How To Use Blogs To Build Your MLM

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How To Use Blogs To Build Your MLM By Mike Witt

One business model that is a perfect match to what a quality blog can provide is network marketing. Of course that only works if you know how to do it correctly. In this article let's talk about how to use your blog to build your MLM business. The most successful blogs are those that consistently have fresh content added to them. By that we mean they are always adding a new article, a new video, offering a new poll to their visitors, and so on.

Search engines love blogs because they love fresh content. A search engine has a very hard job to provide relevant content to their searchers. Fresh content gives them something new for their searchers to view. A quality blog can be an excellent source of information for both the readers and the search engines as well. If you have an MLM business you can use your blog articles to drive traffic and then convert some of that into potential MLM prospects for your business. The life blood of any MLM business is new leads and network marketing lead generation is a hard thing to do. Successful network marketers know that they can add a sign up form on their sidebar that will then be live on every blog page past or present. By putting it above the fold where people can quickly spot it you stand an excellent chance of creating new leads for future follow up. The content itself can help you build your MLM business as well. This is where you give your readers what they are looking for. By providing useful quality content you are building your own personal credibility. This credibility can brand you as an expert in the niche of network marketing which can lead to future leads as well. One thing that many top bloggers are learning to do is incorporate search engine optimization into their blog posts. This is done through targeting keyword phrases that a person would be searching for online.

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By developing a keyword list that relates to an MLM business or network marketing business opportunity, you can attract prospects to your blog post too. This is not hard to do, but the results can have a profound effect on the success of your network marketing lead generation. In summary these are a few ways you can use blogs to build your MLM business. If you currently are not blogging you should be because you are losing potential prospects and business partners.

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Generate MLM Leads Online - Blogging To Generate MLM Leads Online By Alex Bannon

#1 Reason Why Blogs Generate MLM Leads Online The first reason why blogs are great to generate MLM leads online is because they are, for the most part, always new and up-to-date. This means that the search engine web-crawling spiders love to index their content because its perceived as relevant because its so new. This means its very easy to get high search engine rankings quite fast which means more visitors to your site. #2 Reason Why Blogs Generate MLM Leads Online The second reason why blogs are great to generate MLM leads online is because of the way site visitors interact with you. Because you are the site owner you are immediately perceived as being the authority and a much higher value person then the visitor. This is absolutely crucial if you ever want to sponsor these visitors as distributors because people will only follow someone else who is better then themselves. #3 Reason Why Blogs Generate MLM Leads Online The third reason why blogs are great to generate MLM leads online is because they offer further ways of monetization. You can post ads, banners, AdSense ads, opt-in forms, affiliate links etc which gives you further income streams. Just because a visitor won't join your MLM doesn't mean they might not buy an Ebook off you, or see an add they like and click on that, giving you Adsense revenue. All in all, blogs are a wonderful way to generate new, interested MLM leads online. Generally the most popular platforms are Blogger and Wordpress. Blogger will host your blog for you and give you a subdomain as your URL. Wordpress you host on your own website so you use your own domain. If you want to generate MLM leads online using blogs remember the best thing you can do is always provide new exciting content for your readers Goto www.DriveFreeTraffic.Com for FREE videos on how to build an MLM whilst keeping to a tight budget. - Blogs & Rss Feeds Get FREE Hungry Targeted Visitors to Your Site - Bait & Hook Search Engines & Boost Your Site Rankings using RSS Feeds & Blogs. Page 3

Presented by Daniel Toriola

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