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					                               EMPLOYMENT CONTRACT

This Employment Contract is made as of _____________, (date) between GMS-PT, Inc., a
Michigan corporation (“GMS”), of 102 East Michigan, Marshall, MI and
____________________ (“Employee”).

The parties, in consideration of the mutual promises contained in this Employment Contract,
agree as follows:

1. Employee will meet and maintain all statutory, regulatory and certification requirements, if
   required, and will provide such documentation as may be requested to GMS. Employee also
   acknowledges the ultimate authority of GMS with respect to his/her responsibilities and
   directions related thereto and his/her status as an at-will employee therewith.

2. Employee will work on those dates and times as requested by GMS. Employees’ record of
   the days and hours worked will be recorded by Saline Area Schools and reported to GMS on
   behalf of the employee by Saline Area Schools. Employee should also keep a record of the
   days worked during which services were provided and forward a copy of the record to GMS
   if requested.

3. GMS will pay Employee the current pay scale for providing services, subject to applicable
   employment taxes and withholdings. Employee will be paid bi-monthly or as agreed upon.
   At the option of GMS, payments to Employee will be made by electronic transfer; Employee
   will provide GMS with the information necessary to make those electronic transfers.

4. GMS will not provide or pay to Employee any benefits or expenses.

5. Employee will comply with the applicable policies, rules and procedures of Saline Area
   Schools in the performance of his/her services to Saline Area Schools, copies of which will
   be provided to Employee by Saline Area Schools.

6. At the request of GMS, Employee shall sign a statement that: a) authorizes Employee’s
   current or former employer(s) to disclose to GMS any unprofessional conduct (as defined in
   the Michigan School Code) by Employee and to make available to GMS copies of all
   documents in Employee’s personnel record maintained by the current or former employer
   relating to that unprofessional conduct; and b) releases the current or former employer, and
   any employees acting on behalf of the current or former employer, from any liability for
   providing information described in this section. Employee authorizes GMS to provide Saline
   Area Schools with any information obtained under this section disclosing any unprofessional
   conduct by Employee.

7. Employee agrees that as an employee of GMS Employee will have no tenure or employment
   rights with Saline Area Schools in connection with this Agreement. Provided, however, this
   Agreement shall not apply to any other employment relationship Employee may have with
   Saline and is limited to the services provided by Employee under this Agreement.
8. If the services under this Contract involve the use of Employee’s vehicle, Employee will
   furnish GMS with satisfactory evidence showing that Employee has current automobile
   insurance with minimum limits as required by Michigan’s No-Fault Insurance laws and a
   valid Michigan Driver’s License.

9. This Employment Contract may be terminated by either party, with or without cause, upon
   fourteen (14) days’ written notice to the other party. Within fourteen (14) days of
   termination, GMS will pay Employee all sums due to Employee under this Employment
   Contract up to the date of termination.

10. This Agreement shall not be exclusive to Employee and Employee shall have the right during
    the term of this Agreement to work for any other Employer, including other Michigan Public

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have caused this Agreement to be executed by their fully
authorized representatives on the day and year first above written.

Dated: ______________________              GMS-PT, INC.

                                                 Mark E. Kreter
                                           Its:  Vice President

Dated:_______________________              __________________________________

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