Onion Root Tip Mitosis Lab by lsg16921


									                       Onion Root Tip Mitosis Lab

Read the introduction on the webpage listed above. This lab is based on a sample of
onion root tip cells as shown in the diagram. You will determine the percent of time a
Dividing cell spends in each phase of mitosis.

   1. Describe interphase. (inter means between) What is happening to prepare the
      cell for cell division? Are the chromosomes visible under a light microscope?

   2. What happens to the chromatin during prophase?

   3. What happens to the chromosomes during metaphase? Are they single of

   4. What happens to the chromosomes during anaphase?

   5. What happens during telophase?

6. What follows telophase?
Fill in the table below with information from the website.

               Interphase    Prophase     Metaphase      Anaphase      Telophase      Total

number of
  cells                                                                                36

percent of
  cells                                                                              100%

Calculate the percent of cell in each phase by dividing the number of cells in that phase
by the total number of cells observed (36)

7. In dividing cells, which phase do they spend most of their time in?

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