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What Are The Chances Of Endometriosis Pregnancy? By Shelley Ross

Endometriosis is the leading cause of impaired fertility in females, with approximately 7 million sufferers in the US alone. However, for women with endometriosis pregnancy can elusive. The endometrium lining found inside the uterus forming outside the uterus and attaching itself to other organs is known as endometriosis. During menstruation, when the endometrium lining is shed by the body, the tissue that exists outside of the uterus has no way to leave the body and tears, bleeds and forms scar tissue (adhesions) that continue to grow and develop abnormally each time menstruation occurs. This causes extreme pain for many sufferers. One of the treatments for endometriosis is a surgical procedure called a laparoscopy. This removes or vaporizes the growth of endometrial deposits and for women with minimal or mild endometriosis this procedure can be effective in increasing their fertility chances. Studies show that surgical treatment increases the pregnancy rate. Also, women who have minor symptoms of endometriosis who receive fertility treatment may succeed in falling pregnant. There are a number of assisted procedures that serve as an option for women and their partner's affected by infertility problems due to endometriosis. For treating infertility due to mild or moderate endometriosis, ovarian hyperstimulation combined with intrauterine insemination is one option. This process involves manual insemination using your partners' sperm after your ovaries have been stimulated to release multiple eggs. This gives you a higher chance of one of the eggs being fertilized. Pregnancy rates are good, especially if the woman is young (under 40) and produces the right amount of eggs during ovarian stimulation. However, if this treatment is not effective after 6 menstrual cycles, then the next course of action is to consider in-vitro fertilization.

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In-vitro fertilization is also a procedure that has proven effective at improving the fertility chances of women with endometriosis. It makes pregnancy possible by combining the egg and sperm in the laboratory. Then the fertilized embryo is inserted into the woman's uterus. Sadly, for cases of severe endometriosis, medical treatment can not improve fertility. Studies show that the surgical treatment will not always improve the chances of getting pregnant. But there is still hope, as some women do become pregnant despite being told that they never would. It is always sensible to treat the cause of the infertility issues, so treating the endometriosis before the fertility treatment is often recommended. If you want to discover natural methods to combat endometriosis, sign up for our free newsletter below.

However, each case is different there are no correct answers or right treatments suitable for everyone because the whole process depends on case-to-case basis. Your doctor should advise which endometriosis pregnancy treatment is suitable for you. Sign up for Shelley Ross' free Endometriosis newsletter - Overflowing with easy to implement methods to help you discover more about your chances for a Endometriosis pregnancy being successful at

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What Is Endometriosis And Common Symptoms By Sandra Montano

Endometriosis is a condition that can prevent pregnancy in a woman. It is a disease that is fairly common and can afflict women from their first menstrual cycle through menopause. In rarer cases, endometriosis can affect post-menopausal women as well. Currently, there is no cure for endometriosis. As well, general practitioners often have a difficult time diagnosing endometriosis. Endometriosis occurs when the endometrium, or uterine lining, grows outside of the uterus. It may grow in areas such as around the ovaries, in the pelvic cavity, sometimes even the bowels or in the bladder. Although very rare, the endometrium can also grow in the lung area. As the condition progresses, the growths develop into "tumors" or "implants." While the reference to tumors can be unnerving, endometrium growths are not cancerous or malignant. However, the condition can be severely painful, cause heavy menstruation, and can prevent pregnancy in some cases. Endometriosis symptoms include pain that is localized in the pelvic, abdominal, or lower back areas. The severity of the pain does not directly correlate with the amount of endometriosis present in these areas. One can have a small amount of endometriosis growth and feel severe pain. Conversely, one can have a large area of endometriosis growth and feel no pain. Women who have pain in these areas might want to consult with their gynecologist. Gynecologists are specially trained to diagnose endometriosis. An MRI or ultrasound should be able to detect endometriosis, but it is not always the best way. A definitive diagnostic procedure is a laparoscopy. A laparoscopy is a surgical procedure that involves inserting a tube with an attached light into the abdomen. This procedure will determine the location, size, and extent of the condition. Once endometriosis is detected, treatment options are discussed with the gynecologist, which includes medication, hormone treatments, and surgery.

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