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									16        Pasadena Scottish Rite Bulletin
  Scottish Rite Calendar                                                              Ancient & Accepted

                                         WX WX WX WX WX WX WX WX WX WX WX WX WX
  Keep Friday Nights for Scottish Rite                                            Scottish Rite of Freemasonry
                                                                                   Officers of the Pasadena Bodies

           DeCemBeR                                                                      Lodge of Perfection
                                                                                   Steven G. Casciola, 32º KCCH
Friday, December 7                                                                         Venerable Master
Council of Kadosh
6:30 P.M. Dinner                                                                       Chapter of Rose Croix
8:00 P.M. Stated meeting                                                                 Michael J. Bess, 33º
8:00 P.M. Women’s Association                                                                 Wise Master
                                                                                         Council of Kadosh
Saturday, December 8                                                                    Robert W. Meier, 33º
Holiday Party
3:00 P.M. Entertainment                                                                      Commander
Followed by a “Special Guest”                                                                 Consistory
                                                                                    Michael A. McLaird, 32º KSA
            JANUARY                                                                        Master of Kadosh
Friday, January 4
Consistory                                                                                       All Bodies
6:30 P.M. Dinner                                                                  Donald Johansen, 33º              Almoner
8:00 P.M. Stated meeting                                                          Richard Mosher, 33º     Assistant Almoner
                                                                                  Eugene Pope, 33º        Assistant Almoner
Election of Officers                                                              Harold M. Hand, 33º               Treasurer
8:00 P.M. Women’s Association                                                     Henry H.P. Wilkins, 33º G. C.     Secretary
                                                                                  LeRoi Crandall, 33º        Ass’t. Secretary
                                         WX WX WX WX WX WX WX WX WX WX WX

Friday, January 11                                                                W. Joseph Ryland, 33º      Ass’t Treasurer
                                                                                  James Davis, 32º                      Tiler
7:00 P.M. Installation Practice
                                                                                    WX WX WX WX WX WX
                                                                                                             Time dated material

                                                                                                                                   Pasadena, CA 91101-1710
                                                                                                                                   150 North Madison Avenue
                                                                                                                                   Pasadena Lodge of Perfection
Friday, January 18
6:00 P.M. Grand Master’s Reception
6:30 P.M. Dinner
8:00 P.M. Installation of Officers
Grand Master Presiding


Friday, February 1
Lodge of Perfection
6:30 P.M. Dinner
8:00 P.M. Stated meeting
8:00 P.M. Women’s Association
                                                                                                            Pasadena, CA

Saturday, February 8

Robert Burns Night

Language Center Fund Raiser
6:00 P.M. Reception
6:30 P.M. Dinner
8:00 P.M. Concert                                                                                                                                                          Valley of Pasadena - December 2007
                                                                                                                                                                  Vol. 70 In the beautiful Orient of California No. 12
                                                                                                                                                                          Merry Christmas to all ... and to all a good night.
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 Pasadena Scottish Rite Bulletin
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              Pasadena, CA 91101-1710
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             Scottish Rite of Free Masonry
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 Published Monthly Except July/August Combined        Venerable Master, Lodge of Perfection
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editorial Staff                                              Pasadena, CA 91101
Jim Hörricks, 32°, KSA       Editor                           Ph. 626.795.4213
LeRoi Crandall, 33º    Mail Manager
Robert Meier, 33º       Circulation
Kenneth Gordon, 32°     Circulation
Ted Risney, 32º, KSA    Circulation
Mike McLaird, 32º, KSA  Circulation

           Change of Address
Please notify the Secretary’s Office of
your correct mailing address including
ZIP CODE when moving. We will notify                         Michael J. Bess, 33°
the Scottish Rite Journal.                             Wise Master, Chapter of Rose Croix

                Allegiance                                     Ph. 626.795.4213
The Bodies of the Ancient and
Accepted Scottish Rite sitting in the
Valley of Pasadena, Orient of California
acknowledge and yield allegiance to the
Supreme Council (Mother Council of the
World) of the Inspector General Knights
Commander of the House of the Temple
of Solomon of the Thirty-Third and
last degree of the Ancient and Accepted
Scottish Rite of the United States of                      Robert W. Meier, 33º
America.                                                Commander, Council of Kadosh

                                                               Ph. 323.254.4463

         Ronald A. Seale, 33°
      Sovereign Grand Commander

        William F. Stovall, 33°
      Deputy of the Supreme Council
       in the Orient of California

    Henry H. P. Wilkins, 33° G. C.
        Personal Representative of
    The Deputy of the Supreme Council                  Michael A. McLaird, 32º KSA
                                                        Master of Kadosh, Consistory
          Michael J. Bess, 33º
       Asst. Personal Representative                           Ph. 626.963.3020
14       Pasadena Scottish Rite Bulletin                                   Pasadena Scottish Rite Bulletin                        3
                                                                               Robert W. Meier, 33º
                                                                                      Council of Kadosh
                                                                            Yes! One more month and
                                                                    2007 will be history, how time
                                                                    does fly.
                                                                            I want to thank you at this
                                                                    time for allowing me to serve you
                                                                    as Commander of the Council
                                                                    of Kadosh. It has been a most
                                                                    gratifying experience and a great
                                                                    honor for me.
                                                                            I also would like to express
                                                                    thanks of all the officers, to those
                                                                    dedicated Pasadena Scottish Rite
                                                                    volunteers. Those fine men and
                                                                    women who take of their own time to do those small jobs that
                                                                    must be done to keep our building in good shape. A special
                                                                    thanks to our band who supplies us with such great music.
                                                                    Thanks to the mailing crew who see that the Bulletin is mailed
                                                                    out the day it comes off the press. Thanks to our Stage crew,
                                                                    with out them our degrees could not be.
                                                                            As this is my last article, and election and a new group
                                                                    of officers will soon be with us, may God Bless them and our
             Dinner Reservations                                    Pasadena Rite for a great 2008.

               Stated meeting Dinner
                 Friday, December 7, 2007
       Holiday Ham with all the trimmings.
     Number of Reservations at $8.00 Per Person..................
       Last Day for reservations: Wednesday, December 5
     Fish available if requested when making your reservation.
4      Pasadena Scottish Rite Bulletin                                  Pasadena Scottish Rite Bulletin                   13
              Pasadena Scottish Rite                                               Musical Notes
              Women’s Association                                                  by Don Johansen, 33˚
              By Lynda Lockhart, President                                            Band Director

                                                                         Nicholai Rimsky Korsakoff wrote the concerto for
       Dear Friends,                                             clarinet and Military Band 1876-1877 when he was the
       The attendance was very low for our November              inspector of the Tsar’s Naval bands. He wrote concerto for
meeting due to the Thirty-Third Degree and the Investiture       trombone and also a concerto for oboe and band during this
Knight Commander of the Court of Honor meeting in San            time to improve the quality of the repertoire played by The
Diego the next day. So our meeting was excellent, but also       Russian Navy bands. This piece was never published during his
short and sweet.                                                 lifetime and was discovered in 1936.
       In December, we will have a little bit of business to             The members of your Pasadena Scottish Rite Concert
attend to, then we will have a voluntary exchange of gifts and   Band would like to recognize those who gave us great support
sing some Christmas carols with Freda accompanying us on         during 2007. Ernie Pooleon 33°, Robert Meier 33°, Joe
the piano. Also, please bring some of your favorite Christmas    Baldonado 33°, Joe Dieringer 32°. Tony Fairfield 32° KCCH,
goodies to share during our meeting.                             Mustapha (Mimo) Akkari 32°. Jim Hoerricks 32°, Editor, our
       Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and look        office staff, The Wednesday morning work crew and the very
forward to seeing you at the December meeting.                   reliable Elmer Boomhower 33°. A joyous Christmas Season
                                                                 and a prosperous New Year to all our brethren and their

    Merry Christmas!                                             families from you concert band members.
12     Pasadena Scottish Rite Bulletin                                      Pasadena Scottish Rite Bulletin                       5
          Childhood Language Center                                         A Note from the Almoner
       Contributions Recorded in October 2007                                          by Don Johansen, 33º
James Black                                   Language Center
LeRoy Crandall                                Language Center             “IF THY BROTHER BE WAXEN POOR AND HIS
Lena Coronado                                      Myra Folson              HAND FAIL, THOU SHALT RELIEVE HIM”
George Harrison                      Charles Beaumont, KCCH                             Leviticus 25:35
James & Brenda Jones                             William Reuter
James & Brenda Jones                 Clarence E. Christophersen              At each Reunion of
James & Brenda Jones                               Janet Berens      the Scottish Rite Bodies,
James & Brenda Jones                            Boyd E. Layton       the Box of Fraternal
James & Brenda Jones                             James H. Jones      Assistance is passed, so that
William Rook                                  Language Center        the brethren may have the
Lavella Ryan                                        Isaac Ringer     opportunity to participate
South Pasadena Lodge #290                     Language Center        in the replenishing of the
                                                                     Almoner’s Fund. The
   We’d wish you a Merry Christmas,                                  Fund, which is disbursed
                                                                     under the direction of the
but we’re still working on our “s” sounds                            Almoner, may be used for
                      by Nichole Torbitzky                           any worthy cause, be it fuel for a widow, food for the hungry,
                                                                     shoes for the unfortunate children or medical care for the aged.
    Christmas is such an exciting time. Even in in Southern          Such assistance to those in need is rendered without regard to
California where there is no snow, it still feels like Christmas.    race, color or creed.
There is a special feeling around this time of year that has                 This Fund has always met a real need and is maintained
nothing to do with presents or decorations but has to do with        from voluntary contributions. Remember the words of the
family, tradition and bringing out the best of humanity. It          Master, “THE GREATEST OF THESE IS CHARITY,” and
seems to bring out the best in our students too. They seem           give as generously as your means permit with the full assurance
to try a little harder to get out the “s” sound in the word          that every dollar contributed to this worthy cause will be used
Christmas. maybe that’s because their parents are bribing them       only to relieve distress.
with promises of toys under the tree, or maybe its because                   This time of year your Almoner has many requests to
everyone just seems a little cheerier, a little more focussed, and   relieve the distress in many worthy cases. No assistance will go
a little more willing to care and try around this time of year.      unanswered. Your generosity will go a long way to fill every
    We hope that this Christmas season fills you with the            need. A special thank you to Brother Mike McLaird 32° and his
warmth of joy and good will for all of the earth and we wish         brother Knights of St. Andrew for assisting the Almoner during
you a wonderful New Year.                                            stated meeting and degrees for 2007.
6    Pasadena Scottish Rite Bulletin          Pasadena Scottish Rite Bulletin                  11
                                                     The P.R.’s Corner
           Sandy Claus                     Ill. Henry H. P. “Herb” Wilkins, 33º G.C.
     wishes you a Merry Christmas             The tragic conflagration in
    from sunny Southern California     San Diego County a few weeks ago
                                       did not stop the Valley of San Diego
                                       from hosting a very fine presentation
                                       of Honours on November 3rd. A
                                       happy group of eight recipients of
                                       the Knight Commander Court of
                                       Honour investiture from Pasadena
                                       were present and three member were
                                       coroneted with the 33rd Degree.

                                                Knights Commander Court of Honour
                                                    Arthur Beddoe • Stephen Miller
                                                      Jon Ericson • Vandell Owen
                                                   Donald Heller • Herbert Rohwer, Jr.
                                                     Boris Koneff • Mark Sandstrom

                                                      Inspector General Honorary
                                                             Jose Baldonado
                                                           Elmer Boomhower
                                                              Harold Macy

                                       As previously reported Ill. Ken Christianson and Ill. Warren
                                       Buschmann received their Honours in Washington, D.C.

                                                    Good Cheer Report
                                                             November 2, 2007

                                                            Jack Vickers, 33º
                                                           Radiation treatments
10   Pasadena Scottish Rite Bulletin          Pasadena Scottish Rite Bulletin                               7

                             With love
                            from Santa          Consider a Life Membership
                                         Age 49 and under: 21 times annual Dues                   $1,995
                                         Age 50-54: 19 times annual dues                          $1,805
                                         Age 54-59: 17 times annual dues                          $1,615
                                         Age 60-64: 14 times annual dues                          $1,330
                                         Age 65 and over: 11 times annual dues                    $1,045

                                           Effective the first of the year, Ill. William F. Stovall, 33°,
        2007 Holiday Party                 Deputy of the Supreme Council in California, authorized
                                                        a new life membership program.
            December 8, 2006 - 3pm               Based upon annual dues of $95.00 for 2008.
8   Pasadena Scottish Rite Bulletin                 Pasadena Scottish Rite Bulletin   9



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                                           s he ew

                                      Let he n
                                         r t ena

                                       fo ad
                                         Pas h Rite

                                             ttis     n.
                                        Sco or me

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