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Exercise Safety For Pedestrians


									                                                    Presented by Daniel Toriola

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                                                       Exercise Safety For Pedestrians
                                                                By Brenda Williams

   Exercise is so incredibly important for our overall health as human beings. It is a real shame that
more people don't take advantage of what their bodies can do. In the working world of America, we
often come up with excuses for why we cannot afford to work out. Either, we don't have the time or
gym memberships are too costly...There is always something it seems. However, you can always
make the time for the things that are the most important to you, and your health should be one of those
things at the top of the list.

 For many people who use the excuse that the gym is too expensive or that they don't have the time to
drive to the gym, taking your workouts to the roads is a great way to fit in some exercise. However,
working out outside comes with its own set of rules and precautions. For starters, if you are going to
work out outdoors, make sure that you try to get your workout done earlier on in the mornings if you
can help it. This is especially true for those of us who work day jobs from 9am to 5pm and come home
exhausted. By working out in the mornings, you avoid using the excuse at the end of the day that you
are simply “too tired” to do anything. Working out in the morning is also beneficial because when you
go for a walk or run outside in the morning (especially early), then there isn't as much traffic out yet.
Therefore, there isn't as much pollution and the air is more conducive to being able to breathe a little
easier. Additionally, if you are a semi-serious runner, you won't have to stop every two seconds for
traffic or lights, thus improving your workout performance.

 For those of us who simply cannot bring ourselves to get up early or who don't have the time to do our
workouts early in the morning because doing so would require us getting up at 3am, working out in the
afternoon is also an option. Just beware that when you work out in the afternoon- especially given the
time of afternoon when rush hour is in full swing- you'll have to put up with grumpy drivers, crowded
roadways and more pollution. It can be done though. Now, even though pedestrians always have the
right of way while sharing the roads with vehicles, pedestrians still must be vigilant as ever. Many of us
will strap on our headphones so that we can listen to more than the rush of traffic going by. However,
this is a huge no-no. If you absolutely must have your headphones on, make sure that the volume is
turned down so that you can hear when vehicles are approaching you-especially emergency vehicles.

 If you find yourself working out on the roads while traffic is whirring by, make sure that you are
exercising towards the traffic if you can. By doing this, you can better see what the traffic is doing and
thus, improve your reaction time should something go horribly wrong. For example, not that long ago,

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                                              Presented by Daniel Toriola

there was an accident involving a pedestrian who had his headphones strapped in and was happily
walking on the sidewalk in the same direction of traffic when suddenly a motorcyclist lost control of his
vehicle due to the heavy rush hour traffic and wound of sideswiping the pedestrian right off the
sidewalk. Had this pedestrian been walking towards traffic without headphones, he would have been
better able to see what was coming his way as well as hear what was happening so as to potentially
avoid the accident. Auto Transport Albuquerque Car Shipping Albuquerque

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                                              Presented by Daniel Toriola

                                                        Cars and Pedestrians
                                                             By Brenda Williams

In this day and age, you can never be too careful. As time has progressed, over the years there are
more people living in more densely populated areas around the United States (not to mention the
world). Due, alone, to this fact- it should therefore come as no surprise to find out that there are an
increased number of vehicle accidents that have taken place as a result. Is the world a more
dangerous place now because there are more people? Some would debate this question and answer
that “yes,” it is in fact a more dangerous place.

 The other week, I was driving back from working out when I saw that there was a huge accident.
Later, I found out that a person walking along the sidewalk had been struck by a motorcyclist who had
somehow lost control of his vehicle and had skidded onto the sidwalk. How scary is that? To think that
we aren't even safe walking along the sidewalks! Is it because the speed limits are too high or too low?
The fact of the matter is that people who get behind the wheel of a car, truck, bus or even a motorcycle
don't always obey the posted traffic speed limits- let alone the laws of the roadways.

 What is the point of having laws and rules that govern how we should behave as responsible citizens if
no one follows them? Can we really be left to our own devices to trust one another's judgment? Think
about it. If there were no rules for how we should drive, do you think that people would do the right
thing? Would it be total chaos? It is a scary thought. There are, however, some precautions that we
can each take when it comes to sharing the road. As a runner, I would always get annoyed when cars
would cut me off as I tried to cross the street. To put it another way, when you are behind the wheel of
a vehicle, put yourself in the shoes of a pedestrian. As many of us are already aware, pedestrians
always have the right of way (even when they're wrong). This is, in part, because vehicles can be used
as deadly weapons and are much bigger and heavier than a person. When you approach a corner and
there is a pedestrian, always pause to see what their body language indicates. You may have the
green arrow to turn, but if a pedestrian's body language indicates that they are already moving forward,
then you must yield.

 It is also a great idea to try to make eye contact with pedestrians when you are approaching a stopped
position or even an intersection. Usually, pedestrians will look for this same eye contact from you and
will give some sort of a verbal or physical signal indicating that they understand your intentions for
them to move ahead or stay where they are. If we all practiced a little more safety both in our driving
habits as well as how we treat pedestrians, then it would be a much safer place to live and work in.
Remember, when you're not behind the wheel of a car, you become a pedestrian. That being said,
make sure that you treat pedestrians the way that you would want to be treated: with respect and
courtesy! Car Transport Company Auto Shipping

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                                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

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