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What to Expect in the Last Month of Pregnancy


									Presented by Daniel Toriola
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What to Expect in the Last Month of Pregnancy By Lisa Smithe

The last month of pregnancy is definitely an emotional one. While the day you can gaze into your little one's eyes can't come soon enough, there are still a few things you've got to look forward to before you get there. Extra weight gain in the last month of pregnancy is typical and you may find yourself putting on a little more than a pound a week. During this month, your baby's gaining body weight, so you will, too. These few added pounds can cause back aches and mild swelling in the feet and may sap your energy, but a little moderate exercise such as walking or stretching can help. Your baby changes position The last month of pregnancy is also the time when your baby "drops" or descends head down into the pelvis area, also called "lightening." During your first pregnancy, this happens anywhere from six to two weeks before delivery, but with later pregnancies it doesn't happen until labor actually begins. The good news is that baby's new position puts less pressure on your stomach, which means you'll be able to eat and breath more easily and have less heartburn, too. On the other hand, pressure lower down can cause aching legs, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, and a few late-night trips to the bathroom. Walking also gets a little awkward at this point. Get ready for delivery day Most babies arrive within a week or so of their due date, so make sure you're ready a little ahead of time. Pack your hospital bag and a separate "labor bag" with items that will help you through the delivery such as massagers and scented oils, a CD of soothing music or white noise, and lip balm and suckers for dry lips and throat. Plan your route to the hospital from home and anywhere else you spend a fair amount of time. If you're worried about ending up in the hospital on a false alarm, read up on the differences between pre-labor, false labor, and true labor. Try not to get involved in major projects right now, but if you do, make sure you line up someone who can take over for you when the big moment comes.

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Head off stress In the last month of pregnancy, to say you've got a lot on your mind is an understatement. Along with increasing physical strains, there are all the concerns that come with caring for a newborn. It's natural to feel a little moody and irritable. A simple way to ease the anxiety is to write down exactly what's worrying you (Labor? Breast feeding? Getting by with less sleep?) and think through some solutions for each potential problem. You'll probably find you're more prepared than you think. During the last month of pregnancy, prepare for a little more physical strain and get together everything you'll need for your little one's arrival Most of all, though, try to take it easy and look forward to the fact that your beautiful new baby will be in your arms in a matter of weeks. Get lots more pregnancy information by visiting my Pregnancy Blog at Learn about everything from the early signs of pregnancy to exercising during pregnancy.

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Pregnancy Guide Selection Tips By Mandy Robinson

>From the moment you find out that you are pregnant, expecting mothers immediately begin to worry about planning for a sucessful pregnancy and in addition for their bundles of joy. Planning is perhaps the most important thing you can do during your pregnancy, so finding a quality guide is of the utmost importance to helping you organize for sucess. You may be issued with some kind of brochures from your doctor at your first medical check- up where your pregnancy is officially confirmed, or you may be given something by friends who have already had babies. Read through the guide you are given, and see if it matches your ideal pregnancy in your mind. 1. Pregnancy Guides In A Nutshell - Pregnancy follows a set pattern of development - What to expect with your body during each of the three trimesters - Hints on how to prepare for the actual birth of the baby - Diet advice - Exercise advice 2. Generic Pregnancy Guides For many women, a generic pregnancy guide is sufficient to give them the information they require. Of course, depending on your personality you may want to explore other books to see if they are better suited to you. For example, do you want a pregnancy guide that not only informs but also encourages you to use the book as a record of your pregnancy by having space for you to write in your weight at the various stages? 3. Teen Pregnancy If you are a teen mother- to- be, or this is not your first child, then you may prefer a pregnancy guide that speaks to you and offers more specific advice. It could be that you prefer to know all the symptoms of the various complications of pregnancy so that you are prepared, or perhaps you prefer a book that doesn't give you nightmares. 4. Diabetes Also, Other Conditions For those with diabetes or other specific conditions, there are pregnancy guides that will apply specifically to you and can help you to plan on adjusting your dietary intake for your condition. For more great pregnancy related articles and resources check out

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Presented by Daniel Toriola

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