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   Brakes are among the essential components of your car. Even if your car brakes do not work, your car may still
   run. A car which has brakes that do not work would be much more likely involved in car crashes, collisions, and
                                             other vehicular accidents.
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                                            Long Term Car Warranties the Pros and Cons
                                                                 By Dennis James

    Today it is insistent to have at least a car, and when being in the lookout for emergency surgery of a
car, think about the moment you will be selling it too. The selling price can be seriously affected by the
brand, the usage of hands and last but not least the guaranty. With the great number of cars sold each
year, you needn't keep an auto more than three or 4 years at most, but when you will wish to sell it, or
if you would wish to keep it for a longer period of time you will find out that extended car warranties can
come in extremely handy.

Repair costs can get terribly high especially in the later years, when the vehicle becomes pretty used,
and in this situation, you will find that the most effective way to keep me each step of the help from an
extended car guaranty. To paraphrase, an extended auto guaranty can be very important, and this
article will tell you exactly why.

Auto repair costs come typically when you have less money, and the last thing you want then is If
somebody would have no guaranty at all. Take into account Murphy's laws and be prepared for
everything that may happen to your car.

It is a known fact that when you purchase your car it comes with a great guaranty that will cover most
of the major expenses, however after this expires you will have to support all costs. On a long run, it is
obvious that an extended car warranty will be able to protect you from paying too much for repairs on
your car.

Yet, this doesn't mean that you must go and pick the 1st extended guaranty you find. As a tiny
example is when you purchase a new auto, you'll see that then the dealer will try and make you
purchase an extended auto warranty - this is a big NO. Avoid doing this as any dealership is only
interested in making money in any way they can, and be sure that the guaranty is much more
expensive there then it should be.

This explains why the salesman is so avid to make you purchase the guaranty. The best thing about
extended guaranties is they will save you cash in the future but that does not mean that you must pay
more in the start for no reason. Another great thing about these extended guaranties is that you can
purchase them if you need and can. Possibly the most important thing of all is that used vehicles can
also benefit from extended automobile warranties.

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What you should know about extended guaranties is they will cover many common items and
occasionally even luxury devices like GPS systems, DVD or enhanced audio systems and in some
cases even for telephone and Internet systems. There is a special type of extended guaranty called
"bumper-to-bumper warranty" that will cover all the parts included in your vehicle right now of the
inspection - to paraphrase, everything you have in your auto.

If there are any components the the company does not give guaranty for, it will be specified on a list,
so you don't have to fret about anything at all. of extended guaranties cost a bit too much for the
average pocket, but there are some intermediate extended guaranty offers that will cover almost all of
the technical parts of the auto like the ABS system, power and so on. Compared to the basic car
warranty this is more than better.

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                                                Pros And Cons Of Hybrid Cars
                                                       By James Gunaseelan

 With all the hype out right now about hybrid cars, you may be considering buying one. Before you do,
you should consider the pros and cons of hybrid cars. What benefits can you expect to experience
and what difficulties should you plan to face? Fuel Savings The first thing that comes to mind for most
people when considering the pros and cons of hybrid cars is the possibility of saving money on fuel.
With fuel efficiency between 30 and 60 mpg, this is definitely a consideration, particularly as fuel costs
start to rise. Unfortunately, one of the downsides is that hybrid cars cost significantly more than
non-hybrids. Some of this cost is offset by the fuel savings but, at current fuel costs, it is very difficult
to make up the initial cost difference. Whether you think this is an issue depends upon what you think
will happen to fuel costs over the life of the car. If they will steadily rise, eventually you may save
enough to make up the price differential. If you think they will level out, then it will be nearly
impossible and you will need to resign yourself to the fact that this is a more expensive car.

Because hybrid cars are still relatively new and rare, the maintenance costs on them are a little bit
higher than they are on non-hybrid cars. Parts cost more, service may be more difficult to find, and
they are even harder than regular cars to service yourself. This additional cost should be factored into
the price discussion.

Status can be considered among both the pros and cons of hybrid cars. In one sense, having a hybrid
car gives you a reputation for being a person of substance, which may help you in your networking
efforts. In another sense, these cars are generally less frilly and fancy than their non-hybrid
counterparts. You won't find hybrid luxury or sports cars; they tend to be much more practical vehicles.
 Whether you consider this to be a positive or a negative will depend upon your personality, values,
and career path.

Some of the pros and cons of hybrid cars may be more important to you than others; depending on
your values, career, and economic situation, certain of the pros and cons of hybrid cars discussed
below may weigh more heavily on your decision making. After considering the pros and cons of hybrid
cars, you should sit down and weigh how they affect your decision. Do you still want a hybrid car?

For information on buying and selling new and second hand cars and bikes visit

James Gunaseelan writes for India's leading automobile portal

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