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                                                         Hybrid Car Myths Exposed
                                                               By Wendy Gorman

    Contemplating the purchase of a hybrid car? Then you will be noticing a lot of comment and some
strong views on the rights and wrongs of doing so. Some people believe that the hybrid car is the latest
and greatest innovation in the auto market. Others feel it is just a passing phase. Some claim they can
save a lot of money, but you're skeptical and wonder whether it's really worth it. So how do you find
the truth? How do you recognise the true benefits of a hybrid car amongst the smokescreen of
uninformed opinion and hysterical hype that surrounds the subject of hybrid cars? Hopefully the
following will give you a reasonable chance of separating fact from fiction and help eliminate the more
common hybrid car myths.

Myth one: Hybrid cars are another name for electric cars

Untrue! Hybrid cars are mainly gas fuelled and are equipped with conventional engines fitted with
battery assists. The battery assist assembly provides a means of using power from rechargeable
nickel-metal hydride battery pack.

Myth two: A hybrid car always saves you money compared to a conventional gas fuelled model

This depends upon circumstances. If you only drive in city or urban areas you may or may not save on
fuel costs. Similarly the outcome for distance or highway driving is variable and dependent on the way
a person drives as much as a multitude of outside factors. Somewhere it has been reported that if the
whole population converted to driving overall fuel consumption would drop by approximately 10%. I will
leave you to decide whether that is a significant number or whether greater savings could be achieved
in other ways.

Myth three: A hybrid cars battery will run out

Not true in normal use! The battery in a hybrid car does not run down in normal use like (say) a torch
battery. This is because a hybrid car differs from a conventional car in that when stationary for any
reason, the engine does not idle but continues to provide power. This power is used to recharge its
battery during the stationary period and thus ensures that the battery is kept near fully charged. Hence
in normal use a discharged battery should never be a problem in a hybrid car.

Myth four: The rechargeable battery in a hybrid car will need to be replaced every 2 years

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                                           Presented by Daniel Toriola

Untrue: If this were the case, no hybrid car would ever be sold. Auto manufacturers faith in the
longevity of hybrid car rechargeable batteries is confirmed by the fact that most come with at least an
eight year guarantee.

Myth five: A hybrid car rechargeable battery will keep my car going after I run out of gas

Not true for practical purposes. This shows only partial knowledge of the workings of a hybrid car.
Remember, a hybrid car's battery is an assist. Therefore a hybrid car's main motive power comes from
gas in the tank. When you run out of fuel, charge from the battery may keep the car running for just a
little while, but the drain will be enormous and the car will very quickly come to a halt with no fuel and a
flat battery!

Myth six: the advent of hybrid cars will cause conventional car sellers to go out of business

Very unlikely to be true and certainly will not happen overnight. Any general changeover to the use of
hybrid cars will be dependent on a number of different factors. Current prices are still above
conventional cars and some people will simply wait for the price to eventually drop as more cars are
manufactured. This of course is a chicken and egg situation that is difficult to forecast. Further it is not
yet clear whether people will actually save money with hybrid cars, nor how much will be saved.
Therefore, they are slow to join the rush of people who want a hybrid car. Finally, at the right time for
the industry, surely conventional car sellers will merely take on board the new hybrid car sales
opportunity alongside conventional sales.

Myth seven: Hybrid cars will only save you about 88 dollars a year

This is a true myth, in that it is an impossible figure to argue about, either for or against. I believe it was
once broadcast on some news station, but who knows whether it is right or wrong either in the specific
or in the generality. As always in these cases, if you want to find out about some specifics about hybrid
cars, and you want to cut through the fog surrounding the subject, you have to take the bull by the
horns and research the hybrid car marketplace yourself. You will find a multitude of different models of
hybrid car, and numerous different manufacturers at home and abroad. A hybrid car may be of benefit
to you and it may not, but given the number of variables in the equation, the final decision must remain
with you.

Wendy Gorman is an accomplished author and niche website developer. She is committed to exploring
the question "what is a hybrid car?" and also to explain how to buy a hybrid car.Visit her sites now to
better understand the hybrid car marketplace and its future.

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                                              Hybrid Cars Feature Big Advantages
                                                              By Mark Walters

Is it any surprise that thousands of people have begun contemplating the advantages of hybrid cars?
Gas prices are forcing drivers to consider whether or not they should buy a hybrid.

 With the continuing rise is oil and gas prices the hybrid car advantages are hard to ignore. Here's the
problem... As with any new technology there will be a lot of rumors and myths going around and the
hybrid vehicle is no exception.

 So how do hybrid cars compare to their conventional counterparts and what are the truths behind
these myths.

Hybrids Are Slow?

 It has been commonly thought that hybrids are unable to go fast enough for freeway travel. Well that
may have been true of the earlier models where the weight of the battery played a significant issue in
the cars ability to generate rapid starts and fast speeds. Not any more.

 With the advancements in battery technology, so too have the hybrids advanced. They are now quite
able to compete with the speeds reached by their conventional counterparts. As hybrid vehicles
become more mainstream and technology advances they will continue their upward advancement in
achievable speeds.

Hybrids Cost Too Much!

 Are Hybrid cars really too expensive. Although the initial outlay can be expensive ( what car isn't?)
they quickly make up for their cost in the money you save on fuel. Is there any doubt that the way the
gas prices are going, a hybrid vehicle will become more and more of a bargain to own.

 Not to mention the fact that it has been announced that you will soon be able to purchase kits to
convert your car to an electrical hybrid, or if money is really tight and you are ready to convert right
away you can also invest in a water conversion kit to create a your own water hybrid.

 No excessive money spent there. Only about $150 to purchase the instruction book and all required

Hybrid Plug Ins?

 Another common myth is that all hybrids need to be plugged in. Well this is true of the original electric
hybrid vehicles. Now there are electrical hybrids that have a battery on board that is charged as you

 So you are still gaining the advantage of saving on the cost of fuel, without the problem of having to
plug in every few hours. Research is continuing and that will result in an even better version which will
combine the best of both worlds.

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 A electrical hybrid that would run on the plug in power for the first part of the trip and then switch to the
charged battery power for the reminder of the trip. Imagine having to fill your gas but tank once or twice
a month, while your hybrid creates the rest of the need power.

 There are many advantages to hybrid cars, and as technology advances the advantages will too. If
you are looking for a great fuel efficient, environmentally friendly vehicle, think hybrid vehicle.

Forget the myths, learn the truth and soon you can be driving a hybrid too.

Mark Walters reports on advances in hybrid vehicle technologies at http://www.HybridVehicleStar.com.
Visit that site for a free course on the right way to buy a car.

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