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CO2 emissions


									Activity 1: CO2 emissions per capita per country (

Figures for 2004 tons per capita per annum. Mouse over USA Mouse over UK Mouse over Australia Mouse over Brazil Mouse over Bangladesh Mouse over Kenya Sweden Japan 20.4 metric tons 9.79 metric tons 16.3 metric tons 1.80 metric tons 0 .25 metric tons 0.31 metric tons 5.89 metric tons 9.84 metric tons

Activity 1 If you have access to the Internet you can look up more countries. Which countries produce the most CO2 emissions?____________________________ Which countries produce the least CO2 emissions?____________________________ Are the countries that produce the highest emissions the most developed?__________ Are the countries which produce the lowest emissions developing countries?_________ How much does the UK produce? Is this high or low?__________________________ Sweden is a developed country but produces lower emissions than some of the other developing countries. Why do you think this is?_______________________________ __________________________________________________________________ The countries worst affected by climate change are the developing countries. Is this fair when they are the countries contributing least to CO2 emissions?

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