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Dave Morgan State Commander

YVonne Massey State Ladies Aux.President

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VFW Missourian January 2010 pg. 1 District No. 9 held it’s Voice of Democracy, Patriots Pen and Teacher of the Year award ceremony January 10 at New Melle Post. The program was MC’d by District Chairman Jessie and Charlotte Jones. District Commander, Nancy Miller and District Ladies Auxiliary President Jackie Davis presented the awards.

The Annual trip to the National Home for Children in Eaton Rapids was a great success. Forty four (44) members from Missouri particpated this year. Two (2) buses were ran, one from the Springfield area and one from Kansas City. This was Missouri’s year to host the Halloween party. A fun time was reported by all. Below are several pictures taken during the trip.

1st Place -Patriots Pen, Moriah Turick, spondsored by Fulton Post No. 2657

1st Place - Voice of Democracy, Johanna Meyer, sponsored by Washington Post No. 2661

Teacher Award for grades K-5 was Teacher Award for grades 6-8 presented to Debbie Copher, was presented to Hulie Sims, sponsored by Post No. 5327 sponsored by Post No. 2866

More Pic’s of National Home Halloween Party

Vfw Missourian January 2010 pg. 2

Dave Morgan, Commander
Conrades and Sisters Well, Happy New Year to all and hope everyone is doing fine.The past year has been a busy one, looking forward for the year 2010 being the same. I know there is a lot to be done yet in Community Activity reports, and the Buddy Poppy program. One of the most inportant is our Veterans Service Officers program,we must all support this 100%.I believe our Service Officers program is the best in the nation. To all the post and individuals that have made a donation so far"THANK YOU". The Dept is now at 92% in membership,I know that a lot of you have been doing a lot of work on recruiting, belive me it does get noticed at Dept. and post level. The C/A cnoference is Feb.5-6-7 in Jeff City,please try to attend. To all the Dist. Commanders please advise all your sr vice and jr vice to attend the training being held at the C/A on Sat. the 6th of Feb. The begining of my year I stated we will lose a few of our posts in the coming year, due to lack of founds or lack of participation by post membership. So far only a couple of post that did not have the funds and posts that where in small rural areas have truned in their charters.. I have seen a lot post involved in their communties and have plenty of functions going on to keep their memmbership involved in and around your post and communities. " ALL POSTS NEED TO BE INVOLVED IN THEIR COMMUNITY AND ADOPT NATIONAL GUARD UNITS" We are here to help our fellow veterans and their famlies, that is our mission as a member of the V F W. So please let's all get involved and again Thank You for making Dept of Mo. V F W the best in the nation. Veterans Helping Veterans--That What We Do. Dept Commander Dave Morgan-2009-2010

Bob Wonnell, Sr. Vice Commander
Comrades: I hope each and every one of you had a Merry Christmas and will have a Happy New Year. During the Christmas season my thoughts wondered back to last year as I rode with my now departed friend, Joe Lundy as we discussed ideas for his year as Commander. As with every Commander, the subject of membership came up. I look back over the years and see this is and has always been a subject that brings joy and disappointment to our Department Commanders. Membership is what makes us or breaks us as an organization. To see our ranks grow smaller each year is disturbing to me and should be disturbing to you. I know that there are thousands and thousands of qualified veterans in the State of Missouri who have never been asked to join this great organization. I know the majority of our members never ask their friends, neighbors or relatives to join. I know that with just a little effort each Post and the Department could be well over 100%. What is it going to take? What is the key to get our members to act? What better veterans’ organization is there? The Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States was created to help worthy veterans, their surviving spouses and their orphan children. The Department of Missouri has a great program to help veterans. It’s called the Veterans Service Officer Program. If you don’t know what this is ask any State Officer or District Commander. If each of us does our share to support this program and finds just one worthy veteran to help, then we can ask that veteran to join us in helping more veterans. Does this sound too easy? It works. Join the team of Veterans Helping Veterans. Make our ranks grow back to 50,000 and more. Our voices will be heard in Jefferson City and Washington D.C.

Oloin Parks, Jr. Vice Commander
Fellow VFW Workers: As we welcome this New Year with the expectations of a great year, we need to remember the tenets of cooperation, coordination, and collaboration. We need to build our individual post successes on the cooperation of neighboring posts who have shared ideas that have worked for them. In order to do this, we need to take the time to visit these posts and invite those posts to our meetings. When neighboring posts have a service fair, go and help them provide service to our veterans. When neighboring posts have a community activity, volunteer to help them - the actions are contagious and benefit us all!! Coordinating activities within the district allows for maximization of all available resources -those within the post and the resources of neighboring posts that are should be eager to help. The more activities that the Veterans of Foreign Wars complete out in the public raises public awareness of what our great organization accomplishes. We can help define our image with the public - many of which are eligible veterans that do not know what our mission is. Collaboration within posts allows for the geometric success of all posts. Success builds on success - be the active member that shares and participates in programs that highlight our mission. Start planning this next year's activities - Patriot's Pen, Voice of Democracy, and Teacher of the Year Programs - and refines your efforts on what has worked. Share your successful ventures with other post leaders - remember your success can be their success!! Since we are all one team - more success means less stress in "picking up the slack". Post chairman should be sharing with the District chairman so success stories can be shared across the district. District chairman need to visit with the State Chairman to report successes or request help with difficulties. (Article continued on pg. 6)

(Article continued on pg. 6)

VFW Missourian January 2010 pg. 3

Jessie L. Jones, Adjutant/Quartermaster
Hello Comrades: Well we’re half way through the year and I’m pleased to report we our programs are coming in good and financially we are still holding our own. I want to especially thank those Post that have stepped up and contributed to the Veterans Service officer program. Their donations and the insistance of Charlie Patrick have allowed the Department to finally have a Service Officer working out of Mt. Vernon. (see his bio later on in this issue). We are introducing a new program at the C of A to allow for inidvidaul members to regularly donate to the the program. It’s our hope that individual donations will allow the program to be sound, (see page #7 for donation form). We owe it to our membership and our comrades. The Department is greatly dependant upon membership to maintain it’s programs. We can ill afford to take a membership drop like we had last year. Every member needs to become a recruiter. We must seek out those veterans in our communites and get them into the organization. We can’t ignore those that joined in the past, but at some point lost interest. The most common thing I hear from those that haven’t paid their dues is “this is the first time anyone has contacted me since I joined”. We must do a better job of retaining the ones we worked so hard to recruit. I’m looking forward to seeing you at the February C of A and Voice of Democracy banquet. Jessie L Jones Adjutant/Quartermaster

Tom Hartman, Foundation Chairman
Comrades and Sisters: It has been a great pleasure to have served as your chairman for the Missouri Foundation. When I accepted this appointment I knew that it would be a learning experience to say the least. I also knew there would be negatives and positives as to how the foundation is received. I must say the knowledge I have gained about the way it is received is a bit overwhelming and disserting. Comrades I accept that many do not understand how your Foundation functions and what is for. What is hard to understand is all the negative talk from those who think they do, but don't. I have always been open and honest about everything and everyone I deal with and will continue to operate in this manner. Integrity is earned and must be protected, without it a person has nothing. Your Foundation has been able to help numerous Veterans and their families through difficult times this year. We have also been able to form some very valuable relationships. The foundation is committed to helping where needed. It would be a crime not to acknowledge Grants from Budweiser Corp. and Sprint communication that made it possible to send VFW members their families and National Guard service members and families to the Kansas City Chiefs football games. Another way your foundation helps. The Foundation sole purpose is to raise much needed funds so it can continue to support our Veterans their families and the communities in which we live. The Foundation is planning another Fundraising Golf Tournament June 4 2010 come join in I am asking for your support. Have a wonderful new year I hope it will safe, happy and healthy. Tom Hartman Chairman MO. Foundation “TO BE SUCCESSFUL YOU MUST KNOW YOU CAN“

Phil Pippins, State Surgeon
Jerry Jones for Judge Advocate

Department of Missouri 2009 - 2010 Thank You for your support “Get Your Gear Ready”
LOCK-N-LOAD, SPRING IS COMING......... YOUR POST RELIEF FUND IS DRY. WHAT TO DO, WHAT TO DO? ORDER POST QUOTA OF BUDDY POPPIES FOR SPRING DISTRIBUTION AND ALL YOUR PROBLEMS ARE DEE-DEE MOU (GONE). SOUNDS SIMPLE BUT ONLY THE "BEST" POST COMMANDERS WILL PLAN AHEAD. BUDDY POPPY ORDER FORMS ARE AVAILABLE ON THE WEB OR CALL DEPARTMENT 1-888-276-8609 (FREE CALL) AND THEY WILL PUT ONE IN THE MAIL. JIM RIPPY, BUDDY POPPY CHAIRMAN Editors Note: Remember, you need to place your order at least six (6) weeks before the event to ensure you have the Poppies. If you are doing a spring distribution, you need to be ordering now. You must order your quota of poppies to qualify for All - State or All American.

VFW Missourian January 2010 pg. 4

Robert Eckerle Candidate for Surgeon
Professional leadership with accountability to members. Priority to our Veteran Service Officers Program. Robert J. Eckerle Comrades, I believe the office of State Surgeon, Department of Missouri, Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States requires responsible and knowledgeable leadership.

Lyle Seelinger Candidate for Surgeon
Greetings Comrade,

Don Watts Candidate for Judge Advocate Re--Elect Don Watts
Department Judge Advocate Veterans of Foreiign Wars QUALIFICATIONS: Post: Commander, 1986 & 2005 Adjutant, 1999-present Judge Advocate, 1987-present District: Commander, 1989 Quartermaster, 1986, 1991-present Adjutant, 1991-present Department: Commander, 1996 Adjutant 1999-2006 Judge Advocate, 1998-present National: Judge Advocate, 1999 PROVEN EXPERIENCE KNOWLEDGE ORGANIZATIONAL BACKGROUND PRACTICAL

I am seeking the office of Surgeon for the year of 2010-11. I feel that if I expect to receive your support you should know a little about me. I entered the Navy upon graduation from Butler High School in 1962. I spent 10 months in San Diego in boot camp and radioman school. After completion of school I was stationed for As State Surgeon I will continue to uphold two years at the Naval Communication Station in Rota Spain. From there I reportthe tradition and dedication to the programs ed for sea duty aboard the U.S.S. Camp of our Veterans Service Officers. I will keep an open dialog and communication to the DER251 home ported at Newport, Rhode District and Post level. By doing this I Island. Shortly after reporting aboard, the believe I will be able to understand the needs Camp was transferred to the Pacific Fleet of the organization and will be able to assist where it patrolled off the coast of Vietnam and counsel others to grow in the area of conducting search and seizure of vessels communication. I will be asking that the and fire support for ground troops. Upon District Surgeons join me when visiting the completion of our tour we returned to Pear VA Homes and Hospitals in their District. I Harbor where a short time later I was sepwill be promoting a Department Veterans arated from active duty.. After military servService Advisory Committee for proper man- ice I was employed by the Missouri State agement of our key program. I will strive to Highway Patrol Communications Division introduce all Posts to the Community where I worked for 30 years until retireCovenant program developed by the U.S. ment . It was at work one day where I met Army. my future wife, Marianne. We have been How is it that you will know that I am a viable married for 42 years. She is in her third candidate for State Surgeon? To clarify my year as District President and second year candidacy, I have held committee chair posi- as a Department Chairman. We have tions and line officer positions at my Post and given up our family business so that we District, including District 3 Commander and I may devote more time to assisting veteram currently the Adjutant/Quartermaster for ans. . my Post, Chief of Staff for District 3 and .When I returned home I joined the serve on the Department Budget Committee. VFW Post at Butler but like many I went I have held Department and National out the back door after a couple of years. Appointments. My success in leadership My excuse was that with the swing shifts I brought Post 7356 to the distinction of an "All could not commit. Late 1989 I rejoined State" Post for all three years of my the VFW at Pleasant Hill Post 3118. Upon Commandership; with the last year as Team retirement in 1996 I became very active in Captain. During my tenure as Post the Post and the VFW. Working my way Commander our Post became, for the first up the chairs at the Post and District level, time, an "All American" Post with the distinc- also I have been involved in Department tion of National Outstanding Community positions and National appointments. Service Post. (Continued on Page # 6) (Continued on Page # 6)

From the State Inspector
Most of the inspections are complete, but there are still a few districts that need to keep working. Good job to all of those districts that are already 100%, their hard work has made this year much easier. This year there were a few districts that did all of their inspections at their District School of Instruction, that worked out very well, not to mention saving the Department a lot of money. I'm going to strongly recommend that all districts follow suit next year. Jeffrey E. Bibb Inspector Dept. of Missouri

VFW Missourian January 2010 pg. 5


(YVonne Massey, Continued from first column) I pledge to you that I will continue to strive to support you in any way I can. I have noticed the main challenge we have in our Auxiliaries is personality conflicts. I feel there are two things we must remember: 1) Our purpose for belonging to this great organization and 2) We are all volunteers; If we keep these two important facts in mind, I know we can work together and accomplish many good things for our Veterans and their Families. I have visited all seven (7) VA Medical Centers in the State and three (3) of the VA Veterans Homes, thus far. The most needed item all of them need is US, they need volunteers! Do you have an hour a week, or a month to spare? If you are interested in helping in any way at our VA facilities, please contact the VAVS Representative at your nearest VA Hospital or Home. If you do not know who the representative is, contact me, and I will furnish you with her phone number. I know she will be tickled pink to put you to work. This is also open to all VFW members! What a great way to show gratitude to our Veterans than to make sure their time away from home is as pleasant as possible. YVonne Massey State Ladies Auxiliary .President I am looking forward to the February Council of Administration, February 5-7. 2010 in Jefferson City. I hope all of you can come and celebrate with our District Voice of Democracy winners and our State Patriots Pen winner. Who will our State Voice of Democracy winner be? Who will win WE DID IT!! the scholar ships and a free trip to Washington DC to compete in the National Voice of Democracy contest? I can't wait to find out! I want to take a moment and thank the VFW for electing Dave Morgan as their Thanks to all of the memDepartment Commander for 2009-2010. He is such a pleasure to work with. We communicate bers of the Ladies Auxiliary, we made our December 31, 2009 goal on at least a weekly basis, sometimes more. The VFW has a real treasure in Dave and I know of 90% in membership! Thank you you are very proud of him as I am of his concern and dedication toward our Veterans and their Families. so much for allowing me to go on Looking forward to seeing you, talking to you, and visiting with you as I continue travelthe "Night on the Town" with ing throughout the great State of Missouri. National President, Jan Tittle and Again I pledge my devotion, as we are working together as… all the other State Presidents who made their goal. This would not TEAm MO…"Brewing Up" Enthusiasm for our Veterans & their Families have happened if not for the endless dues notices, emails and Yvonne Massey phone calls from my Membership Your Dept. of Missouri Chairman Celia Davis, the District VFW Ladies Auxiliary President Presidents, their Deputy Chiefs of 2009-2010 Staff, the Auxiliary Membership Committees and all members who HAPPY NEW YEAR! participated in attributing to this goal. January 2010 I would be amiss if I did not include a special thank you to This New Year will bring a lot of opportunities for our Post and Auxiliary to make their selves the VFW for also signing up new known in the Community. Find out what is going on and make some plans to have spectacler members, reinstated past members Community Service year. Don’t forget to report all the wonderful projects you did for the and collecting continuous dues for Community and our Veterans during the Holiday season. us. Now, to reach that coveted 100%! But, I will not be satisfied January is National Mentoring Month: The theme for 2010 is ”Expand Your Universe, Mentor with 100%, that is only sustaining a Child”. Mentoring Month includes Martin Luther King Day, January 18th and Thank your our membership, we need to reach Mentor Day January 21st. Please be sure and thank those who are mentors in your Post or 105%, 110% and beyond. I know Auxiliary on this day. we can do this! Can you believe this year This is also a good time to work on our Military Hero stories and make sure they are being is half over? It has gone by so fast. recorded. Please keep promoting the 5 steps of the Veterans History Project. But, I have kept myself busy with 1- Learn about the project my inspections of District #1, #3, 2- Be prepared #6, #7, #8, #9, #12, #15 & #18. I 3- The interview will be visiting the remainder of the 4- How and where to send the interview Districts in the next few months. 5- What happens to it Thank you District Presidents for the awesome job you You are doing a great job in your communities and let’s work together to make 2010 even better. are doing. I know we have some challenges, but the communication between us has been great and I hope I have helped in getting some Charlotte Jones Department o Missouri LAVFW situations resolved. Community Service Chairman (Article continued in next column)

VFW Missourian January 2010 pg. 6
(Lyle Seelinger, Continued from Page # 4) (Bob Eckerle, Continued from Page # 4) Currently I am active in Post Service Officer duties and very active in membership with the Department and National. I currently hold Certified National Recruiter appointment that I received in 2006. I have been very fortunate in meeting with our National Guard, Air Force, Marines and Army service personnel on predeployment and at Yellow Ribbon Seminars. During the contacts with the military personnel emphasis is put on what the VFW has to offer the active duty personnel and their families, the Service Officer program and how they can be helped on benefits. If elected Surgeon I will continue to promote the Service Officer program. I will also work with the Districts and Posts in their efforts to help our veterans. I also want to enhance our training of our Districts and Posts Service Officers. If I get the opportunity to move up to Junior Vice my plan is for the Department to work close with the Districts and Posts in developing their community activities and how we can be more active in the community while not taking away from our main goal of assisting veterans. Since Membership comes under the direction of the Senior Vice Commander I will continue to promote recruiting, retention and reinstatement of all eligible members. By then we should have many well trained recruiters on all levels. However I will continue to search for ways to improve our membership programs. If I am fortunate enough to become Commander my job will not be over because as Commander I will still be very active in all aspects of the Department. I believe in leadership by leading and not just say "do it". I believe in giving assistance where needed and praise and recognition when earned and deserved. As complex as the VFW is, no one person can know it all or do all of the work. Therefore I will be asking for your help and I will not be to proud to come to you for your input and advice. Working as a TEAM the VFW Department of Missouri will not be just the best department but the greatest, second to none. Therefore I am asking for your vote of confidence for the office of Surgeon for the year of 2010-11 so that we can work together to assist all veterans. Your Comrade Lyle J. Seelinger My personal life has been diverse. I joined the United States Air Force, after college, rising to the rank of SSGT in four short years. I served in Vietnam with the 12th Tactical Fighter Wing. I retired after 30-years with Trans World Airlines. At TWA I started at an entry level and worked my way up to a Manager on Corporate Staff writing policy and procedures for the airline. My wife, Linda and I, have been married for 39 years and have two adult children. I developed a second career in Law Enforcement serving 28-years for a Police Department retiring as Deputy Chief of Police and 25-years with Platte County Sheriff's Office retiring as a Director of Information Technology. I held National Certification as an Emergency Medical Technician-Ambulance. I hold a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration. Volunteer work includes President of Gloria Dei Lutheran Church for six years, 30-years with Boy Scouts of America serving as a Wood Badge Trained Scoutmaster. I am a Master Mason, 32 degree Scottish Rite Mason and a member of the Ararat Shrine. I believe in setting the example, sharing leadership and knowing and using my resources in order to plan for success. It is my opinion a leader is one that facilitates greatness amongst ALL so that when all is said and done the membership pats their own backs and says "Look What WE Have Done!!"

Cooperative Program Faces Challenges
A shrinking membership base and a struggling economy have created serious challenges for the VFW Cooperative Program in recent years. According to Kelly Jones, Manager, VFW Development, both the number and amount of donations from VFW members continues to drop. "Unfortunately, I expect this trend to extend into 2010," she explains. "It's a number game. The fewer members we have, the fewer potential donors there are. A strong membership equals a strong donor base. And right now, we're swimming upstream." Jones emphasizes the importance of recruiting efforts at every level of the organization to help reverse this trend. The VFW Development Department continues to implement new strategies, including aggressive package testing, to overcome these challenges. "Over the past year, we've had some major victories with new package formats," she says. "This has helped offset some of the declines." Jones mentioned specifically a new deluxe carrier for the card packages that performed especially well, as well as a tote bag mailing. "We're doing everything we can in these challenging times to raise the greatest amount possible to support VFW programs," she concluded. Partners in Patriotism Monthly Giving Program an Option for your Members Do you have members who want to support VFW but not receive as much mail? Then, Partners in Patriotism is a great solution. Partners in Patriotism is a monthly giving program. Supporters can choose to donate monthly, quarterly or yearly—and have their gifts automatically deducted from a bank account or charged to a credit card. Once enrolled, they will no longer receive fundraising mailings from VFW National Headquarters (or only at the frequency of their choice). What's more, because they receive fewer mailings, more of their donations directly support your Department's programs. Encourage your members to call Donor Services at VFW National Headquarters,

(Olin Parks-continued from Pg. 2) Collaboration is an endless chain that involves everyone at each level communicating. Our success as an organization can be translated into how the public defines our efforts - productive and meaningful or useless. It is up to all of us!! Olin Parks, MO Jr-Vice Commander

(Bob Wonnell-continued from pg. 2) Please help Commander Morgan achieve his goal of being at least a 100% Department Commander. Start today by helping just one veteran. Help the VFW Department of Missouri grow into the strong organization it was and can be. May God bless you and your families today and in the year ahead.

VFW Missourian Jnauary 2010 pg. 7

Dennis F. Flynn Department Service Officer

Terry Clay Assist. Service Officer Mount Vernon medical clinic
Terry R. Clay was born and raised in Southwest Missouri. As a boy, Terry grew up hearing the story from his father about how he came to first see his newborn son. He threatened to march through the nuns at the hospital with his combat boots on having just returned from his National Guard Annual Training. Terry knew from a very young age that he was destined to join the Army and did just that straight out of high school. After several tours in Germany and Fort Hood, TX, Terry became a recruiter with the St Louis Army Recruiting Battalion. During this time, he finally married his high school sweetheart, Kim. Kim joined the Army as Terry’s last active duty contract—him being her recruiter. Kim got out of the Army after eight years, only eleven months before Terry retired. The Clay family returned to Southwest Missouri in 1997. Since 2000, they have both been active with the Tom Wolfe Memorial VFW Post 4207 in Monett, MO. Kim is a Past Auxiliary President and is currently a Three-year Trustee for the Ladies Auxiliary and is also serving as the Junior Vice President of District 7 VFW Ladies Auxiliary. Terry is the current Post Commander of VFW Post 4207 in Monett and is also serving as the District 7 Junior Vice Commander and District VSIO.

1) The Veterans of Foreign Wars was founded in 1899 for the purpose of assisting veterans in obtaining medical and pension benefits from the federal government? 2) VFW Service officers file over one third (1/3) of the claims filed in the St. Louis Reginal.office? 3) VFW Service officers are successfull in obtaining over $120,000,000 million dollars in VA benefits for Veterans in Missouri each year? 4) The VFW Service Officer program is funded solely through VFW Department membership dues, programs and donations? 5) Donations to the VFW Service Officer program are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law?

DONATION CARD Mail to: VFW Dept. of Missouri P.O. Box 26 Jefferson City Mo. 65201 I would like to support the important work of the VFW Service Officers by enclosing my gift of: ( )$25 ( )$50 ( )$75 ( ) Other $__________(check enclosed) Donor name:_______________________________________________ (Please Print)

Credit Card Donation Step 1: Complete Credit Card Information: Please charge my: ( )Master card ( ) VISA ( ) AMEX ( )Discover Card No. ______________________Expiration _____/_______ Signature_____________________________ Date:_______________ Phone No. _________________ Security Code:_________ Step 2: Please choose one option: ( ) Option 1: Make a one time donation by credit card of $____________.____ ( ) Option 2: Join the Partners in Veteran Service by donating the amount listed below from my credit card monthly: ( ) $10 per month* ( ) $20 per month ( ) $30 per month ( ) Other $____________per month. *monthly minimum amount is $10, processed on the 20th of each month. I understand payments will continue automatically each month until I notify VFW Department Headquarters of any change.

VFW Missourian January 2010 pg. 8

VFW Post #3118, Pleasant Hill, MO, recently had occasion to simultaneously celebrate three distinct accomplishments. On hand to help commemorate the milestone were U.S. Congressman Ike Skelton (D-MO), Missouri State Representative Mike McGhee (R-122nd District) and Missouri Veterans of Foreign Wars Department Commander Dave Morgan. Not only did Post # 3118 turn 75 years old and hold their Diamond Jubilee members also were celebrating being named an All State Post for the fifth consecutive year and an All American Post for the first time ever.

Veterans Benefit Fair at Clinton a Great Success!!
On Thursday, December 10, 2010, the Veterans of Foreign Wars, Department of Missouri teamed up with the Clinton Senior Center to provide a Veterans Benefit Fair. In just a 3 hour period over 100 Veterans and their family members came to get Veterans' Benefit Information from fair participants such as the Veterans Administration from Kansas City, the Veterans Center of Kansas City, Missouri Veterans Commission Service Officer from Nevada, MO, District 6 VSIO Chairman from Pleasant Hill, MO, Veterans of Foreign Wars Service Officers from Kansas City, MO and local vendors etc. Nurses from the VA in Kansas City were also on hand to take blood pressures and answer medical questions. Enrollment personnel from the KCVA were also on hand. Local radio and newspapers provided great advertising to make the event very successful. Local VFW Ladies Auxiliary Recruiter, Corlene Wilson and Veterans Advocate Ollie Whitt brought in local information for veterans. Bob Wonnell, State VFW Senior Vice Commander declared the event an overwhelming success and added Veterans Helping Veterans, that's what the VFW is all about. Thanks to all who participated.

Department Commander Dave Morgan (above) presented the Diamond Jubilee Citation to Post # 3118 Commander John Whyte and stated “this is a very significant milestone for a VFW Post and this citation recognizes the dedication, determination, hard work and a lot of patriotism on the part of its membership.”

Commander Morgan then presented the fifth consecutive All State Post Award and the Post’s first ever All American Post Award to past Post Commander Chris Hummel (2004-09) and past Post Quartermaster Jim Lotspeich. State Representative Mike McGhee presented the VFW # 3118 membership a resolution adopted by the Missouri House of Representatives congratulating the VFW Post on its 75th anniversary. In his keynote address Representative Skelton told VFW members and guests “a 75th anniversary is a wonderful achievement, we owe a lot to the veterans of yesteryear and we owe a lot to veterans of today”. “I’m proud of you”, he told the VFW members. “Thank you for all you do for our country and your community.” Following his remarks Skelton presented an American flag that had been flown over the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C. to current Post Commander John Whyte.

VFW Missourian January 2010 pg. 9

Pride in Your Unit! Your VFW Post
Jim Rippy, District 1, Missouri In the Army I was in, the Company Commander did not defeat the Viet Cong, the grunts did. Membership sucks, and we need to do what is necessary to fix it. You have internet access so that’s why I’m asking you to respond to my plea and help fix this problem whether you are the Commander or a grunt member like me. Invite all veterans in your area of the State to a biscuit and gravy breakfast. With coffee, you will not invest more than $25.00 in expenses. I suggest 0800-1000 but times are up to you. Invite the veterans to your Post or coffee shop one of these cold mornings and have VFW Membership Applications in-hand. Be sure and have some referral forms too and if they have not applied for VA benefits fill one out and make them a member. Notice of these types of events can be placed in the coming events section of your local newspaper or in a church bulletin, anywhere to get the word out that you are there and ready to help veterans. Ask your local radio or television stations for public service spots. Always promote that a Post Service Officer will be present to take referrals. Don’t know how to take a referral? I will attend your event or just get the veterans name, address and phone number to me and a copy of his or her DD-214 or discharge to me and I’ll contact them or teach you how to complete the referral over the phone. Just let the veteran know one of our VFW Service Officers will be in touch with them in the next few days. Follow up on your referral and ask them to become a member of the VFW. We did this in our town and we gained 4 new members and completed 12 referrals by 1000. Remember – As of midnight December 31, 2009 unpaid members are not allowed to attend meeting or vote. These are the members you call or go visit this week, today! Remember also, the Post Relief Fund is there to assist any worthy needy veteran. If a guy or gal can’t afford to pay their membership dues right now, use the relief fund. That’s what it’s for! It doesn’t matter if you are the Post Commander or not. ALL VFW members are responsible for membership. Our Membership program is dead. The Department and the District cannot fix membership. It has to be the Troops on the Ground (Post Members). Your District and Department leaders are ready and willing to help in any way they can. Call, e-mail, fax, come by and ask. Doing nothing gets no results. Jim Rippy District 1, Department of Missouri Membership Chairman

Post 1773 Honors Team

Membership Ideas:
Here are some recruiting ideas from one successful Post Commander here in Missouri. These ideas work no matter where your Post is. Congratulations to Post 858 in Chillicothe, MO for reaching 100% before the end of December! The Post Commander is not the only person who can work membership. It’s up to each and every member to do his or her part. Here are his comments on membership. Keep membership a “must” year round and keep your Post informed on how they are doing. If you, or any member, see someone wearing a military piece of memorabilia at Wall Mart, the grocery store or any place around town, stop and tell him “thank you for your service”. Ask them a few questions. Do you live here in the local area? What branch of the service were you in? Where are some of the places you served? Are you a member of the VFW? If they are qualified, ask them to join your VFW Post. Always have a membership application with you. Ask if they are receiving VA benefits. If the answer is no, offer to assist them by filling out a Veterans Service Officer Referral Form and let them know one of our VFW Veterans Service Officers will be contacting them in the next few days. Veterans Helping Veterans, that’s what we do. Keep in contact with your local Guard or Reserve unit. If they have members returning from war or conflicts, welcome them home and ask them to become members or tell them that we are trying to keep different age groups involved and accepting ideas on what we can do to better help and do things that would get families involved. Just keep pushing the # 1 veteran’s service organization so we can stay #1. Hope this helps.

George LaPrade

VFW Missourian January 2010 Pg. 10

MAVO LEGISLATIVE DAYS February 1, 2010, Monday 10:00 A.M., February 1, 2010 Missouri Veterans Commission (MVC) Meeting, Room 400 Truman Office Building, Jefferson City, MO 1:30 P.M., February 1, 2010 Missouri Association of Veterans Organizations (MAVO) Meeting, Room 400 Truman Office Building, Jefferson City, MO 6:00 P.M., February 1, 2010 Legislative Reception – American Legion Post 5 1423 Tanner Bridge Road, Jefferson City, MO 65101 573-636-7442 (Hosted by the Missouri Association of Veterans Organizations (MAVO) and the Missouri Veterans Commission Foundation, Inc. (MVC Foundation, Inc.)) Please visit your Senator and your Representative during the times between scheduled events. February 2, 2010, Tuesday 8:00 A.M., February 2, 2010 Coffee, Juice, Donuts – Missouri State Capitol Rotunda, Jefferson City, MO 5:00 P.M., February 2, 2010 Testimony before Joint Session Senate and House Veterans Committees Missouri Capitol, 3rd Floor, Senate Lounge Lunch on your own . Thank You for Attending – Please Drive Safely What every Veteran needs to know
Most Veterans are not aware of the fact that there are no time limits on filing a claim. You have just as good a chance of being granted a disability for something that happened 60 years ago as something that happened 5 years ago. The VA does not have a set budget for paying disability claims, they are allowed to pay out what ever monies that has been awarded to Veterans for their claims. There for you are not taking anything away from a Veteran that you may think is more deserving than you. There are among other things cold injury disability claims being awarded from WWII and Korea almost every day and also Agent Orange presumptions from Viet Nam . Just the same as injury claims from Iraq and Afghanistan. So if you think you may have a claim or know of someone that may have a claim please get in touch with one of Missouri's VFW Service Officers. They are the best in the Nation. You will not find any Service Officer anywhere that will work harder for you than right here in Missouri. But at the same time they cannot help you if you do not ask! You will help yourself, your family and the next generation of Veterans by contacting a VFW Service Officer. Call 314-552-9886 today. Submitted by Paul Frampton VSIO Chairman

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