effective Marketing with
                                                                Get the Power of an
                                                                  Outdoor Digital
                                                                with the Flexibility
                                                                         of a
                                                                    Mobile Sign
                                                                 for Cost-Effective

Maximize Your Marketing Reach with Full-Color, Full-Motion Video Advertising
Sign is placed (parked) at high traffic locations in Ft. Wayne throughout each
weekday. Ad space is sold by the day in 10 second increments. Ads run a minimum
of 8 hours each day. Sign is available on weekends for sales events, grand openings,
radio remotes and more. Fairs and festivals can rent the sign for the entire duration
of their event.
Current Ft. Wayne Placement Locations:                      Reach Tens of
Lima Road just north of Washington Center Rd.
Coliseum Blvd. just west of Speedway Drive               Thousands of People
St. Joe Center Rd. just west of St. Joe Rd.
Coliseum Blvd. & Lima Road
                                                         For Just $63 per day

                      Our Signs Capture and Focus Attention
                            On Your Business or Event
               TVS/Dynamic Media Network • 4714 Parnell Ave • Ft. Wayne, IN 46825 • 260-481-5895
                       Mobile Signage Advantages
 The advantages and benefits of using a temporary, mobile LED sign are many and TVS
 is here to help your business or event maximize its marketing reach with this powerful
 advertising medium. You can create your own video ad or let TVS handle it. TVS has
 over 15 years experience in creating quality, high-impact video ads and commercials.
 Contact your local TVS representative to reserve ad space or learn more about the
 exciting opportunities mobile digital LED signage can provide your business or event.

Why Showcase Your Business or Event on Mobile LED Signs
                 • High Visibility - High Impact Advertising
                 • Change Your Ad as Often as You Like
                 • Stand Out From Your Competition
                 • Proven to Increase Traffic and Sales
                 • Cost Effective, Short Term Advertising Solution
                 • No Printing Charges
                 • Day-Parting Available
                 • You Pick the Days to Run Your Ad

 Street Rotation Advertising Rates                                      Event Rental Rates
                                                                        1/2 Day (4 hours)     $500.00
 10 second spot                          $63 per day                    1 Full Day (8 hours) $1000.00
 minimum of 160 plays per day                                           Days 2-5       $700.00 per day
                                                                        Days 6 & over $600.00 per day
 TVS Ad Creation (one time each ad)                                        Multi-day rates are for
 Still Slide (single scene) $30.00 (1 free with $600 contract)             consecutive dates only.
 Animated (multi-scene) $70.00 (1 free with $1000 contract)             By The Hour $150.00 per hour

    Every Business Or Event Benefits with Mobile LED Signs
 • Festivals, Fairs & Parades       • Retail Stores                         • Financial Institutions
 • Car Dealerships                  • Real Estate Firms                     • Grand Openings
 • Large Corporations               • Strip Mall Store Fronts               • Concert & Event Centers
 • Franchise Operators              • Service Stations                      • Entertainment Backdrops
 • Furniture Warehouses             • Casinos & Nightclubs                  • Religious Facilities
 • Museums and Local Events         • Athletic Venues                       • Insurance Agencies
 • Restaurants & Bars               • Universities, Colleges, Schools       • Movie Theatres & Cinemas

                                Call TVS at 260-481-5895
                 TVS/Dynamic Media Network • 4714 Parnell Ave • Ft. Wayne, IN 46825 • 260-481-5895

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