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The Official Publication of the Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite Bodies of South Carolina
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                The Power of Scottish Rite Ritual
                     for Today’s Freemason
                                                                         North Carolina. We were able to confer all 29 of the Scottish
                         C      onsider the wide range of needs
                                and expectations of four different
                          generations of your brothers? What
                                                                         Rite Degrees and the myriad of important lessons. We had
                                                                         over 90 candidates and 500 in attendance at this historical
                          do you expect from your Scottish               event. What a great event!
                          Rite and Freemasonry?                             If it has been a while since you have attended a Scottish
                             What influenced you to become a             Rite Reunion, I encourage you to come this fall and be
                          member?                                        part of our reunions. We all need to be reminded of the rich
                             Does your membership make a                 lessons contained in our degrees. More importantly we
                          difference to others?                          would like to have you identify and invite a friend to join us.
                             I think it is highly appropriate to            For the studious, much of the symbolism of the Blue Lodge
                          ask you to consider what you have              is revealed in the Scottish Rite degrees. I like to remind my
already received from our gentle craft and the association               brother Master Masons that they received the substitute for
with other Freemasons. I encourage you to give this some                 the Lost Masters Word in the 3rd degree. In the 14th degree
thought, serious thought.                                                they will receive the Lost Word, the True word is revealed in
   I submit that your experience in Freemasonry HAS indeed               the 18th degree and the Royal Secret in the 32nd degree.
made a difference in your life! Our Scottish Rite Ritual is a            Given the world today, we all need to recall the many key
powerful influence on those that apply the many advanced                 lessons that provides such a rich support for all of our
lessons to their life. Remember the feeling you had as you               members. Our brothers, practicing our lessons, should be
knelt at our altars and the obligations you made to God,                 recognizable in the communities in which we reside by the
yourself and your brethren! The Scottish Rite will continue              way we live each day. Freemasonry, now more than ever,
to have an impact on the new members that come to us today               needs to stand those great tenets of our Fraternity. Many men
as well.                                                                 of today are looking to belong to an association of men of
   Webster’s Collegiate defines Ritual, Rite and Rite de passage         integrity, truth and support. It is my sincere desire that each
as follows;
                                                                         member realize the brotherhood of man under the fatherhood
    • Ritual – n. A prescribed form or method for the                    of God. I hope to see you in our Scottish Rite Reunions and
      performance of a religious or solemn ceremony.                     meetings this fall.
    • Rite – n. A solemn or religious ceremony performed
      in an established or prescribed manner.                            Fraternally,
    • Rite de passage – A ritual event signifying a change               Michael D. Smith, 33°
      in status in the course (life) of an individual.                   Sovereign Grand Inspector General in South Carolina
   As Freemasons, our ritual is designed to provide an
opportunity for our members to experience a change in
both their understanding of self and to understand their                      DID YOU KNOW?
relationship to God and fellowman.                                                      The Scottish Rite has
   Given the chaos in the world today, we have an important
role to play with the Scottish Rite. Many of our youngest
                                                                                        4 GENERATIONS
members are telling us the importance that they see in what                              of Members.
we offer. You should come to your next valley meeting                      • Traditionals       • Generation X
and hear what your brothers are saying about the Grand                     • Baby Boomers       • Millienials
Cross Reunion that was held in April with our brothers from
                                                          South Carolina
Regular Meetings: Fourth Wednesday • 7:00 p.m.                                                                    Office (843) 571-4699

                                                                        Richard Ivey, 32°,            What made this reunion even more
T    he Grand Cross
     Reunion of the
Scottish Rite Bodies
                                                                        and Bro. Thomas
                                                                        McQuery, 32°.
                                                                                                   special was the presence of the Sovereign
                                                                                                   Grand Commander, Ill. Bro. Ronald A.
held in Charlotte,                                                         We, the members         Seal, 33°.
NC, April 15-18,                                                        of the Valley of              It is our sincere wish and hope that this
2009 was one of the                                                     Charleston, SC, that       can take place again, as this was truly a
grandest Reunions,                                                      attended this Grand        Grand Reunion of the Scottish Rite.
held by the Scottish                                                    Cross wish to extend          There is a plan to have a Fish Fry in
Rite. Valleys from                                                      our many thanks to         October 2009. This will be fund-raising
the states of North Lloyd F. Christopher          William F. Martin, II all the Brethren of        event for Rite Care. Please make plans to
and South Carolina SGIG Personal Rep.              General Secretary    the Valley of Charlotte    attend this event!
took part in this grand event, which saw the     for their hard work in making this event a
conferral of all twenty-nine degrees of          huge success. The brotherly love extended
the Scottish Rite. All the degrees were          by all the members of the Valley of               Lloyd F. Christopher
conferred in a highly proficient manner,         Charlotte was truly on display in making          SGIG Personal Representative
which ensured that all Candidates attending      this a Grand Reunion which will certainly         William F. Martin, II
received more than Further Light in our          be remembered for some time to come.              General Secretary
Fraternity. From our Valley in Charleston,
the Sixth Degree was conferred by a Degree
Team from Myrtle Beach, Scottish Rite Club.
   The Sixth Degree Team consisted of
Ill. Bro. Richard Wesner, 33°, Ill. Bro.
Richard Fasch, 33°, Bro. Ronald Elvis, 32°
KCCH, and Bro. James Collins, 32°. The
team performed the Sixth Degree conferral
in a highly proficient manner and repre-
sented the Valley of Charleston as true
ambassadors of our Scottish Rite Bodies
in Charleston.
   In addition, the following members of the
Valley of Charleston were on hand for this
                                                 Also present at the Grand Cross Reunion were Sovereign Grand Inspectors General
Grand Reunion: Ill. Bro. Lloyd F. Christopher,
                                                 from the following Orients, pictured left to right: Ill. Bro. William R. Miller, 33°, Washington;
33°, SGIG Personal Representative, Ill. Bro.     Ill. Bro. Thomas E. Payne, III, 33°, New Mexico; Ill. Bro. William B. Brunk, 33°, North
Richard A. Wooden, 33°, Ill. Bro. William F.     Carolina; Ill. Bro. Hoyt O. Samples, 33°, Tennessee; Ill. Bro. James D. Cole, 33°,
Martin, II, 33°, Ill. Bro. John A. Johnson,      Virginia; Ill. Bro. Michael D. Smith, 33°, South Carolina; Ill. Bro. Robert L. Goldsmith,
33°, Bro. Thomas Blackwood 32° KCCH,             33°, Florida. Not pictured but in attendance were Ill. Bro. Hans R. Wilhelmsen, 33°,
Bro. Walter C. Disher, 32° KCCH, Bro.            Maryland; and Ill. Bro. Ronald Seale, Sovereign Grand Commander.

                                                     Patent Presentation                                 The Valley of
                                                 Ill. Michael Smith, 33 S.G.I.G in South
                                                 Carolina presented a Patent to Bro. Clifford
                                                 R. Davis, (left) on May 27, 2009 at Roper               Fall Reunion
                                                 Hospital in Charleston, SC. Bro. Davis was               will be held
                                                 honored with the Rank and Decoration as a
                                                 Knight Commander of the Court of Honor
                                                                                                      October 9-10, 2009.
                                                 by the Supreme Council and Ill. Ronald                        Talk with your
                                                 Seale, Sovereign Grand Commander, for                     Blue Lodge brothers
                                                 his dedication to the Scottish Rite, support                  about joining
                                                 of the Rite Care program and his outstanding                the Scottish Rite.
                                                 military career. Bro. Davis received four               Our membership is down
                                                 Purple Hearts during his service along with
                                                                                                            to 2,100 members.
                                                 numerous other honors.

                                                           South Carolina
Regular Meetings: First Wednesday • 7:00 p.m.                                                                        Office (803) 776-6600

                                                      Our annual fruit sale fund-raiser will
T    he Valley of Columbia is continuing
     with it’s slow class. In May they             commence in September with delivery                       2009 Columbia
received their 15th and 17th degree. In            being in December. This also is a very good                Fall Reunion
July they will receive their 18th degree.          fund-raiser for our Rite Care Centers.                            (A Fast Class)
There will be no slow class in June as                On Saturday October 24 we will have our
this is generally a month when people go           Fall Reunion beginning at 6:30 a.m. and             Saturday, October 24, 2009
on vacation.                                       ending about 4:30 p.m. There will also be         Registration.............................6:30 a.m.
   On May 1 and 2 the Valley of Columbia           the Ring Ceremony on this date followed           4th ...........................................7:00 a.m.
had their annual BBQ fund-raiser to raise          by the Feast of Tishri at 7:00 p.m.               14th .........................................8:00 a.m.
money for the Rite Care Foundation. The               On November 21st the Valley of                 18th .......................................10:00 a.m.
fund-raiser was quite successful. The BBQ          Columbia will host the KCCH investiture           Dinner ..................................12:00 noon
fund-raiser will be held next year on              and 33rd degree conferral.                        30th.........................................1:00 p.m.
April 30 and 31.                                                                                     32nd* ......................................3:00 p.m.
   We continue to hold our monthly meet-
                                                                                                     Conclusion..............................4:30 p.m.
ings on the first Wednesday of each month.         Earl T. Nichols, Jr., 33°
We will eat at 7:00 p.m. and the meeting           General Secretary                                       Communications will be done
commences at 7:30 p.m.                                                                                                between degrees.

                                                       Members from Ft. Jackson Lodge and
                                                       the Columbia Scottish Rite Valley
                                                       were prepared to confer the 15th
                                                       Degree, Knight of the East, at the
                                                       Grand Cross Reunion in Charlotte on
                                                       April 16 as part of the Joint Reunion
                                                       between North and South Carolina.
                                                       Cast members were: Alexander
                                                       Roberts as King Cyrus, Walter Reed
                                                       as Daniel, Harold Noble as Persian,
                                                       Eddie Comeau as Nebuzaradan, Joe             Bruce Chennery and Jerry Kimmons with
                                                       Rush as Zerubbabel, Layne Waters             Grand Commander Ill. Ronald Seal at the
                                                       as the Voice of God.                         Grand Cross Reunion of the Carolinas.

                                             The Gift of Fellows
                                                      After showing it to Ill. Bro. Don Smith for   Craftsman program. The hard work paid off.
B    ruce Chennery attended the Fellow’s
     meeting conducted by the Grand Com-
mander in Birmingham, Alabama in 2008.
                                                   his input and approval, Bruce was asked to
                                                   present it at an upcoming event. Several
                                                                                                    Eight petitions were requested that night; six
                                                                                                    were for the Scottish Rite. He is continuing to
This meeting produced dozens of ideas and          Masonic affiliations had a speaker and encour-   go to Blue Lodges with the presentation. The
projects. One challenge he received was to         aged brethren to join. Bruce’s presentation      gifts of encouragement and enthusiasm he
help start a Knights of Saint Andrew in his        was full of colorful pictures. It gave a short   had received are spreading like wildfire
home valley of Spartanburg SC.                     history of the Scottish Rite, touched on some    through the valley.
   Personal Representative Ill. Bro. Don Smith     key lessons in the degrees. It explained our        Bruce realized there were other ways to
appointed Bruce as Membership Chairman             philanthropy, and promoted the new Master        spread the gift. The Fall Reunion started and
and encouraged him to implement some of the                                                         he was involved in the Forth Degree. After his
ideas. One vision was to create a Power Point                                                       degree, he stayed with the class. Bruce took
presentation highlighting Scottish Rite and                                                         advantage of this time to speak with the
Rite Care. Bruce, with the help of his daughter                                                     candidates between degrees. He befriended
Crystal, a senior in college, created a Power                                                       them, gave them candy, told jokes, and
Point presentation. She has always been proud                                                       sparked enthusiasm. He told them about the
of her father’s involvement in Masonry and was                                                      philanthropy and ideas for fund-raisers. He
happy to help due to her father’s enthusiasm.                                                       inspired them to get involved in the degree
With the designs on the trestle board they                                                          work. He was encouraged by the class’s
began to work, each one learning from the                                                           involvement. He mentioned starting a Knights
other. Together they worked on it until they had   The newly formed 18th Degree Team                of Saint Andrews. Many showed interest.
what seemed to be a professional presentation.     from Spartanburg.                                                           (continued on page C-7)

                                                             South Carolina
Regular Meetings: Third Tuesday • 7:00 p.m.                                                                             Office (864) 232-5430

         Master Craftsman                                                                                T     he Fall Reunion for the Greenville Valley
                                                                                                               will be held on October 16, 17, and 31.
                                                    These areas express
I n the Greenville Valley it has become the
  overall encouragement to make it the quest
of every Scottish Rite Mason to study and
                                                    our duty to God, to our
                                                    country and to man-
                                                                                                         We are now working with the revised
                                                                                                         Standard Pike ritual, and invite everyone who
                                                                                                         has not had the opportunity to see them to
receive the distinguished title of Master           kind.” (Bridge to Light).                            join us for these two weekends. Your presence
Craftsmen. Throughout the South Carolina               The Master Crafts-                                will not only lend brotherly support to our
Orient 19 Masters of the Royal Secret have          man, through the read-                               candidates, but to our degree casts as well,
achieved this prestigious title. Four of our        ing and study of                                     and will allow many of you to see the revised
brothers within the Greenville Valley have          Scottish Rite history                                degrees for the first time.
accomplished this endeavor, they are: Brothers      and in-depth study of                                   I strongly encourage you all to locate dedi-
Bill Quinton, Jim Richberg, Trevor Johnston         the degrees, offers the                              cated and loyal members of your Blue Lodges
and most recently, Brother Tony Wintz.              reinforcement that is         Ill. Tom Henry         and talk to them about Scottish Rite Masonry.
                                                                                SGIG Personal Rep.
                                                    highly recommended                                   Let them know who we are and what we do.
                                                    to all Scottish Rite Masons.                         There are many in our Lodges who seek
                                                       Open this site:    further light in Masonry, but often know
                                                    Under the Supreme Council title, there is a          little or nothing about the Scottish Rite.
                                                    purple bar – Visitors, Prospective Members,          For example, how many of our Blue Lodge
                                                    Scottish Rite Masons, Make a Gift. Place your        members know that the Scottish Rite, now the
                                                    cursor on the Scottish Rite Masons title, scroll     largest Masonic organization in the world,
                                                    down to the Scottish Rite Master Craftsman           was founded right here in South Carolina?
                                                    program. Click on that. It will take you to the      The idea of that heritage alone would surely
                                                    page were you can read about and sign up for         spark many of our brethren’s interest!
Brother Tony Wintz receives his Master              the program.                                            The Valley of Greenville continues to need
Craftsman Certificate from Personal                    We encourage you to take part in this most        volunteers to work on our degree teams. Those
Representative to the SGIG, Tom Henry.              meaningful program.                                  of you with ritualistic talent or interests are
   The Master Craftsman study provides that                                                              encouraged to contact me. Working on a
                                                    Fraternally,                                         degree team is a fun, challenging and rewarding
Scottish Rite education is an underlining prin-
ciple that is offered as we progress through        Tom Henry, 33°                                       experience. It allows us to gain personal
each degree.                                        Personal Representative to the SGIG                  knowledge and insight while we serve our
   “To become a Scottish Rite Mason is to                                                                brethren and exemplify Scottish Rite Masonry
begin the search for philosophical truth in                                                              to our newest members. I can guarantee that
three areas: political, moral and religious.                                                             if you work on a degree team with us, you will
                                                                                                         never regret it.
                                                                                                            I may be reached at (864) 908-2523 or
    Massing of the Colors                                                                                via email at I look
The eleventh Massing of the Colors was held on                                                           forward to hearing from you, and will see you
March 1, 2009 and was directed by Rt. Wor.                                                               in the quarries.
William B. Rogers, Chairman of Americanism                                                               Fraternally,
for the Scottish Rite Valley of Greenville. The
program was sponsored by the Greenville Valley                                                           Lee Duncan, 32° KCCH
with the assistance of Ft. Jackson Chapter                                                               Director of Work
No. 184 of National Sojourners and the Columbia
Chapter of MOWW. The featured speaker was
Col. Quincy Collins, USAF Ret. who gave a very inspiring talk and received a standing ovation
from the 26 flag teams represented. The Grand Master of Masons in South Carolina and most of
his Officers were in attendance.

                              Pictured right are a few of the 30 men from the Greenville Valley
BMW                           who volunteered to help at the 2009 BMW Charity Pro-Am Golf
Charity                       Tournament held May 14-17. The tournament, part of the Nationwide
Pro-Am                        golf series, raises funds for local charities, including the South Carolina Scottish Rite Rite Care Centers. Although ticket
                              sales were not as brisk as in 2008, the number of Scottish Rite volunteers nearly doubled over the previous year which
                              is important since the level of participation partly determines the funding our charity receives. The work was pleasant
                              and enjoyable, with snacks and lunches provided, and plenty of opportunity to watch the golf pros and celebrities play.
                              If we can double our volunteer participation for the 2010 tournament, we may be considered for substantially more funding.

                                                           South Carolina
Regular Meetings: First Monday • 7:30 p.m.                                                                         Office (864) 573-9826

                                                     Our Spartanburg bodies are involved in         please let us know.
T    his is an exciting time to be a member
     of the Scottish Rite bodies in Spartan-
burg. We are implementing many new
                                                  raising funds for the three Rite Care Centers
                                                  in the state which provide therapy to kids
                                                                                                    We can always use a
                                                                                                    helping hand and
ideas that are involving and motivating our       with learning disabilities. This therapy is       your ideas to make
membership. If you would like to be a part        free to the families of these children and is     all of our events even
of this movement, be at our regular meeting       funded by the Scottish Rite Foundation of         better.
on the first Monday of each month.                SC through our many fund-raisers and gifts           Thanks for your
   We are in the process of forming a             from our many friends and brothers. The           attention and service
Knight of Saint Andrews Body in                   bodies will sponsor a Quartet singing at          to the Scottish Rite.
Spartanburg which will be comprised of 32         Chapman High School auditorium on July            I am looking forward
                                                                                                                                Ill. Don Smith
Degree Masons only. They have been granted        25th. A golf tournament will be held at           to seeing each of         SGIG Personal Rep.
dispensation by our S.G.I.G., Ill. Michael        Village Green Golf Club on August 22nd.           you very soon.
D. Smith, and are going forward with elec-        The concession project for football at
tion of officers and taking applications for      Chapman High School begins in late                Donald L. Smith, 33°
membership. If you would like to be a part of     August. These are just a few of the projects      Personal Representative to the
this group, contact our Secretary or myself       that we sponsor here in Spartanburg. If you       SGIG in South Carolina
and we will get you what you need.                would like to assist us in these endeavors,

                       D     o you know why we call our degree
                             work “reunions”? Think of a family
                       reunion. It is a time for our “Masonic
                                                                                                   I would like to thank each and every one of
                                                                                                     you for all you do for Masonry and most
                                                                                                  especially, the Scottish Rite. It is a pleasure to
                       Brothers” to get together and renew our                                    be able to work with each of you. I know that
                       friendships with those bonds of fraternal                                  being a Secretary for any organization can be
                       love and affection. It is also a time to refresh                           both trying and rewarding at the same time. I
                       our memories of the degrees and the lessons                                have had a lot of training from Ill. Brother
                       for life that they teach. It also provides an                              Bill Moseley to prepare me for this position
                       opportunity for us to see those degrees which                              and I still rely on him for his leadership.
     Doug Knauer       we may have never seen before.                      Ill. Fred D. Thompson     Scottish Rite Masonry is like all other
   Director of Work       The Joint North Carolina/South Carolina                  Secretary      businesses in that if we want to grow, changes
Spring 2009 Reunion was just such an event. There were over                have to be made, and that is where I feel we are now. We have many
90 candidates from all of the Valleys of both states. All 29 degrees       older brothers to draw wisdom from, but at the same time, we need
were performed, many for the first time in this area, and many             to be training our younger brothers because they will soon be the
were done by new degree teams. You should be proud of your                 leaders of our beloved Scottish Rite.
Spartanburg Valley and the great degree work its teams performed –             We all know that time does not stand still for anyone and that is
especially the all new 18th degree team composed of new members.           also true for Scottish Rite Masonry. We need to look to the future
They did an AWESOME job!                                                   with a renewed spirit and a spirit of cooperation and ask each other
   The Valley of Rock Hill also put together a new degree team to          “What can I do to make our beloved Fraternity even better?”
do the 12th degree, Master Architect. Many of us have never seen               We are at a crossroad and the path we choose will decide the
that degree. I have invited the Rock Hill team to do the 12th degree       fate of our future. Let’s all work with a positive attitude and strive
in Spartanburg for our Fall Reunion.                                       to do all we can to show all Masons that Scottish Rite Masons are
   Brethren, if your Lodge would like to consider creating a new           working in harmony.
degree team, please let me know. We will work with you to find an          Fraternally,
appropriate degree to match the number of brothers with the num-
                                                                           Fred D. Thompson, 33°
ber of speaking parts.
   I urge you to review the Valley calendar and make plans to attend
our upcoming Fall Reunion on October 9-10. The Feast of Tishri
Banquet and Ring Ceremony will be on October 19. This event is                                         JROTC Award Presented
open to everyone. We encourage you to bring your family, friends,                                      South Carolina leads the Southern Juris-
and potential new Scottish Rite members.                                                               diction with our 120 JROTC Awards
   We are always looking for degree workers. Many of the parts are                                     presented annually. Pictured left is Cadet
either non-speaking or very short (one paragraph). If you would                                        Lauren Cheek, the 2009 recipient of the
like to help with any of the degree work, please contact me.                                           JROTC Award at Chapman High School
                                                                                                       in Inman, SC.
Doug Knauer, 32° KCCH
Director of Work

                                                        South Carolina
Regular Meetings: Fourth Monday • 7:00 p.m.                                                                  Office (803) 279-8419

                      S     pring has come
                            and gone and the
                                                allowed to enter, that in and of itself should
                                                cause each of us to pause and reflect on the
                                                cherished gift that we have in being
                                                                                                     Valley of Aiken
                       hot days of summer                                                        Calendar of Events 2009
                       are with us now for a    members of such a Fraternity. We were
                                                                                                 • July 27    Regular Meeting at
                       while. Many of you       each taught in the Ineffable Degrees “That
                                                                                                              Concordia Lodge #50
                       will be taking those     Duty Is With Us Always” that each of us
                                                                                                              in Edgefield
                       much-deserved family     has a responsibility, a responsibility to God,
                                                                                                 • Aug. 14-15 Elbert J. Mason
                       vacations. Please be     our country, our community, and to our
                                                                                                              32° KCCH
                       safe in your travels.    charity. Keep reading, this won’t hurt, well
                                                                                                              Reunion Class
  Ill. Gary B. Hinson Your Valley will be       maybe a little. I’m not going to ask you to
                                                                                                 • Aug. 24    Regular Meeting
 SGIG Personal Rep. holding our Fall            make a donation to the Rite Care Foundation,
                                                                                                 • Sept. 18   Ring Ceremony and
Reunion on August 14th and 15th under           I’m going to depend on that little voice
                                                                                                              Feast of Tishri
the direction of Ill. Glenn A. Turner, 33°      in your head that “Moral Compass” or
                                                                                                 • Sept. 28   Regular Meeting
Director of Work. If asked to assist please     “Conscience” that guides our lives, let it
                                                                                                 • Oct. 26    Regular Meeting
consider taking part in this Reunion. I would   guide you. If I can be of any assistance
                                                                                                 • Nov. 23    Regular Meeting
ask that you take some time to remember         please let me know.
                                                                                                 • Dec. 28    Regular Meeting,
your treasured membership in the Scottish       Gary B. Hinson, 33°                                           Election and
Rite. We each know that not every man           Personal Representative to                                    Installation of Officers
that knocks on the door of Freemasonry is       the SGIG in SC

                           Unity Dinner & Ladies’ Night
T    he Valley of Aiken, in conjunction with
     the Aiken York Rite Bodies, celebrated
their Fifth Annual Unity Dinner and Ladies’
Night. The gala event was held again this
year at Woodside Plantation and Country
Club in Aiken. A social hour preceded the
evenings banquet; the attendees dinned on
beef tenderloin and salmon with grilled
asparagus prepared to perfection. Co-Master
of Ceremonies for the evening were SK
Joel E. Casey, Eminent Commander Aiken
Commandery #14 KT, and Ill. Gary B.
Hinson, 33°, Personal Representative Valley
of Aiken. Following the fine meal, the
celebrants enjoyed the sounds of Front Page
News a Barbershop Quartet. After the            L to R: SK Joel E. Casey, 32° KCCH Eminent Commander Aiken Commandery # 14 KT,
appropriate introductions of distinguished      General Secretary Valley of Aiken, MI Ronald T. Elvis, MIGM Grand Council RSM of South
guests and remarks by MW Bro. Barry A.          Carolina, ME Dana P. Rickards, MEGHP Grand Chapter of South Carolina, Ill. Michael D.
Rickman, Grand Master of Masons in              Smith, 33° SGIG of South Carolina, MW Bro. Barry A. Rickman, Grand Master of Masons in
                                                South Carolina, MV Bro. William R. “Bill” Logan, SGM Grand Council AMD of USA, MW and
South Carolina, the Ladies and Widows           Ill. Bro. G. Ray Marsh, 33° PGM Intendant General of Red Cross of Constantine of
were each presented a rose and the evenings     South Carolina, H. Gregory Hires, Eminent Prior Palmetto Priory # 54 KYCH, Rex Lutz, 32°
festivities concluded with a prayer offered     Venerable Master Aiken Lodge of Perfection, Ill. Gary B. Hinson, 33° Personal
by Ill. Robert D. Yonce, 33°.                   Representative to SGIG Valley of Aiken, Secretary/Recorder Aiken York Rite Bodies.

                                                                       Masonic Tag Project
                                        Get your South Carolina Masonic Auto License Plate at your local DMV office!
                                        A current Grand Lodge Dues Card is required to purchase a tag. The cost is $30 for
                                        a two-year tag and proceeds benefit the South Carolina Rite Care Centers and
                                        Grand Lodge Disaster Relief Fund.

                                                                 South Carolina
                            ROCK HILL
Regular Meetings: Fourth Tuesday • 7:00 p.m.                                                                                  Office (803) 328-3017

                          s you all know,
                          a special and
                    historic event called
                                                       12th DEGREE MASTER ARCHITECT
                                                       Master of

                    The Grand Cross                       Ceremonies...........William L. Summerville
                    Joint Reunion was                  Venerable Master.....................E. Stacy Lewis
                    held in Charlotte, NC              Senior Warden.............................James Carter
                    in April, with both                Junior Warden .........................Jason G. Brock
                    SC and NC perform-                 Orator ......................Vannie E. “Eddie” Porter
                    ing ALL 29 degrees.                Introduction .............Starks A. “Sonny” Porter
    Jon Lindsey     The Brothers listed                   If you have newly made Master Masons
     Secretary      below performed the                in your Blue Lodge, please encourage them
4th and 12th degrees in a most excellent               to join us in the Valley of Rock Hill.                      Eddie Porter (pictured above) was the
manner.                                                   Visiting Rock Hill is always a good time!             first in our Valley to complete the Master
    4th DEGREE SECRET MASTER                           Our regular meeting is on the fourth                     Craftsman program. Brother Charles Gregory
Position                                 Primary       Tuesday of every month except December.                  and Brother O. Walt Sealy are the second
Venerable Master .................Richard Steele       Our address is:                                          and third to complete the program.
Senior Warden.......................Jonnie Morris             Rock Hill 111 Masonic Lodge                          The cost is $35.00 plus the shipping, and
Junior Warden ........................Ray Marshall      130 North Elizabeth Lane, Rock Hill, SC                 you receive the latest (2006) Bridge to Life
                                                                                                                book. Upon completion of the program, you
Senior Deacon............................Rick Doby
                                                       Fraternally,                                             will receive 500 points!
Junior Deacon..........................Hal Gregory
Orator............................Charles M. Cheney    Jon Lindsey, 32° KCCH
Introduction...........................Richard Sealy   General Secretary                                           Valley of Rock Hill
Screen Projector ..................Jon G. Lindsey                                                                Calendar of Events 2009
                                                                                                                 • Saturday, July 18
                                                                                                                   Second Rite Care Dirt Track Race
The Gift of Fellows                         (continued from page C-3)                                              Donations are extremely helpful!
He asked each class member for their email             degree received great reviews at the reunion.               Please come out to the Chester I-77
address. During the week, between the 18th             Jerry was also was very involved in the                     Speedway and enjoy the
and 19th degrees, he sent the class emails             charting of the KSA and has been appointed                  “Little Diamond” of the South”
daily. After the reunion, Bruce continued to           as an Officer. During all of this, he was still           • Saturday, October 17
send the class emails. He talked to several            the WM of his Blue Lodge. Jerry was very                    Fall Reunion – 4th through the 18th
members of the Valley and a group started              happy when a six-month member of Inman                      Petitions are available by email or
to form. This core group would be Charter              Lodge, Paul McWilliams, asked him for
                                                                                                                   at the regular meetings
members of a KSA in Spartanburg.                       a petition for the Joint Reunion, and Paul
                                                                                                                 • November Time Frame
   Jerry Kimmons was the Master of Inman               was the active candidate. Yes, our Grand
                                                                                                                   All for the Rite Care Centers
Lodge #201 AFM. Seeing Bruce’s excitement              Commander had a gift he freely gave to the
and Power Point presentation, Jerry became             Fellows at Birmingham. When asked about
                                                                                                                   Fruit Sales and Meat Sales
intrigued and joined the Fall Class. He                the meeting Bruce said “The greatest gift he
answered every email Bruce sent and was                received was encouragement about our future              JROTC Award Presented
excited to be part of the Chartering of a KSA.         and Masonry’s involvement in it.” Bruce gave
The gift our Grand Commander gave was now              the gift to Jerry who sparked interest with
Jerry’s and everyone knew it. Ill. Bro. Michael        Paul and the gift goes on.
Smith, the SGIG, asked Jerry if he would be
involved for the upcoming joint reunion in
Charlotte, NC. Jerry wasn’t sure what was
involved in being a degree Master, but if Ill.
Bro. Smith had confidence then Jerry was
willing to embrace the opportunity. A new
degree team for the 18th Knight of Rose Croix
degree was formed and the gift spread to each
degree member. Only twelve weeks away,                                                                          Walt Sealy, of the Hill Valley presents Cadet
Jerry encouraged a practice once a week.                                                                        Ashley Faulkenberry, from York Comprehen-
Most times the team showed up in full. The                                                                      sive High School with the 2009 JROTC Award.

                                                         South Carolina

E.C. Singleton Center (803) 776-5474 • John I. Smith Center (864) 232-1673 • Charleston Center (843) 573-8545

    Funding Support Urgently Needed                                                               Meet Michael the Rite Care Bear and
                                                                                                  Sam, the Masonic Bear. They measure
          ~ HELP WANTED ~                                                                         nine inches tall and are crafted by
                                                                                                  Holy Bear Inc. These bears were
G     entlemen, our Rite Care program is continuing
      to offer the highest quality speech and
language services in Columbia, Greenville
                                                                                                  created for the purpose of raising funds
                                                                                                  for the Scottish Rite Centers of SC.
                                                                                                  The Scottish Rite Centers provide
and Spartanburg at a reduced level due to
                                                                                                  care – free of charge – to preschool
lower funding levels during these difficult
economic times. The Board of Trustees
adopted a budget at a 20% reduction from
last year with reduced staff and lower
numbers of clients being offered services.
While we have reduced our budget and staffing,
we have not compromised our standards of excel-
lence. These things are driving our program. We are now
asking for your direct assistance. Many have offered generous support for our centers,
but it looks as if we will need to raise another $150,000 for the balance of the year. We have
requested each Valley Board of Directors to bring new projects to support our philanthropy
and many are responding with numerous projects which is encouraging.
   We need your support now for the balance of the year to keep operations moving forward         aged children with the inability to
and continuing to offer our excellent program. How can you help?                                  properly communicate efficiently and
                                                                                                  effectively. The proceeds from the sale
    • Make a generous donation to the Scottish Rite Foundation of South Carolina
                                                                                                  of the bears will benefit all three of the
    • Support your Foundation projects with your gifts and talents. Workers are needed.
                                                                                                  Rite Care Centers. The price of each
    • Include the Scottish Rite Foundation of South Carolina in your estate planning.
                                                                                                  bear is $10.00 and shipping in the
                            Won’t you please give generously?                                     USA is $4.95. The price for both bears
                                                                                                  is $25.95.
Please forward your contributions to:            Please direct comments or questions to:
   Scottish Rite Foundation of                      Michael Smith,                                      Make checks payable to
   South Carolina                                   SGIG in SC                                              Michael Broom
   PO Box 4635                                      Chairman                                            and send your orders to:
   Spartanburg, SC 29305-4635                       (864) 680-0966 Cell                                    Michael J. Broom
                                                                                                         201 North Ridge Road
“ Scottish Rite Masons, Truly Making a Difference Every Day, One Child at a Time.”TM                      Columbia, SC 29223.

                                                               CLIP AND MAIL

                         Please make check payable to Scottish Rite Foundation of SC, Inc. and mail to:
                                           Scottish Rite Foundation of S.C., Inc.
                                          P.O. Box 4635 • Spartanburg, SC 29305
I would like to make the following contribution:
❑   Founders Club ($25,000)        ❑   The 300 ($1000)       ❑   $500     ❑   $100      ❑   $50   ❑   $25     ❑   Other $ _____________
Address (mailing): __________________________________________________________________________________________
City: _______________________________________________ State: ___________ Zip Code:_____________________________
Phone No.: ______________________________________ Email: ____________________________________________________
Are you a Scottish Rite member?:       ❑ Yes     ❑ No
If so, where?   ❑ Charleston ❑ Columbia          ❑ Greenville ❑ Spartanburg ❑ Aiken ❑ Rock Hill ❑ Other ______________
Would you be interested in leaving a gift to the Scottish Rite Foundation of SC through a Will, Trust, or other instrument? ❑ Yes       ❑ No
If yes, someone will contact you at the phone number you listed above.


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