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Ultratress For The Ultimate Hair Extensions By Hair Restoration Centers

What kind of hair loss do you have? On women, there is no standard pattern of baldness as there is with men. Also unlike men, the causes of woman's hair loss are more varied, diet and childbirth among them, in addition to the hormonal dysfunction more closely associated with men's hair loss. It only follows then, that woman's hair loss can vary greatly from individual to individual. Some women have a general diffused hair loss on the top of their heads; others have lost hair in more specific areas; such as the crown, the anterior mid-scalp area, or the hairline; some have lost their hair through a condition called alopecia. Obviously, if you've lost all or most of your hair, you need total coverage of your scalp. But what if your hair loss is diffused or confined to a specific area? You certainly don't want more hair than you needwhy cover up existing hair that's healthy and growing? What probably makes the most sense for women with partial hair loss is to augment the existing hair in an attractive, unobtrusive manner. That's the key to a more natural-looking and more effective solution.

Ultratress Hair Extensions Just like standard hair extensions, Ultratress can lengthen hair. But Ultratress is a different type of hair extension. Because of the unique way it's accomplished, Ultratress can also be used to add volume or highlights or lowlights to achieve almost any look you desire. Even when used for hair lengthening; Ultratress works differently than today's hair extensions. Ultratress places less stress on your hair and on you. The Ultartress process is simpler and easier to perform than today's hair extension procedures. It causes no damage to your existing hair; and it can be removed quickly and easily. Unlike standard hair extensions which can take up eight hours to apply, Ultratress can be performed in as little as two hours. As you might expect that time savings translates into cost savings.
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Presented by Daniel Toriola
What makes Ultratress different is how it's applied to your hair. Which makes Ultratress the ultimate system for augmenting your hair? Ultratress isn't tied on instead a modern day polymer is used to meld the Ultratress hair to your existing hair. In addition to taking less time and being less traumatic to your existing hair, the nature of the Ultratress process gives it greater flexibility and versatility. What makes Ultratress fabulous is what it does for your hair. What could a little extra length or a little more volume or highlights or lowlights do for your hair? What could they do for your appearance? With Ultratress it's easy to find out because the process takes so little time. Just contact HRC and you'll be able to explore all the various hairstyles that were not possible with your existing hair. Whether it's for a special occasion or to look on every occasion. And if you grow weary of your new look, don't worry. It's easy to reverse the procedure because the process is a model of simplicity. Glamour awaits. Maybe you've always been a little disappointed with the results that you've obtained with your hair; or perhaps you love your hair but are just looking for a change. Whatever you're seeking your expectations will be met and exceed by the exciting possibilities offered by Ultratress hair progression at HRC. Hair Restoration of California specializes in hair loss solutions for men and women by designing custom Hair Replacements. You can visit HRC's web site at or by calling (800) 486-4247 for more information.

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Common Questions About Clip In Hair Extensions Part One By Carolyn Clayton

Hair extensions have severely gained popularity during the last few years, especially because of the recent celebrity trend of having them applied. They have actually been around since the 1980’s even though during the 1980’s many people dismissed them as a fad that would never catch on and now they have come back and they have never been more popular. If you are hoping to have hair extensions applied it should be noted that there are many different ways in which this can be done. Some of the most popular ways involve bonding or gluing the extensions to your natural hair; however if you are looking for a more temporary length or volume then clip in hair extensions may be more suitable to you. Clip in hair extensions are a form of hair extensions that provide you with instant long or full hair as well as a way of adding aspects of colour to your natural hair. Clip in hair extensions provide you with a temporary solution to get longer hair whilst you are waiting for your natural hair to grow. They are cheaper than going to a salon to have extensions applied via other methods of application. Clip in hair extensions can generally be treated the same way as normal hair extensions in the sense you can cut and style them as you please however there are certain things that you can and cannot do to your hair extensions. Below are examples of some of the commonly asked questions that surround the application of clip in hair extensions. Will they damage my hair? – The simple answer to this question is no, as long as you apply and remove the extensions correctly you will not damage your natural hair. They should be clipped to your hair below the ear line so they are hidden by your hair and they should be clipped in so they are evenly spread out across your head. Can I keep using them? – You can re-use your clip in extensions as much as you want as long as you take care of them. Clip in extensions often last a lot longer than normal extensions as they are easier to care for than hair extensions which are glued or bonded to your hair. Can I keep my extensions in over night? – It is highly advised that you don’t keep your extensions in over night as it is considered not safe to sleep in them. Can I cut my clip in hair extensions? – You are able to cut and style your clip in hair extensions into any style that you want to suit your natural hair and to blend them in better; however if you are planning to cut your extensions it is a good idea to ask your hair dresser to do it for you as cutting your hair extensions requires the same amount of skill that is needed to cut your natural hair. Will my Scalp be able to breath? – Like hair extensions that are glued or bonded to your hair, your clip in hair extensions will be fitted close to your hairs roots/scalp. They should be attached in a way so that they do not block your roots or scalp so that you can feel and touch your scalp as normal. For more Information see Common Questions about Clip in Hair Extensions Part Two.

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Presented by Daniel Toriola
Helen is the web master of Inanch, specialists in all aspects of Clip in Hair Extension.

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