5 Ways To Get Your Creative Juices Flowing by jsolochek


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									Imagine that creating an article is like baking a cake. The main ingredient is going to be your creativity.. For a lot of people creativity just comes naturally to them. I am now almost bald due to the stress I endure in trying to create new articles. Putting words into pictures in the readers mind is a talent, a talent that many of us lack. As a writer it is sometimes hard for the words to just flow onto the paper in front of us. I always start out by writing down the main points I want to encapsulate. My next step is to take each point and elaborate. One point may start out as just part of a sentence but by the time I finish with it it becomes a paragraph of 5 to 7 sentences. When writing an article and your mind goes blank what do you do? There are no 100% ways to get the best ideas flowing. You need to keep a notebook with you at all times so that when a thought does all of a sudden pop into your mind you can write it down. No one can ever guarantee that you will get the perfect mindset for getting your creative juices flowing but here are 5 things that may assist in that function. 1) We have already touched a bit on this idea, keeping a notebook with you at all times so that whenever a thought enters your mind you can write it down. After a few days of doing this you should have several pages of ideas in your notebook or journal. Besides your own ideas there are always times when you read or hear a good idea that you want to write down for future reference. One of these could be the seed for a good article. 2) When your mind becomes cluttered with a lot of different things you need to learn how to be able to relax so that you can sort out the clutter. Your creativity will never move forward if your mind remains cluttered. When you are sorting out all your thoughts abandon any of them that pose a real problem to your creativity. Unfortunately if your mind is bothered by something it can be hard to keep focus on creativity. I have been reading a lot about positive thinking and getting rid of the negative thoughts that clutter my mind. If you notice that negatives are cluttering up your mind then just take a few deep breaths while saying to yourself "I Feel Good". Another thought on this, you need to take responsibility for anything and everything that flows through your mind. In ancient days i would; always find a scapegoat and blame the bad thoughts on that scapegoat. If you would like some further reading on positive thinking do a search on Google for "Law Of Attraction". 3) Is there a place, any place, that when you are there the creative juices just flow from your mind? There are some places that you visit that can become a real hindrance when you try to sit down and write an article.. You need a place that is free from all distractions, a place where you can sit down and your mind will just flow endlessly with creativeness. 4) This item can be done by itself or as a continuance of the item above. You need to get into the mood where your creative juices flow the best. What makes your mind work the best? Each time you sit down to write an article also write down in your notebook the thoughts that flow that allow you to write the best. If you learn how to recreate this mood every time you need to write then you will become a lot further ahead than all the other writers out there in the world. Have you ever looked at aromatherapy? A lot of times a certain aroma can set the perfect mood. When I smell fresh baked cookies whether I am hungry or not my taste buds all of a sudden want cookies. Other aromas will make me feel like relaxing while others make me want to take a walk outside. What smell is there that will enhance your article writing? If you could be in the perfect place with the perfect aroma then you would be batting a thousand.. 5) If the other 4 steps won't do it for you you may need to just get away from everything. A Short trip someplace with the economy the way it is I just go to a park on the other side ol town when I need a getaway. Other times just going to another place in your home may be all you need. You basically just need to get to another area that isn't familiar to you. By keeping a journal you will soon discover what you need for your article writing to perform its best. Author Bio:Jeffrey Solochek has been writing articles now for several years. When Mr. Solochek isn’t writng a new article he spends most of his free time performing research on the WW. Before writng articles and his research MR. Solochek owned his own computer company and before that Mr Solochek has done computer programming, computer repair, building systems and networks and Mr. Solochek’s first career was that of a salesman.

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