The Colored Contact Lenses For Fashion by toriola1


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The Colored Contact Lenses For Fashion By Burt Cotton

Teens love to dress up and look trendy. They experiment with the hair style, nail color, hair color, tattoos and so on, all in the search of ‘perfection’ as they define it. I use the phrase, “as they define it” here, because what the teenager thinks and feels is right, is most of the time, the most grotesque solution for us, the adults. However, in the matter of cosmetic contact lens, this is a safe way to expressive oneself and one which is not frowned upon anywhere. The Psychology of the Cosmetic Contact Lens The cosmetic contact lens can change the look quite dramatically, in a cost effective way, and thereby boost your self-image and feel-good factor. Teenagers, being as touchy as they are, with the way they look and the way you look at them, feel great when they wear cosmetic contact lens to improve their looks. Most of the time, they like what they see in the mirror and hence it helps a lot in the painful transition from teenager to adult. Choice For those who want to use the cosmetic contact lens there is a wide variety of choices today on the market. You get leading brands offering great discounts, sales and introductory offers; you get different types of color lenses and you also get these at different costs. In order to choose what is best for you, you should first have a good knowledge base on what types of lenses exist on the market. There are the hard contact lenses, the semi soft and the soft contact lenses. It has always been seen that the semi-soft contacts are the best bet, both concerning the budget as well as comfort. Strategy Your decision should be based on a few strategic factors: * How comfortable it is for wearing it for the first time – some people prefer to go directly to wearing soft lenses, though it is recommended that you work on it gradually * Which brands are the most trusted in the market – always go for the best and well known brands
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Presented by Daniel Toriola
available; do not take any chances with your eyes. There were instances when people lost their vision due to infections that started due to cheap contact lenses * What number is your eye-sight; or in other words, do you need power to your contacts – always check with your ophthalmologist before you change from your specs to contacts * Do you want them tinted – it is possible, though not advisable, since it will be difficult for you to see in the dark (night time) if your lenses are tinted. Try to have as much fun in choosing them as wearing them. Burt Cotton

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Presented by Daniel Toriola
Contact Lenses: See The World Through Different Lenses By Barney Garcia

Contact lenses are for those who wouldn’t dream of spoiling their looks with glasses and who still need a seeing aide. Contact lenses are a very inexpensive option prescribed by most opticians for their clients. Although almost anyone can wear a contact lens, there are a few individuals whose eyes cannot adjust to contact lenses. It is recommended that a good eye doctor be consulted before you begin using contact lenses on your eyes. Contact Lenses – To Wear Or Not To Wear Contact lenses may have shown us the way out of the good “old” glasses, but it is highly recommended that contact lenses be used only after consulting an eye specialist or optician. Wearing contact lenses at all times may cause harm to your eye. Also it is important to know the right way to wear your contact lenses. Continuous wear is not advisable and there are ongoing debates about whether one can wear contact lenses to sleep. Still, contact lenses are quite the rage among office workers as well as those from the fashion world such as models and stars. Colored Contact Lenses Some of us have been endowed with uniquely colored eyes, while for some; colored eyes can enhance the attractiveness and charm of an individual. Colored contact lenses are available for those who would like the world to show a different side to them whenever they choose. Hazel, brown, blue, grey, green and even hard-to-find colors like purple or yellow is not unlikely colors for contact lenses worn by people in today’s modern and fashionable world. Many contact lens manufacturers also make colored contact lenses to cater to this rapidly growing clientele of contact lens users. Disposable Contact Lenses Many manufacturers of contact lenses have come up with disposable contact lenses. These lenses can be thrown away after use and do not carry the risks of infection or other side effects of normal contact lenses. Disposable contact lenses may be an expensive option, but they have been in great demand for quite some time among those who are constantly traveling or are exposed to various hazardous substances. It is easier for them to throw away used contact lenses than to face infections or other eye-related problems because of unclean contact lenses. Barney Garcia writes about contact lenses. Visit, and

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Presented by Daniel Toriola

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