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Why you shouldn't buy leads online


									Presented by Daniel Toriola
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Why you shouldn't buy leads online. By Tyrone Swainson

Buying leads is like committing financial suicide. It's reckless, it's risky and it produces very little results. Truth is, unless you can pre-qualify your own leads you're wasting your hard earned money on junk. Email leads , for instance, are a big waste of time. Most people will never open an email from someone they don't know. Just think of your own email habits. When was the last time you opened an email, from a complete stranger, and actually bought something? Once people see an email from a stranger they usually hit the delete button. It's like an automatic response to spam. Cold calling phone leads is an even bigger issue. Before you go out and buy any more phone leads open up a phone book and cold call as much people as you want. It's pretty much the same as buying phone leads as you'll get pretty much the same result. The problem with phone leads is that you're calling people who don't know who you are or why you're calling them. On many occasions these people don't even remember requesting information for a business or product. You'll have to become a master at handling rejection if you intend on cold calling phone leads all day. Plus, if you 're like 97% of home business owners that feels like crawling under a rock every time someone says no to their opportunity, cold calling phone leads isn't your gig. Postal Leads are perhaps the most recycled leads of the bunch. Much like emails but far more costly. Large corporations use direct mail marketing because they market products that A)Have mass appeal (internet, phone etc) B)Have a very high profit margin C)Are very affordably priced (most home based products aren't) Most home based businesses don't have products that match all three criteria. What's even worst, though, than prospecting for customers through mail is prospecting for business downline. The truth is that mailing out postcards and prospecting for downline is the biggest money loser there is. You will literally spend thousands of dollars mailing stuff to unqualified people who have little to no interest in your business opportunity.

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Presented by Daniel Toriola
Therefore, before you buy leads again you should ask yourself two very important questions. 1)How were theses leads generated? 2) What information was used to target them? If you can't answer these questions chances are then that these are only generic, unqualified leads and the only people that benefit from generic leads are the companies that sell the them. The key, therefore, to getting good qualified leads is to generate them yourself by using a system that can pre-qualify your leads for you. The greatest thing about generating your own leads is that your leads are exclusive to you and they can be pre-qualified for your business or opportunity before you ever pick up the phone and call them. If you take the time to learn a system that could generate leads you will reap massive rewards. If you don't take the time to learn a system you will go broke buying leads before you know it.

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Presented by Daniel Toriola
Generate MLM Leads Online - Blogging To Generate MLM Leads Online By Alex Bannon

#1 Reason Why Blogs Generate MLM Leads Online The first reason why blogs are great to generate MLM leads online is because they are, for the most part, always new and up-to-date. This means that the search engine web-crawling spiders love to index their content because its perceived as relevant because its so new. This means its very easy to get high search engine rankings quite fast which means more visitors to your site. #2 Reason Why Blogs Generate MLM Leads Online The second reason why blogs are great to generate MLM leads online is because of the way site visitors interact with you. Because you are the site owner you are immediately perceived as being the authority and a much higher value person then the visitor. This is absolutely crucial if you ever want to sponsor these visitors as distributors because people will only follow someone else who is better then themselves. #3 Reason Why Blogs Generate MLM Leads Online The third reason why blogs are great to generate MLM leads online is because they offer further ways of monetization. You can post ads, banners, AdSense ads, opt-in forms, affiliate links etc which gives you further income streams. Just because a visitor won't join your MLM doesn't mean they might not buy an Ebook off you, or see an add they like and click on that, giving you Adsense revenue. All in all, blogs are a wonderful way to generate new, interested MLM leads online. Generally the most popular platforms are Blogger and Wordpress. Blogger will host your blog for you and give you a subdomain as your URL. Wordpress you host on your own website so you use your own domain. If you want to generate MLM leads online using blogs remember the best thing you can do is always provide new exciting content for your readers Goto www.DriveFreeTraffic.Com for FREE videos on how to build an MLM whilst keeping to a tight budget.

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Presented by Daniel Toriola

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