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Skin Care Tips For Dry Skin - PDF


									Presented by Daniel Toriola
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Skin Care Tips For Dry Skin By John Wollitz

If you are among the many people who suffer from dry skin, you will be eager to learn the best methods available for keeping your skin hydrated for as long as possible. Dry skin is especially a problem during the winter months where the lack of moisture causes the skin to itch and makes skin care a more difficult challenge. Women who have dry skin cannot wear make-up the way they would like to, as this would lead to further drying of the skin. However, with a little care and a lot of patience, dry skin can be maintained as beautiful and supple as moist and normal skin. The 1-2-3 Method of Skin Care For Dry Skin 1. Cleanse and exfoliate the skin – The first step in any skin care regime is to start by cleaning the skin. Since the dry skin will have a lot of dead cell accumulation on its surface, it will also require exfoliation along with the cleansing. It is only after the dead skin cells are removed, that any cream make-up can be applied. 2. Moisturize the skin – Because dry skin lacks moisture, wrinkling of the skin is likely to occur. In order to keep the skin smooth, moisturizer will need to applied regularly. You will notice that after a few hours, the moisturizer tends to disappear and your skin becomes dry again. To prevent this, you may need to use a little glycerin; just a few drops can make a huge difference in helping to keep the skin moisturized. 3. Nourishing the skin – The dry skin is always starving. This is why its skin care will have to include a fair amount of rich nourishing night cream. This will help to restore its health and keep it nourished. This is best applied at night before going to bed because it is at this time that the skin is free from dust and other pollution particles, and it can absorb sufficient nutrition. If you would like to have youthful looking skin in spite of having dry skin, you will need to stick to this routine religiously. Avoid wearing cosmetics as much as possible, since this will further dry and damage the skin. If you do need to apply cosmetics, be sure that they are removed before you go to bed at night. Also, remember to add a sufficient amount of moisturizer to compensate for the loss that occurs during the day. During the day, try to keep your face out of direct sunlight. Wear a sun visor and use a sunscreen with an SPF rating of 30 or higher to keep your skin protected from the UV rays of the sun.

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Presented by Daniel Toriola
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Skin Care Moisturizer Creams - A Basic Overview By Rich Eng

The skin care moisturizer cream or skin care creams you choose affect your skin condition. Using skin care creams that have too much emollients will cause your skin to be oily whereas strong cleansers and exfoliating gels often result in dry, sensitive skin, if applied without knowing what your skin type actually is. Before you choose a proper skin care cream suitable to your skin, you need to know what influences your skin, and in what condition is your skin is in. Evaluate your skin on a day when you have not worn any makeup or put on skin care creams or skin care moisturizer creams. The reason why you should carry out this assessment when you are not wearing makeup or skin care creams or skin care moisturizer creams is that the nutrients supplied by the skin care creams affect the sebaceous glands provide oil for your skin. This will not let you make a clear assessment of your skin. Once you have assessed the needs of your skin, with proper skin care creams or skin care moisturizer creams, you can give your skin the right treatment whenever and however frequently it needs it. This is something far more effective than any fancy treatment at a clinic. Skin care creams or skin care moisturizer creams are effective for people who are in the habit of washing their faces frequently. Individuals with advanced dry skin conditions can benefit by skin care moisturizer creams with active anti-puritic agents such as oatmeal and tar-based pine oil. Medical and skin experts contend that applying topical skin care creams or skin care moisturizer creams are best for the skin's regeneration process. Basically, skin care creams or skin care moisturizer creams consist of substances that help the skin to regenerate its lost fatty tissues and elasticity. They have special components that specifically aim at the targeted areas in order to stimulate the skin to produce collagen and elasticity. These two elements of the skin are responsible for the restoration of the innate moisturizing ability of the skin. However, not all skin care creams contain the same ingredients. Each type of skin care cream is made to suit a particular skin type, and combat a particular skin problem. In a future article I will cover some of the additional factors that need to be considered when choosing skin creams that will best work for wrinkles.

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Presented by Daniel Toriola

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