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The following is a summary of goods and services to be donated for the Make-A-Wish Wish House Silent Auction: Garage Package. The goods and services listed here have no cash value. Vroom Solo Vac Every homeowner who dreads the drudgery of housecleaning needs a hero to turn to when the demons of dust and dirt threaten their happy home. In more than 30,000 homes across the Portland metro area, that household hero is Gary Phillips and his crew of certified installers at Gary’s VACUFLO. Phillips has created an award-winning and record-breaking company by focusing on just one thing— being the best at selling and installing central vacuum systems and accessories.  Gary’s Vacuflo is providing a Vroom Solo Vac, a 3 second clean, built right into a garage cabinet. Tucked away, out of sight and right at your fingertips.

Donor: Gary’s Vacuflo
Garage Debris Haul Away

Value: $449

Clean it up Mark! Serving the construction industry in Portland, Salem and Bend Oregon. They provide debris removal & recycling for General Contractors, Remodelers and Commercial Contractors. Clean it up Mark! is providing one driver for debris haul away service for 3 hours. Below are the restrictions on the donation of service: • • • No hazardous Materials(garden chemicals, paint, etc) Only available in the Portland Metro area Expires 3/31/2010

Donor: Clean it up Mark!

Value: $450

Six months of Yard Maintenance Landscaping East & West’s commitment to excellence in serving the customer with outstanding design, implementation and ongoing care continues to win Landscaping East & West awards and happy clients. Being able to serve all the needs of their clients gives them peace of mind knowing that whatever the challenge, Landscape East & West will be able to take care of them. Landscaping East & West is providing six months of yard maintenance.

Donor: Landscaping East & West
Complete Front Yard Landscaping Makeover

Value: $2,500

JP Stone Contractors is a licensed contractor in Oregon and Washington. They have served both commercial and residential customer's landscaping and exterior lighting requirements for over 22 years. Customer satisfaction is their primary objective. They always begin with the customer's ideas, plans, or architect's drawings. As the project progresses their experienced team ensures every aspect of the design is being followed. Frequently checking with the customer or customer's representative to ensure satisfactory results are being achieved. JP Stone is providing a complete front yard makeover, this is a very generous $8,500 value landscaping package.

Donor: JP Stone Contractors
Garage Door Opener and Installation

Value: $8,500

Best Overhead Doors are specialists in garage doors from garage door installation to garage door repair; their goal is to provide the best door for your home at the best price. They offer free estimates, a wide range of manufactures, and custom garage door options. Best Overhead Door will exceed your expectations with their quality products, timely installations and affordability. Best Overhead Doors are providing a new garage door opener and installation.

Donor: Best Overhead Doors
Home Depot Products

Value: $325

Home Depot has been providing one stop shopping for do-it-yourselfers for over 30 years. We are excited to have Home Depot on board this year as a Donor. Home Depot is providing a Husky 20 inch Toolbox and a Werner 6’ Ladder

Donor: Home Depot


Garage Cabinets Portland Closet Company offers custom organizing and storage solutions for walk-in and reach-in closets, pantries, garages, home offices, wall beds and just about anywhere inside your home. Portland Closet Company is providing a set of new & installed Garage Cabinets.

Donor: Portland Closets
Organization Consultant

Value: $_____

For many people, life is more chaotic and cluttered than ever. Organizers NW offers an expert and lasting solution. Experienced, professional organizers who help you put your home and office in order. The result less mess, less stress, better life. One hour of Organization Consulting by Missy Gerber

Donor: Organizers NW


CURRENT Package Value: $12,369
Waiting for response on: Donor: Gas Card- ORA Derrick working on Donor: Classique Floors/Alternative Surfaces – Garage Floor covering Terms and Conditions:
Any donor requested to do additional work outside of the value range or what has been listed above, costs will be the sole responsibility of the Homeowner. It is requested that any additional product or service requests be placed with the donor upon initial Homeowner contact with said donor. Any alteration or deviation from the above items involving extra costs, must be in writing and will be executed on a per donor basis. All scheduling agreements are contingent upon strikes, accident or delays beyond the donor’s control. 

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