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Hospital Management System (HMS) by lsg16921


									                    King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals
                   Information and Computer Science Department
                          Second Semester 2006-2007 (062)
                     SWE 316: Software Design and Architecture
                              Project: Problem Description

                         Hospital Management System (HMS)

A well-known hospital has decided to launch a comprehensive e-Business strategy to
provide a fully integrated system which will be both cost-effective and efficient in terms of
providing excellent patient service, effective use of hospital funds and resources and in
general an improved information infrastructure which will be the core information data
center of the hospital. A significant part of this strategy is the development of a new
software project called HMS (Hospital Management System), which is an Internet-based
software solution that will handle all aspects of the hospital management.

The project director of the HMS is currently seeking advice from experts in the medical
administration domain on how to approach the development of this solution. A recent board
meeting included special advisors from the field of medical technology. The following
summarizes the resolutions in point form:

1. The hospital has a large OPD (out patient department) that provides medical
   consultations and prescriptions, usually during the day period. This work happens in at
   least two shifts, as the OPD is open from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.; The OPD is staffed with
   doctors, physicians, nurses, receptionists and various other roles.

2. Diagnostic tests including blood tests, X-rays and so on, are all carried out within the
   hospital’s premises with the help of available facilities in this large hospital. The results
   from these tests are then added to the patient’s medical profile as also used in
   medication and other treatments.

3. The hospital is involved in a large number of pre- and post-surgical activities (including
   pre- and post-natal activities), which need to be supported by the new software. This
   includes not only dealing with the patients and their requirements, their corresponding
   legal documentation (such as signing of authority to perform certain operations) and so
   on, but also checking out availability of facilities within the hospital.

4. The hospital is continuously in touch with various pharmaceutical organizations as well
   as outlets in terms of provision of medicine, operating instruments and exchange of
   ideas of medical research. This has created a requirement for the hospital’s software
   systems to start directly interacting with external system belonging to these

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5. Availability and scheduling of physicians and surgeons is not optimized in the current
   domain. Occasionally, administrative staff have to use physical notepads and diaries in
   order to book availability of doctors. The new system shall be able to handle the
   scheduling of consultations of patients with respective medical staff as well as
   scheduling work rosters for nurses and administrative staff. The system shall also
   provide immediate feedback to patients on availability of doctors and eventually enable
   them to make consultation bookings for the doctors.

6. A part of this project is creation of a comprehensive multi-media database complete with
   selected past consultations in audio and video forms that would be made available to
   various authorized users like doctors, patients and external specialists. However,
   security of access and privacy of patient data is of top priority and is not to be
   compromised under any circumstances.

7. With the availability of a multi-media database, there is opportunity for optional
   extensions to the project to incorporate possibility of remote consulting by doctors
   through audio and video media using high-speed connectivity.

8. User interfaces of this system must be specified and designed keeping the concepts of
   usability in mind – especially because the system is likely to be used by a wide age group
   of users and also users with certain disabilities.

9. Internal administrative systems (like booking of surgeries to operating rooms, or leave
   roster of nurses) will be moved to the internet-based system to enable global (off-site)

10. Potential links of the hospital’s system to local medicine suppliers will keep the
    inventories of medical supplies to the minimum within the hospital.

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