Employee Engagement Strategies by lsg16921


									Employee Engagement Strategies
Innovative strategies to achieving performance and retention excellence

Crowne Plaza Mutiara                                                                                               Tuesday & Wednesday
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia                                                                                            19 & 20 January, 2010

 Course facilitator:                                               What this workshop offers:
 Andrew Castle                                                          Explore the ultimate relations between employee engagement,
 Director                                                                   performance, retention and the impact towards the organisation
 Andrew Castle Consulting (AustrALIA)
                                                                        Effective strategies to leverage engagement across generations
 Andrew’s partial clients list include:-
  • IBM                                                                 Insights on proven processes and methodologies in understanding
  • Baker McKenzie                                                          the key drivers of engagement
  • PwC Asia
  • Reckitt Benckiser Asia                                              Best practices and case studies of top performing companies to
  • Johnson & Johnson                                                       assess and benchmark your engagement strategies
  • Glaxo Smith Kline
  • Fosters Group                                                       Identify new innovative strategies in employee engagement by
  • Kraft SE Asia                                                           utilising leading edge research in emotional engagement
  • AXA Asia Pacific
  • CSL                                                                 Advancing into social media to drive engagement
  • Medibank Private                                                    Highly interactive session and practical exercises to complement
                                                                            practical applications of innovative concepts learned

 Key take Aways:                                                   In this workshop you will LeArN to:
    A specific and customised action plan with                         Identify key features of organisational culture that drives improved
        many new approaches                                                 employee engagement and performance
    Case studies of successful employee                                Distinguish the key driving factors for different generations to
        engagement initiatives                                              effectively engage and retain
    Best engagement practices to benchmark                             Differentiate and create the value proposition across generations
        your organisation’s current practices
                                                                        engage and energise employees to ensure high “return of
    Findings    of leading edge international                              Performance”
        research on employee and emotional
                                                                        Create an organisational culture that supports engagement and
                                                                            enhanced performance

              COMPLI ENTARY
                                                                        Address the link between engagement, performance and retention

                                                                        Audit your current engagement initiatives and benchmark against
                                                                            industry leaders
               AssessMeNt tooLKIt
          with checklist and milestones for                             Understand the impact of leadership on employee engagement
        continuous monitoring of implemented

Who should Attend:
General Managers, Directors, Vice Presidents, Heads, senior Managers & Managers of:
• Employee Engagement • Employee Relations • Employee Communications • Human Capital Development • Internal Communication • Human Capital
Management • HR Communications • Performance Management

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