Sets values in your business Process Hospital Management System by lsg16921


									                  Sets values in your business Process

Hospital Management System
   1.    Doctors availability and fees can be predefined.
   2.    Prior appointment for consultancy made available.
   3.    Online registration for inpatient/outpatient.
   4.    Facility for identifying the type of patient - direct/corporate/insurance etc.
   5.    Patient’s history can be tracked based on their registration number.
   6.    Tracking of consultation for inpatient/outpatient.
   7.    Facility for viewing the patient’s complete history by each consultant doctor.
   8.    External speciality doctor information can be maintained.
   9.    Integrated pharmacy module.
   10.   Medicines can have batch numbers with expiry dates.
   11.   Medications and observations can be recorded by the doctor for each patient
   12.   Defining of any test with its common usage of materials/cost is possible.
   13.   Tracking of test results are possible.
   14.   Automatic integration of accounts and billing information which are taken for
         each patient for any services.
   17.   Shifting of beds/wards possible.
   18.   Facility for scheduling the medication by the doctor for the patients.
   19.   Alarm facility for ward staff for scheduled medication/observation.
   20.   Facility to update the patient case sheet by the ward staff.
   21.   Staff duty can be scheduled in advance.
   22.   Facility for patient referrals to other hospitals.
   23.   Facility for service referrals to other service organizations.
   24.   Operations can be classified according to its type/equipment complexity.


  25.    Each operations can be defined for the basic theatre readiness materials/
         equipments in terms of quantity/value.
  27.    Automatic computation of fee payable to consultant doctors.
  28.    Automatic integration of service charges to accounts/inventory and to the
         patient bill.
  29.    Facility for lab service request by doctors for each patient.
  30.    Integrated patient billing is possible at one point with all services combined.
  31.    Electronic discharging authorization for each patient by doctors with
         treatment comments/advises.
  32.    Diseases can be coded for future reference.
  33.    Tracking of payments part/full against each patient bill.

 A few analysis Reports from the Hospital Management Module
   1.    Inpatient/outpatient register.
   2.    Revenue register doctor wise.
   3.    Revenue register services wise.
   4.    Consultancy fee payable list.
   5.    Facility for printing case sheet of any given patient.
   6.    Disease analysis can be made for any given period.
   7.    Ward movement analysis.
   8.    Appointment register for the day.
   9.    Easy access to staff outstandings.
   10. Easy access to staff’s personal consumption.
   11.   Profitability report on each services provided.
   12. Profitability report on each patient.
   13. Overall profitability analysis.
   14. Automatic integration to inventory and accounts.
   15. Discount analysis.
   16. Expenditure statements.
   17. Generation of death certificate.
   18. Reporting of deaths with its causes.

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