Every Driver Needs to Know How to Change a Tire

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                                  Every Driver Needs to Know How to Change a Tire
                                                  By Brenda Williams

   The worst mishap in the world is having a flat tire of a busy highway, especially if it's on the side
facing the highway! You feel like you are being blown away by the big tractor trailer trucks as they go
by. This is the time when you are going to need to know how to change a tire! Not a complicated task,
except when you are nearly in the line of traffic!
 One of the best things a driver can do is to assemble an emergency tool kit and keep it in the trunk of
your car. You never know when you may need it. An assortment of tools like screwdrivers, sockets and
wrenches, an emergency flashing light,lug wrench, a plug kit for tires,a jack, and a spare tire are a few
things to put into your kit.

 First, if you are in a busied traffic area, place the emergency flashing light behind your car on the
driver's side. This will alert driver's you are there and give them time to know to be cautious when
passing your car. The next step is take make sure your car in in park and that the emergency brake is

 Next, place the jack under the car nearest to to the tire that is flat. Take your lug wrench and loosen
the lug nuts of the flat tire before jacking the car up. After the nuts are loosened so that you can turn
them by hand, begin to jack up the car. Make sure you place the jack to where the flat part on top of it
is flush with a part of the underbelly of your car. To change a tire, make sure the flat tire is raised
completely off the ground when jacking the car up.

After the car is jacked up, take the nuts off the flat tire and pull the flat tire off. When you change a tire,
make sure you keep up with those lug nuts after you take them off or you will be in trouble. Then you
won't have a tire at all! Put them inside your pocket for safe keeping.

 Most cars come equipped with a spare tire that is smaller than the normal tire. These are commonly
referred to as 'dough nuts' because they are so small. However, it will suffice to get you home or to
someone who can hook you with a new tire. Get the spare and push it up on the lug studs. Put the lug
nuts on by hand and get them started. Next, lower the jack so that the tire is back on the ground. Take
the lug wrench and then tighten the lugs down as tight as you can possibly get them.

You now know how to change a tire! Really a simple process that will save you standing on the side of

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the road wishing you knew how to change a tire. Remember to assemble that emergency kit. You'll
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                                         Changing a Tire is a Troublesome Duty
                                                     By Brenda Williams

Changing a tire can be one of the most troublesome and scary things a driver has to do while on the
side of the road. The situation can be even scarier if it is a new driver, at night or during a storm. The
roads can be a fun and interesting place to drive but can also be quite scary if drivers don’t know the
roads they are driving on, especially if they don’t know the important parts of maintaining a vehicle
such as changing a tire.

 In order to be properly prepared for whatever the road can throw at a driver one must practice,
practice, and practice. Practice does make perfect. Practicing how to change a tire can help with
easing the nerves and questions when the time comes for the first time in a real situation. If a tire does
hit a bump in the road or gets nail stuck in it and deflates while driving, try to move the car as far away
from oncoming traffic as possible to avoid any accidents that can lead to serious injury or even death. If
at all possible, get the car to a rest stop or a parking lot.

 The first step in changing a tire is placing the car in park and making sure the vehicle is on level
ground. Never change a tire on a hill. Put a block in front of the front tire if you are changing a rear tire
and vice versa. The next step is to remove the spare tire and the jack from the trunk of the car. The
jack must be placed where it will latch onto the metal part of the car’s frame near the tire you are
changing. Raise the car high enough so that the tire comes completely off the ground.

 Then remove the hub cap on the tire by loosening the lug nuts that keep the hub cap in place.
Remove the hub cap and then the tire by loosening the lug nuts. Don’t loosen one lug nut all the way.
Loosen them in a cross pattern little by little to take the tire off in a balanced manner. For safety
precautions, always place the tire under the frame of the car, next to the jack in case the jack were to
give way. This allows the car to fall, hopefully safely, onto the old tire.

 Now place the spare tire on the car and tighten it into place with the lug nuts. Place the hub cap in the
trunk. When tightening the lug nuts on the spare tire do not tighten each one right away. Tighten one a
little bit, then move on to another, and another. Once you tighten them a little bit start the process all
over again until they are all tightened and the spare tire is attached to the car evenly.

 Now the car can be lowered back to the ground by using the jack. Remove the jack from under the
frame of the car and place it, along with the broken tire, in the trunk of the car. Check your
surroundings for any other tools used and drive away. Before pulling away make sure to tighten the
nuts again to make sure the spare is on securely and evenly balanced.

 The final step is the easiest one, taking the tire to the mechanic to be repaired. Then it will be time to
repeat the process all over again when putting the new tire back on the car and removing the spare Fast, Easy Free Quote for
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