the risk that all of them   Value: 500
will be lost. Because war broke faster than    Detects any moving objects on distance up
many have thought not much of GECKs            to 25 metres. Work’s like the one seen in
have ever been created and of those even       Alien movies. Beep, beep… Unlike that

one that comes with PIP Boy it can be             Value: 30000
mounted on assault rifles barrel.                 This automated defensive pod was a
                                                  common pre-War security array. This
Night Vision Goggles/Binoculars                   compact cannon shielded by massive
Value: 1200 / 700                                 tungsten alloy armoured plates comes with
A passive infrared detector. Allows to see        a semi-AI computer that is responsible for
any infrared emitting. Can work even in           all of its advanced functions. Cannon is
complete darkness. It’s more efficient            capable of IFF and will not shot at anyone
when there are high temperature                   who was preprogrammed as ally (as it
differences creating better contrast. Night       possess various sensors, from IR to smell
vision might be blinded by strong heat            identification, risk of misfire is very low,
source like flare, fire etc. or might be          even in poor weather conditions or at
fooled if target is well isolated (e.g. in anti   night) or will shot to anyone who was
radiation suit). Powered armour can be            preprogrammed as enemy (e.g. anyone
detected as it has its own propulsion that        who is carrying a weapon) – second mode
makes it somehow “hotter”. Even if                being more useful where risk of someone
working properly night allows to see              unexpected, but not hostile, coming is high
outlines of objects only. Night vision            (e.g. a city). Cannon can fire 20 mm
goggles/binoculars require one SEC for 10         HEAT, MPAT, HE and ATP shells (basic
hours of working.                                 cost 25 per one) and has 100 shot
                                                  magazine. Cannon is capable of 3 shot
Low Light Amplification Goggles                   burst fire.
/Binoculars                                       Min. ST: - W: 300 lbs. Dmg: 6d10 + 40
Value: 2000/1100                                  Rng: 60 AP: S: 6 T: 7 B: 7
A device designed to eliminate darkness           Action Points: 12 Skill: 110% XP value:
negative effect on soldiers range of view.        500
Uses advanced spectrum filters and CPU to
allow seeing objects as in daylight               AK-97 Assault Rifle
regardless    of    lightning    conditions.      Value: 1400
Requires a minimal amount of light                Created in the image of the legendary AK-
(moonlight is sufficient) and eliminates all      47, the AK-97 is a predecessor of AK-112.
negative modifiers from darkness. Cannot          It was created for the EANU in 2036, but
be blinded by strong light sources or             saw large distribution throughout the world
thermal isolation but can be by fog or            before the war. This highly-respected
smoke. Requires one SEC for 6 hours of            weapon is fairly commonplace. Fires
working.                                          single shots or up to 8-shot burst. The
                                                  magazine holds 30 rounds of 7.62
Teddy Bear                                        Min. ST: 5 W: 12 Dmg: +10 Rng: 45 AP
Value: 5 / 600                                    S:5;T:6;B:6
A nice, lovely, furry, cuddly toy.
Something that every child would want to          AK222 Grenade Thrower
have. Teddy bear costs 600 when there is a        Value: 2250
bomb planted inside it (deals 2d20 damage         A Russian design – simple and reliable,
to anyone within 5 meters).                       widely used in EANU army. It uses
                                                  pressurized air to launch hand grenades for
Weapons                                           large distance. Single shot only – needs to
                                                  be reloaded after each shot. Uses 1 SEC for
                                                  each 25 shots to power up air compressors.
20mm ADEN Defensive Cannon

Min. ST: 4 W: 12 lbs. Dmg: as from              Enclave Arms Desert Viper (Desert Eagle
grenade Rng: 30 AP: S: 5 T: N/A B: N/A          II) Pistol
                                                Value: 1000
“Arghan-Usarr” (“Battle Pole”)                  Remake of an IMI Desert Eagle, even
Value: 500                                      better than the original. Main Enclave
This unique weapon constructed by Grey          soldiers sidearm. Single shot only.
Tribe deathclaws is designed to be              Magazine holds 10 shots of .44 magnum
deathclaws melee weapon. Basically it’s         ammunition.
reminds of metal pole but it’s made of          Min. ST: 4 W: 6 Dmg: +12 Rng: 20 AP
carbon polymers that increase attack            S: 5 T: 6 B: N/A
strength and equipped with special handles
to make it easier for deathclaw to use it. It   Enclave Arms Electro Shocker
made by deathclaws for deathclaws so it         Value: 1300
cannot be effectively used by other races       This weapon fires an electric shock in
(even normal – meaning not Grey Tribe -         order to stun enemy or disable a electronic
deathclaws cannot use it as they are too        device (robots are usually shielded from
dumb).                                          this attack). Any successful hit has 100% -
Min. ST: 6 W: 8 Dmg: d20 + MD Rng: 2            (targets endurance x 5) chance of
AP S: 4 T: 5 B: N/A                             successfully stunning the target. Electro
                                                Shocker holds 3 charges and uses 6 SEC to
Bayonet                                         recharge. T51b, T67, Tesla Armour and
Value:70                                        Pseudo Chitin Armour protect form being
A very useful “tool” which remembers            stunned by this weapon.
lot’s of wars. Can be added to most of          Min. ST: 3 W: 12 Dmg: Special Rng: 8
assault rifles.                                 AP S: 5 T: N/A B: N/A
Min. ST: 2 W: 0,2 Dmg: 1d10 + MD Rng:
1 AP S: 4 T: 5 B: N/A                           Enclave Arms Rail Gun
                                                Value: 22500
                                                This rail accelerator fires neutrons speeded
Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR) v. 3.8           to near light speed causing massive
Value: 2200                                     damage to any substance. This weapon can
An extension of WWII BAR. V.3.8 was             crush almost anything. Weapon can fire a
used in US army from year 2075 – it has         ten shot burst but then there is a 10%
almost all the advantages of its precursor –    chance of overheating which causes
high penetrating power, reliability under       weapon break down – it cannot be used
adverse conditions and selectable mode of       before major repairs (in this case it losses
fire although its caliber has been changed.     all of remaining condition points, but even
It can use M16 compatible weapons when          if weapon didn’t break down it loses one
necessary. On the other hand weapon is a        condition point when burst is fired). This
bit too cumbersome and has strong recoil.       weapon uses micro fusion cells and takes
BAR can fire in 4 modes: single, semi           30 of them to fully recharge (10 shots).
automatic (3 shot bursts), slow automatic       Normal armour DT/DR used against this
(6 shot bursts) or fast automatic (12 shot      attack. Any humanoid hit must roll for AG
bursts). Magazine contains 36 5.56 mm           to avoid falling down when hit by Rail
bullets. Weapon is equipped with bipod          Gun.
that must be used when firing.                  Min. ST: 5 W: 15 Dmg: 3d20 + 40 Rng: 30
Min. ST: 6 W: 18 lbs. Dmg: +20 Rng: 40          AP S: 6 T: 7 B: 7
AP: S: 3 T: N/A B: 4/5/6
                                                Enclave Arms M-28 Azoghar Shotgun
                                                Value: 1200

This 4 barrelled shotgun is one of the most       Weapon was forbidden by London Arms
devastating weapons ever. It fires four 12        Pact in 2076 but US Army hadn’t have
gauge shotgun shells at one time. Negative        enough time to dispose of it so it can be
side of this is that recoil from this weapon      found in most of pre war military
can easily break users arm (consider it           installations.
when critical failure is rolled or user is        Min. ST: - W: 65 lbs. Dmg: d100 Rng: 20
under minimal strength). This weapon is           AP: S: 7 T: N/A B: N/A
rarely used without a Powered Armour.
Each shot fires all 4 barrels and there are       Jet Harpoon
no other fire modes. Azoghar holds up to          Value: 50
20 12. ga shotgun shells (5 salvos).              Bolts Value: 4 per 10 pieces
Min. ST: 7 W: 12 Dmg: +5 but damage               This weapon was initially made for
from all barrels is cumulative (so damage         underwater hunting but also works on
is (1d10 + 5) *4 Rng: 15 AP S: 7 T: 8 B:          surface. It lacks the penetrating force so
N/A                                               it’s unsuccessful even against simple bullet
                                                  profit jacket but it produces almost no
Elephant Hunting Rifle                            noise so if used properly can be quite
Value: 800                                        potent “stealth” weapon. Single shot only.
This clumsy but powerful weapon was               It can hold only one bolt and requires 5 AP
used before the war to hunt elephants, but        to reload.
provides to be a good weapon in manhunt           Min. ST: - W: 4 lbs. Dmg: d4 (bolt) + 4
also. Often comes with a scope. Weapon            Rng: 15 AP: S: 4 T: 5 B: N/A
uses 14 mm ammo. Single shot only.
Min. ST: 6 W: 14 lbs. Dmg: +10 Rng: 60            M4 “Firefly” Recoilless Gun
AP: S: 6 T: 7 B: N/A                              Value: 1100
                                                  A simple recoilless gun firing HEAT or
IATTP (Infantry Anti Tank Tesla                   TSAT rounds – very popular among
Projector)                                        soldiers before the War thanks to its low
Value: 8000                                       weight and high reliability.
This weapon uses electricity to attack and        Min. ST: - W: 10 lbs. Dmg: see below
stun or kill armoured vehicle crew. Unlike        Rng: 45 AP: S: 5 T: 6 B: N/A
EMP weapons it does not disable target            M4 HEAT Projectile
(however this may happen sometimes) but           Value: 400 Dmg: 4d20 W: 2 lbs.
attacks the vehicle with “lightning” that         M4 TSAT Projectile
electrocutes crew. Weapon can also be             Value: 2000 Dmg: 2d100 W: 3 lbs.
used against living beings. Interesting
effect of this weapon is that if target is well   M-16C “Double Dragon” Light Assault
isolated it won’t be damaged by this attack       Rifle
but it would be “charged” and hit will take       Value: 2800
effect when target is grounded. Only living       An interesting construction indeed. It does
beings are affected. After target is hit there    not vary much from standard M16 rifle in
is 65% chance that weapon will work               appearance but has different caliber (9
properly and all living beings hit will take      mm). Its most distinguishing feature are
d100 damage, otherwise there is no effect.        two magazines that are mounted side by
Weapon will affect anyone closer than 5           side into this weapon – bullets are taken
meters than initial target then anybody           alternately form both of them and there is
closer than 5 meters from the following           possibility to fire both JHP and AP ammo
target etc. thus weapon can harm numerous         at the same time! Regretfully this reduces
foes if they stand close by. Weapon takes         weapons rate of fire – it can fire up to 4
10 MFC to charge, single shot only.

shot a round only. It has place for two 20
shot magazines of 9mm JHP/AP ammo.              M-243 “Nazgaroth” Heavy Pistol
Min. ST: 5 W: 12 lbs. Dmg: +8 Rng: 20           Value: 2600
AP: S: 5 T: 6 B: 6                              Heavy pistol thought as “last chance
                                                weapon”. It has devastating power but
M1989A1        NATO      Assault      Rifle     lacks finesse, accuracy and it’s too
Value: 1800                                     cumbersome therefore it has never been
The M2069A1 is big brother to the original      too popular. Single shot only. Magazine
M16A1. It was rechambered to accept the         holds 6 shots of .223 FMJ/AP ammunition.
7.62mm ammo so troops could se captured         Min. ST: 6 W: 6 lbs. Dmg: +25 Rng: 8 AP:
Russian ammo. Although assault rifle users      S: 6 T: 7 B: N/A
greatly preferred the American ammo for
its damage capabilities, the military           Mining Laser
implemented this change in anticipation of      Value: 10000
front-line    ammo     shortages.     With      This is not a weapon however might be
this arrangement, a solider could kill an       used to deal damage. Mining laser is a high
enemy and replenish his supply at the same      energy beam laser used to extract minerals.
time. Fires single shots or up to 10-shot       It can deal unimaginable amounts of
burst. The magazine holds 35 rounds of          damage but it’s too heavy to be operated
7.62 ammunition.                                from hand and its range is very short.
Min. ST: 6 W: 12 Dmg: +7 Rng: 45 AP S:          Min. ST: 6 W: 800 Dmg: 2d20x100 Rng: 5
5 T:6 B:6                                       AP S: 7 T: N/A B: N/A

M1A5 Carbine                                    Enclave Neostead Combat Shotgun
Value: 1900                                     Value: 5500
Also an upgraded WWII weapon. Much              An automatic, 12 gauge military shotgun.
like original M1A1 carbine M1A5 was             The best weapon for close quarters, except
designed to be used as second weapon for        for a flamethrower. Weapon fires a six
heavy armed teams (artillery, mortars) –        round burst and stores up to 18 12 gauge
it’s light and portable although its            shotgun shells.
penetrating power isn’t impressive. It can      Min. ST: 6 W: 10 Dmg: +16 Rng: 20 AP:
fire single shots or 5 shot bursts, magazine    S5T6B6
contains 15 bullets of 5.56 mm ammo.
Min. ST: 3 W: 5 lbs. Dmg: +6 Rng: 25 AP:        Sherman .74 “Thunder” Assault Pistol
S: 5 T: 6 B: 6                                  Value: 1800
                                                “Thunder” is a small SMG made for
M-21 “Nijmrod” Grenade Launcher                 combat inside buildings. It was designed to
Value: 3500                                     penetrate bullet profit jackets, personal
An advanced 40mm grenade launcher. It           armours and some thinner walls. Weapon
was very popular in almost all armies of        main weakness is its recoil that causes that
the world before the War. It most               using burst mode is waste of ammo
astounding feature is its unique rate of fire   (cumulative penalty of -10 to each bullet
– weapon can launch up to 3 (!) 40mm            after 1st). Weapon uses .74 HEAP (AC: -20
grenades a round and it can store up to 8       DR: 0 Dmg: 1d10 + 1d10 if armour
grenades.     Even     with    such     high    penetrated, Value: 1600) ammo or .74 AP
achievements it has reasonable weight and       (AC: -25 DR: 0 Dmg: 1d10 Value: 1200)
tolerable recoil.                               ammo. “Thunder” can fire 5 shot burst,
Min. ST: 6 W: 16 lbs. Dmg: see 40mm             magazine holds 8 bullets.
grenade in main rulebook Rng: 40 AP: S:         Min. ST: 7 W: 8 lbs. Dmg: +14 Rng: 8
5 T: 6 B: 6                                     AP: S: 6 T: 7 B: 7

                                                and ITTS features (+50% bonus to hit).
Sherman “Lightning“ Plasma Rifle                Despite being a sniper rifle it’s also a
Value: 20000                                    successful assault rifle. Each magazine
The last step in plasma weapons before the      contains 15 bullets (no price is given as
War. Unlike other plasma rifles it has          this ammo is no longer produced and
much better barrel cooling system and           extremely rare) and weapon is capable of 4
therefore it can fire in burst mode –           shot burst fire. Weapon is capable of
compared to other single shot plasma            targeted burst fire, as it has recoil
weapons. It’s also smaller and lighter than     compensation system. 5 SEC required for
other plasma weapons. The only drawback         each 100 shots in order to power up the
is its high price. Weapon can fire 8 shot       accelerator and computers.
bursts and it holds 24 charges from Micro       GM note: this weapon and ammo for it are
Fusion Cells.                                   UNIQUE, only a few of those existed in
Min. ST: 5 W: 10 lbs. Dmg: 2d20+20 Rng:         pre-War America. Handle with care.
35 AP: S: 5 T: 6 B: 6                           Min. ST: 6 W: 14 lbs. Dmg: penetrates up
                                                to 150 DT, 3d6 damage Rng: 10 - 100 AP:
SR XII “Invader” Sniper Rifle                   S: 6 T: 8 B: 7 TB: 9
Value: 25000
This weapon is astounding in almost every
way. A product of European Rifle
Corporation for needs of EANU special
forces - only a few of those were ever
shipped into the States. This low calibre
(7,62 mm) gun is especially designed to
destroy heavy armoured targets like light
tanks or heavily armoured soldiers.
Weapon uses special rocket powered
ammo – its small “engine” starts working
after the bullet leaves the barrel. Except
that, a line accelerator is built into the
barrel, so bullet speed when exiting the
barrel is something about 2000 m/s. Its         XS-3 Hand Attached Dart Thrower
rocket propulsion accelerates it further to     Value: 500
about 3500 m/s (12600 km/h – 13786              A very small dart thrower that is attached
yards/h!). Weapon minimal range is 50           by leather straps to users arm. Darts are
yards as this is the minimal range for bullet   fired whenever wrist is bend. Although
engines to start work. Bullets are about 10     darts do very little damage they can be
cm long (with engine) and constructed           poisoned – see main rulebook for poison
from the thickest carbon polymers. Shot         rules. Weapon holds up to ten 3 cm long
form SRXII will penetrate any armour up         darts.
to 150 DT (DR does not count at all!),          Min. ST: - W: 0,5 lbs. Dmg: d3 Rng: 8
however drawback of this that that shot         AP: S: 6 T: 7 B: N/A
will also penetrate target thus not dealing
much damage (but when firing to a group         XS-4 Hand Attached Rocket Launcher
single shot may hit many foes). Despite all     Value: 2500
its features weapon looks quite ordinary as     An extension of previous weapon. This
all electronic parts and line accelerator are   time darts are bigger (about 7 cm), heavier
miniaturized and almost unnoticeable.           and carry small amount of explosive
SRXII is equipped with an advanced              devices. Although this weapon also does
targeting scope with night vision, low-light    little damage it can be quite useful in close

combat. Functioning method same as              W: 150 lbs. (67 kg) Dmg: 10d6 Value:
above. XS-4 hold up to 6 darts.                 600
Min. ST: - W: 0,75 lbs. Dmg: d10+1 Rng:         W: 745 lbs. (337 kg) Dmg: 10d6 x 10 V:
5 AP: S: 6 T: 7 B: N/A                          1000
                                                W: 1100 lbs. (500 kg) Dmg: 10d6 x 20 V:
                                                W: 2000 lbs. (900 kg) Dmg: 10d6 x 35 V:
Vehicle weapons:                                2400
                                                Rng: free fall AP: S: 2 T: N/A B: 2 (more
                                                than one bomb at a time)
Enclave Arms 130 mm Tank Cannon
One of the most powerful cannons
available. 130mm canon combines range           BIN-21 “Inferno” Napalm Bomb
                                                Value: 250
and destruction power. Single shot only.
                                                This is a simple napalm canister, with
W: 3500 lbs. Dmg: (4d10 + 3) x 10to
                                                scatter explosive device, used to attack any
everything within 25 meters and 1d6
                                                target and able of dealing massive damage
concussion to everything within 10 meters
                                                especially to unarmoured targets. Napalm
Rng: 5 KM AP S: 5 T: N/A B: N/A
                                                bombs often go in packs of 6-10 in order to
                                                cover greater area whit flames. As the
Gatling Eye-Targeted Laser Cannon
                                                flaming substance was especially designed
RAH-88 weapon. It can fire up to 20 shot
                                                it’s extremely hard to be extinguished and
burst. Takes 500 MFC to fully reload and
                                                sticks to almost any substance substances.
can fire 500 times.
                                                Each bomb covers area of about 50 square
W: 200 Dmg: 3d20 + 30 AP: S: 4 T: 5 B: 5
                                                W: 15 gallon (57 litres) = 132 lbs. (60 kg)
Enclave Arms Heavy Plasma Tank
                                                Dmg: 2d10 + 50 damage points each round
                                                for d20 + 5 rounds
A devastating and accurate heavy tank
weapon. Each shot requires 7 MFC, and
cannon can be supplied with 70 MFC at a         AGM-223 “Pandora” Laser Guided
time. Single shot only.                         Bomb
                                                Value: 5000
W: 2400 4 KM Dmg: (3d12+2) x 10 AP S:
                                                This is a free fall bomb with feathers and
6 T:7 B: N/A
                                                small “wings” used to change its falling
                                                trajectory and extend range. Must be used
Free Fall Bomb
                                                with laser targeting system as it needs
A Vertibird (or RAH-88) weapon with
                                                target to be enlightened by laser beam (let
absolutely no guidance system, it just falls
                                                it be that from attacking craft or from
down after being released with the speed
                                                another source, e.g. a common usage of
and trajectory of flying vehicle. In order to
                                                those bombs was that commando teams
hit with it use ¼ of your vehicle skill.
                                                used laser markers to allow planes make a
Probably the most devastating weapon as
                                                successful attack). Craft computer makes
it’s just a container filled with high
                                                all the necessary calculations when the
explosives. All damage is given for HE
                                                bomb should be released to hit marked
bombs, but AP (treat those as APFSDS)
                                                target and then the bomb is much like a
also exist, but those were mainly made to
                                                normal free fall bomb except to the fact
destroy warships, bunkers and other highly
                                                that thanks to its “wings” it can be dropped
armoured targets that are not common in
wasteland. Bombs may be mounted in              from a few miles away from the target and
packs of 1, 2 or 3 on each hardpoint (if        thanks to its feathers it can make some
craft is able to carry their weight) .          necessary adjustments to stay on the
                                                preprogrammed course (but still this is not

a homing missile). After release of bomb        few rounds of targeting Warhead skill:
target must be no longer marked with laser.     100%
Craft must not be making any manoeuvres
during the release process.                     “Raven” AMRAAM (Advanced Medium
Weight: 800 kg (1800 lbs.) Dmg: 10d6 x          Range Air-Air Missile)
30 (HE) R: defined by crafts speed AP: a        Value: 3000
few rounds of targeting                         An advanced medium range missile,
                                                equipped with 3 types of homing devices:
AGM-229 “Minotaur” AT (Anti Tank)               Infra Red, Heat Seeker and Radar
Missile Launcher                                Guidance. Fire&Forget.
Value: 8000 + 1000 per HEAT missile,            Weight: 90 kg (200 lbs.) Dmg: 6d10 + 10
3000 for ATP missile and 10000 per TSAT         R: 25 km Velocity: 2000 kts. (3704 km/h)
missile                                         AP: a few rounds of targeting Warhead
This is a “fire-and-forget” type of anti tank   skill: 90%
missile launcher with various warheads
designed to destroy tanks and other             “Swallow” ALRAAM (Advanced Long
armoured vehicles. Each launcher consist        Range Air-Air Missile)
of 5 tubes with one missile. Range is           An advanced long range radar guided
approximately 7 km.                             missile. In the first phase of flight missile
Weight: 550 kg (1215 lbs.) with 5 missiles      is guided by crafts radar and then just a
Dmg: 10d6 x 10 (HEAT) or 10d6 x 100             few miles away from target missile turns
(TSAT) or ATP R: 7 km AP: S: N/A T: all         on its own radar and homes for target.
AP’s B: N/A                                     Requires target to be marked by firing craft
ASM-56 “Harpoon II” Anti Ship Missile           Weight: 150 kg (331 lbs.) Dmg: 8d8 + 20
Value: 20000                                    R: 95 km Velocity: 680 kts. (1259 km/h)
This long range cruise missile was an           in the first phase, 1800 kts. (3333 km/h) in
ultimate anti shipping weapon before the        the final phase AP: a few rounds of
War. Because of its long range it does not      targeting Warhead skill: 80%
carry much explosives but it is designed to
penetrate ship armour so it explodes            M217 Super Hydra 70mm Rocket
internally dealing massive structural           Launcher
damage. Larger version with extended            Value: 1500
range (250 km) and larger warhead was           This is more advanced version of Hydra
used by strategic bombers and warships.         rocket currently used by US Army (e.g. by
Weight: 700 kg (1550 lbs.) Dmg: 10d8 x          AH64 Apache). It contains 42 unguided
20 R: 110 km Velocity: 650 kts. (1203           rockets with AP warhead (no other models
km/h) AP: a few rounds of targeting             are supplied). Rockets can be fired one at
Warhead skill: 120%                             a time, in 6 rocket salvo or all at the same
“Owl” ASRAAM (Advanced Short Range              Min. ST: Vehicle weapon W: 300 lbs.
Air-Air Missile)                                Dmg: 6d6 (each rocket), DR - 20 Rng: 800
Value: 2600                                     yards AP: computer fired
An advanced short range missile, equipped
with 3 types of guidance systems: Infra         Intel Corp. ED-234 Electronic Counter
Red, Heat Seeker and Radar Guidance.            Measures (ECM) Pod
Fire&Forget.                                    Value: 3000
Weight: 50 kg (110 lbs.) Dmg: 8d10 R: 8         This complex electronic warfare system
km Velocity: 2700 kts. (5000 km/h) AP: a        might be used for jamming of any radar
                                                detector. ECM sends strong signals so it’s

very easy to detect that something is           stick to most surfaces and then explode (it
coming but it’s almost impossible to            has 2 second fuse, that is activated after
determine the specific location of target       impact). This kind of grenade was
and therefore make a “lock-on” target           especially designed to destroy bunkers and
necessary for radar guided missile firing.      buildings.
This system should only be used after craft     Min. ST: 3 W: 8 lbs. Dmg: 2d10+5
has been detected by radar.                     (buildings take quadrupled damage of
                                                [2d10 +5]*4) Rng: ST + 0 yards AP: S: 6
Grenades:                                       T: 7 B: N/A

                                                Intel Corp. XG-23 Smart Grenade
Boom Bugs
                                                Value: 350
Value: 200
                                                This is one of the first smart grenades ever
A giant mutant strain of Lady Bird with
                                                made albeit a successful one. It’s equipped
unstable body chemistry. Explodes when
                                                with several small rocket engines that
agitated, disturbed, angry or bored. Often
                                                allow it to fly rather than be thrown.
used as "grenades".
                                                Grenade homes for heat source but it will
Min. ST: 4 Dmg: d8+6 Rng: 15 AP: S 5 T
                                                always seek target in the direction opposite
                                                to its thrower (there were many accidents
                                                with early versions when the grenade
Magnatech H666 “Hellbringer” Nuclear
                                                began spinning after being thrown and then
                                                targeted its user rather than intended
Value: 15000
                                                target) . Unfortunately grenade has very
This small nuclear grenade (equivalent of
                                                little explosives inside so it doesn’t deal
500 tons of TNT) is equipped with its own
                                                much damage.
propulsion system that is activated after the
                                                Min. ST: - W: 4 lbs. Dmg: 2d6 + 2 Rng:
grenade is thrown and extends the range by
                                                50 yards AP: S: 5 T: N/A B: N/A
approximately 200 meters (219 yards).
Grenade will explode 20 second after it has
run out of fuel and it cannot be defused        CS88 Gas Canister
                                                Value: 200
after activation. It should be handled with
                                                Those grenades were also used by SWAT
maximum caution in order not to throw it
                                                teams before the war. They contain tear
improperly (e.g. in a way that it will hit a
                                                gas that blinds foes. Reduces enemies PE
solid object near the thrower). Using this
                                                to 1. There is no saving throw from this
weapon without full ABC warfare armour
                                                attack as long target is not wearing a gas
may result in user being killed by high
                                                mask or ABC armour both of which
radiation that is emitted after blast.
                                                eliminate effects of that grenade.
Damage is not specified, as there may be
                                                Min. ST: x W: 0,5 Dmg: special Rng: 15
many forms of damage (form heat wave to
                                                AP S: 5 T: N/A B: N/A
falling walls) and should be determined by
GM (but generally everyone within 25
meters radius should be slain without any       VX3 Nerve Gas Canister
                                                Value: 300
                                                A gas grenade filled with very dangerous
Min. ST: - W: 40 lbs. Dmg: Special Rng:
                                                VX3 nerve gas. Anyone who is inside 5
ST + 220 yards AP: S: 7 T: N/A B: N/A
                                                metres radius (or more inside buildings)
                                                from impact point must make a successful
Magnatech H13 “Building Buster”
                                                roll for half of his HT (round down) else he
Elastic Grenade
Value: 2000                                     is paralysed for 2d20 rounds moreover gas
This is something like a thrown version of      deals 2d20 damage to anyone (halved if
a plastic explosives. When thrown it will       roll is successful) hit. This is a very potent

weapon and must be used with maximum              Ammo – specifies which types of ammo
caution.                                          may use this warhead
Min. ST: x W: 0,5 Dmg: 2d20 (or 2d10) +           Price – price multiplier. If weapon fires a
paralyse Rng: 15 AP S: 5 T: N/A B: N/A            few kinds of ammo (e.g. JHP and AP) this
                                                  multiplier is added to the most expensive
Intel Corp. XN-2 Nano Grenade                     kind (for example: a TOW-II missile with
Value: 3500                                       HESH warhead would cost 15000)
This grenade is filled with hundreds of           Damage – any special or additional
millions of nanomachines that will “attack”       damage (or other futures) done by payload
any electronic device in radius of 3 metres
from impact point. There is 80% chance            Harpoon Bolt
that any electronic or mechanic device            Dmg: d4 AC: 0 DR: 0
within that radius will be broken beyond
repair within 2d4 rounds. Nanomachines            M4 HEAT Projectile
will damage almost anything that has at           Value: 400 Dmg: 4d20 W: 2 lbs.
least some mechanisms inside let it be a
clock, a battle MECH or even a power              M4 TSAT Projectile
armour. Robots shielded from EMP shock            Value: 2000 Dmg: 2d100 W: 3 lbs.
are not resistant against this type of attack.
Min. ST: -W: 0,5 Dmg: special Rng: 15             .74 HEAP
AP S: 5 T: N/A B: N/A                             Dmg: 1d10 + 10 (if shot penetrated
                                                  armour) AC: -20 DR: 0
The Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch
! – this is a special, “magical” weapon,          .74 AP
don’t give it to players unless it fits in your   Dmg: 1d10 AC: -25 DR: 0
campaigning background. And remember
it’s UNIQUE weapon.                               7.62 mm Rocket Powered SRXII Ammo
Value: ?                                          Dmg: 3d6; penetrates armour with DT up
The Holy Grenades of Antioch were once            to 150, ignores DR
made for crusaders to crush the pagans.
How many of them remain to this day               Dart
remains unknown. Also what how do these           Dmg: d3 AC: 0 DR: 0
grenades function remains unknown… It             Exploding Dart
must be thrown with words “Hallelujah”            Dmg: d10+1 AC: 0 DR: 0
spoken otherwise it won’t work.
Min. ST: 4 W: 2 Dmg: 300 +2d100 Rng:              70mm AP Rocket
18 AP S: 5 T: N/A B: N/A                          Value: 120
                                                  Dmg: 6d6 AC: 0 DR: -20

Ammunition And Special ammo                       70mm APT Rocket
types:                                            Value: 140
GM note – I strongly suggest you use those        Dmg: 6d6 +1 AC: 0 DR: -20
ammunition only in case of high calibre
guns and other weapons designed to                70mm Incendiary Rocket
destroy tanks, bunkers and other highly           Value: 320
armoured     targets.     Such   “special”        Dmg: 7d6 anything within 4 hexes is set
ammunition for low calibre guns might be          aflame AC: 0 DR: -10
also created but it’s rare and makes game
somehow more complex…                             HESH (High Explosive Squash Head)
                                                  Ammo: Rockets, missiles and shells only

Price: x3
Damage: 2d10 x 4 additional damage to          HEAP      (High   Explosive   Armour
vehicle crew                                   Piercing)
This is a special kind of plastic explosives   Ammo: Hand firearm only
that sticks to surface and explodes. This      Price: x3
causes bits of inner surface to rip off and    Damage: +d10 when damage is dealt
ricochet inside the vehicle thus killing
crew. It also damages the outside vehicle      This ammo is designed to combine
sensors and all other external stuff           penetrating power of standard AP
(mortars, periscopes, antennas, laser          ammunition with devastating power of HE
rangefinders etc.)                             ammo. Additional damage is dealt only if
                                               shot penetrates armour otherwise it
APFSDS       (Armour      Piercing     Fin     explodes harmlessly.
Stabilised Discarded Sabot)
Ammo: Shells only                              HEAT (High Explosive Anti Tank)
Price: x2.5                                    Ammo: Rockets, missiles and shells only
Damage: only half of armour DR and DT          Price: x4
is counted                                     Damage: 80% chance for successfully
This arrow-like metal projectile is usually    penetrating armour
made of advanced compounds (often with         HEAT projectiles will burn most kinds of
depleted uranium) and is designed to           armour and deal massive damage to crew
penetrate tank armour. This ammo will not      inside. One of the most deadly kinds of
make any fragmentation as it’s just a solid    attack, however some kinds of armour are
piece of metal.                                invulnerable to it.

MPAT (Multi Purpose Anti Tank)                 APERS (Anti Personnel)
Ammo: Shells only                              Ammo: Shells only
Price: x1                                      Price: x1.5
Damage: x1                                     Damage: high fragmentation
This is the standard shell used by most        This ammo type is designed to destroy not
guns against armoured targets. It’s cheap      armoured living targets. However blast rate
and able to destroy most of lightly            is not high the explosion generates
armoured vehicles.                             hundreds of small fragments that are likely
                                               to hit anyone not farther than 15 meters (in
HE (High Explosive)                            case of 81mm ammo, range is extended
Ammo: any                                      with higher calibre shells) apart from
Price: x1.5                                    explosion centre (damage is 2d10).
Damage: x2, but armour DT and DR are           Useless even against lightly armoured
tripled (if DR goes to or over 100% treat      targets.
this as 99%)
This is a shell or bullet full of explosive
materials that makes vast damage to any        ATP (Anti Tank Pulse)
target that has no armour, but proves to be    Ammo: Rockets, missiles, shells and
useless against other targets (note it still   grenades only
will destroy external vehicle sensors,         Price: x3
considering the blast force is strong          Damage: 80% chance for critical shutdown
enough, e.g. a 7,62 mm bullet won’t make       Any electronic device that is not shielded
any real harm while 155 mm shell will          from EMP shock will have 80% chance to
destroy most external “stuff” but won’t        shut down. The problem is that most of
seriously damage armoured target).             modern fighting vehicles and robots are

shielded from EMP shocks, so this ammo           Enclave Arms V-34 Vertibird
type is little of use. It’s mainly used in       Vertibird is a post-war creation of The
artillery     shells   against     enemy’s       Enclave technicians. Somewhat similar to
communications centres as it doesn’t have        pre-war V22 Osprey. It was intended as an
to hit directly.                                 personnel transport VTOL aircraft but
                                                 other versions are built also (combat,
HEI (High Explosive Incendiary)                  recon, cargo transport etc.). Because of its
Ammo: Any                                        capability of VTOL it doesn’t need airfield
Price: x2.5                                      and can be effectively used in any terrain.
Damage: 75% chance of setting target             It runs on two turbojet engines that can
aflame                                           change their slope angle (whole engines)
This ammo is usually covered (or contains)       like those in V22. Despite its appearance
phosphorus that sets target aflame. Every        its not able of hovering. Vertibird needs
turn additional 2d10 damage (2d4 for             both engines to be operational in order to
handgun) is dealt to any target hit (4d20 if     remain in air. If just one engine has a
a living creature is hit, considering it has     malfunction (or is hit and stops to work)
no armour and no natural fire DT/DR; 3d4         Vertibird falls like a stone. No matter how
for handgun). Fire will burn out after d6        high would the pilot abilities be he can do
turns (unless something flammable was            nothing. This causes Vertibird to be a
hit) and is extremely difficult to extinguish.   dangerous to fly.
                                                 Transport Vertibird
TSAT (Temperature Shock Anti Tank)               This model is much larger than others and
Ammo: Rockets, missiles, shells and              its engines are far more powerful. It can
grenades only                                    carry a small APC. It takes 400 cells to
Price: x12                                       recharge it.
Damage: x10                                      TS: 470 AR: 60 BR: 40 TR: 0 KPH DR:
Contains chamber with liquid nitrogen and        650 NP: 2 + 20 CW: 25000 HP: S:375
liquid oxygen. Anything hit (let it be a         E: 30 C: 25 D: 25 T: 10 (x 4) [DR N: 20 L:
living creature or concrete) is rapidly          5 F: 0 P: 0 E: 10]
frozen and then warmed up which causes           Recon Vertibird
massive damage, and can destroy all but          This is the smallest version of Vertibird
most advanced armours. Causes severe             with huge external fuel tanks (that tend to
wounds and even when someone was hit             explode when hit). It size gives it a good
for only 1 point of damage treat this as         manoeuvrability. Takes 200 cells to
serious wound. This type of ammo was             recharge.
rare even before the war.                        TS: 600 KPH AR: 80 BR: 70 TR: 0 DR:
                                                 1400 NP: 3 CW: 800 HP: S: 250 E: 25
T (Tracer)                                       C: 25 D: 20 T: 10 (x 4) [DR N: 10 L: 0 F:
Ammo: Any (e.g. APT –armour piercing             0 P: 0 E: 0]
tracer or HET or HEAPT etc.)                     Assault Vertibird
Price: x1                                        Special version for troops transport.
Damage: glows in flight                          Equipped with two MG3 in opened doors
Usually every 3rd or 4th bullet in each          (like UH1 Huey in Vietnam). Reasonably
HMG belt is a tracer in order to make            armoured. Takes 350 cells to fully
aiming easier. The drawback is that enemy        recharge.
can determine where the weapon user is.          TS: 550 KPH AR: 60 BR: 50 TR: 0 DR:
                                                 700 NP: 2 + 20 CW: 4000 HP: S: 425 E:
                                                 40 C: 50 D: 50 T: 10 (x4) [DR N: 30 L: 10
Vehicles:                                        F: 5 P: 10 E: 10]
                                                 Close Support Vertibird

Best armour and weapons. This one is           maximal range of this array probably for
made for destruction missions and close        large fast moving objects – e.g. a stealth
infantry support. It’s armed with two MG3      plane . Ares will not detect something,
machine guns (firing straight ahead) and       moving with the same relative speed         -
two M217 Super Hydra (84) unguided             e.g. another hopper flying with the same
70mm rocket launchers . It can also take       speed in the same direction. Target must
2500 lbs of bombs or other weapons             move with speed of at least 15 km/h to be
aboard. Takes 350 cells to fully recharge.     detected) ATHENA Radar System
TS: 520 KPH AR: 65 BR: 55 TR: 0 DR:            (providing surface and air area scan in 65
700 NP: 2 CW: 2000 HP S: 475 E: 70 C:          km radius, note that this is just a forward-
30 D: 30 T: 15 (x4) [DR N: 40 L: 25 F: 10      looking radar – covers 50 deg. Arc on the
P: 15 E: 10]                                   left and right side from the central axis -
                                               however it also looks about 30 degrees up
RAH-88 Inca Attack Helicopter                  and down from the central axis) and
One of the most modern pre-War                 RAZOR Laser Targeting System (used for
constructions, those still appear in The       laser targeted weapons deployment). It has
Enclave Armed Forces. Those hoppers            also flare (10) and chaff (10) container to
were successor to RAH-77 Sioux (which          provide active defences from incoming
were successors to RAH-66 Commanche).          missiles. Its only factory built-in weapon is
This stealth helicopter unlike any other is    a Gatling eye-targeted laser cannon (3d20
powered by two General Dynamics A234/5         + 30, 500 shots powered by MFC, AP: S: 4
low-noise afterburning jet engines with        T: 5 B: 5). Crew consist of two persons
changed angle of slope (much like those in     pilot and co-pilot/weapon operator. Unlike
Vertibird) but their construction is much      other vehicles Inca uses liquid fuel and
more advanced, reliable and surprisingly       therefore there might be some problems
resistant to damage. Because of their          with refueling as air fuel is not common
excellent power Inca can fly faster than       and quite hard and expensive to produce.
sound even at the sea level. It’s very         Fuel storage is 5000 kg (11000 lbs.). or
manoeuvrable and able of hovering -            7500 kg with external fuel tanks instead of
during the War was used mainly in air-air      weapons at wing hardpoints. The main
role not as tank destroyer (which ought to     weakness of this helicopter is the
be its main purpose). Unlike Vertibird         enormous amount of fuel it consumes
Inca has short wings that allow it to glide    when hovering, thus Inca is rather a
for a short amount of time if there is a       V/STOL aircraft than an attack hopper.
problem with engines (considering hopper       TS: Mach 1.1 (1348 km/h) at the sea level,
was not hovering as then wings will not do     2.0 (2250 km/h) mach at high altitude, with
any good). Weapons are also hung below         afterburner AR: 200 BR: 50 TR: 0 DR:
those wings (there are 4 hardpoints – 2        700 (900 with external fuel tanks) NP: 2
under each wing on which rockets, bombs        CW: up to 6000 lbs. of armament HP S:
or missiles may be hung. There are also        380 E: 50 C: 30 D: 30 T: N/A (N/A) [DR
hardpoints at the tips of wings for 4 – two    N: 25 L: 50 F: 25 P: 30 E: 20]
on each wing – air-air missiles). Helicopter   Enclave Recon Buggy
is equipped with many sophisticated            This light and fast vehicles are constructed
sensors like      Night-Vision, Low-Light      from metal pipes in order to reduce weight.
Amplification, ARES Long Range Motion          They have places for 3 persons (one is
Scanner (detects any moving objects up to      operating a M-60) and a little additional
50 km from helicopter. Objects must be at      load. As there are no metal plates built in
least size of an average man – but so small    vehicle can easily be damaged and crew is
object will be detected just in a few          not protected. It’s used mainly by The
hundred meters radius, 50 km is the

Enclave long range patrols. Takes 20 cells      TS: 65 KPH AR: 40 BR: 55 TR: 7 DR:
to recharge.                                    450 NP: 2 CW: - HP S: 180 E: 50 C: 20
TS: 120 AR: 60 BR: 55 TR: 3 KPH DR:             D: 20 T: 70 (x2) [DR N: 60 L: 30 F: 70 P:
580 NP: 3 CW: 300 HP S: 100 E: 20 C:            20 E: 30 ]
10 D: 10 T: 15 (X4) [DR N: 0 L: 0 F: 0 P:
0 E: 0 ]                                        S-1 “Werewolf” Enclave Tank Destroyer

Light Enclave APC
This is the only version used, medium and
heavy are no longer in use as they cannot
be transported by Vertibird. They are
armed with two 20mm cannons and one
MG3 machine gun. Can take up to 6
soldiers aboard. Those APC’s are
especially designed to perform at best in
wasteland conditions – they are equipped
in air filters and are able to operate in ABC
environment. Enclave APC takes 35 cells
to fully recharge.
TS: 55 KPH AR: 60 BR: 35 TR: 8 DR:              This vehicle consists of light tank hull and
260 NP: 3 + 6 CW: 2000 HP S: 320 E:             heavy cannon. It combines mobility, speed
70 C: 30 D: 25 T: 65 (x2) [DR N: 60 L: 45       and firepower but lacks any serious
F: 80 P: 40 E: 55 ]                             protection against hostile fire. However
                                                Werewolves are no match for any battle
“Hedgehog” Enclave Air Defence Vehicle          tanks they can be successful when
“Hedgehog” is a deadly anti aircraft            ambushing or when used against worse
platform. Equipped with four rapid firing       armed foes (which is common situation
laser cannons is also capable of ground         unless AIM is involved). Enclave has
target destruction. It’s one of most            much more of these than S-2 because of its
devastating anti-infantry weapons if used       much lesser construction cost. Armed with
properly. However lightly armoured it has       130 mm cannon and two twin MG3’s in
reasonable speed and manoeuvrability and        small turrets (see picture). Takes 40 cells
advanced shock compensation which allow         to recharge.
it to fire even when driving at full speed.     TS: 78 KPH AR: 30 BR: 50 TR: 8 DR:
Only a driver and gunner are needed to          320 NP: 3 CW: 1000 HP S: 280 E: 65
operate this tank. All four lasers are          C: 30 D: 30 T: 80 (x2) [DR N: 80 L: 35
mounted in turret, which is much like that      F: 80 P: 40 E: 70 ]
of a tank except that “Hedgehog” can fire
up to 87 degrees upward and 13 degrees          S-2 “Behemoth” Enclave Main Battle Tank
downwards. “Hedgehog” takes 40 cells to         There are just a few dozens of those heavy
fully recharge. Also another 50 cells are       tanks. They are present mainly in Navarro
carried to power the lasers (320 shots).        and near AIM outposts. Those beasts are
Laser cannon is capable of 80 shot (20          armed with two heavy plasma cannons and
each barrel) in burst fire mode only. There     3 MG3. This very resistant construction
are two burst types: small (40 shots – 10       has proven to be of great value in combat
each barrel) and full 80 shots(20 each          but however due to its weight its speed is
barrel). Single fire mode also supported.       and manoeuvrability is limited in rough
Rapid Firing AA Laser Dmg: 4d20 Rng:            terrain (thus making it an easy prey). It
6000 yards AP: S: 4 T: 5 B: 5 (small) 6         takes 75 cells to recharge it and each
(full)                                          plasma cannon uses 7 micro fusion cells

for each shot (cannons have their own          “Hedgehog”                    - 1200
supply of 140 MFC each – 70 is instantly       “Werewolf”                    - 1300
charged the rest is for recharging during      Recon Vertibird               – 2 x 3500
combat).                                       Transport Vertibird           – 2 x 5500
TS: 65 KPH AR: 15 BR: 40 TR: 9 DR:             Assault Vertibird             – 2 x 4000
200 NP: 4 CW: 5000 HP S: 600 E: 85             Close Support Vertibird       – 2 x 4500
C: 35 D: 35 T: 90 (x2) [DR N: 95 L: 70 F:      Inca                          – jet engines
98 P: 65 E: 95 ]
                                               Another thing is that all cars are powered
Vehicle Enhancements:                          by energy (or fusion cells) meaning that
                                               their engines are probably electrical ones,
                                               and besides the engine power (which can
Upgrading a Vehicle                            still go in HP) the power output should be
Here I have specified how to upgrade your      given but this is rather unnecessary in play
vehicle “a bit”. Note that power is given in   and would require many though
HP (Horse Power, not Hit Points) not in        calculations using electrostatic physics.
additional KMH (as it would make no
sense – adding a supercharger to a tank        Effects of Overcharging an Engine
won’t speed it up so much as a                 If you have created a 250 HP beast from a
Highwayman). When you need to calculate        simple highwayman there is a possibility
which vehicle is faster just use common        something will go wrong. Each time a
sense. Car with supercharger will surely       critical failure is rolled you have chance
ride faster than the same car without it.      equal to 1% for every 10 additional HP
When two different types are considered        (except for Overcharging which adds much
calculate which has more HP for each           more) that there will be a major engine
kilogram (2 pounds) of it weight. Here are     malfunction. Here is my critical roll table
the basic HP given for the vehicles from       (that may also be used for other car critical
the rulebook and the Enclave Add-On:           failures):
Highwayman                    – 100
½ Ton Truck                   – 150
                                               1 – cylinders malfunction, car stops but
2 ½ Ton Truck                 – 200
                                               may ride after some minor repairs; it will
Tractor Trailer               – 1000
                                               surely break down for good unless major
Hummer                        – 350
                                               repairs are done shortly
Canyonero SUV                 - 150
                                               2 – major fuel leakage, car continues to
Roadrunner Muscle Car         - 300
                                               drive but you use your fuel 10 times faster.
Dune Buggy                    - 70
                                               3 – coolant fluid leakage, nothing serious
Truck Cab                     - 300
                                               as long as your vehicle low coolant fluid
Bus                           - 150
                                               warning light is operational and you can
Sport Hawg                    - 100
                                               stop and make essential repairs, otherwise
Crotchrocket                  - 150
                                               you will surely overheat and or seize your
Chopper                       - 80
Indian Chief                  - 75
                                               4 – steering mechanism malfunction, the
M2 Bradley                    – 500
                                               vehicle stops answering to your steering
Dragoon                       – 400
                                               wheel moves and you are in serious trouble
LAV-150                       – 300
                                               if driving fast.
M551                          – 650
                                               5 – car chokes and stops, there has been a
M1A1                          – 1500
                                               shortcut and your battery is no more, you
M60A2                         – 750
                                               need to replace it
Encl. Buggy                   – 70
Encl. APC                     – 450
Encl. Bat. Tank               – 1600

6 – a cloud of steam appears over your           Value: 8000
engine, your radiator is broken and vehicle      Effect: engine HP is boosted by 50
will ride no more until it’s repaired            +2d10%, fuel usage up by 50%
7 – something explodes beneath your
bonnet and your car loses d6 points of its       Works much like the supercharger but is
condition but continues to drive if at least 1   much more powerful. You cannot have
point is left.                                   both of them, turbo supercharger comes in
8 – your engine suddenly bursts into             place of standard supercharger.
flames. If the fire is not put out shortly the
car may explode. Whatever happens your           Engine Overcharge
vehicle will ride no more on that engine.        Value: 1000
9 – suddenly your vehicle stops, but after a     Effect: engine HP is boosted by 2d6%, fuel
few dozens of seconds the engine                 usage up by 2d10%, malfunction
explodes, thus dealing massive damage to         possibility up by 2d6%
anyone who went to check what has
broken down.                                     What to do when you have already
10 – without any warning the engine              installed turbo supercharger but you still
explodes during drive, tearing the vehicle       need some extra power? Well, there is a
into pieces (this won’t happen with a tank,      way – you may overcharge the engine
but then the crew has no chance of               providing even more power but risk of
surviving as all blast force is accumulated      engine malfunctions will probably rise
inside tanks hull).                              greatly, but sometimes it may be those few
                                                 additional HP that save your life… Engine
Note that if your engine has just additional     overcharge might be installed with a on/off
10 or 20 HP accidents form roll of 10 or 9       switch so it will work only when
shouldn’t occur, as it would be unrealistic.     absolutely necessary.
Note that in case of a Vertibird each of
those may be lethal, as Vertibird will fall      Booster
down and crash. All enhancements modify          Value: 8000
BASIC HP value ad are not cumulative (of         Effect: improves vehicle acceleration
course speed increase is cumulative)
                                                 This device is designed to improve vehicle
Larger Intercooler                               acceleration and will work just for a few
Value: 500                                       seconds allowing vehicle to gain speed
Effect: engine HP is boosted by 5 +d6%           about 50% faster thus with massive fuel
                                                 consumption. This device may either be
Simple modification of air inlet, that           controlled manually or by computer (in
allows engine to work more efficiently.          which case it works much better). This
                                                 device mustn’t work longer 10 seconds and
Engine Supercharge                               if manually forced to do so it adds 10x d6
Value: 2500                                      HP to vehicle power but you must roll on
Effect: engine HP is boosted by 25 +2d6%,        vehicle critical break down table every
fuel usage up by 20%                             round (10 seconds) with a + 1 modifier.

A special exhaust powered fan linked with
a compressor that increases the output           Lightened Construction
speed of your powerplant. The drawback is        Value: 15000 (and more)
that vehicle uses considerably more fuel.        Effect: speed is increased by 10%, fuel
                                                 usage is decreased by 10% and hit points
Engine Turbo Supercharge                         are decreased by 25%

                                                 Effect: radar mapping, range 5 km
This requires full reconstruction of a
vehicle as all of its metal parts are            Scans area in front of vehicle (or other
replaced by light metal alloys. The price        direction if radar is placed to face it)
given is for a “Higwayman“ and this              allowing creation of terrain radar map.
enhancement for a tank would cost                Also detects moving vehicles (those that
probably much more.                              are not moving will also be detected but
                                                 may be hard to distinguish from other
Computer                                         inanimate objects). Also provides radar
Value: 25000                                     rangefinder. LCD and interface included.
Effect: calculation on fuel use, breaking
force, acceleration etc.                         Terrain Scanner
                                                 Value: 4000
A calculating unit for a vehicle that takes      Effect: scanning of area around in radius of
care of many essential car functions. When       500 m
using it car will use less fuel (about 5%),
accelerate faster (a few percent) and break      Has much shorter range than radar but
more efficiently (10-20%) without risk of        allows 360 deg. scan and will provide
sliding (unless on oil, ice or something like    much more detailed terrain features. It will
that). Those were uncommon in civilian           also detect heat sources and will provide
vehicles before the war, but all pre-war         “targeted by laser” warning. Comes with
military vehicles possessed those. This          LCD and user interface.
comes with LCD and user interface to
mount inside the vehicle.                        Weapon Mount
                                                 Value: 200 (each)
Targeting Computer                               Effect: place for a weapon
Value: 5000
Effect: aiming and fire control                  This is a mount where a weapon may be
                                                 mounted. Weapon supported are: 20mm
A piece of equipment necessary for               Cannon, 25mm Cannon, MESON Cannon,
automatic turret. It must be linked with         MG3, Gating Laser and Minigun but other
radar or other senor to work properly. All       guns might also be adapted, and this mount
military vehicles posses this (except for        possibilities is limited only by its user
Hummer). Standard computer skill is 80%.         creativity. Those are usually fitted in a way
LCD and interface included.                      that allows to fire straight ahead and if are
                                                 mounted on sides their line of fire crosses
Upgraded Suspension                              on average distance of 100 meters to ease
Value: 1500                                      the aiming (but might be set otherwise).
Effect: better car condition                     Mercedes sing for aiming would be
                                                 useful… ☺
Suspension designed for rough         terrain.
Each time your vehicle has to         acquire    Turret Mount
additional dot to its condition      due to      Value: 2500 (each)
driving thru rough terrain there     is 50%      Effect: turret weapon mount
chance not to get it thanks          to this
suspension.                                      This weapon mount contains its own
                                                 servomechanism to allow the weapon
                                                 mounted to aim in different directions.
Radar                                            Unless aim is blocked by vehicle parts it
Value: 3000                                      has full freedom of movements and can

fire at flying targets. Turret is very fragile   gunfire and can be damaged by “normal”
and can easily be damaged by hostile fire        ammo.
as it’s not armoured. Weapons supported
are: 20mm & 25mm Cannon, MESON                   Reactive Armour
Cannon, Gatling Laser, Gatling Minigun,          Value: 5000 / 8000
MG3, BG-1 Grenade Launcher, ASG-17               Effect: protects from HEAT and HESH
Grenade Launcher, LAW-80 Rocket                  warheads, might be used on tanks and APC
Launcher,      Rockwell      L-72     Rocket     only, additional dot on vehicle condition
Launcher, Super Hydra Rocket Launcher,           table
“Firefly” Recoilless Gun and TOW-II
Launcher.                                        Consist of many cubes with explosives that
                                                 explode when hit and disperse the
Kevlar Tyres                                     explosion force of HEAT or HESH
Value: 2000 (each)                               warhead saving the vehicle. The negative
Effect: armoured tyres (DR x4), driving          side is that all external sensor are destroyed
reduced by 10%                                   and vehicle gets damaged. The more
                                                 expensive version will explode just in the
This replaces vehicle original tyres with        place it was hit in contrary to standard
ones made from Kevlar. Those tyres are           version where all cubes explode after any
almost indestructible but it’s harder to         hit. Both versions are resistant to low
drive a car on those.                            calibre hits (up to 20mm).

Full Carbon Polymer Tyres                        Solar Panels
Value: 4500 (each)                               Value: 30000
Effect: armoured tyres (DR x8), driving –        Effect: fuel regeneration
25%, chance of vehicle damage in rough
terrain +10%                                     This contains of solar panel and devices
                                                 necessary to convert sun energy it into
The best armoured tyres for a car with no        power. It allows vehicle to ride about 2
air in them at all, which makes ride a bit       times farther without refuelling and even
rough but even a rolling upon a mine             then if the user has time to wait it may
would faster tear the whole wheel than           recharge the vehicle batteries. After some
damage this type of tyre.                        minor alterations may be used to recharge
                                                 SEC and MFC. Solar panels are likely to
Mirror Armour                                    become damaged and must be handled
Value: 12500                                     with care. The drawback is that batteries
Effect: provides protection against energy       (vehicle batteries also) lose a bit of their
weapon hits                                      maximal capacity after each recharging.

This armour provides the ultimate
protection against energy hits. As its name      Equipping car with weapons:
says it consists of many small “mirror”          Whenever you want to add a weapon to a
(polished metal) plates that cover whole         car you must equip with either turret mount
vehicle (or other structure). When hit by        or weapon mount enhancement. You may
laser there is 85% chance hit will be            have only one turret mount (else the turrets
deflected and when hit by plasma                 would block each other line of sight). On
deflection chance equals 40%. When hit is        the other side you can have lots of weapon
deflected no damage is dealt, otherwise          mounts which can fire both forward and
deal normal damage amount. As “mirrors”          backward (there are no side firing as there
are thin they provide no cover even from         would be too many problems with aiming

them and after salvo the vehicle would          each time players equip car with weapon.
become unbalanced and could possibly            The only exception are energy weapons
even roll over). Standard equipment             which can be linked to energy source
consists of 1-8 forward firing weapons ,1-4     inside the car so if the vehicle is fully
backward firing and 1 or 2 special ones.        loaded with SEC/MFC then there should
Forward firing weapons are situated on          be no problem with energy weapons
both sides of hull (1-6) and on bonnet (also    ammo. On the other hand we have special
1-2). Sometimes all four are situated on        weapons that are usually mounted on roof
sides of car. In case of backward firing        of vehicle. Weapons considered as special
weapons they are situated on sides of trunk     are all rocket/missile firing weapons – e.g.
– this depends on car owner as there is no      M217 Super Hydra Launcher, TOWII.
best configuration, everybody has to see        They must be fired from roof as they are
what his/hers optimal configuration is. In      too heavy to be mounted in another place.
most cases vehicle owner is strongly            Vehicle can be equipped with 2 roof
limited by availability of weapons and          weapons or 1 and a turret. Roof weapons
there are not many cars which have more         can be either forward or backward firing.
than 2 or 3 weapons. Also the point where       In some vehicles that have hole in the roof
line of fire of weapons should cross (or if     (like Hummer) there is possibility to
they should cross at all) depends on user       reload those weapons when vehicle is
likings and abilities as well as type of        moving.
terrain combat is going to take place (it’s     The best method to mount weapon is turret
easier to hit with weapons that are aiming      of course but there can be only one turret
into a point and this cumulates firepower,      in a vehicle. Other drawback of turret is
but reduces maximal range as after that         that it’s very vulnerable and sometimes
point there is almost no chance to hit          breaks down (usually in the middle of
anything). Generally weapons should have        combat)…
their lines of fire crossing at about 30-50     In case of military vehicles (tanks, APCs
(technically it’s named “guns convergence       etc.) no additional weapons might be added
range”) metres in urban areas and more          however basic weapons might be changed
than 50 in wasteland up to straight firing in   for something else.
large open areas (beaches, airfields etc.).     In case of flying machines weapons might
Backward firing weapons on the other            be added only in hatches – but any weapon
hand are usually straight firing to enhance     mounted that way is very inaccurate and
range and scatter effect (as it’s hard to aim   can be used for suppression fire only
when escaping and this is when rear             (weapon skill – 60). As American soldiers
weapons are used in most of cases). The         during Vietnam war said: “Whatever you
other question is what weapons should be        hit – call it target…”
used. There are three possibilities – either
small calibre guns with lots of ammo or         Example:
large calibre guns with less ammo or a          Highwayman
mixture of large and small calibre guns.        With engine supercharge (giving it
Everybody should be aware that there is no      additional 30 HP), lightened construction
possibility to reload guns as long as the car   and 10 weapon mounts (two forward firing
is moving. Usual amount of ammo carried         on roof, 4 forward firing on sides of car, 2
by car varies from 250 for machine gun          forward firing on bonnet and 2 backward
(e.g. MG3) to 5 rounds for 25 mm cannon.        firing on both sides of trunk).
As every weapon is unique construction so       Roof:
is each weapon ammo supply system and           2 x M217 Super Hydra Launcher –
amount of ammo that can be available and        convergence range 60 metres
method of reloading should be specified         Sides:

2 x MG3 (forward firing) – belt fed, with
ammo stored in box under each gun – 200
bullets each – convergence range 40
2 x 25mm cannon (forward firing) with
special magazines – 6 shots each –
convergence range 30 metres
2 x Minigun (backward firing) with
internal ammo only (120 each) – straight
2 x MG3 with ammo belts that go through
holes in bonnet to ammo stores hidden
there (300 shots each) – straight firing
TS: 140 MPH DR: 576 KM NP: 5 CW:                Enclave Combat Bot (ComBot)
1500(weapons        installation       weight   Those MECHs (Mechanized Exoskeleton
subtracted) HP: 187                             Combat macHine) are main Enclave guard
                                                robots. With height of above 8 feet, armed
Considering all of the above we have quite      with machine gun and rocket launcher can
reasonable battle car (the other question is    be deadly for any enemy. Their body is
money and weapon availability, but it’s         made of armoured metal alloy and they are
only an example…) that for course would         powered by a micro fusion reactor. They
be no match for a tank or even APC but          can hold up to 1000 rounds for minigun
has firepower that can be deadly for other      and 5 rockets. They are equipped in
cars. As aiming points are set from 40 up       various sensors for improved target
to 60 metres, car is prepared for combat at     detection. Their main disadvantage is that
close distance where it’s cumulated fire        they are not too manoeuvrable and tend to
will have best results. If MadMax had such      have problems when enemy goes into close
a car…                                          combat. Shielded from EMP shocks.

                                                HP: 200
PART V:                                         SQ: 10
                                                AP: 14

CREATURES                                       XP: 600
                                                CC: 3

“I saw people firing whole magazines into       AC: 30        DR    DT
it but to no avail…”                            Normal:       10    70%
    – an unknown Enclave soldier                Laser:        5     75%
                                                Fire:         8     70%
                                                Plasma:       3     20%
                                                Explosion:    10    75%
                                                PR: 100%
                                                RR: 100%
                                                GR: 100/100
                                                Attacks: heavy machine gun (85%, 6 AP,
                                                2d20 +5 ), rockets (85%, 6 AP, 6d6),
                                                weapon mount swing (50%, 4 AP, 2d6)

                                                K9 Cybernetic Dog

Designed after the war by The Enclave         CC: 3
technicians this creature is a dog whose
vital organs have been replaced with their    AC: 20         DR    DT
cybernetic equivalents. These dogs are        Normal:        8     65%
made mainly for defensive purposes and as     Laser:         1     10%
guard animals. They seem to be intelligent    Fire:          10    80%
but they just operate lots of sophisticated   Plasma:        2     10%
software that helps them to simulate          Explosion:     8     65%
intelligence. Because of expensive            PR: 100%
manufacturing process those dogs are not      RR: 100%
commonly built. Not shielded from EMP         GR: 100/100
shocks.                                       Attacks: Arm Swing (75%, 4 AP, D:2d8),
                                              Weapon – mainly assault rifles (45%, 4
HP: 80                                        AP, D: as for weapon)
SQ: 12
AP: 12                                        K3 Maintenance Robot (Mr. Handy)
XP: 200                                       This pre-war construction was thought to
CC: 8                                         be a house-helper robot and therefore is a
                                              versatile one. Its six flexible arms are
AC: 10          DR      DT                    capable of various tasks from weight
Normal:         3       25%                   carrying (up to 300 lbs.), electronic
Laser:          1       10%                   repairing to cooking and combat purposes.
Fire:           1       10%                   Now K3 are commonly used in The
Plasma:         0       5%                    Enclave Army for various tasks and are
Explosion:      1       15%                   probably the most common robots that can
PR: 90%                                       be meet outside The Enclave. Not shielded
RR: 100%                                      from EMP shocks.
GR: 90/90
Attacks: Bite (85%, 3 AP, D:3d6, roll         HP: 80
against agility to avoid knockdown)           SQ: 6
                                              AP: 9
K2 Industrial Robot (Robobrain)               XP: 200
This type of robot has been designed to       CC: 4
perform all kinds of dangerous and heavy
works in factories. Its two flexible arms     AC: 25       DR     DT
can be used to lift as much as 500 lbs. And   Normal:      8      80%
robot itself is armoured to shield it from    Laser:       8      80%
any potential damage caused by falling        Fire:        6      70%
objects or any other threat that it can       Plasma:      4      65%
possibly meet during work in factory.         Explosion:   8      70%
Some of those robots have also been armed     PR: 100%
with weapons which they hold in their         RR: 100%
arms but they make no good fighters as        GR: 100/100
they mainly posses short range sensors.       Attacks: Arm Swing (70%, 3 AP, D:3d4)
Shielded from EMP shocks.
                                              AIM MK. I Humanoid Robot
HP: 100                                       This is the first generation of humanoid
SQ: 8                                         battle robots built by AIM. Their shape is
AP: 8                                         of a human but they are much taller (6”)
XP: 120                                       and do not have heads (their sensors are in

torso). They have two “legs” and two           GM note: The MK.II looks much the same
upper manipulators of which one is             as T501 from the movie “Terminator”.
equipped with a machine gun and the
second one is a multi purpose one. MK.I        HP: 180
are the most common AIM robots and             SQ: 14
however somehow slow they are resistant        AP: 12
to damage and provide to be good soldiers.     XP: 800
Shielded from EMP shocks.                      CC: 6

HP: 120                                        AC: 35       DR     DT
SQ: 6                                          Normal:      12     90%
AP: 8                                          Laser:       10     90%
XP: 100                                        Fire:        20     100%
CC: 5                                          Plasma:      3      35%
                                               Explosion:   10     85%
AC: 15       DR     DT                         PR: 100%
Normal:      4      50%                        RR: 100%
Laser:       1      5%                         GR: 100/100
Fire:        6      60%                        Attacks: Unarmed Attack (90%, 3 AP, D:
Plasma:      0      5%                         d4 +10), Melee Attack (90%, depends on
Explosion:   2      10%                        weapon , D: weapon +10), Firearm Attack
PR: 100%                                       (110%, depends on weapon)
RR: 100%
GR: 100/100
Attacks: Arm Swing (70%, 4 AP, D:2d4)          AIM MK. IIIb Cybernetic Organism
Machine gun (80%, 4 AP, D: 2d10 + 5 )          For more details on MK.IIIb turn to chapter 3b –
                                               cyborgs character creation.
AIM MK. II Humanoid Robot                      MK.IIIb is a cybernetic organism – half-
This relatively new construction is an         human (or half-mutant, half-deathclaw
ultimate replication of human body. First      etc.), half-robot. They do not posses
of those appeared only a few months ago        strength and resistance of their robotic
and proved to be extremely dangerous in        kindred but have human brains linked with
combat. Their fearsome appearance caused       standard CPU, and are usually (though
some Enclave units to panic and give their     there are some exceptions if the human of
ground to those robots. This creation looks    which cyborg was made was extremely
much like a human without a skin,              stupid in his life) much more clever than
however its vital systems are shielded by      any man. They have their own will
massive metal plates. Those robots provide     however they can be programmed for
to be very resistant to any type of attack     various tasks. If the subject of
and can survive in almost any conditions.      transformation      into   cyborgs     was
All of those robots have the AIM sign          psychically strong as human it’s possible
painted on their left breastplate. They have   that he will be able to break the
two manipulators, two legs and a head with     programmed orders and act on his own and
two red-glowing eyes. It has various           this is main reason why Aimion takes only
sensors to provide better targeting,           volunteers to become cyborgs. Cyborg
detection and defences. It has almost no       uses most of human vital organs however
weak points and only plasma weapons            they are technically enhanced and shielded
provide to be any successful in damaging       from hits by armour plates. To avoid easy
it. It’s powered by a micro fusion reactor.    detections all mechanic parts as well as
                                               armoured plates are made of carbon
                                               polymers and are not easy to detect. When

hit cyborg will bleed however its blood        their backs. They also have two pairs of
contains lots of nanomachines that will aid    ears – normal wolves ones and those from
in healing process making it much easier       bats that work like a radar (more or less).
for it to regenerate wounds and fight off      They are almost insensible to radiation or
illness.    Those      nanomachines     also   dehydration and travel vast distances to
disintegrate all cybernetic implants in case   find their prey. Like their name says those
of cyborg’s death making it almost unable      wolves must drink blood to stay alive.
to distinguish it from a normal human.         Most of them is shadowing somewhere
They are not affected by EMP shocks.           near brahmin raisings as brahmins are easy
GM note: However MK.IIIb is worth only         prey for them. Not many have seen them
200 XP much more should be given if            and of that number even less is still alive.
players discover its true nature and then      Those creatures represent some kind of
kill it. Those extra XP should not be given    diabolic intelligence and though it’s highly
if players discovered its nature by accident   possible that they are some kind of
or just killed it and then got to know what    experiment subject of FEV research.
was that. Remember that MK.IIIb will do
almost anything to avoid detection.            HP: 180
Statistic shown are simplified for a           SQ: 17
“standard” cyborgs in case it’s needed in      AP: 14
random encounter - if you wish to create a     XP: 1700
complete cyborgs character turn to chapter     CC: 6
                                               AC: 20        DR     DT
Healing Rate: 20                               Normal:        5     50%
Rad. Res: 80%                                  Laser:         2     20%
Poison Res. : 98%                              Fire:          2     30%
Gas Res: 80/60                                 Plasma:        1     10%
HP: 80 - 180                                   Explosion:    5      50%
SQ: 16 - 20                                    PR: 100%
AP: 10 - 16                                    RR: 100%
XP: 200 - 400                                  GR: 20/35
CC: 5 –15                                      Attacks: Bite (85%, 4 AP, D: 3d6, poison
                                               type F), Claws (85%, 3 AP, D: 2d8),
AC: 10        DR      DT                       Attack on Throat (70%, 8 AP, D: 2d20 +5
Normal:       2       35%                      with no armour save, target may roll for
Laser:        1       15%                      AG in order to avoid this attack, poison
Fire:         2       10%                      type F)
Plasma:       0       5%
Explosion:    2       25%                      Hornets
                                               Those insects proven to be very resistant to
Attacks: Unarmed Attack (100%, 3 AP, D:        radiation and when bees and wasp were
d4 +6), Melee Attack (100%, depends on         killed they survived and some of them
weapon , D: weapon + 6), Firearm Attack        even had mutated. They have taken the
(90%, depends on weapon)                       role of bees in current ecosystem and
                                               pollinate plants in post-nuclear world.
Vampiric Wolf
This extremely rare creature is some kind      Normal Hornet
of weird conjunction of a wolf and a           Those are much like the pre war ones.
vampire bat. They are almost twice the size    They are breed in beehives (or rather
of a wolf and have small, useless wings on     hornethives) as the pre-war bees were.

They are one of the most common insects        who got radiated proved not to be resistant
in the wastes. However they are much less      to radiation and died. Giant bats have
dangerous than their radiated kindred          much less in common with “bats” as many
anyone should be aware that they attack in     can think. As bats use infrasound to detect
swarm and they can be deadly then as each      obstacles they were adopted by army
of them carries quite big amount of venom.     before the War to perform spying missions.
They are also very hard to get rid off –       A small electronic device was implanted
almost nothing except fire, smoke or           into their head that transmitted images
diving in the water gives no effect at all.    from their brains into army computers. But
Poison type: B or C (African hornets)          “normal bats” proven to be rather
                                               capricious     and     therefore   military
Radiated Hornet                                laboratories breed a special genetically
Those beasts are very dangerous though         engineered bat race – much larger than
also very rare. They have up to 8 inches       original (from 50 - 70 cm long) and more
(20 cm) in length and powerful jaws as         intelligent. Those were trained to perform
well as deadly poison. Unlike other hornets    various task for military purposes but then
they are predators and sometimes kill          during the War they freed themselves from
brahmins. They usually appear in groups        laboratories and adopted to life in
counting from 4 to 10 specimens. As they       wastelands as they were resist most
tend not to attack humans unless               unbearable conditions. Now giant bats live
threatened farmers usually let them eat        in caves among their lesser kindred and
brahmins they slain and wait for them to       can be seen hunting in night. As they are
fly away. GM note: they have AC of 60          larger than normal bats they also hunt
because of being small, fast moving targets    larger prey – not moths but rats or radrats.
and also because of their thick chitin body.   They will not attack humans unless
If they are somehow forced to fight on         threatened. Bats can only be met during
ground their AC is reduced to 5.               night or during day in their caves where
                                               they live in packs of 20 – 80 individuals,
HP: 10                                         accompanied by many more normal bats.
SQ: 40                                         Giant bats are almost defenceless when
AP: 24                                         forced to fight on ground (AC: 0, AP:4
XP: 150                                        SQ:2)
CC: 3
                                               HP: 20
AC: 60        DR     DT                        SQ: 30
Normal:       2      10%                       AP: 18
Laser:        0      0%                        XP: 200
Fire:         1      5%                        CC: 9
Plasma:       0      0%
Explosion:    1      0%                        AC: 40        DR    DT
PR: 90%                                        Normal:       1     0%
RR: 100%                                       Laser:        0     0%
GR: 90/10                                      Fire:         0     0%
Attacks: Bite (85%, 3 AP, D: d8), Sting        Plasma:       0     0%
(80%, 5 AP, D: 2d4, poison type D)             Explosion:    1     5%
                                               PR: 10%
                                               RR: 90%
Giant Bat                                      GR: 10/10
Deep underground in their caves most of        Attacks: Bite (95%, 3 AP, D: d6), Claws
bats survived unaffected by war and those      (110%, 2 AP, D: d8+2)

            1. Cone of fire
It’s not a compulsory rule it just makes gaming easier. In order to resolve the cone of fire take
a dragon breath marker from Warhammer Fantasy Battle™ (if you don’t own it, the same is
included at the end of this text just cut it out). The centre of the circle of this marker should
cover the aimed target and all other models under the template might be hit as well. Easy and
playable and makes the cone of fire more real as its getting wider with distance. This marker
should be used only for close range combats, otherwise some characters would get no
advantage of long range weapons.

   Table of contents:
Prologue                                      1
History of The Enclave                        1
Technical data                                4
System description                            4
Power Display                                 4
Geography                                     5
Security                                      5
Population                                    6
Armed Forces                                  6
Government                                    7
Policy                                        8
Research & Knowledge                          8
Deathclaw Intelligence Enhancement Project    8
Cities                                        9
NPCs                                         11
Playing Enclave Characters                   17
Military Ranks                               18
Troop Types                                  18
AIM                                          22
AI machines                                  23
AIM project                                  23
Playing Cyborgs                              25
Cybernetic Implants                          25
AIM, orders from                             29
Traits                                       30
Perks                                        33
Armours                                      36
Additional equipment                         38
Weapons                                      40
Vehicle weapons                              45
Grenades                                     47
Ammo                                         48
Vehicles                                     50
Upgrading Vehicles                           53
Equipping vehicles with weapons              56
Creatures                                    58
Additional rules                             64

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   Warszawa 1993
   2. „Wspolczesne Smiglowce Bojowe” – Bill Guston, Mike Spick, wyd. ESPADON,
   Warszawa 1993
   3. WWII Encyclopedia - Close Combat 2: A Bridge Too Far by Microsoft
   4. Harpoon 97’ by I-Magic
   5. Fallout 1 and Fallout 2 by Interpaly

This Add-On is not a separate game but part of Fallout Pen and Paper post nuclear role
playing game. All basic rules can be found in main Fallout P’n’P sourcebook at

Special thanks to Ausir (for pointing out mistakes and providing stats for some weapons and
armours) for Ausir (once more for pointing out mistakes, it’s for him that this extension isn’t
full of bugs), Aleks (for pictures), MervK (for Astropolis, RAH88 and forcing me to describe
Enclave Navy), Jason Mical (for creating Fallout P’n’P), Zillameth (for pointing out
mistakes) The United States Army (for pictures ☺) and all people from Fallout community
who helped in creation of this extension. And greetings to Fred – a friend of mine who
downloaded this add-on from the States, because he didn’t know who has written it …Global
village rules… ☺

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