Developmental Milestones Worksheet by ddo14830


									Developmental Milestones Worksheet         PS joint attention           36 months:
                                           VM drinks from cup           GM alternates steps going upstairs
1 month:                                   VM finger feeds              GM pedals
regards face                               15 months:                   GM throws ball overhand
responds to sound, startles to noise       GM Walks independently       LC >200 words
eyes fix and follow to midline             GM Walks up stairs with      LC 3-word sentences
flexed posture (hands, arms, legs)         one hand held                LC uses: "I, me, you"
consolable when crying                     GM seats self in small       LC gives full name, age, gender
sucks well                                 chair                        LC listens when read to
lifts head momentarily when prone          GM climbs into an adult      PS brushes teeth with help
moves all extremities well                 chair                        PS pretend play
2 Months:                                  LC 4-6 words                 PS shares and takes turns
GM lifts head 45 degrees when prone        LC follows one-step          PS undresses completely
GM some head control in upright position   commands                     PS verbalizes toileting needs
L turns or alerts to sound                 LC points to named           PS dries hands
L coos (vowels)                            objects and body parts       VM copies a circle
PS regards face                            LC looks at a book           VM builds 3 block bridge
PS social smile                            LC names & points to a       VM draws a person with 2 body parts
FM grasps                                  picture                      4 years:
VM eyes fix on small objects               PS joint attention           GM hops, skips
4 months:                                  PS imitates use of objects   GM alternates feet going downstairs
GM rolls prone over                        (e.g. comb, phone)           LC names 4 colors
GM head steady when sitting supported      VM scribbles imitatively     LC sings song or nursery rhyme from
GM supports on forearms in prone           with crayon                  memory
L coos (vowels)                            VM builds tower of 2         LC asks complex questions
PS laughs and squeals                      blocks                       LC 4-5 word sentences
PS social smile                            VM uses cup and spoon        LC speech 100% intelligible
PS responds to caregiver’s voice           18 months:                   PS plays cooperatively with groups
VM hand to mouth                           GM runs                      PS imaginative play
VM hands to midline                        GM throws object without     PS dresses all but tying
VM releases objects voluntarily            falling                      5 years:
6 months:                                  LC 7-10 words                GM stands on one foot for 10 sec
GM raises body on hands in prone           LC combining words (may      GM skips
GM rolls both ways                         be unintelligible)           GM tandem walks
GM sits with support, head steady          LC points to 5 body parts    LC speech 100% intelligible
GM weight bearing                          when asked                   LC counts 5 objects
L babbles reciprocally (consonants)        PS parallel play             LC rote counts to 10
L initiates vocalizations                  PS imitates use of objects   LC identifies some letters
PS smiles/laughs                           (comb, phone)                PS identifies a friend
PS shows interest in objects               VM scribbles                 PS plays game with rules
VM grasps and mouths objects               spontaneously with crayon    VM standard pencil grip
VM rakes small objects                     VM turns pages               VM draws person with 10 parts
9 months:                                  24 months:                   VM prints name
GM crawls, creeps, scoots                  GM kicks ball                6-12 years:
GM gets to sitting                         GM walks up stairs with      GM participates in extracurricular activities
GM cruises                                 one hand held                LC school performance acceptable
GM may pull to stand                       GM jumps in place            LC articulation skills normal
L “mama, dada, baba” (indiscriminately)    LC 2 word sentences          LC language skills normal
L responds to own name                     (intelligible)               PS enjoys school
L inhibits to no                           LC 50 words                  PS positive interaction with peers
PS stranger anxiety                        LC searches for object       PS positive interaction with family
VM bangs objects together                  when hidden                  VM able to complete age-specific tasks
VM transfers hand-to-hand                  LC pretends
VM pincer grasp                            PS removes garment
12 months:                                 PS feeds self, spills food
                                                                        GM = Gross motor
GM walks with one hand held                PS plays with other people
                                                                        LC = Language, communication
GM walks 2-3 steps independently           PS hugs a doll or stuffed
                                                                        PS = Personal, social
GM cruises                                 animal
                                                                        VM = Visual motor
LC babbles with inflection                 VM imitates a vertically
LC”mama, dada”, plus 2 words               drawn line
LC points to names object or body part     VM 4 block train
PS simple games (peek-a-boo, pat-a-cake)   VM eats with spoon and
PS waves “bye-bye”                         fork
PS stranger anxiety

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