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The Importance Of Online Reputation Management By Randy Zlobec

You might not have heard of online reputation management yet, but it can be very important. One of the most common ways of finding out about someone is to search for their name. However, if you can't control what pages come up connected with your name, you could find that your reputation is being damaged by unflattering, malicious, and erroneous information. In fact, there are even people maliciously attempting to become the highest ranking page for someone's name, with the intent of damaging their online reputation. Knowing what comes up when your name is searched for is vital, if you want to control what others see about you. For professional reasons, it's important that a search for your name comes up with accurate information, rather than someone else's slander. If your name is part of the title of a forum thread, you may end up with that thread ranking high, particularly if that thread is new. That means that even if the person starting the thread isn't intending to rank high for your name, they could end up doing so. Over time, this ranking will slip a bit, as the thread ages. However, for the period where it's current, the wrong information could do some serious damage. That means that if your name is important to you, online reputation management, either on your own or through a company that specializes in this field, is worth paying attention to. Since search engine optimization and control of a keyword can be tricky under normal circumstances, most people would be best off hiring an online reputation management specialist to make sure that their name is associated with the pages it should be. Remember that the primary person who can influence what the search engines say about you is you yourself. Take the time to think about what you say, where your name is used, and how you respond. If you do see something online that you don't like, don't cause a fuss! Quietly arrange for your existing sites to rank higher, talk to someone about the associations that are being made in relation to your name, or use a company to help you with these things. Starting an argument is actually a way to make the undesirable ranking stick, since it'll be a current, frequently visited page, as far as Google can tell. As an Internet service industry, online reputation management is relatively new. However, the need for it is growing, and the companies that provide this service have been seeing a lot of business. This powerful service continues to expand - it protects your corporate, brand, and personal reputation
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Presented by Daniel Toriola
online. That's something a lot of us could use. An online reputation management service will be able to help you shift your identity towards a more positive one, build an identity if you don't have one already, and solve any problems you have with your online reputation. This can be done using search engine optimization techniques, blogs, social networking sites, and much more. Any organization you contact to help you with online reputation management should be skilled in all the possible techniques for controlling your identity online, and should be able to discuss them with you honestly. If you've been allowing your reputation to be modified at random, now's the time to take control. You might be surprised what's associated with you online.

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What is Online Reputation Management? By Damian Burke

Gone are the days of in store surveys, cold calling and neighbourhood canvassing to gather information from the public about the image and perception of your brand, services or products. These days, bloggers, social media groups and forum sites hold the key to your business success, and it's never been easier to tap into these conversation lines. By getting in touch with consumer consciousness using Online Reputation Management (ORM), you are completely aware and in control of your online presence and are given the opportunity to respond to queries, follow up leads and provides you with early warning of negative press. The automated process finds and reviews relevant online content and fills you in on the buzz around your brand. How Does Online Reputation Management Work? ORM tools like BrandsEye trawl countless online sources such as websites, blogs, message boards and forums, chat rooms and social networking platforms to gather mentions of predetermined key words and delivers them straight to you. The keywords can include relevant phrases such as brand names, product or service names and any other phrases relevant to your business. Due to the sheer volume of information available online, the results are automatically deduplicated and spam is removed with the help of BrandsEye's statistical learning algorithm. Human interaction then allows for the tagging of relevant information about the brand and quantified reputation score is outputted both as a spot number and graphed for trend tracking to provide you with an early warning for your brand. But What if Your Brand is Offline Orientated? Even if you do not conduct any business in the online arena, chances are your brand is still represented online, and has a certain reputation because of it. An example of this would be a restaurant which may not have a website or take bookings online - but the public are still able to voice their opinion of your eatery online, and ultimately influence others. So How Valuable Is This Information? This market information is priceless! Traditional reputation awareness would require expensive and time consuming surveys, focus groups and testing - but Online Reputation Monitoring keeps you up to date with in-depth statistical data, easily laid out in automated graphs, charts and even raw data. Not only is it cheaper, easier and quicker than traditional market research, but the immense potential to spot bad publicity with enough time for a calculated response is indispensable. How Else Can Online Reputation Management Be Used? It has never been easier to track information that you have released about your business and gain accurate insight into how far the news has spread, how many times it has been reproduced, and how the information was received by your target market. Above and beyond the online perception of your brand, Online Reputation Management affords you the opportunity to benchmark your brand against competitors and similar brands, keep ahead of market trends and track your progress along the way. Being aware of your customers and clients also comes with fantastic up-selling, cross selling and re-selling potential. Is Online Reputation Management Expensive? Most Online Reputation Management tools have different packages available depending on the level of coverage you require. Basic packages are designed for bloggers, so they may keep on top of what buzz their blog posts create and how the public views their blog compared to others online, while more advanced packages

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are designed to provide in depth analysis into their online popularity and areas of conversation.

Developed by Quirk" target="_blank">>Quirk eMarketing, BrandsEye not only traces and assesses your online presence but provides you with a real-time reputation score for both you and your competitors. BrandsEye is an Online Reputation Management tool that allows companies to monitor the sentiments and opinions of their own customers, while making educated judgments about how to respond to attacks on their online reputation.

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