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					               Newsletter to Our Friends                          Winter 2009 • Vol. 3, no. 3

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                         Bringing the Museum To You
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                                                    From the Director

                               t Is hard tO belIeve that 2009 Is here. WIth
                               the turn of the calendar come the welcome feelings of
                               optimism and hope that always accompany a new year.
                               For many, the past year was certainly a trying one, and
                         uncertainty lingers on many fronts. We know, however, that the
                                                                                             national Heritage Museum
                         Museum can provide a place of respite and enjoyment in these        newsletter, Winter 2009
                         stressful times. Museums always lift the spirit. With the tough
                         economics we all face, there is much richness to experience here,   Richard V. Travis, 33°
                         and many of our offerings are available for free—thanks to          Director, Pro-Tem

                         your ongoing and trusted support, and to that of the scottish       sTaff

rite Masons. be sure to remind your family, friends, and neighbors that the Museum           Linda Patch, Editor
                                                                                             anne starr, Copy Editor
offers much of value, both to its visitors and its community.
                                                                                             David Gerratt,
    the Museum continues to please and delight visitors with our current exhibitions         Designer,
and public programs. “augustus Frederick sherman: ellis Island Portraits, 1905–1920”         ConTRibuToRs
has touched many viewers deeply, as the photographs help them connect to their own           Hilary anderson stelling
                                                                                             Director of Exhibitions
history, and that of our nation. the exhibition warranted a full-page review on October      & Collections
25, 2008 in The Boston Globe by Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Mark Feeney. he called         Joanne Myers
the exhibition “deeply affecting,” and characterized sherman as the unlikely bureaucrat      Director of Education
                                                                                             & Public Programs
who became an “inadvertent artist.” Margaret smith, art critic for The MetroWest             Jeff Croteau
Daily News, sees the portraits as “studies of hope, fear, bewilderment and often pride       Manager of Library and Archives
                                                                                             aimee E. newell
in one’s place of origin and determination in one’s destination.” this is a show             Curator of Collections
certainly worth visiting.                                                                    Catherine swanson
    as I review the offerings in this issue of the newsletter, I am struck by thoughts of
connection. the ellis Island portraits connect many of us to our family’s past and their
dreams for the future. a number of our public programs presented in conjunction with
“Keepers of tradition: art and Folk heritage In Massachusetts” will introduce you to
living artists from our local communities. a Cambodian ceramist and a master weaver          Museum news sent Right
                                                                                             to Your Computer! sign up
of Native american baskets are just a few of the artists you can meet. You may discover      for our E-newsletter
they are at work in your own neighborhood!                                                   the Museum invites you to sign
    Connecting to our visitors and supporters far and wide is an ongoing priority of         up for our new monthly e-mail
                                                                                             newsletter! We can now send
all members of the Museum staff. the Museum’s recently expanded blog and ongoing
                                                                                             news of programs, exhibitions,
e-news communications are efforts we are especially proud of and remain committed            and special events right to your
to. these new methods of contact allow us to bring the Museum directly to you. We            desktop computer. not only can
can introduce you to parts of the collection never before seen, and bring you stories        we keep you up-to- date in a
                                                                                             timely fashion, but your partici-
of historic interest that go well beyond what we can present in our brick-and-mortar         pation helps save the Museum
building. We can showcase the strength and depth of our intellectual capital, allowing       the high cost of printing and
us to keep our connection to you dynamic and alive. Please take a moment to check            mailing. the monthly e-newsletter
                                                                                             is offered as a service in conjunc-
out the Museum blog, and sign up for e-news updates at our web site.
                                                                                             tion with this quarterly publication.
    here’s to a wonderful new year. We look forward to seeing you at the Museum.             We will also provide occasional
                                                                                             announcements of special
	 R i c h a r d 	 V. 	 Tr a v i s , 	 3 3 º	                                                 events or programs relating to
	 	 	Director, Pro-Tem                                                                       your particular areas of interest.
                                                                                             Just log onto the home page of
                                                  On the cOver                               our web site at www.national
                                                  Wake Up America Day, April 19, 1917. and click
                                                  James Montgomery Flagg (1877–1960).        on “Join our e-mailing list.” We
                                                  national Heritage Museum, Van Gorden-      look forward to keeping in touch.
                                                  Williams library and Archives.
                                                  Photograph by David Bohl.                  All e-mail information will remain
                                                                                             confidential, and will never be
                                                                                             sold or traded. You can opt out
                                                                                             at any time.
2 • Winter 2009
         National Heritage Museum Blog:
          Bringing the Museum to You!

                 ith over 17,000 ob-
                 jects in the Museum                                                              Pitcher, 1832. benjamin
                 collection, over ten                                                             C. frobisher (1792–1862),
                                                                                                  boston, Massachusetts.
                 exhibitions a year and                                                           national Heritage Museum.
an active program of concerts, lectures                                                           Museum purchase with
                                                                                                  the assistance of the
and demonstrations, we’ve got a lot                                                               Kane Lodge foundation.
to talk about.                                                                                    Photograph by David bohl.

   Many of you have been reading
the van Gorden-Williams library
& archives blog posts for the last
few months. We’re happy to report
we have expanded the blog’s focus
to cover objects from the Museum’s
collections, as well as exhibitions and
programs. From now on, both library
& archives and National heritage
Museum staff members will share
stories, information and news with
our readers. You can continue to
access our blog at http://national
and_archives or you can use the
simpler address http://nationalheritage
                                                                   Ritual bell, ca. 1860. some of the                                   Probably new England
topics staff members address are re-                               Glass Company, East
                                                                   Cambridge, Massachusetts.
cent acquisitions, new exhibitions and                             national Heritage Museum.
intriguing stories from our collections.                           Photograph by David bohl.
Our posts also touch on objects in the
collection that have been the focus of         the story of the lovely glass bell          You can also find out why James
questions or exhibition research, or       pictured here is also explored on our        Montgomery Flagg, known for his
that visitors have found particularly      blog. It was presented by louis a. Felix     famous illustration of Uncle sam, de-
compelling. For example, the engrav-       (1837–1910) to the Monitor lodge             signed the image for Wake Up America
ing on the front of the striking pitcher   of Waltham, Massachusetts in 1860.           Day shown on the cover. each post
presented here reads “to benja. smith      It looks like a cloche or garden bell de-    also includes a place for you to com-
esq. From the Members of st. andrews       signed to protect young plants, a prod-      ment or ask a question.
lodge Jany. 1832.” the recipient,          uct made by american glass companies            this exciting feature helps us bring
benjamin smith, was raised a Master        from the 1810s on. however, this bell        the Museum to you, wherever you may
Mason in the lodge of st. andrew in        had a different purpose. Members of          be. If you go to our blog, you can take
the early 1790s, and later served as       Felix’s lodge likely used it to chime        a look at our past posts and sign up
senior Warden from 1813 to 1815.           symbolic midnight during a Masonic           to subscribe to the new ones. let us
the timing of the pitcher’s presenta-      ritual. Crafted from colorless lead glass    know what you think about our col-
tion—in the midst of the anti-Masonic      (instead of common green bottle glass)       lections, exhibitions and other offer-
period—seemed remarkable. an up-           and handsomely engraved, this bell           ings. We look forward to hearing
coming blog entry tells the whole          doubtless cost more than the garden          from you!
story.                                     variety and was a meaningful gift.

                                                                                                                   Winter 2009 • 3
                                                                                              o p e u i n g a n u a r y 1,
                                                                                            t h r o n g h FJe b r u a r y 3 8 , 2 0 0 9

               A Penny for Your thoughts:
           Postcards from the Golden Age, 1898–1918

       n the early 1900s, when tele-
       phones and cameras were few
                                                                                                                        Postcard, 1908.
       and automobiles were limited                                                                                     Metropolitan news
                                                                                                                        Company, boston,
       to the well-to-do, the postcard                                                                                  Massachusetts and
filled a necessary and appreciated role.                                                                                Germany. Van
Costing only a penny each to send,                                                                                      Library & archives.
postcards were an inexpensive way to                                                                                    Gift of Martin a.
                                                                                                                        and Mildred H.
convey short messages. Images on the                                                                                    Gilman.
cards showed american pursuits and
pastimes, customs, costumes, morals,
and manners. sold everywhere—in
drug stores, souvenir shops, dime stores,
specialty shops and even on street cor-
ners—many postcards from this age
still exist today.
    In “a Penny for Your thoughts,”                              Postcard, 1908.
                                                                 american news
on view in the van Gorden-Williams                               Company, new York,
library and archives, more than 100                              Leipzig, Dresden,
                                                                 Germany. Van
examples from the Golden age will                                Gorden-Williams
be shown, along with postcard scrap-                             Library & archives.
                                                                 Gift of Martin a. and
books. the images capture the opti-                              Mildred H. Gilman.
mism, the people, the industrialism,
and the transportation of the period
from 1898–1918. visitors will see
favorite tourist destinations, city-
scapes, and period automobiles. they
will also be able read the messages
on these antique postcards. a variety
of styles and subject matter will be
shown, including color lithographic,
photographic, novelty, and fraternal
    the exhibition is drawn from
gifts from Martin a. and Mildred h.
Gilman and various museum purchases.
bertha Petersen, Martin a. Gilman’s
mother, collected many of the post-
cards when she lived in New Jersey
and Connecticut from 1904–1917.

                                            Postcard, ca. 1907. f. Earl
                                            Christy. Van Gorden-Williams
                                            Library & archives. Gift of
                                            Martin a. and Mildred H.

                                                 Postcard, 1906. o. & W. Ry, new York.
                                                 Van Gorden-Williams Library & archives.
                                                 Gift of Martin a. and Mildred H. Gilman.

4 • Winter 2009
                                                                                               through april 26, 2009

                        “I See My Own Face Everywhere”
       aUGUstUs FrederICK sherMaN’s POrtraIts resONate WIth vIsItOrs

                                                                                                                Ruthenian woman
                                                                                                                from the former
                                                                                                                kingdom of Ruthenia,
                                                                                                                which once covered
                                                                                                                an area stretching
                                                                                                                from the ukraine to
                                                                                                                northeastern Romania.
                                                                                                                augustus frederick
                                                                                                                sherman (1865–1925).
                                                                                                                Courtesy of aperture
                                                                                                                foundation and statue
                                                                                                                of Liberty national
                                                                                                                Monument/Ellis island
                                                                                                                immigration Museum.

Romanian shepherd. augustus frederick sherman (1865–1925).
Courtesy of aperture foundation and statue of Liberty national
Monument/Ellis island immigration Museum.

  Jakob Mittelstadt and family, Russian German, ex ss “Pretoria,”
  May 9, 1905. admitted to go to Kullen, n.D. augustus frederick
  sherman (1865–1925). Courtesy of aperture foundation and statue
  of Liberty national Monument/Ellis island immigration Museum.

      n the few weeks that “augustus               noted, “If I didn’t have to be selective,   tattoos. I am sure they have a story
      Frederick sherman: ellis Island              I would take a lot.”                        for each one.” another said, “I would
      Portraits, 1905–1920” has been                  some visitors shared their immigra-      like to meet a mother of many children
      open, it has touched a chord                 tion stories with us, including this one:   and ask her how she managed such
with visitors.                                     “My husband’s grandmother got on a          a large group on such a long and
   We greatly appreciate the comments              ship from europe to ellis Island with       uncertain voyage!”
visitors offer verbally to staff, and on           her fiancé. she got off the boat engaged       In sharing their impressions of the
comments cards. You can view a selec-              to my husband’s grandfather, NOt            exhibition, visitors left these insightful
tion of the thoughts and reactions we              the original fiancé. We only wish we        remarks. One commented, “this inter-
have received the next time you visit the          knew the stories of what happened           esting exhibit clearly show how simi-
gallery. they have been funny, thought-            on board!”                                  lar ... we are to these brave people
ful, and intriguing. here is a sampling:              Many of sherman’s portraits inspire      who faced adversity, change and the
   In answer to the question, “If you              curiosity. More visitors have responded     future with courage in their hearts and
were immigrating to another country,               to the query, “Who in these photos          hope in their eyes. Just as we need to
what you bring and why?,” one visi-                would you like to meet?” than any           today.” another observer said simply,
tor said, “No matter what country I                other. One visitor wrote, “I would like     “I see my own face everywhere.”
immigrate to, it will be my home if my             to meet the two German stowaways               We hope you will visit the exhibition
family is with me.” a young visitor                and ask them where they got their           and leave us your thoughts.

                                                                                                                           Winter 2009 • 5
                                                                            Saturday, January 17                     February
Winter 2009 • Update & Calendar

                                                                            2 PM
                                                                            Lecture                                  Saturday, February 7
                                                                            George J. borjas, of the Kennedy         1–3 PM
                                                                            school of Government, will speak on      Demonstration
                                                                            immigration policy and economics.        Carol Kostecki will demonstrate
                                                                            borjas, a Cuban immigrant and pre-       the wax-resist process of decorating
                                                                            eminent scholar in his field, examines   easter eggs known as pysanki. this
                                                                            the controversial idea that more job     tradition, associated with Ukranian
                                                                            seekers from abroad means fewer          church communities, came to Kostecki
                                                                            opportunities or lower wages for         by way of marriage despite her own
                                  Yari Livan demonstrates his talents
                                  as a Cambodian master ceramicist.         native workers. this issue lies at       French-Canadian, German, and
                                  saturday, January 17, 12–2 PM             the heart of national debate over        abenaki descent. she is featured in
                                                                            immigration policy. Funded by            the exhibition, “Keepers of tradi-
                                                                            the lowell Institute. Free.              tion.” Free. snow date: sunday,
                                  January                                   Saturday, January 24
                                                                                                                     February 8.

                                  Saturday, January 17                      1–3 PM
                                  12–2 PM                                   Demonstration                                                   Kostecki
                                  Demonstration                             Julia Marden will demonstrate                                   Easter eggs
                                  Yari livan will demonstrate his           the Native american art of twined                               known as
                                                                            basketry, or soft-form baskets made                             pysanki.
                                  talents as a Cambodian master                                                                             saturday,
                                  ceramicist. the sole survivor of his      out of natural materials such as corn                           february 7,
                                  generation of artists trained in tradi-   husks and grasses. an aquinnah                                  1–3 PM

                                  tional Khmer ceramics at the royal        Wampanoag who learned her craft
                                  academy of Fine arts in Phnom Penh,       while working at Plimoth Plantation,
                                  he came to Massachusetts in 2001.         Marden is featured in the exhibi-
                                  his work is featured in the exhibi-       tion, “Keepers of tradition.” Free.
                                  tion, “Keepers of tradition.” Free.       snow date: sunday, January 25.
                                  snow date: sunday, January 18.                                                     Saturday–Sunday, February
                                                                                                                     All Day
                                                                                                                     Model Trains
                                                                                                                     Join the Northeast Ntrak Modular
                                                                                                                     railroad Club for a weekend of fun.
                                                                                                                     Proceeds from this event support both
                                                                                                                     organizations. $5/family (members);
                                  Wampanoag                                                                          $7/family (non-members)
                                  Julia Marden
                                  is a master
                                  of twined                                                                          tuesday, February 17
                                  basketry.                                                                          10 AM–2 PM
                                  January 24,                                                                        Games from Around
                                  1–3 PM
                                                                                                                     the World
                                                                                                                     drop in to play some board games
                                                                                                                     from around the world. did you know
                                                                                                                     Yahtzee was invented in Canada by
                                                                                                                     folks passing time on their yachts?
                                                                                                                     did you know Pick-Up sticks started
                                                                                                                     in ancient China? have you ever
                                                                                                                     played the French game Mille
                                                                                                                     Bornes? Join us, and bring your
                                                                                                                     friends to play! Free.

                        6 • Winter 2009
                                                                                         school vacation week model train
                                                                                         display. saturday, february 14 and

                                                                                                                                            Winter 2009 • Update & Calendar
                                                                                         sunday, february 15, all day.

                                                                                            and Concord, Moran will examine
                                                                                            this publisher and Freemason’s role
                                                                                            as a colonial printer within the larger
                                                                                            context of growing resistance to
                                                                                            british rule. supported by the
                                                                                            lowell Institute and co-sponsored
                                                                                            by the american antiquarian
                                                                                            society. Free.

                                                                                            Sunday, march 22
                                                                                            2 PM
                                                                                            Family Concert
                                                                                            In conjunction with the exhibition
                                                                                            “augustus Frederick sherman:
                                                                                            ellis Island Portraits, 1905–1920,”
Friday, February 20                         Saturday, march 7
                                                                                            members of the Winchester high
11 AM and 1 PM                              2 PM                                            school Orchestra and symphonetta
Family Program                              Lecture                                         will perform a concert celebrating
the revels’ touring ensemble, the           James david Moran, director of                  america’s cultural heritage. the
revels repertory Company, brings            Outreach at the american antiquarian            family program will include selec-
their original program of traditional       society, will present “diverting the            tions from scottish, Irish, Chinese,
music, drama, dance, storytelling           design of Murder and robbery:                   and Klezmer music, among others.
and audience participation to the           Isaiah thomas, the Press and the                this performance is part of the
Museum. Join members for a family           Founding of america.” Using thomas’             orchestra’s commitment to
sing-and-play-along event that will         account of the battles of lexington             community service. Free.
include songs and games from Irish,
Italian, and eastern european Jewish
traditions. Free.

Sunday, march 1
2 PM
Family Performance
the revels repertory Company
presents “an american Journey,”
through music, dance, and narrative.
the story takes place in 1907, when
more people immigrated to the United
states than in any other year. although
it focuses on the Irish, the Italians and
the eastern european Jews, it honors
the struggles of all who left their
homelands to journey to america             Join the Revels Repertory Company in a family sing-and-play-along event that includes
and a new life. $10/adult; $5/child         songs and games from many cultures. free. friday, february 20, 11 aM and 1 PM
(members and lCC-sponsoring
communities) and $12.50/adult;
$6/child (non-members)

                                                                                                                              Winter 2009 • 7
                     Dressing the Part
                              exploring the museum’s costume collection

                  ver the past six months, senior Curator
                  of Collections aimee e. Newell worked
                  with two volunteer interns to perform an
                  assessment of the Museum’s collections of
   costume, regalia, and photographs. this project is the
   first step in producing an exhibition on Masonic and
   fraternal costume, tentatively scheduled for 2011. the
   exhibition, which will showcase 75 to 100 objects, will
   explore the role that Masonic and fraternal organiza-
   tions—with their six million members by 1900—played
   in american life. rather than placing Masonic and fra-
   ternal regalia in a class of its own, the exhibition will
   help visitors discover the relationships between these
   garments and those worn in everyday life from the
   1700s to the present, and analyze how fraternal cos-
   tume both mirrored contemporary fashions and paid
   homage to traditional american dress.

andrew bair
works on
for a recent gift
of historic

                                                                                                   bair entered basic descriptions of over
                                                                                                   100 Masonic and fraternal carte-de-visite
                                                               Museum intern andrew bair           photographs into the collections database.
                                                               and senior Curator of Collections   unidentified member of the order of
                                                               aimee newell examine a jacket       united american Mechanics, 1860s. Gift
                                                               in the collection.                  in memory of Jacques noel Jacobsen.

   8 • Winter 2009
   Over the summer, intern Kerri hart-       lars (32° and 33°), the collection also        bair also helped assess the portrait
Morris, a 2008 graduate of smith             has sufficient examples of military uni-   photographs in the Museum’s collec-
College, assisted with assessing the         forms, and women’s hats and shoes.         tion. Newell and bair examined each
Museum’s costume and regalia collec-         to fill gaps, the Museum is particular-    photo, checked its condition, and
tion. Newell and hart-Morris looked          ly interested in new donations of non-     again identified overall strengths and
at every piece of clothing in the stor-      Masonic fraternal regalia, regalia         weaknesses in this part of the collection.
age vault, ranging from 1800s wed-           and costumes from women’s and teen         bair then noted whether the Museum
ding gowns to 1990s shrine jackets           fraternal groups, as well as scottish      has additional history or provenance
and fezzes. they evaluated each item’s       rite costumes.                             about each photo’s subject, photogra-
condition to determine which ones                starting in september, intern andrew   pher or both. From this information,
require future conservation treatment.       bair continued the assessment work,        we will be able to better plan future
Certain garments offered Newell in-          this time with the photograph collec-      research projects on these items, and
spiration for the upcoming exhibition.       tion. the photographs will help add        to learn more about fraternal history
For example, many of the militaristic        dimension to the costume exhibition        in america.
fraternal orders, like Knights templar       by putting real people of the past into        the third phase of the assessment
and the Odd Fellows’ Patriarchs Mili-        the clothing, showing how they wore        project, scheduled for this coming winter
tant, made good use of a post-Civil          similar items. bair, who received his      and spring, will focus on the Museum’s
War surplus of military trim to design       Master’s degree in Museum studies          premier collection of Masonic and frater-
their uniforms. after the physical           from syracuse University in 2007 and       nal aprons. after its completion, Newell
assessment, hart-Morris checked the          has worked at several different types      will put together a formal list of objects
database records and the research files      of museums, began his internship by        to be included in the costume exhibition,
to identify which items have stories         writing brief descriptions of 78 carte-    and pursue conservation treatment on
about their owner and use.                   de-visite photographs showing men          garments in need. look for updates on
   through this assessment, Newell           in their Masonic and fraternal regalia,    the exhibition’s progress in future news-
was able to determine strengths and          a recent gift to the Museum. he also       letters. If you have clothing or fraternal
weaknesses of the collection. strong in      scanned each image, to use for exhibi-     regalia you are considering donating,
Knights templar uniforms, shrine re-         tion planning and, eventually, on the      please contact aimee Newell at
galia, and scottish rite sashes and col-     Museum website.                   or 781-457-4144.

                                                                      J a n ua ry 31 t h ro u g h m a rc h 8 , 2 0 0 9

                                                                                                                Valentine Greetings,

Antique Valentines from the                                                                                     1910. sam Gabriel,
                                                                                                                new York. Van Gorden-

Kalman Collection, 1910–1920
                                                                                                                Williams Library &
                                                                                                                archives. Gift of Vivienne
                                                                                                                Kalman in memory of

                                                                                                                albert L. Kalman.
            omantic valentine greetings have been popular as far back as the
            Middle ages, when lovers said or sang their verses to their sweeties.
            today we are most familiar with the pretty paper variety. each
            year, the van Gorden-Williams library presents a delightful dis-
play of antique valentines from its collection. smiling puppies and impish
cherubs, lovely maidens and heartsick gentlemen, the characters on these
charming cards convey their messages of love to sweethearts of long ago.
Many of the 25 cards on view stand up or feature moving parts, showing an
inventiveness rarely seen in cards today.
   this antique valentine collection originally belonged to albert Kalman,
who owned and managed Kimbal’s Camera and Card shop in downtown
boston for 35 years. his wife, vivienne, donated the collection in his
memory. each year, Mr. Kalman decorated his shop with these vintage
cards to celebrate valentine’s day. visit us and carry on the tradition!

                                                                                                                  Winter 2009 • 9
                     Partners Put the Unity in Community

           hroughout its history, the
           Museum has partnered with
           a number of organizations,
           and it cherishes those rela-
tionships. Partners are those with whom
we share an interest, a commitment,
a mission. We recognize that by work-
ing together, we can accomplish more
than either can alone. We celebrate
that the fruits of our joint labors make
a difference in the lives of the people
we touch.
   the lexington Field and Garden
Club and the Museum have been part-
ners since the early 1990s, when the

“We are most fortunate to count the
Museum as one of our closest friends
and supporters. We could not be the
                                            and supporters. We could not be the            Our newest community partner
largest Garden Club in the state with-      largest Garden Club in the state with-     is the Winchester high school Music
                                            out the use of their wonderful venue       department, members of which will
out the use of their wonderful venue        for our meetings and activities. We        present a family concert on March
for our meetings and activities.”           like to think that it is a most mutually   22 in conjunction with the ellis Island
                                            beneficial relationship.”                  exhibition. Under the direction of dr.
Kate Gill, Lexington Field & Garden Club       another of our community partners,      John McCann, the school’s orchestra
                                            the New New Orleans Jazz band, re-         and symphonetta will perform a pro-
Museum needed someone to tend its           cently celebrated the 25th anniversary     gram of music celebrating america’s
plantings, both indoors and out, and        of their history of Jazz Concerts here     cultural heritage. Paula Zaiken, a par-
the Club needed a place to meet. the        at the Museum. In recognition of the       ent of one of the musicians, contacted
partnership then expanded to include        event, they revived a tradition from       us to see if the orchestra could work
the annual plant sale and the traditional   the past—donating the ticket proceeds      with the Museum to create a service
holiday greening of the Museum. In          to support the Museum’s educational        learning opportunity. In this the first
June 2008, the Garden Club and the          programs. at the piano and narrating       year of participating in such a pro-
Museum celebrated the summer sol-           the program was eva balazs, joined         gram, the orchestra has committed
stice with an enchanted weekend. Fea-       by larry Zuk, band manager and tuba        to completing 25 hours of service.
turing children’s author tracy Kane,        player. leading the front line on cornet   according to dr. McCann, “It is a
the activities drew an enthusiastic         was bob MacInnis, Mort speck on            win-win situation. the orchestra is
crowd of aspiring fairies and those         clarinet, and bill Zimmerman on trom-      able to perform in a beautiful setting,
who believe in fairies. Using materials     bone. Completing the rhythm section        and Museum visitors can listen to
from nature, they crafted imaginative       were bill Flaherty on banjo and drum-      good music related to a meaningful
fairy houses certain to attract even the    mer richard Malcolm. during the per-       exhibition.”
most bashful sprite.                        formance, a toddler hummed along               We are grateful to all of our
   according to Kate Gill, president        with “tiger rag,” moving to the beat       partners. We work in unity to create
of the lexington Field and Garden           of the rhythm. From the look on her        educational and entertaining cultural
Club, “We are most fortunate to count       face, it was clear—the torch has been      opportunities for our community
the Museum as one of our closest friends    passed.                                    and beyond.

10 • Winter 2009
M Us e U M I N tr O dUC es                                                          plan your next
Virtual Tours                                                                       event at the museum

n    ot all of the folks interested in the museum live in the neighborhood, or
     even live in the country! as well, our hours don’t accommodate night owls.
to let our friends and supporters from across america and the globe see some
of what we do, we have put together virtual tours of the Museum. “sowing the
seeds of liberty: lexington and the american revolution” is our most com-
prehensive offering to date. Using this online tour, you can move through pan-
oramic views of all the areas in the exhibition, guided by a summary of informa-
tion in each section. a number of the special objects and interactive components
                                             visitors enjoy in “seeds of liberty
                                             ”are highlighted.
                                                 In addition, the virtual tours
                                             take you through other areas of the
                                             Museum. Our attractive lobby, café,
                                             and auditorium are featured, as is a
                                             handsome overview of the exhibition
                                             “the Grand lodge of Masons in
                                             Massachusetts: Celebrating 275

                                             Years of brotherhood.”
                                                 We hope this exciting new                 he Museum is an elegant
                                             addition to our website will spur             setting for all social and cor-
                                             you to plan a visit to see us in              porate events. Whether it is a
                                             person.                                seminar, lecture, conference, musical
                                                 Feel free to contact us and        performance—or a festive evening of
                                             let us know what you think!
                                                                                    dinner and dancing—the Museum is
                                                                                    quite possibly the perfect place.

                                                                                    Plan your event in any number of
hand-blown glass makes a                                                            beautiful Museum settings including:
lovely Valentine or anytime gift                                                    	Ü   Maxwell Auditorium

                                                                                    	Ü   Museum Atrium and Courtyard
           he Heritage Shop now carries a                                           	Ü   Farr Conference Center
           line of artful, hand-blown glass                                         	Ü   Carpenter Meeting room
           by Suzanne Duquette, owner of
           Studio Glass & Gallery in new
                                                                                    Facilities are equipped with state-
Bedford, Massachusetts. Pieces include
                                                                                    of-the-art audio-visual, sound, and
a lovely pinched vase, perfect for a small
table or nightstand. A heart-shaped sun
                                                                                    lighting options, wifi, and tele-
catcher is delightful in any window. Both                                           conferencing.
items are available in blue/green, cran-
berry/amethyst or multicolor. the vase is                                           Contact Functions Manager
sells for $35.00, and the sun catcher is                                            Patti Callahan today to book your
$18.00. other hand-blown glass items                                                event at 781-457-4106, or
including additional sun catcher designs,                                 
votives, and bud vases are available.

                                                                                                       Winter 2009 • 11
national heritage Museum
33 Marrett road
(at the intersection of route 2a
and Massachusetts avenue)
lexington, Ma 02421
(781) 861-6559

Free admission and parking

Monday–saturday, 10 am to 5 pm                                                             Ongoing exhibitions
sunday, noon to 5 pm.
the Museum is closed thanksgiving                                                          the Grand Lodge of Masons
day, Christmas day, and New Year’s                                                         in Massachusetts: celebrating
day.                                                                                       275 Years of Brotherhood

handicapped Access                                                                         Sowing the Seeds of Liberty:
                                                                                           Lexington and the American
the Museum is wheelchair accessible.
                                                                                           the enchanted clocks
If you would like to bring a group to
                                                                                           of George McFadden
the Museum, please call (781) 457-4142
to make a reservation. self-guided tours,                                                  American Family treasures:
guided tours, and workshops are available.                                                 Decorative Arts from the D.J. and
there is no charge for self-guided tours,                                                  Alice Shumway nadeau collection
but if you have 10 or more people in your
group, you must make a reservation.

heritage Shop and courtyard café                            An American history museum founded and supported by
the heritage shop is open during                     the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry in the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction
regular Museum hours.
Café hours: tuesday–Friday,
11:30 am to 2:00 pm.
Café closed saturday through Monday.
                                                                                             Winter 2009 • Vol. 3, no. 3
visit Our Library
the van Gorden-Williams library              NatIONal herItaGe MUseUM
boasts one of the most comprehensive         33 Marrett road/rte. 2a
collections on american Freemasonry,
                                             lexington, Ma 02421
as well as extensive holdings on
american history, decorative arts,
and the revolutionary War. hours             Forwarding service requested
are Monday–saturday, 10 am–5 pm.
Closed on sundays.

Plan Your event With Us!
Consider hosting your next special event
at the Museum. Groups large and small
can be accommodated for corporate
parties, receptions, meetings, weddings,
concert, and performances. Call
(781) 457-4106.