The Sinking Auto Industry

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                                          The Sinking Auto Industry
                                              By Brenda Williams

   There are many out there who are speculating that the auto industry is sinking. In fact, the auto
industry has been somewhat of a dying institution for the past several decades. The only difference is
that now, America can no longer afford to support it. When I purchased my small size SUV a couple of
years ago, I didn't know anything about cars or the auto industry. I didn't have the kind of guidance that
I needed and failed to do the sort of research that was warranted prior to purchasing a new vehicle.
The result? I am now stuck with an SUV that no one wants to buy and which I am paying a high car
payment on each month due to this very lack of knowledge.

 Perhaps then, there are others out there like me. There are other people who failed to put the time and
energy required into researching the auto industry in order to get the car or vehicle that was most
practical for them and not necessarily the most “flashy”. The thing is, when we look at car commercials,
some commercials appeal to us because they sell us on certain aspects of a vehicle that are important
to us or that we think are important. Meanwhile, the bottom line is (or should be) practicality. There is
no doubt that I could've saved myself thousands of dollars and a lot less complaining if I had chosen to
purchase a different type of vehicle. Lesson learned; and I certainly won't do it again.

 Americans seem to be too focused on brand names and keeping up with appearances. We want the
bigger, better, faster car with all of the neat features. The other day, I was waiting to park my car when
I saw this young woman struggling to park a Cadillac Escalade, which had rims that spun around on
their own as well as televisions in the back seat. This wasn't the first time, however, that I had seen
someone with a big vehicle struggling to park it. As I watched this woman (who was by herself in the
vehicle) trying to park it several times, I couldn't help but think about how impractical it was to have
such a vehicle.

 When I traveled out of the country last year, the vehicles for where I arrived were much smaller than
the vehicles that we have in America. Even the SUVs were smaller in size, but no one was
complaining. Parking was much easier, and people seemed to get along just fine. Is the sinking auto
industry in the United States due to greed and people wanting bigger, better things? Is it not true that
you could have a DVD player in a smaller car or even leather seats? We need to rethink how we look
at cars. Perhaps that's where the auto industry can see a turnaround. We need to have more free trade
and focus more on a capitalistic society versus one that tries to restrict us to only purchase American
made cars, which are bigger and more expensive to keep up. If I can purchase a car overseas for

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                                         Vw Bug Parts – Their Only Little Industry
                                                            By Jim Grayson

 Maybe it was Herbie that did it. Maybe it was the flower power movement. It seems like everyone
wanted to have a VW Bug … and they still do. Why else would Volkswagen begin manufacturing the
Bug again? There are still millions on the road today and this has lead to an entire industry dedicated
to VW Bug parts. This is true in the US and the rest of the world. With the demand for VW Bugs, parts
companies have created their own little niche.

And it’s not just mainstream VW Bug parts that are popular. Owners are customizing their Bugs so
specialty VW Bug parts are also the rage. There is also a large market for accessories such as floor
mats and car covers.

But VW Bug parts are not the only VW auto parts that are flying off the shelves. VW parts are also
needed for other models such as the Jetta and the Passat.

VW auto parts are manufactured to very strict standards. Only the best VW parts get put into
Volkswagen models. That being said, many purists insist that authentic VW auto parts cannot be
replaced by any other brand if you are to retain the high standards of your Volkswagen car. They are
adamant about using only OEM, or original equipment manufacturer VW auto parts. This essentially
entails replacing the worn VW parts with another of the exact same brand that the car originally came
with. Can you say “big money”?

Others are firm about the fact that there are other brands that can be used as VW parts. These are
termed Aftermarket parts, and are essentially parts that were brought out by other companies after
your car model was released. They are auto parts that were not in the original models but are
compatible with them. They can be used as replacement VW auto parts as long as they meet the
standards of the original VW parts.

Activity is high in both the OEM and Aftermarket sales of VW auto parts, thanks to the continuing
popularity of Volkswagen models. Just do a simple search online and you’ll probably find more dealers
for VW parts than you will for the actual cars. It is a thriving business, with room for manufacturers,
wholesalers and retailers. There are many companies and individuals who are making a large profit
from creating or selling VW auto parts. In fact, it can be argued that the VW parts industry might just be
larger than the Volkswagen car industry.

Jim Grayson contributes articles on many topics. Visit his auto related sites and and his general resource site

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