Garage Sale PermitApplication

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					City of Wilton Manors Community Services Department 524 NE 21 Court Wilton Manors, FL 33305 954-390-2180 Fax: 954-390-2184

Garage Sale Permit/Application

Date ______________________

Garage Sale Permit Fee $10.00

Applicant’s Name __________________________________________________________________ Property Owner’s Name _____________________________________________________________ Location of Sale ___________________________________________________________________ Date(s) of Sale ____________________________________________________________________ Date of any previous sales __________________________________________________________

Statement that all personal property advertised for sale, displayed or offered for sale is his/her own personal property, was acquired and used by him/her or members of his/her family on or in connection with the premises occupied by such person, and that the same was not acquired or consigned to him/her for the sole principal purpose of resale. Applicant Signature ________________________________________________________________

Sec. 10-85. Time restrictions. (a) A garage sale permit shall be issued to any one (1) person no more than two (2) times within a period of twelve (12) consecutive months and no such license shall be issued for more than two (2) consecutive calendar days. (b) No garage sale permit shall be issued so that the number of such permits exceeds two (2) such permits per year for any one (1) location, property, dwelling house or residence.

No sign of any character shall be suspended across any public street, alley or waterway; nor shall any sign of any description be painted on or applied to any curb, sidewalk, tree, light standard, utility pole, hydrant, bridge, wall or any structure, other than any awning, which is within the property line of any street, alley or waterway within the City.

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