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                                                       Securing Your Vehicle
                                                         By Brenda Williams

   When I was a police officer, one of the most common crimes that we would see would involve
vehicles being broken into. Contrary to what most people may have heard, vehicle break-ins can occur
during the day or at night. In fact, the vast majority of them would occur during the day (depending on
the area you lived in).

 One of the primary reasons that a person's car gets broken into by a criminal is based on a number of
factors that include what type or model car it is as well as what the contents of the vehicle are. The
most typical cars that would get stolen were Hondas and Toyotas, and this is mostly because the parts
on the vehicles are cheap and easy to replace, not to mention the fact that a vast majority of people in
the United States own either a Honda or a Toyota. Additionally, when a person would have their car
broken into, typically these were cars in which the car alarm was either turned off or non-existent. The
criminal would usually look in the windows and from that angle be able to take inventory of any
possible goodies that were left in the car.

 Depending on the neighborhood, a lot of people carelessly leave their vehicles unlocked! It is sad to
think that we no longer live in a day and age where we can leave our car doors unlocked or the doors
to our homes unlocked without the fear that someone will violate this trust by trying to hurt us or take
something that isn't rightfully theirs to begin with. However, this is what we are dealing with in this day
and age. We need to face the fact that there are a lot of people out there who have lost their jobs, are
homeless or are simply petty thieves. That being said, we need to be more vigilant in how we treat our
personal possessions. I remember responding to a call where an older lady had left her medical
supplies in her SUV for her husband and herself. She didn't think anything of it and had explained to
me that she had packed them in her vehicle the night before because they were getting ready to go on
a trip the next day. Instead of being well into their trip, they were filing a police report with me.

 Even if you think you live in a “good neighborhood,” realize that while you may know all of your
neighbors, you can still get criminals who will come from other areas of your town or county just so that
they can case certain neighborhoods ahead of time to know which people leave valuables out in their
cars. And while we shouldn't be quick to judge criminals as being super smart, some of them are
certainly cunning and shrewd enough to plan ahead.

 Some ways in which you can reduce auto theft is by making sure your vehicle is as empty as it can
possibly be at all times. If you're parking your car somewhere, make sure that you tuck or stow things

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where prying eyes can't see them. For instance, when I drive up to New York to visit family, depending
on how much stuff I'm bringing with me, I'll carry an extra blanket in my car to cover up any goods that I
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Thinking About Buying A Vehicle? Here Are Some Things You Should Consider Before You Do!
                                                             By Nocita Carter

 You’re thinking about purchasing a vehicle but are not quite sure about what type of vehicle you
should choose. Well, it’s not easy making decisions about a major purchase. Especially if it’s a vehicle
you’re about to buy. Before you decide, take a look at these tips and information which may help you in
determining what vehicle may be right for you:

1) First and foremost, how much money do you have to spend for a vehicle which will fit comfortably
within your budget? That’s right! Can you afford to add a monthly payment to your budget for a
vehicle? If so, how much can you afford to spend without creating problems with your finances. Think
about it, and make the decision which will be right for you.

2) After you make the decision to purchase a vehicle, determine what you will be using the vehicle for.
This will assist you with deciding on the type of vehicle you may want to purchase. For instance, do
you have a long commute to your job? You may want to purchase a vehicle that gets good gas

3) Do your research on the vehicle you want to purchase by using the internet as a resource. This is by
far your greatest source for getting the best price on the vehicle you want to purchase. For example, a
source you may want to consider viewing, would be At that particular
website you can get information on the dealer’s invoice pricing. This will assist you in negotiating the
price of your vehicle with the dealership you’re considering purchasing your vehicle from. In addition,
you may want to also consider checking out and to
assist you in securing pricing information for your next vehicle.

4) Get your financing before you make your vehicle purchase! That’s right, get pre-approved. By doing
this, you’ll be in the driver’s seat when you’re negotiating your vehicle purchase with the seller for the
vehicle you’re trying to purchase. You’ll want to research the best interest rate you can get. A great
way to do this is also via the internet. Some of the websites you may want to consider checking for
vehicle finance rates are: and

5) Make sure that you check your credit report and FICO score prior to applying for your vehicle
finance loan. You want to ensure that you know your credit history and score so you’ll be in a better
position to negotiate your interest rate with your prospective lender.

6) To buy or lease what should I do? Good question. That will depend on what you will be using your
vehicle for. You’ll need to determine the pros and cons of leasing or buying. You’ll want to think about
the number of miles you’ll be driving per year, money you have for a down payment, how long you
want to keep the vehicle and anything else you can think of. To help you decide whether or not you
should lease or buy, you may want to do some research by using the internet and visiting such
websites like . Websites like this, can provide you with detailed
information on whether or not you should lease or buy your next vehicle.

So, you can see how important it is to do some research before your purchase your next vehicle! You’ll
be in a better position with the information you have obtained when you’re ready to make your
purchase. You’ll be glad you got the information before you attempted to purchase your vehicle. You’ve

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probably not only saved yourself lots of time, but, more importantly you’ve saved yourself money and
have become more educated as a consumer about purchasing a vehicle in the long run!

Nocita Carter is a writer and web designer that creates websites providing informative tips on various
subject matter including personal finance tips on your personal finances at ; dating tips at and your
choice of ebooks at

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