Indian Jewellery - Innately Exquisite Ornaments by toriola1


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Indian Jewellery - Innately Exquisite Ornaments By Amrith K.A.

Jewellery has a different meaning in India. Indian Jewellery is not merely an artifact or accessory but also the measure of a person's wealth and prestige in the society. Little wonder then, that certain communities in India give kilograms of gold ornaments during weddings and actually make the brides wear them. Indian weddings are a grand affair. Food, traditions, music and dance are integral to it, so are the very Indian jewellery in gold, platinum and precious stones. Indian Jewellery is the most ethnic form of jewellery and has an innately oriental aura. The designs on Indian jewellery are sometimes region specific. Indian jewellery from Kerala are embellished with motifs which are distinct to Kerala like elephant motifs, musical instruments, sea shells and enamel painting on bangles. Indian Jewellery from Tamilnadu is intricate, comprising thick gold chains known as surds embellished with a grand pendant. Mens jewellery includes rings, pendants, bracelets and neck chains. There is a diverse range of mens jewellery too. Bracelets, pendants, finger ring etc in specific designs constitute the mens jewellery. On the other hand, Indian jewellery from the eastern part is inspired from the rich cultural heritage of Bengal. The Mughals left behind the meenakari influence and Indian jewellery based on this is seen extensively in the Northern parts. An abundance of these meenakari work jewellery can be seen in Jaipur, parts of central India and most of Northern India. Besides the traditional forms of jewellery there is the stylish fashion jewellery which is an emerging concept in accessories. Womens jewellery has a wide miscellany based on the metal and embellishments like gemstones etc. Emerald, pearl, corals and other precious stones are generally used in Indian jewellery for women. The most widely seen womens jewellery includes those made from pearl. They may be made more attractive with precious stones like rubies, and garnets. This is seen in Kundan jewellery and authentic Rajasthani jewellery. Diamond jewellery made out of 18K gold is yet another favorite in India. In addition to this, there is diamond studded platinum jewelry which is not just exquisite but has a classy touch to it. Platinum
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bands for men, finger ring and neck chain constitute mens jewellery in platinum. Pieces of Indian jewellery that have a religious significance like pendants of idols, the holy cross or any other religious motifs are certainly in vogue. Lately, designer jewellery by big names like Gitanjali, Ddamas, Sangini and many more are gaining huge popularity. They are subtle with designs that entice and complement contemporary dressing. This type of Indian jewellery is indeed suitable for fusion and western outfits although the trend to wear them for social outings is certainly in vogue. Online marts are the most preferred means of shopping for jewellery. They are profuse with a wide gamut of ornaments that are articulately designed and displayed in a user friendly manner. Shopping can be so much fun too. So if shopping for Indian jewellery is on your mind, log in to online marts and choose from the beautiful assortment. Online Shopping India - is an exciting new online destination and community that focuses on selling latest Mobile Phones, Cars, Watches, Health Equipments Bikes, Apparels, Handicrafts, books, Toys and Games, Beauty Products, Indian Jewellery and a lot more at guaranteed lowest price.

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Hassle Free Shopping for a Wide Range of Gold Jewellery By Amrith K.A

Indian gold jewellery is popular the world over for its innate ethnicity. The oriental touch and intricate designs seen on these forms of gold jewellery are indeed one of a kind. The one good thing about Indian gold jewellery is that the patterns are intricately engraved rendering them inimitable. These exquisite pieces of gold jewellery tend to appreciate with time and that adds to the allure. The traditional pieces of Indian gold jewellery are indeed priceless and they are still in manufacture garnering major profits due to their exclusivity. Indian Gold Jewellery with a traditional touch is sometimes region specific, in that jewellery from a specific place would have a distinctive design. Popular among them are the elephant motifs on bangles and pendants from kerala, attractive beads from north eastern states, Kundan jewellery from Rajasthan or the Kolhapuri sajh designs. This almost makes up the exquisite collection of Indian gold jewellery. The Indian gold jewellery as specified before are crafted depending on the regions, culture and traditions. Most of them have time honored values attached to them as well. Southern part of India is known to manufacture jewellery that is based on larger temple based designs while northern India, especially Jaipur is popular for engraved designs like minakari and enamel work. Andhra Pradesh is famous for filigree silver jewels and pearls. Today these forms of Indian Jewellery are popular across the world and everyone wants to own one of these exquisite pieces of gold jewellery in their collection. The history of jewellery dates back to hundreds of years when women started wearing shells as accessories to adorn their necks and hair. The newer forms of jewellery like the gold ring and gold earrings have a more recent origin. Gold earrings are worn by almost every woman in India while wearing a gold ring on the finger depends on individual preferences. Gold ring has gained immense popularity with the infusion of a rather western culture to Indian ceremonies, characterized by the exchange of rings. Betrothal ceremonies and weddings are occasion when a gold ring or rings made of platinum and diamonds are exchanged. With such cultural confluence the Indian gold jewellery has indeed come a long way. There are many contemporary forms of jewellery that are popular today not only as ornaments but also as accessories to enhance the attire. The contemporary forms of Indian jewellery haven’t lost the Indian touch which comes alive when it is teemed with traditional attire. The ambidexterity of the contemporary form of Indian Jewellery to complement either western or Indian clothing has added to its popularity. Despite resurgence in trends, Indian gold jewellery will never go out of style. Opt for online shopping options to avail the benefit of choosing from a wide range. It is the most hassle free means of shopping for exquisite pieces of jewellery that you long to buy. Do not let regional boundaries be an obstacle and avail the benefits that online marts provide to shoppers. Indian Jewellery Store - is an exciting new online destination and community that focuses on selling latest Mobile Phones, Cars, Watches, Health Equipments Bikes, Apparels, Handicrafts, books, Toys and Games, Beauty Products, Indian Gold Jewellery and a lot more at guaranteed lowest price.

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