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                                                         Car Fleet Insurance
                                                         By Jackie De Burca

  What is a car fleet insurance policy? Simple, it is a motor fleet insurance policy made up of purely
cars with no mix of other vehicles such as vans or haulage trucks, taxis etc.

 Many fleet insurance policies consist of just cars although the range of vehicles covered can be wide
and varied such as combinations of:
 High Performance Cars - Subaru's, Mitsubishi , Evo's, Lotus etc
 High Value Cars - Aston Martin, Porsche, Rolls Royce etc
 4 x 4's - Land Rover, Porsche, BMW, Ford etc
 Hatchback / Saloon Cars - Ford, BMW, Volkswagen, Audi etc
 Environmentally Economic Cars - Toyota, Pirius, Honda's etc

 The list of cars would be endless but hopefully you start to get the impression that fleet insurance can
cater for all types of vehicles!

 Your fleet car insurance can also cater for any trailers you may need to attach to your cars, trips
abroad, breakdown cover, uninsured loss recovery and fleet insurance experts will discuss with you
your needs and suggest solutions which you may not have previously considered.

Car fleet insurance experts should advise and look after you and your company's needs at all times.
You are as individual as are your car fleet insurance requirements - something you should remember
when other fleet insurance brokers attempt to send you along a route you may not be comfortable with!

 Finding the right Motor Fleet Insurance for your business can be a daunting task. Despite popular
opinion there are various levels of cover you can request from your Fleet Insurance. Your Motor Fleet
Insurance needs to provide the right cover for your vehicles as well as your drivers. There are three
levels of cover you can choose from:

Third Party Fire & Theft
Third Party Only

Some fleet insurance companies will also allow you to have varied cover on your fleet insurance

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 In addition to this cover you can also be offered certain extensions to your motor fleet insurance policy
which may include:

Windscreen cover
Breakdown Cover
Courtesy cars
Legal Expenses Insurance

 You need to give careful consideration as to who will drive your vehicles as the higher the age
restriction the larger the discount you will receive from your fleet insurance company. Some of the
more common restrictions you can opt for are:

Any Licensed Driver Over 30
Any Licensed Driver Over 25
Any Licensed Driver Over 21

 In addition, if you have particularly sporty or expensive cars to be covered by your fleet insurance you
may wish to voluntarily restrict the driving age just for these vehicles. This is to demonstrate that you
are not going to let your 18 year old apprentice drive your Porsche!

Finally your fleet insurance broker will need to know the type of use for your motor fleet insurance.
Examples of these are as follows:

Carriage of Own Goods
Private and / or Public Hire
Social Domestic & Pleasure use only (SD&P)
SD& P and Business Use
Carriage of hazardous Goods
Airport Side Use Extension

 Hopefully reading this has made you more aware of the varying cover a fleet insurance policy can
offer you and your business.

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                                             Fleet Insurance – What is the Difference?
                                                                By Steven Hedley

Fleet insurance is formulated to provide mandatory road risk coverage to a wide array of vehicles
ranging from cars, buses, taxis to coaches, lorries, transit vans and agricultural vehicles. A fleet
insurance policy enables an individual or a company to insure a number of vehicles of any categories
under one single policy.

 A fleet insurance policy generally only provides road risk insurance. This policy can be of two types,
namely, Third Party Fire And Theft and Comprehensive Coverage. Breakdown insurance is generally
the only optional extra available in case of a fleet insurance policy.

Car Fleet Insurance

The premium of a car fleet insurance policy will depend on

a) The number of cars being insured
b) The types of the cars
c) The accident records of the cars.

 Insurance companies vary in their definition of a “fleet of cars”, i.e. some companies will issue a fleet
insurance policy only if there are two or more cars while others may require five or more cars to be
able to issue a fleet insurance policy. Thus they vary on the minimum number of cars that can be
termed as a “fleet”. But, presently, most insurance providers classify a group of five or more cars as a
car fleet.

 Insurance companies generally offer complimentary and additional products when a car fleet
insurance is taken. These products can be free of cost or can have some minor expenses attached.

 Though, a car fleet insurance can be taken by an individual who owns a number of cars, generally it is
taken by companies who own and use a host of cars for business purposes.

Why should one go for a car fleet insurance?

 A car fleet insurance comes with a huge volume of discount if the accident record of each of the
vehicles in the fleet is appreciable. This discount is quite big compared to what is possible in case of
standard individual car insurance. People going for car fleet insurance can save as much as
sixty-seven percent on their insurance expenditure.

Disadvantage of car fleet insurance

 The greatest disadvantage of car fleet insurance is that in case of an accident of one of the vehicles,
the premium of all the vehicles covered under the policy gets affected.

How to overcome this disadvantage

Often some vehicles are found to be highly susceptible to accidents. If one car in the fleet is found to

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be an accident-prone one, it is better to insure it under an individual car insurance policy and insure the
remaining the cars under a car fleet insurance policy. This ensures that any future claim for the
accident-prone vehicle does not increase the premium of the fleet policy.

 The present-day insurance providers who specialise in fleet insurance perceive that dealing with fleet
insurance is not only about quoting premiums. They also try to provide assistance with a host of fleet
insurance services that actually lower the expenses and risks attached with the maintenance of a fleet
of vehicles.

 One, who is planning to go for a fleet insurance policy for his vehicles, needs to do a thorough
research of the natures of coverage available, additional services offered, and premiums quoted, by
different insurers, before finally signing up.

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