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                                       What’s the Future of Automobile Gadgets?
                                                 By Mark Robinsson

  You have Audi, Maserati, Lamborghini, and Ferrari. You have Kia, Toyota, Mitsubishi, and Honda.
Actually, it doesn’t really matter if you have the most expensive car right now—heck, it doesn’t even
matter if it’s a truck or a Jeep. One thing is sure: it will undergo its own transformation.

 The future of automobiles is perhaps one of the most anticipated. After all, we would like to know if
there will be flying cars and skateboards, just as what Back to the Future tells us. We also would like to
know if it’s going to be flexible enough that it can change the way it looks, from cars to trucks to even

 Unfortunately, no one can really tell what the future holds. We are not sure if any of our ideas will
come to fruition or not. But perhaps the following automobile gadgets will give you some sense of

Safe Driving with Bluetooth Technology

 Teens are not only reckless drivers, going on full speed even if they should not. They also have the
habit of answering phone calls even when they are on the middle of the road. Thus, this caused the
alarming rise of fatalities caused by vehicular collisions. To prevent that, a number of researchers from
the University of Utah came up with a noble invention. It’s called the Key2Safe Driving.

 So how does it work? For it to function really well, your phone must be capable of Bluetooth
connection. This is the basis for safe driving. The keys will be connected to your phone wirelessly.
Once you turn your engine on, you should remove the key by sliding it out or by pressing a button. This
will then change the mode of the driver’s mobile phone to driving. The word “stop” will also be
displayed into the screen. Best of all, every time someone tries to call you, he or she will receive a
message, informing him or her that you’re still on the road and that you can take calls once you are at
your destination.

Bringing Your PC Literally on the Move

These days, you really don’t have to leave your PCs at home. We already have laptops and their

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much-smaller versions called mini-notebooks or netbooks. They are just as powerful as your personal
computer. They have large hard drives, Wifi-ready connection, and all useful applications. In fact, some
of them have full-sized keyboards. The problem with them is that once you leave them at home, you
basically have to turn around and get them back. Moreover, even with their smallness, they can still be
bulky as you have to carry them around.

 The good thing is we already have carputer. As its name suggests, it’s your own computer installed
into your car, specifically at the dashboard. It is equipped with a screen, Intel Core Duo processor,
satellite radio receiver, a burner for your DVD, GPS radio, and dual FM radios. It will also have its own
operating system, though this has to be determined later on.

Buckypaper for New Cars

 Have you lifted a car? That’s basically a silly question. Of course, you have not. After all, it’s going to
be tad heavy. You can break your bones, and it may even kill you.

 However, as experts will discover more about carbon paper—or uniquely called buckypaper—there’s
a huge chance that this is no longer impossible. The material itself is very light. It’s 10 times way lighter
than steel, which is normally used in the construction of automobiles. However, it’s going to be 500
times stronger than steel. This means that it doesn’t get damaged easily.

Have a Safe Drive with Ego Flash

 Okay, let’s just assume that you really cannot keep your hands away from your mobile phone. It has
become a connection to your life. If you don’t have it, or pick it up, it makes you feel so desperate.

 Well, you can at least still keep yourself safe with an Ego Flash. This one is composed of two parts.
First, you have the processor, and the second one is the display. The latter serves as your caller ID.
You can determine who’s making a call, and if you want to pick it up or not. It can also redial numbers
and even hang up phone calls. Most of all, it can read your text messages. This way, you really don’t
have to hold your phone just to answer.

Mark Robinsson writes for http://GizmoDesk.com. It's a technology blog about consumer electronics.

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                                                          Buying an Antique Auto
                                                                By Tom Tessin

You might be aware that there are numerous car companies and associations for auto insurances, car
dealerships and other information related to classic and antique autos. Nonetheless, it is a tough job to
find the best deal for antique autos.

 It is very necessary to research and have knowledge about various antique vehicle dealers. The
Internet is an ultimate source to various antique vehicle dealers, who offer you the best classic and
antique automobiles at best prices. Many people have an ideology that buying an antique automobile is
a type of investment.

Need to buy an Antique Automobile

 The main intention of purchasing an antique automobile may be for future benefits. You may purchase
an antique automobile and just adore it as your best collection or may restore it and put it on sale.
Since, the antique automobile market is booming, you may earn good sales by putting your antique
automobile for sale.

Buying Tips for Antique Autos:

 It may be the second largest investment for you, when it comes to buying an antique automobile. The
first biggest investment for you may be buying a home. These following tips may help you in buying a
precise antique automobile:

 1. Checking: Before buying the automobile, you have to check the automobile thoroughly. You may
bring along a mechanic to check the automobile for any flaws in the parts of the automobile.

 2. Shop Around: It is best to visit various dealers, who deal in antique automobiles. By visiting various
dealers, you are able to compare the prices and decide which dealer offers a reasonable price for such

 3. Test Drive: Insist on a test drive of the antique automobile you intend to buy. This is an important
tip, as it gives you the feel of the automobile as well as helps you to determine whether it suits your
driving needs or not.

 4. Lifestyle: It is important to buy an antique automobile, which suits your lifestyle. To suit your
lifestyle, you need to buy an antique automobile depending on your budget.

 5.Due Bill: On purchasing an antique automobile, insists the car dealer to sign an agreement called
the Due Bill. The Due Bill guarantees that you may return the automobile back to the dealer, in case
you discover any sort of damage or fault in the automobile.

 The most important procedure after purchasing antique autos is having the right antique automobile
insurance. An antique automobile insurance is an important feature for your automobile, as it helps
protect your investment. The antique automobile insurance policy mainly covers your registration
rights, agreed or stated amount of the automobile, parking and storing restrictions. You need to

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remember all these points, when buying antique autos.

 Next, buying an antique auto is an expensive affair and maintaining it is more expensive. If you have
decided to buy an antique automobile, you need to keep some extra finance for its maintenance and
insurance. However, you need to be clear in your intentions, when buying an antique auto, as it may be
your biggest investment.

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