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									Presented by Daniel Toriola
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Tips On Using An Hair Iron By Ofer Tirosh

The hair iron is coming more and more popular. It is used by women of all ages and for various purposes. We have gathered a few tips and guideline by women who use or used hair iron or other products to straighten their hair. We strongly advise to read it before you start using hair iron or other hair straightening tool 1. Use the hair iron only after you have cleaned your hair. Actually, it can be dangerous to use it before you clean your hair because dirt or grease left in the hair will be cooked by the heat of the hair iron and the damage made is inevitable. 2. Do not iron your hair with a clothes iron. If you will use it without taking the necessary safety measures, your hair will singe. The singed hair can not be cut out or covered up. Use a hair iron produced for this purpose instead 3. A short straightening method using a hair flat iron : First dry your hair for about 15 minutes using a dryer, then continue drying your hair and at the same time comb it with your fingers. Comb it carefully so that you will get the curl out. Then, for a short time (no more than five minutes) use the hair iron at the ends of your hair. This is a proven and safe way to straighten and keep your hair shiny. 4. Following blowing dry your hair with heat, We advise you to switch to cold hair (Most products have this option). It makes your hair shiny and it is healthier for your hair. 5. Always use a brush while blowing dry your hair. It makes your hair straight and saves time. 6. Blow hair dry at night for a great and straight look in the next morning. 7. Try putting some gel after dividing your hair into three sections while blow drying your hair with a comb for straightening your hair. 911 Corp. executed an independent research and found that Sedu hair iron is the most efficient hair iron. More on

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Presented by Daniel Toriola
Sedu Ceramic Hair Straighteners Users Guide By Oliver Turner

You’ve taken the first step and purchased a sedu hair straightener, the next step however, is learning to achieve the best results from your sedu hair iron. Before we look at how to use the sedu hair straightener to achieve the best results, let us first look at exactly what sedu ceramic hair straighteners are. Sedu ceramic hair straighteners are the latest in hair straightening technology and come complete with ultra smooth ceramic plates that have been designed to prevent stretching and breaking of the hair. The sedu hair straightener also comes with a faster heat up time and also takes less time to achieve your desired hairstyle. Sounds great, so how do you actually use the sedu hair iron? The first thing you will need to do with your sedu ceramic hair straighteners is of course to plug them in. The sedu hair iron comes with its own temperature control gauge so you can select the perfect setting for your hair type. For bleached or damaged hair the lower setting on the sedu hair straightener should be used. For coarse and stubborn hair use the high setting on the sedu hair straightener. The next step will be to use your sedu hair iron to straighten your hair. It is important to remember that sedu ceramic hair straighteners should never be used on wet hair. Even on slightly damp hair you can cause un-repairable damage or scorching to your hair. You should always shampoo and condition your hair, add styling products and then blow dry fully before using the sedu hair straightener. By separating your hair into sections the sedu hair straightener will be easier to use. Take a section of hair and pass the sedu hair iron over it. Do not overuse the sedu hair iron on any section of your hair. It is important to note that the sedu hair iron has been designed to cut half the straightening time of other models and therefore 2 to three passes on each section of the hair is plenty. Repeat this for every section of hair. Once finished just brush through and your new sedu hairstyle is complete. So you see, sedu ceramic hair straighteners are simple and easy to use, and with patience and practice you will be on your way to celebrity sedu hairstyles such as the Jennifer Aniston sedu hair style everyday. We have tested dozens of hair straighteners to find the best ones and the best places to buy them. Find the results only on . Find more hair straighteners info on

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Presented by Daniel Toriola

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