Free Grants for Women

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					Free Grants for Women
The struggle for women to gain acceptance, recognition and respect in society has been a long and
lengthy process that has only begun to be appreciated in the last century.
Whether you want to:
further your education
set up a company
expand or restructure an existing firm
implement new business ideas
commercialize patents
develop other activities
apart from know-how, motivation and all the qualities that make a successful businesswoman, you
especially need FINANCING

Example Projects
Money for Startup and/or Existing Businesses
College Grants and Scholarships
Federal Contracts
Major Expansions of Existing Programs
Seed Money
Special One-Time Expense
Training for A New Career
Publications - Support for the publication of documents that explore the lives and actions of important
figures and/or bring to light major themes of United States history
Digitization projects (projects to convert records originally created in hardcopy or analog formats to
electronic form) particularly for the National Historical Publications and Records Commission