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Small Wind Turbines Disappoint by lsg16921


									                     Small Wind Turbines Disappoint
Recent, independent studies in Warwick, UK† and Zeeland, The Netherlands‡ have
revealed small wind turbine performance well below the manufacturers claims.

Of the Twenty Nine turbines studied by the Warwick group, the average performance
over a year of operation was one-twentieth of the manufacturers claimed
performance. Reliability problems with many of the turbines reduced the electricity
generated even further. In one installation, the control electronics consumed more
energy than the turbine generated over the year meaning that the owner’s electricity
bill actually increased after installing the turbine, an expensive mistake! Three of the
turbines had to be switched off due to noise complaints from neighbours, and one
was removed due to structural damage to the gable end wall on which it was

The range of installation costs reported was from GBP1,898 to GBP5,400. Around
half the installations failed to generate even ten euro worth of electricity over the
entire year of the trial (electricity valued at 19c/kWh).

As might be expected, elements within the micro-wind industry dispute the results,
however similarly disappointing findings are beginning to emerge from a second
independent trial in Zeeland.

Why are we promulgating these findings?

Piccolo Energy believe that the long term health of the micro-generation industry will
come from satisfied customers who’s equipment performs reliably and meets their
expectations for energy generation. This will happen only when informed customers
engage with honest suppliers in an evidence based, realistic dialogue.

Mis-selling, by exaggerating the capability and potential impact of small wind
turbines, not only distorts competition in the short term but causes long term
reputational damage to the entire industry. As a supporter in principle of micro-
generation, when properly applied and installed, this is counter to our own ambitions.

How can we help?

There are many and varied factors which determine the final installed performance of
a micro-generator. Whilst we cannot make the wind blow, nor the water flow, we at
Piccolo Energy understand these factors and how they interact. Using expert
assessment and analysis, backed by years of engineering experience, we can give
informed, honest and independent advice on the viability of your project, and improve
your chances of success.

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