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Wedding Bells Are Ringing By Tom Stabler

Weddings have a long history, which over the years, have spawned (is that the right word) a long list of traditions. We have the Wedding party, bachelor party, ring, bouquet, best man, bridesmaid and oh yes, the honeymoon. There are probably more traditions involved with planning a wedding than any other event we will attend in our lives. Some are very touching and yet others seem extremely silly. Tying shoes to the bumper of a car? Wher the heck did that come from? Well as a matter of fact, at one time the brides shoes were seen as a sign of authority and possession. After the wedding the father of the bride would take her shoes and hand them over to her new husband. The husband would then tap her on the head to show her that he was now the boss. I'll bet some of you ladies could tell us why this never caught on. Instead the tradition changed to tying shoes (his and hers) to the bumper of the car. Oh Yeah!! The honking of the horn came from the ringing of bells and exploding firecrackers to keep the evil spirits away from the open carriages the brides would travel in. For the guys we have the "Bachelor Party" which was started in the 15th century among military men. The comrades of the groom, would get together and provide him with a sendoff in the form of a feast with lots of toasting going on. Of course, as with most traditions, we've managed to change a few things so that some bachelor parties are, shall we say, more entertaining than others. In the beginning, weddings were actually pretty simple events. The only requirement for the wedding was for the bride and groom to "consent" to taking each other as spouse. I guess that became rather boring and throughout the years other things were added as a way to liven things up a bit, not to mention make some local merchants wealthy in the process. So what we have now includes; special garments, invitations, cakes, gifts, rings, veils, bouquets, and much, much more. Well you better get started. There's a lot to do. You have plans to make, designs to select, money to spend and spend and spend. But take heart!! By going to my Budget Weddings site you can find all the atest articles, auctions, ads and videos that will help you plan the perfect wedding. Take a look and bookmark it so you can come back often. When you're all set, don't forget me, I'm not doing anything
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that day. Tom Stabler is a retired Air Force veteran, with a wide range of interests. His dream is to use his websites to provide information to the masses on such subjects as jewlery, internet, real estate and loans.

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Nostalgic Christmas Wedding Favors By Joe Palladino

The best times to celebrate with family are on days that are really special to you and require a lot of planning and time to make them perfect. Your wedding is one of those days and if you combine it with the feeling of the holiday season then everyone will really understand the love that you feel. You will be able to bring a kind of warmth to your reception that will make everyone feel really close together. The great thing is that there are a lot of different feelings all coming together in this celebration because you will be drawing from decorations that make everyone feel good and really feel like they are in the middle of the season right there with you. The snow of w inter can be a great thing to add in to your decorations especially since the wedding dress is white and glitter and the bride will look like a shining snowflake. Christmas time is the time for celebrating family and good fortune in light of the coming New Year and your wedding is the start of the rest of your life together with your new spouse. This is a great link between the two celebrations and you can really play off of this with your decorations. Your guests will definitely remember the night and the memories they made there for the rest of their lives because you gave them a truly unique experience. Here are a couple examples of wedding favors that you can use to incorporate this classic theme into your reception. Double Hearts Design Christmas Ornament: This is great because it really gives that ultimate combination of love and holiday feeling for all of your guests. This will conjure images of decorating the Christmas tree, wrapping presents, and eating a warm meal with all of your relatives. It is strange how similar your wedding reception process will be -you will have to plan everything, decorate the hall, find gifts for your guests, and you will share a fantastic meal with everyone with a celebratory air the whole time. So, inspire the feeling of the holidays with these stunning wedding favors. 24 Silver Bells Box: These come right out of a fantastic Christmas song and all your guests will recognize their beauty as soon as they walk into the dining hall. The tradition of ringing the bells for a toast or a kiss between the bride and groom is basically packaged in a box for you with this wedding favor so that you can just set them out and have your guests enjoy them. The bells have a little message attached to them that gives your guests the instructions about how they should use the silver bells to call for a toast or a kiss. You can even try making a personal message for these and writing it on the back of the message that is already there so that they will be even more personal and meaningful for each and every single one of your valued guests. Joe Palladino is the owner of Her Wedding Favors and offers fine wedding favors and unique bridal shower favors. All of his products are discounted, high-quality cheap wedding favors.

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