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									2009/2010 Central Air Conditioning & Heat Pump Program Application
A utility bill credit is available to encourage GP&L Residential and Small Commercial Customers to install air conditioning or heat pumps that meet minimum requirements of the program. Please direct any questions to 972-205-2929 or email energyadvisor@garlandpower-light.org or visit www.garlandpower-light.org for complete details. Program started April 1, 2008. (No credits will be issued for installations that occurred before April 1,
2008). No credits will be issued for applications received after September 30, 2010. Program may be discontinued or modified by GP&L at any time. Program ends September 30th, 2010 or once funds are depleted, whichever comes first. Please check the website to make sure the program is still available before purchasing equipment. • • • • • Installations must be completed by a licensed air conditioning contractor. Customer must obtain a permit from the City of Garland for work performed. (A city permit is required for a system change out). Both Condensing Unit and Evaporator Coil must be replaced in order to receive credit. Applications are subject to verification. If the verification cannot be completed, the rebate will not be paid. The unit must be placed in service in the GP&L service area. Customer must be served by GP&L. Existing homes and businesses only. Five (5) ton limitation per unit. The credit recipient must be a GP&L customer. Please allow 2 to 8 weeks after receipt of all documentation for the credit to appear on your GP&L account.

The credit is based on the ARI published efficiency ratio. (SEER Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio). A copy of the AHRI rating sheet can be obtained from the contractor. SEER and or EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio) must be met. - Central A/C 15.0 SEER and or 12.0 EER $400/unit - Central Heat Pump 15.0 SEER and or 12.0 EER $500/unit - Central A/C 16.0 SEER and or 12.0 EER $500/unit - Central Heat Pump 16.0 SEER and or 12.0 EER $600/unit - Central A/C 17.0 SEER and or 12.0 EER $600/unit - Central Heat Pump 17.0 SEER and or 12.0 EER $700/unit ********* (3) ITEMS BELOW MUST BE SENT TO GP&L FOR CREDIT (please print form and fill out) ********** 1. Legible copy of receipt itemizing equipment installed, model numbers and serial numbers. (Proposals, quotes, letters of completion are not accepted) 2. AHRI rating sheet (Obtain from your contractor) (Printout of the ARI reference data sheet showing product identifiers and performance ratings) 3. Completed and signed application. (THIS FORM)
(Missing documentation will delay processing or cause application to be denied)


Fax to: (972) 205-2636; or Mail to: GP&L EnergySaver Program, 504 W. State, Garland, Texas 75040
Customer Name Address of Installation Mailing Address Phone Number How did you hear about this program? TO BE COMPLETED BY CONTRACTOR: (All Shaded Areas must be completed by Contractor) Contractor Name License # TACL (State of Texas) Mailing Address Phone Number ( ) Contact Name Fax Number ( ) City Email Permit # (required for credit) Install Date State TX Zip Code GP&L Account Number City Garland City Fax Number State TX State Email Zip Code Zip Code

INFORMATION ON NEW SYSTEM: (All Shaded Areas must be completed by Contractor) Type of Unit Brand Square ft. Conditioned Space Heat Pump □ Air Conditioner □ Make & Model # - Condenser Make & Model # - Coil Make & Model # - Air Handler Make & Model # - Old Air Handler Serial # - Condenser Serial # - Coil Serial # - Air Handler Make & Model # - Old Condenser SEER/EER Rating

AHRI Number Size (tons)

Size (tons old system) Under penalty of perjury, I certify that the above declaration is true and correct and I understand that the information is subject to audit and investigation by Garland Power & Light and an on site verification could be completed prior to receiving credit. I also understand that submission of this application does not guarantee a credit. Once credit is applied, GP&L is not responsible for any equipment warranty. Contractor is responsible for all warranty work. Customer Signature: Date: Contractor Signature: GP&L Use Only Reviewed by: GP&L Use Only Credit Issued by: Date: GP&L Use Only Date Credit Issued: CACHPCA- 09292009

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