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									NFP-China Cooperation project: Title: Integration of the issues of international concern into National Forestry Programme in



China has been on the era of reform since 1980 from planned economy to the market economy, which has transformed forest sector greatly. While reform has progressed step-by-step, the cumulative change has been significant. Since 2003, this reform process has speeded up to face the great challenge of depth and width of free economy, increasing social tensions, and trends of globalization. These changes of Chinese forest sector has great implication not only to domestic affairs, safety of timber supply, livelihood improvement of mountainous peoples, environmental protection, but also to international society regarding to trade of timber and timber products, decentralization of forest management, and furthermore, climate change, biodiversity conservation, desertification. On this regard, China and the NFP (National Forestry Program) facility have shared great interests to join hands to promote participation of various stakeholders, cooperation among various sectors in forestry policy process. However, we have tailed down the issues which covered by the Partners, which has great importance in China’s forest policy arena and fit to the primary principle of the Facility, promoting stakeholders in forest policy process. Thus 3 key and fundamental policies, which are collective forest tenure reform, corporate social responsibility of large and medium timber processing, and education of the youth regarding to international initiative of SFM, would be selected based on wide consultation with many stakeholders including community people, civil society, governmental sector in various level, academics and forest users. During in the first phase cooperation between China and the facility (2003-8), China has a good case to testify the essential and importance of the NFP facility in reflecting forestry development to national and local development arena, and promoting participation and partnership of various stakeholders in initiation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of forestry policy. The cooperation between China and the facility have positive impact for a long run in China’s forestry development and policy reform to achieve sustainable development and contribute to the agreed goals of international forestry agreements. However, after conducting self evaluation of nfp process, China needs more efforts on enhancing cooperation among various sectors in particular environment, water, land use and private industry, and improve partnership and participation of various stakeholders, including community people, CBOs, and civil society, the youth, the elders in analysis, implementation, monitoring and evaluation stage of forestry policy. After consultation to various stakeholders has been made and approved by China NFP Committee, the extension phase of NFP-China cooperation framework has been

approved by the Facility. The general objective of the NFP-China cooperation extension phase is to facilitate various stakeholders who have weak voice in China forest policy arena to participate in forest policy debate. Specifically, the partnership framework aims to: 1) Establish a China nfp coordinating mechanism; 2) Promote cooperation between forestry sector with other sectors in forestry policy analysis, formulation, implementation and evaluation; 3) Enhance partnership and participation of various stakeholders in policy analysis, formulation and implementation of collective forestry tenure reform; 4) Promote cooperation and participation of vertical forestry agencies in analysis, formulation, implementation of selected forestry policy elements including regional forest management planning, harvest quota, traditional forest-related knowledge, and community based organization.


Project Briefing

Activities are as followings: 1. Document international experiences on Long and Media term of Forestry Development planning 2. Document key selected issues of international concern, including FLEG, illegal logging, forest certificate, forestry related industry development, REDD; 3. Analyze the impacts of these selected issues on China’s Forestry Development; 4. Study on development strategy and policy recommendation for medium and long term of Forestry Development planning reflecting to these international issues. Output: 1. Reflection on study tour to selected countries with good practices on National Forestry Programme; 2. Reports of the general natures of selected issues of international concerns and potential impacts on China’s forestry development 3. Reports of how these issues of international concern integrate into China’s medium and long terms of forestry development planning
3. Eligibility of institutions for proposal submission Any institution, either GOs, NGOs, civil society, or commercial identity based in China mainland is eligible to submit proposal for this call. If interested and any question, please contact: Ms. Kong Ran/Mr. Liu Jinlong Tel. 010-62511061; Emai: The interested institution would express their interests to Ms. Kong Ran by 1 July, 2009, and

deadline for proposal submission: 20 July, 2009. 4. Proposal Evaluation The NFP China Committee will organize an expert team to evaluate project according the agreed score sheet in technical aspect. The project selected by this NFP-China cooperation extension is finally subject to joint decision made by the NFP China Committee and the NFP facility. The institution will be informed the evaluation result at July 20 2009.

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