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The Joy of Pregnancy Announcement Postcards By Christoph Puetz

What are you expecting from a pregnancy announcement postcard? Joy? Excitement? How about a life lasting moment that the recipient will never forget? Pregnancy is an exciting and joyful time. There is suddenly so much new on the roadmap that needs to be tackled before the little bundle of joy arrives. Especially first time parents to be are seeing the world with different eyes and are tempted to even tell strangers that they are expecting a baby. It’s a very special time for sure. One problem with being pregnant is the lack of time and certain restrictions (especially later on during pregnancy) that make life a little more difficult. Long air travel is less desirable as an example as it can affect the baby. Friends you used to see every day/week/month have to stand back because you are concentrating on other things that (naturally) seem more important now. Then you think about all your friends back from high school and college + your extended family down in the Boonies. It is literally impossible to tell everyone in person about the great and exciting news. This is where pregnancy announcements are a present send from heaven. Just plain email is boring and not always the polite way to tell someone you care about that you are expecting a baby. Pregnancy Announcement Postcards are different. It’s a very personal and emotional way to let friends and family know that you are expecting and that the world as you know it will change in much less than 9 months. Pregnancy Announcements come in many different flavors and many options exist. It really just depends on your ability and willingness on how much money you want to spend. Some vendors charge you an arm and a leg per postcard and the designs are actually horrible + they make/sell them in a way that you even have to spend expensive postage per card instead of providing options that look great and can be mailed with the lowest priced stamps available from the United States Postal Office. Other vendors have realized that you want to spend your money on things for the little one and offer affordable pregnancy announcements without letting the design be the cheapest part of the deal. We have seen vendors offering 20 to 25 cards for $10 to $15 total, while old time dinosaurs like Hallmark want more than $1.50 per one card. What do you need to look for when buying pregnancy postcards? What postcards get the best results as a surprise for the recipient? Look for a design that is not tied to a specific gender since you probably don’t even know yet if you are going to have a baby girl or boy. Look for a design that expresses warm emotions and tender feelings. Look for cards that you would consider great for making a lasting impression and that would motivate the recipient to pick up the phone and to call right that moment. Recipients usually look at the front of a postcard first before checking who the actual sender is. The
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right pregnancy postcard design will make moment last a life long and you have accomplished of what you wanted to get out of sending a pregnancy announcement postcard. More information about pregnancy announcements has been published on the Pregnancy Annoucements website, where one can also send free pregnancy announcement ecards.

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Pregnancy Announcement Postcards By Christoph Puetz

Pregnancy Announcements A newcomer in the section of announcements postcards are pregnancy announcement postcards. We all know those baby announcement cards that parents send out after a little baby has been born, but now a trend has shown up where expecting couples like to share the excitement and joy of a new pregnancy with friends and families. While close friends and family (as always) will get a verbal transmission of this exciting message, friends and family living far away are often left out. They usually find out late during pregnancy or even after when the baby has arrived. That fact has left many expecting parents frustrated, but with no real options until just some time ago. This is the missing link that vendors of pregnancy announcement postcards are trying fill – with great success. What are pregnancy announcement postcards? What would one have to think of when considering these cards? Pregnancy Announcement Postcards are a little less formal than baby announcements. Often the expecting couple does not even know the gender of the baby to be and so these cards have to be designed in a way that they appeal even without providing much information (other than that a baby is on the way). Pregnancy Announcement Postcards don’t provide much information, but rather have to translate the excitement and joy of the parents to be into a picture or one sentence headline on the card. A well designed pregnancy announcement card needs to be able to connect parents and the different card recipients. A great postcard needs to wake emotions and feelings to make a lasting impression. It does not matter if the card is actually send in an envelope or if it is a plain postcard. Feedback we have seen has shown no significant advantage between either one version of the announcement card. Some vendors even provide the option to send out free pregnancy ecards from their website – utilizing the same popular designs that are usually only available for the actual print (hardcopy) versions of their postcards. Custom postcards usually have to be designed and printed locally due to the high cost associated with this process. No web vendor has been able so far to offer customized postcards for that occasion at a reasonable price. Pregnancy cards come in many different flavors and lots of different pricing options. Different vendors are on the market with prices ranging from $1.00 per one card to packs of 20 to 25 priced around $10 to $15. In some cases vendors charge a premium for custom made cards. Extra cost one has to consider are stamps. Normal postcards have the advantage of low postage pricing options ($0.27 at the time of this writing). Announcement cards mailed in envelopes need to be stamped in at $0.42 (at the time of this writing). Conclusion: Pregnancy Announcement cards are a great way to connect to friends and family with a happy occasion in mind. This is especially true when friends and family are spread out over the entire United States or Canada. Pregnancy Announcement Postcards and the option to send free pregnancy announcement ecards can be found at the pregnancy announcement website.

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