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					The ACVP/STP Coalition for Veterinary Pathology Fellows
Gary Cockerell, DVM, PhD, DACVP Director

STP Bus Mtg, June 2008


Purpose of the Coalition
The ACVP/STP Coalition for Veterinary Pathology Fellows was created to provide a unified mechanism to solicit and allocate funds for new training positions in response to the current and continued future shortage of well trained veterinary anatomic and clinical pathologists

STP Bus Mtg, June 2008


Coalition Management Structure (2008)
ACVP Council & STP Executive Committee Oversight

Board of Governors
ACVP • Dr. Denise Bounous (Sec) • Dr. Bruce Homer • Dr. Ricardo Ochoa • Dr. Judy Radin • Dr. Chris Zink • Current President (ad hoc) STP • Dr. Susan Elmore • Dr. Keith Harris (Chair) • Dr. Thomas Monticello • Dr. Anne Ryan • Dr. Pierre Tellier (Treas) • Current President (ad hoc)

Strategic Leadership

Dr. Gary Cockerell

Admin Offices
The Rees Group
STP Bus Mtg, June 2008

Implementation & Administration

• Industry support for 21 training positions • Unrestricted grant contributions
– – – – – – – – – Allergan (Tim Terrell) Bristol-Myers Squibb (Jerry Frantz) Burroughs Wellcome Fund (Victoria McGovern) Experimental Pathology Labs (Jerry Hardisty) GEMpath (Brad Bolon) Histo-Scientific Research Labs (Serge Rousselle) Integrated Lab Systems (Susan Elmore) The Leyden Group (Terry Leyden) Wyeth Research (Keith Harris)
STP Bus Mtg, June 2008 4

Currently Awarded Coalition Training Positions
Veterinary Anatomic Pathology Residencies
Sponsor (Years) GlaxoSmithKline (2006-09) GlaxoSmithKline (2006-09) GlaxoSmithKline (2006-09) Pfizer (2006-09) Pfizer (2006-09) Pfizer/Ricardo Ochoa Minority Fellowship (2006-09) sanofi-aventis (2006-09) Amgen (2007-10) Eli Lilly (2007-10) Genentech (2007-10) Charles River/ Wyeth (2008-11) GlaxoSmithKline (2008-11) Training Inst Univ Calif Colo St Univ Univ Illinois Purdue Univ Ohio St Univ Univ Penn NC St Univ Wash St Univ Mich St Univ Univ Guelph Iowa St Univ Texas A&M Indust Mentor J Vidal B Hamilton R Peterson J Hartke R Guzman J Kreeger M Pino E Trueblood D Rudmann N Dybdal L Arp, R Perry B Berridge Acad Mentor L Munson G Mason M Wallig S Lenz M Oglesbee M Goldschmidt, Tom VanWinkle J Cullen T Baszler S Fitzgerald A Hayes, P Turner R Myers B Porter Fellow (DVM, Year) Torrie Crabbs (NCSU, ‘06) David Gardiner (Cornell, ‘06) Sandeep Akare ( India, ‘95) Robert Johnson (Purdue, ‘06) Lyn Wancket (Ill, ‘06) Melissa Sanchez (Penn, ‘02) Danielle Brown (NCSU, ‘06) Kathryn Boland (Mich St, ’07) Jana Ritter (Georgia, ’07) Leah Schutt (Guelph, ’07) Angela Pillatzki (Kansas, ’95) Will Sims (Oklahoma, ’07)

STP Bus Mtg, June 2008


Currently Awarded Coalition Training Positions
Veterinary Clinical Pathology Residencies
Sponsor (Years) Merck and Co (2007-10) Training Inst Univ Guelph Indust Mentor M Topper Acad Mentor D Bienzle Fellow (DVM, Year) Janet Beeler-Marfisi (Guelph ’07)

Post-Residency PhD Graduate Student Positions
Sponsor (Years) Bristol-Myers Squibb (2007-10) Schering-Plough (2007-11) Training Inst Iowa St Univ Ohio St Univ Indust Mentor V Sasseville M Cartwright Acad Mentor M Ackermann C-S Chen Fellow (DVM, Year) Alicia Olivier (Mississippi, ‘05) Aaron Sargeant (Ohio, ‘04)

STP Bus Mtg, June 2008


Upcoming Events
• 2008 Request for Applications (RFA)
– Issued 13 Jun 08, applications due 1 Aug 08, awards by 15 Sept 08, new Fellows to begin by summer 09 – 3 Anatomical Pathology Residencies (1 funded by GlaxoSmithKline and 2 by Pfizer) – 2 Clinical Pathology Residencies (1 each funded by GlaxoSmithKline and Pfizer) – 1 Post-Anatomical Pathology Residency PhD Graduate Position (funded by sanofi-aventis)

• 2nd Coalition Scientific Conference
– 15 Nov 08, in conjunction with ACVP/ASVCP Annual Meeting, San Antonio, TX – Presentations by Fellows, academia and industry
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Total Positions & Sponsors’ Financial Commitments over Time
25 6 Total Commitments ($M)


5 4

Total Positions

15 3
10 2 5 1 0
Oct 05 May 06 Oct 06 May 07 Oct 07 Jun 08


STP Bus Mtg, June 2008

Strengths of the Coalition
• Based on demonstrated need for veterinary pathologists in academia, private sector and government • Backed by ACVP and STP, two of the foremost comparative pathology organizations in the world • Willingness of academia and industry to partner for the betterment of the profession • Training focused on core disciplines • High quality of applicant training institutions and trainees • Opportunities for valuable exchange of information between academia and industry • Mutual benefits to all participants
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For More Information
• Gary Cockerell, Director of the Coalition
– 269-720-7310 –

• Keith Harris, Chair, Board of Governors
– (518) 534-2534 –

• Susan Rees, Coalition Administrative Office
– 608-443-3645 –

• Coalition web site
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