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									Caribbean Current Events Lara Cohen and Celia Ryan Objectives: -Students will be able to summarize at least two major current events after discussing them in their homework groups. -Students will be able to write about one important person in the Caribbean today by researching them on provided links. -Students will be able to explain how resorts are affecting Caribbean countries after we discuss it as a class. -Students will be able to give general information about Caribbean current events after we play the review game.

Essential Questions: 1. Who are a couple of important people in the Caribbean today? -One important person in the eyes of the Caribbean people is Fidel Castro, the dictator of Cuba up until recently when he went into surgery. His followers see him as an important figure and a bold leader. Another important person is Joaquin Balaguer who recently passed away. He led the Dominican Republic for over 22 years and was loved by many of the people of the country. 2. What are the effects of tourism on Caribbean countries? -There are many different effects of tourism on the Caribbean, some positive and others negative. Some positive things are that the tourism is creating jobs for the many of the unemployed people. This is improving the economies of many Caribbean countries, especially The Bahamas. Some negative things are that the hotels and commercial facilities being built are destroying beautiful land. They are also giving people a false perception of the culture of these countries. 3. Why does the Caribbean play such a major role in the trade of illegal drugs? -There are a few answers to this question. One being that because of its location (between Europe and America) it has become a good place dealers to “hide their stash”. Another reason is because many of the Caribbean countries don’t have a security system as strong as other nations making it easier for people to bring the drugs in. The last reason in because approximately 15% of the people of the Caribbean are unemployed, drugs give them something to do with their free time.

Activities: HomeworkThe class is broken up into 4 groups, and each one will be given a current event article from a Caribbean Country. Each student will be asked to write a summary of the article, in at least a paragraph or two. Then the next day, when we teach, we will ask the students to break up into groups of 4 (one person from each group) and talk about their article for 30 seconds. This way each student will be informed about the current events they did not get the opportunity to read. We would also like the students to take a look at our wiki space the night before so they can be prepared for the activities. This means going over the timeline so they are able to ask any questions they may have. Both Celia and Lara will field these questions the next day. Approx. Time=10 minutes Led By- We will both lead this activity checking on the students’ progress in their discussion groups. The activity will be introduced to the class by Celia.

Eye-Opening ActivityIn the next activity we will try to demonstrate to the class the difference between the villages in Jamaica and the Bahamas and the resort life in these countries. We plan on doing this by giving the class two different handouts. One half of the class will get a handout with pictures of villages, and the other half will get a page with resorts (these pictures will be put on the wiki later that night). Without each side knowing the other side has a different sheet, we will ask the class what these photos make them think of the country. After they begin to talk and realize that there is a problem, we will explain to them that they have different sheets. We will them generate discussion about how when many tourists visit countries in the Caribbean they get a different perception of the country. Approx. Time =10 minutes Led By- Lara…will generate discussion about the handouts among the class Celia will… pass out sheets and help with the discussion a little. Important PeopleDuring our time teaching the class, we would like them to get an idea of some of the important people in the Caribbean. So we will assign an important person to every four students and give them a website to find information on. They will then as a group decide what to write about their person in a discussion board that has been previously set up. We will let the students know that their summary of their person should be short and to the point. We will allow the pupils seven minutes to do this, and then in the last three minutes of class they will read over everyone posts. We hope this will be another resource for the class, when it comes time to study for the final. Approx. Time = 10 minutes

Led By- We will both lead this activity by checking on the groups progress, but Lara will introduce it. Note- we are leaving 3 minutes unoccupied for transitions from activity to activity. Materials: -Computers -Paper and a writing utensil -Question handout -Village/resort life handout -ID cards for important people activity

Assessment: We will play a game where the students will all stand on the rug. We will ask them true or false questions about the Caribbean and have them go to whatever side they believe is correct. Then, we will answer the question, and have the student go back to the center. We believe that this is a good way to teach the students and clear up myths about the Caribbean, while having fun at the same time. During the game, we will occasionally give students with the right answer pieces of candy. At the end of the period, each student will receive a copy of the questions to help them study for the final. These questions will also be posted on the wiki later that night. Approx. Time= 10 minutes Led By- Celia Lara will… pass out candy and make sure that everyone is participating

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