The Brazillian Bikini Wax Method

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The Brazillian Bikini Wax Method By Bianca Bartegi

Preparing for summer and the wearing of a tiny bikini has many women stepping up their fitness and wellness routine by hitting the gym for buns of steel. But it also has them headed for the salon for fresh Brazillian bikini wax. This process removes almost all of the pubic hair on women leaving only a thin strip of hair in the centre. The process is slightly painful for some, but most feel the results are worth it. Why a Brazillian Bikini Wax? A thong swim suit or string bikini leaves little skin covered. In order to avoid embarrassing pubic hair from escaping the confines of such skimpy swim wear, many women visit their local spa for a Brazillian Bikini wax. So little hair remains, that it is nearly impossible for such a display of unsightly hair to show. Even when it is the dead of winter, many women opt for this extreme form of hair removal. The beauty of waxing is that is lasts relatively longer than shaving and is not as irritated by tanning or suntan oils. Beyond cosmetic reasons, many women and their partners like the feel of a nearly hairless pubic region. The erotic look and feel is thought by many to spice up their sex life. For some women who are plagued with that condition known as hirsutism, where excessive hair grows, it is a necessary part of grooming to frequently wax. Pubic hair in this can trail up the abdomen or down the legs. Waxing offers the most clean and clear skin when coarse hair is removed. Other Methods of Hair Removal So how does waxing compare with epilators and sugaring? With epilators generally one hair is removed at a time. After several treatments that hair may never grow back. Some laser methods can do regions of the body at one time. Sugaring works like waxing. The sugar is sticky and traps hair as it dries. When a cloth strip is placed over the coated area and then pulled the dry compound comes off taking the hair at the roots with it. This is the same procedure as used with waxing. With the Brazillian bikini wax or sugaring, the hair does grow back after 1 to 3 weeks depending on the individual’s hair growth. As it grows back the stubble can be itchy. It must be allowed to grow long enough for wax to grasp the hair before the procedure can be repeated. This can get a bit itchy and uncomfortable for some. Tips for Keeping Skin Fresh and Clear To make sure the waxing looks
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Presented by Daniel Toriola
good and doesn’t cause irritation the skin can be prepared before hand and treated afterward. Moisturizing before will make the hair softer and more easily removed. Toning the skin with an astringent following the waxing will close the pores and reduces redness and irritation due to the bikini wax. A Brazillian bikini wax can make wearing tiny lingerie and swimwear a carefree experience. Many women find it is makes them feel clean and well groomed and continue to keep up with their bikini wax year after year. Bianca Bartegi contributes very often to the information source at The writer is featuring brazilian bikini wax ( ) and various articles in the field.

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Presented by Daniel Toriola
Where Can I Get A Brazilian Wax? By Paton Jackson

A brazilian bikini wax should be done by and only by professionals. We do not advise to consider giving your self a brazilian bikini wax. Those professional waxers are easy to find. There are people who will come to your house to do the waxing process, but most of the women go to cosmetic salons to get their brazilian bikini wax. Finding these salons could be done by searching via the web through the yellow pages or through any search engine. Just type “brazilian wax” +”name of the city you live in” in the search engine. However, the best is to ask your fellow friends. You will be surprised to find out that more than a half of your female friend got a brazilian bikini wax at least once in their life time. The next step would be choosing the best salon. Make sure that there are brazilian bikini wax expers that work in the salon and that there are no apprentices over there. You would not want someone to do his first time brazilian bikini wax on you. Check the price of the wax. Do not pay less than 50 bucks or more than 100 bucks for the brazilian bikini wax. Check the privacy in the salon. Some salons commit the brazilian bikini wax in an open room with a small curtain to separate between you and the rest off the women in the salon. This could be unpleasant if you feel like screaming while getting the painful treatment. Some women don’t like men to be their therapists watching and touching their most private areas. Ask the salon if you can have a woman therapist. Brazilian bikini wax could be a painful experience but it’s worth every moment. Most of the women get addicted to it. Choose the waxing saloon using the above tips. Don’t go the first salon you see.

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Presented by Daniel Toriola

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