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									Presented by Daniel Toriola
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The Plug-N-Play Traffic System By Derrick VanDyke

There's a saying that goes, "I'd rather have one percent of a hundred men's effort than a hundred percent of my own." That's the kind of leverage you can get from your affiliate program. Read on... How Affiliates Multiply You It might sound technical to talk about having an affiliate program, or it might just sound like showing off. It's neither one. It's really about a simple concept-leverage. Let's look at some different ways that you can generate traffic: * Forums * Press Releases * Viral Software & Tools * Banner Advertising * Utterz * Viral Reports * Starting a Podcast * Search Engine Optimization * Blogging * Offline Marketing * Squidoo * Stumble Upon * Digg/Reddit/etc. * Article Marketing * Ezine Advertising * Google Adwords * Craigslist * Webinars * Teleseminars * Twitter Long list, right? Now, are you an expert at each of those things? I'm certainly not. I get a lot of traffic at my blog. But the main purpose of the blog is to communicate with my subscribers, customers and affiliates. And it took months before I saw consistent traffic from search engines, which is minimal compared to the traffic I get from my affiliates. I've written several viral reports. But those are tools that my affiliates use to promote me. I give them the branding tools and they take it and run. To get the amount of traffic I get from my affiliate sales force, I'd have to learn about and implement each of those traffic strategies on a regular basis. I don't know about you, but I just don't have that much time on my hands. I'm only one person with only so many skills. But I have thousands of active affiliate who are promoting me and many are experts at one or more traffic strategies that drive traffic to my sites.
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Presented by Daniel Toriola
If you search on Google, you'll find that my affiliate team has: * Posted my articles and banners on their blogs * Created Squidoo lenses to promote my products * Bookmarked my pages with links to my site * Posted my free reports on their blogs * Set up Adwords campaigns at Google * Posted in forums with affiliate links in their signature * Uploaded videos to YouTube * Sent my solo ads and free reports to their lists If you take the time to recruit and train affiliates, you'll get more done-and make more money-each day than you would by yourself in a month And the good news only have to do the work once. After you've created the tools and training materials for your affiliates, you could have 100 or 10,000 people using the same tools to promote you!

The real beauty of this system is the fact that you actually make money while building a list and recruiting an army of affiliates who send you traffic for free!

Derrick VanDyke is the author of Affiliate Cash Secrets. You can download his affiliate marketing course at .

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Presented by Daniel Toriola
Why Join Plug-In-Profit? Here Are Five Good Reasons By Keith Synan

Joining the plug-in profit system is the best move any new business builder can make. This step takes the hassle out of getting your business up and running and your profits soaring FAST. There are tons of programs out there on the internet that promote healthy businesses worldwide but none like the plug-in-profit system. Here we explore the five most important reasons why the plug-in profit system works for thousands of individuals and why it is still going strong. The benefits behind the program are outstanding. Why Join Plug-In-Profit? Reason #1 You get your own free website with the plug-in profit program that you can customize to your business needs. This is a critical step because it takes a lot of work to develop a site that generates profits, and its all done for you by the program. You simply add to your plug-in profit site your individual likes and needs and you're pretty much off to the races. This is by far the best business building tool any new internet business owner can ask for by far. The plug-in profit site puts you on the right track by providing its members a customized profit site that allows you to bring all your ideas to the table. Why Join Plug-In-Profit? Reason #2 The most powerful aspect of the plug-in profit program is the arsenal of internet marketing tools it provides for the design of the members' individual site. This is where your website comes to life. Use these tools to skyrocket your profits for years to come. The tools that come with this program will allow you to add those special features and tweaks that make the difference. Use them wisely and explode your profits into the future. Why Join Plug-In-Profit? Reason #3 By far the single most important factor of growing your business with the plug-in profit program will come from the professional support you get from other expert marketers that were in your shoes not long ago. Unlike many systems currently available, the support available through the plug-in profit program is top-notch. We actually care. Everyone in the plug-in profit system is more than willing to help out a new member, understanding that they were once in your position too. The testimonials speak for themselves. Why Join Plug-In-Profit? Reason #4 Another key reason to join the plug-in profit system is because of the earning potential behind the residual income capabilities the system introduces to its members. If you're not sure, the residual income the program offers comes in multiple streams of sheer earning power. A member can take advantage of the affiliate down line system the program offers and ensure rapid profit earnings. This feeling is unlike any other. Why Join Plug-In-Profit? Reason #5

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Presented by Daniel Toriola
Last but not least this remarkable plug-in profit system is absolutely easy and quick to get started with. Maybe you're new to the virtually untapped world of internet marketing, if so, time will be the only difficult obstacle you will inevitably have to face. Please do not get me wrong, this is no get rich quick scheme. It will take time to build up your successful home based business, but with the program's 24 hour service we will do everything it takes to get you there fast. If you succeed, we succeed. Keith Synan is an seasoned internet marketer who offers loads of free resources and information designed to help you succeed with your online business. Discover how you can maximize your online profits by visiting

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Presented by Daniel Toriola

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