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									                                 Mathematics, Engineering and Science for Hispanics
                                                Summer Program, July 1 – July 7, 2007

                        MESH is made possible by the generous contributions from its corporate and institutional sponsors:
                                                       Eastman Kodak Company, Xerox Corporation
                                                       Rochester City School District
                                                       Monroe Community College
                                                       SHPE – Advanced Careers in Engineering Foundation
MESH is organized through the active participation of volunteers from the following organizations: Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, Rochester Chapter (SHPE-
ROC), Hispanic Organization for Leadership and Advancement (HOLA), Hispanic Association for Professional Advancement (HAPA), Rochester City School District.
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What is MESH?
MESH is a one-week career awareness program for Hispanic students interested in careers in math, engineering, and science.
The purpose for MESH is to facilitate students' career decision-making by increasing their knowledge of career options and
academic preparation in these fields.
MESH participants will be acquainted with the university environment by visiting local university facilities, participating in
hands-on activities in the laboratories, and networking with college students and faculty members.
When and where is MESH?
MESH will take place from the week of July 1, 2007 through July 7, 2007 at Monroe Community College facilities in
Rochester, NY. Parents will be invited to the welcoming activities and to the closing events.
Who is eligible for MESH?
Hispanic high school students currently enrolled in the 10th and 11th grades and interested in pursuing college education in the
fields related to mathematics, engineering, and science will be selected to participate in MESH free of charge. Students must
complete and submit the enclosed application by May 31, 2007.
Application Process
Interested students must complete this application. Applications must be signed by Math/Science Counselor and by
Parent/Legal Guardian in order to be considered for the program. Application must be mailed to the address below.
Where will the students stay?
Students will be provided chaperoned room and board at Monroe Community College residence halls. The rooms are double
occupancy and chaperones will stay in the men's and women's residence halls for the duration of the program. The curfew and
campus safety procedures will be strictly enforced. Students will not be allowed to leave during the program. Therefore,
students must accommodate schedules accordingly.
What activities are planned for MESH?
   Career Exploration: Information sessions on career options, academic requirements, college application procedures, and
financial assistance.
   Science, Mathematics, and Technology: Presentations, demonstrations, team projects, and hands-on activities.
   Networking Opportunities: Students will interact with Hispanic role models, college students, faculty members, and a
group of volunteers from the represented organizations. Networking events include a welcoming picnic, social events, and a
closing ceremony.
    Tours: Corporate and academic tours will be incorporated as part of the curriculum.

                        *** APPLICATION MUST BE POSTMARKED BY May                      31, 2007. ***
             MAIL TO:                       Rochester City School District –Bilingual Dept.
                                            Attention: Rose Mary Villarrubia-Izzo
                                            131 W. Broad Street
                                            ROCHESTER, NEW YORK 14614

                                         FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL
                                Wanda Droz (585)208-9773 Wanda.Droz@Xerox.com
                         Rosemary Villarrubia (585) 262-8296 rosemary.villarrubia@rcsdk12.org
                                Or visit our website http://shperoc.speedhost.com/mesh
                       2007 MESH SUMMER PROGRAM APPLICATION
                             PLEASE PRINT LEGIBLY OR TYPE
                 Home Address
                         City                                                     State                 Zip code
              Home Telephone                                      Date of Birth     ____ / ____ / ______
                      Gender     Male               Female                            Hispanic Descent Yes                 No
 Parent/Legal Guardian Name
  (If different) Home Address
                         City                                                     State                 Zip code
              Home Telephone

Attending High School:
In Sept. 2007, Grade Level will be:          11th             12th
School Counselor           Signature:
Grade Point Average _______________
Current Courses:                             (If any, please indicate Regents, AP, and Technical courses)

Extracurricular Activities / Special Programs:

I heard about the MESH Summer Program through (Check all that are applicable):
City School District            Counselor            Newspaper                                              Internet
Post Card                       Posters              Spanish Radio Station                                  Television 

If Other (specify):

"I hereby affirm that the information provided on this application is true to the best of my knowledge and belief."

Student's Signature                                                                                            Date

I, ______________________________ (Parent/Legal Guardian), hereby state that my child is in good health and give my permission for
him/her to participate in the Mathematics, Engineering, and Science for Hispanics (MESH) Summer Program. If my child is selected, I
authorize the release of all necessary medical records and the medical treatment of the child in case of an emergency. Further, I agree that
payment of such medical services will be my responsibility. I also authorize my child to reside at Monroe Community College during this
program scheduled for the week of July 1, 2007 through July 7, 2007.

Parent/Legal Guardian Signature                                                                                Date

Yo, ___________________________ (Padre/Madre/Guardián), declaro que mi hijo (a) se encuentra en buen estado de salud y le autorizo
que participe en el programa de verano de Matemáticas, Ingeniería, y Ciencia para Hispanos (MESH). Si mi hijo (a) es elegido (a), autorizo
que su historial médico sea accesible y autorizo tratamiento médico en caso de emergencia. Además, entiendo que soy responsable por el
pago total del tratamiento médico. También doy autorización que mi hijo (a) resida en Monroe Community College durante el programa,
durante la semana del 1 de julio de 2007 al 7 de julio de 2007.

Firma de Padre/Madre/Guardián                                                                                  Fecha
                                        2007 MESH SUMMER PROGRAM APPLICATION
                                              PLEASE PRINT LEGIBLY OR TYPE
                                   (AN INCOMPLETE APPLICATION WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED)

Home Telephone

Provide answers to the following questions. You may complete your answers in a separate sheet if necessary. These essays are
a significant factor in the selection process. Feel free to answer the questions in Spanish if desired.

(1) Explain why you want to participate in this program?

(2) What do you want to gain from this program? What are your expectations?
                                          2007 MESH SUMMER PROGRAM APPLICATION
                                                PLEASE PRINT LEGIBLY OR TYPE
                                     (AN INCOMPLETE APPLICATION WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED)

Home Telephone

Tell us a little more about yourself; please answer all these questions:

1. Do you like math and science?                                                           ___ Yes      ___ No
2. Do you enjoy knowing how things work?                                                   ___ Yes      ___ No
3. Do you ever think of new or better ways to do things?                                   ___ Yes      ___ No
4. If you get a gift that says “Assembly Required” do you put it together yourself?        ___ Yes      ___ No
5. Do you like to work with computers and play video games?                                ___ Yes      ___ No
6. Do you like to do mazes and jigsaw puzzles?                                             ___ Yes      ___ No
7. Do you usually make good decisions, and do people trust your judgment?                  ___ Yes      ___ No
8. Can you express yourself easily and clearly?                                            ___ Yes      ___ No
9. Do you work well with others?                                                           ___ Yes      ___ No
10. When you have a question about something, do you research the answer                   ___ Yes      ___ No
    in a dictionary, encyclopedia, internet, etc. ?

What are your plans for the future? What fields of study interest you the most?

In the space provided below, ask your counselor, math or science teacher to provide a recommendation on your behalf. Please
attach any additional sheets if required.

Name:                                                                        Occupation:

Signature                                                                  Telephone Number            Date

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