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									                                                                       Please join us for Anderson Marketing’s 22nd Annual Idea showcase,
                                                                       Thursday, April 3rd, 2008 at the Scottish Rite Temple from 11 am – 3 pm.
                                                                       Come and see the latest offerings in Advertising Specialties, Incentives,
                                                                       Rewards, Safety Awards and much, much more.
                                                                       This years show is “Going Green” so expect to see a
                                                                       lot of Eco-Friendly products.
                                                Scottish Rite Temple   Lunch will be served.
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                         ee the Late lities,       6151 H Street
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                                                                       We look forward to seeing you!!!
                      ising                    Sacramento, CA 95819
              Adver tncentives, ds                                     Contact us TODAY and let us know you’ll be there!
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                       Safety More!!!                                        Phone: 916-361-3682
                          and                                                E-mail:
                                                                       Scottish Rite Temple 6151 H Street, Sacramento, CA 95819
                                                                       Note: There was no showcase in 2007 as we will now do all showcases in the spring to be sure
                                                                               you are seeing the very newest, most exciting offerings. You were not left out last year!

                                                                       Please fill out and drop in the box at the showcase for your chance to win a door prize.

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                               Sacramento, CA 95827
                               Sacramento, CA 95827
                               3260 Ramos Circle
                               3260 Ramos Circle
                               Anderson Marketing, Inc
                               Anderson Marketing, Inc

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