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									A Message from the President....
The following pages tell a story....a story about how a few dedicated people can work tirelessly to change the futures of people—many of whom they will never meet, whose lives have been devastated by poverty, illness, conflict, genocide and war. For those whose lives have been ruled by injustice and hatred, the Hotel Rwanda Rusesabagina Foundation brings a message of peace and hope for a brighter tomorrow. Included in these pages are statistics and numbers that provide information about the workings of the Foundation, but the real message lies in the stories of the women and children whose lives have been changed by your support and your kindness. In the upcoming year, HRRF strives to meet the needs of many more who have no voice in their governments and no power to change the larger picture of their lives. I am ever humbled by the spirit of the human being, by the willingness of those to lift others out of despair and sadness... We still have much work to do and with your continued help and support, the one common dream for so many people—a happy future for their children, can be the one dream that is realized. Thank you for your continued support. Paul Rusesabagina, President Hotel Rwanda Rusesabagina Foundation

Giving Voice to those Silenced by Genocide And

The Beginning
Paul Rusesabagina founded the Hotel Rwanda Rusesabagina Foundation to create an international foundation that would serve the needs of some of the most disadvantaged people in the world. While a survivor of the Rwandan genocide himself, Mr. Rusesabagina tragically lost relatives and friends like millions of his fellow countrymen and women, during the 3 month period of genocide. These 3 months resulted in the horrific deaths of an estimated 1,000,000 men, women and children. As a manager of the Milles Collines Hotel, Mr. Rusesabagina was credited for saving the lives of 1,268 Rwandans by providing sanctuary for innocent Tutsi and Hutu civilians during that time. Mr. Rusesabagina’s efforts were depicted in the Academy Award nominated movie Hotel Rwanda. Mr. Rusesabagina now tours the world speaking and lecturing about leadership, social injustice, and the lessons learned from the one of the worst tragedies of the 20th century, the Rwandan genocide. His travels have taken him to many Universities and business conferences throughout the world. Often, at the conclusion of his talks, attendees approached Mr. Rusesabagina to ask how they might help Rwandan survivors in need. Mr. Rusesabagina stated that while providing financial assistance is important and necessary, it is urgent that people stand up and raise awareness about the plights of other nations so that future catastrophes, like genocide, can be prevented. In May of 2005, Mr. Rusesabagina founded the Hotel Rwanda Rusesabagina Foundation to be able to coordinate and direct charitable contributions effectively and address the most pressing needs he has identified in his home country and throughout the region. Today he encourages all people who hear him speak, to visit his website, www.hrrfoundation.org to learn how to protect and defend future generations from violence, hatred and war in the African Great Lakes Region as a whole. George W. Bush awarded, Mr. Rusesabagina the highest civilian award in the United States, the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2005. He was also awarded the International Freedom Award by the National Civil Rights Museum together with Oprah Winfrey, who was awarded the National Freedom Award. One of the most cherished awards for Mr. Rusesabagina came from The Immortal Chaplains Foundation’s Prize for Humanity in 2007, which recognizes “those who risked all to protect others of a different faith or ethnic origin”. He was presented this award by his friend, actor and Darfur activist, Don Cheadle. The awards for his courage and honor during the 3 months of the genocide continue to be bestowed upon Mr. Rusesabagina, as he marches on reminding the world to stand up and protect those who cannot protect themselves.

d Empowering Survivors to Transcend Its Effects

Barbara is 16 years old. She lost her father to AIDS when she was 11 and her mother died when she was 12. She went to live with her grandmother, who then died shortly after that leaving her in the care of her aging and sick great Aunt. In 2006, two of her uncles were murdered, creating even more orphans within the family and adding to the burden Barbara felt in caring for those in her family. Because Barbara’s two younger sisters were born with HIV, they are often sick and are poorly fed. Barbara does most of the work at home since other family members are very old or very young and all are sick. Barbara wants desperately to have a chance at an education, but without outside help she does not see this as a reality in her life…. The widespread AIDS crisis has taken its toll on the children of Africa, with some as young as nine years old serving as heads of the households and raising their siblings without parents. Due to the fact that they are the primary caretakers, they spend what little money they have trying to feed themselves and their siblings and therefore, many young school-aged children are not able to attend primary or secondary school. Many of the children born of women raped during the genocide have grown up without fathers, and too many of their mothers have died from AIDS related illnesses. Thousands of these orphans are now in their teen-age years and are barely surviving out on the streets. Without either the basic necessities of life or access to education, homeless and parentless youth fall prey to those seeking to exploit their condition to foment further racial conflict. Unless the plight of these children is addressed it is all but inevitable that the cycle of hatred and violence could erupt again in various forms across the Continent. The HRRF believes that one of the only ways to break the cycle of poverty is through education, so HRRF has partnered with organizations working on the ground in Africa, providing direct oversight and assistance to the neediest orphan children in the area they serve. In 2007, HRRF granted funds allowing provisions for 81 orphans, including Barbara, to attend high school in Fort Portal, Uganda and another 37 orphans to attend high school in Kampala, where the cost of living is the greatest in all of Uganda. With continued support, these children and more like them across the continent of Africa will have a chance to fulfill their dreams of accomplishment and success and end their cycle of poverty.

Giving Voice to those Silenced by Genocide And

Mission Statement

~Giving Voice to those Silenced by Genocide And Empowering Survivors to Transcend Its Effects~
The Hotel Rwanda Rusesabagina Foundation’s mission is two-fold. First, it aims to improve the lives of victims left orphaned and widowed by the various killing fields in our world’s history. Because of our firm belief in the power of education to lift generations out of the grasp of poverty, our philanthropic initiatives are focused in the areas of education, vocational training and mental health services for the disenfranchised throughout the world. Second, through public education and a series of intimate town hall meetings throughout the world, the HRRF strives to promote an understanding of the conditions which can lead to instances of hatred, violence and future genocides. By focusing on issues of injustice worldwide, the HRRF advances the idea that it is only through truth and reconciliation that those silenced voices can finally be heard and only then can a nation be truly healed from the long-term effects of genocide.

Donor List
$100,000+ Conrad N. Hilton Foundation $20,000+ Seedling Foundation $15,000+ Judith Dimon $5000+ American Program Bureau Donna Goodale Angelina Jolie Dr. Eliel Ntaki Temple Israel Minneapolis $2000+ Rodolfo Bazan Ancira Deborah Brittan Juan Eduardo Mounetou St. Sabinas Youth Fund St. Luke’s United Methodist Church R.O.M of Texas $1000+ Edith S. Bingham Robert Brackman BPSE Class of May 2006 Community Foundation of Louisville State Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias Friends of Linebaugh Library Edwin Kulubya Nancy Lampton Margaret D. Meyer Mone Forwarding, L.C. Morrisville College Foundation Sedona Red Rock High School Loreli Steuer

St. Ignatius High School Melissa Wasserstein John Westman Drew Wolff $500+ William Basset Jr. Bowdoin College Ryan Brauer Fay School Jesper Rossing Bazar Forlag Benjamin Haworth Mona Hoover Eric Johnson Laconner Booster Club Jean-FranAois Manzoni Colaiste Muire Jerome and Jacqueline Nayigiziki St. Paul’s Episcopal Church Emily Balz Smith Foundation Robert Rains Shaker Heights City School L & M Ventura Susan White Susan Johnson Willey $250+ AJ Real Estate Matt and Kate Baer Jeanne P. Barry John Boesche & Jeanne Uzdawinis Madeline Boesche Maribeth Celarius Ronnie Greene E A Medical Group William and Mary Davis Emily Hansel Sinneh Koroma & Gloria Ntakirutimana LaConner Booster Club

Laredo Physical Therapy Solutions Dr Adolfo Martinez Landa June Galas Marinoff Silvia Martinez Christina Mitchell Notzon Law Firm James and Monica Notzon Nancy Papas Eliot Schreiber Schwab Charitable Fund Jerald Sparenberg Stone Lily Code Valcarce L & M Ventura Maywood & Leslie Wallace $100+ Agoura High School Julia Allen Gregory Anderson Joseph Arguelles Priya Bajaj Richard Bates Andrew Boron Barbara Brownwel & Elayne Feldstein Jeff Cline Alisa Curts Javier Casado Cuys Telene Edington Harerimana Evergiste Sharyn Cowan Feuer David Garvey Marcel & Clementine Gatorano Lukia Gilliland, Jr. David E. Gurley Emily Hansel Maureen Holland Russell Hore Jefferey Hunter & Anne Weinheimer Sandra Johnson

Marilyn Jones Laura Joyner, LLC Teresa Jump Christine Kim John Klaus Delores Labhart Richard Lancaster Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee Adam & Emily Leibovich Brandi Sue Long Steven Macdonald Larry & Ann Mackey John Miller Christine Mukama Jacqueline Petrosky Rebecca Preston Lt. Governor Pat Quinn William Reinhart Jr. Patrick Ruberry Marcia Russell Dan Shoman, Inc. Alexander Sinclair Jill Smith Sheila Smith James & Janice Snyder Phillipe Spalart Virgina Stanley Philip & Diane Sterdt Janice Temple James & JayneThorne Jordan & Deborah Turner Joyce Vaulter Susan Vislisel Lisa Webster Jane Harding Wells Weston High School R.J Withington , Lt.C Army Tom & Jenette Worton Mien Dee Yong Erika Zemzik

d Empowering Survivors to Transcend Its Effects

STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL POSITION DECEMBER 31, 2007 WITH COMPARATIVE TOTALS FOR 2006 AND 2005 ASSETS Current Assets Cash Total Current Assets Total Assets 2007 $179,782 $179,782 $179,782 2006 $203,283 $203,283 $203,283 2005 $172,174 $172,174 $172,174

LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS Current Liabilities Accrues Expenses Total Current Liabilities Net Assets – Unrestricted Total Liabilities and Net Assets Support and Revenue Grants and Contributions Interest Income Total Support and Revenue Expenses Program Services General and Administrative Total Expenses Change in Net Assets Net Assets – Beginning of Year Net Assets – End of Year $3000 $3000 $176,782 $179,782 $2000 $2000 $201,283 $203,283 $_______ $_______ $172,174 $172,174

$31,289 $ 5,327 $36,616

$27,150 $ 5,103 $32,253

$172,179 $ 194 $172,373

$60,000 $ 1,117 $61,117 ($ 24,501) $201,283 $176,782

$ 0 $3,114 $3,114 $ 29,109 $172,174 $210,283

$ 0 $199 $199 $172,174 $ 0


Giving Voice to those Silenced by Genocide And

The Future
Perhaps the best way to appreciate the power of individuals working toward a common goal of good works is to imagine what the world would look like if there were no nonprofit organizations and foundations to help relieve the seemingly insurmountable problems of today. Today, with the success of the Hotel Rwanda Rusesabagina Foundation, and its President Paul Rusesabagina, the future of many of those left devastated by war, civil unrest and genocide looks bright again. By providing these children--many of whom are orphans, a chance out of poverty through education, the world has answered the call to take care of those who cannot care for themselves. By giving former victims the tools they need to not only survive but to thrive in life, we are building a stronger future for them and our world based on the ideals of justice, reconciliation and hope.

Truth and Reconciliation for Rwanda:
Raising Awareness through Global Education
In order to insure Rwanda’s recovery and stability after the horrors of the 1994 genocide, the Hotel Rwanda Rusesabagina Foundation (HRRF) is focused on educating the global community about the need for an internationally administered TRC, or Truth and Reconciliation Commission, for Rwanda. By hosting forums and town hall meetings around the world to raise awareness about the necessity of a TRC, the HRRF confronts Rwanda’s plight, both past and present, in order to avoid another genocidal tragedy. In Rwanda, like many other post-conflict countries, the wounds of the nation often go unseen and unhealed. The long-term ramifications of these invisible scars can effect countless generations. The future of the nation will be significantly enhanced through a Truth and Reconciliation Commission. With your continued support, the HRRF will be able to help Rwanda move forward towards healing the wounds of yesterday and planting the seeds of peace for tomorrow.

d Empowering Survivors to Transcend Its Effects

Hotel Rwanda Rusesabagina Foundation P.O. Box 11001 Chicago, IL 60611-0001 312.498.9279 If you would like to invite Paul to attend your event or would like to meet with him regarding the foundation and his humanitarian work, please contact:

Hotel Rwanda Rusesabagina Roundation cdyer@hrrfoundation.org 312.498.9279

Executive Director

Christina Dyer

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