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Employee Handbook for Company Policies

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									employee handbook for company policy
No matter what type of business you're in, an employee handbook is a must-have. Even if you have
only one employee, formally writing down your policies in an employee handbook could keep you out
of court. With your own employee handbook, you will: - Prevent problems and misunderstandings with
employees. - Spend less time answering common questions. - Look more professional to your

Until now, creating an employee handbook was time-consuming and expensive.
If you have ever written a policy document before, you know how time consuming it can be. Even if
you were a lawyer, it would likely take you 40 hours to research and write a comprehensive employee
handbook. To pay someone to do this for you would cost thousands of dollars. Other employee
handbook software packages are either too expensive (hundreds of dollars) and are cheap knock-offs of
our template (they don't include state information).
Our employee handbook template contains all of the most important sections, and works with any
popular word processor, so that customizing and printing your employee handbook is as easy as
possible. We even have a Spanish version of the employee handbook.

Our Employee Handbook Template is thorough
Our well-written Employee Handbook Template contains all of the sections you need for your
company manual. And if you don't need any one section, you can simply delete it!

Employee Handbook Template Contents
About this Employee Handbook
Standard Employment Practices
- At Will Employment
- Equal Opportunity Employment
- Sexual and Other Unlawful Harassment
- Immigration Law Compliance
- Criminal Convictions
- Evaluation Period
- Standards of Conduct
- Personnel File
General Policies & Procedures
- Orientation
- Reporting Changes
- Job Classifications (Exempt, Non-Exempt)
- Pay Periods
- Hours of Work
- Breaks
- Time Keeping
- Overtime
- Salary Increases
- Payroll
- Performance Reviews
- Bonus Structure
- Expense Reimbursement
- Attendance & Punctuality
- Availability for Work
- Mandatory Meetings
- Telecommuting
- Job Sharing
- Holidays
- Vacations
- Drugs & Alcohol
- Violence & Weapons
- Smoking
- Food & Beverage
- Recycling
- Visitors
- Workplace Attire
- Telephone Use
- Voice Mail & Electronic Mail
- Use of Company Vehicles
- Use of Company Property
- Postage, Shipping & Office Supplies
- Personal Property
- Personal Safety
- Office Security
- Monitoring & Searches
- Inventions & Creative Works
- Confidential Information
- Conflicts of Interest
- Non-Solicitation
- Competing Employment
- Employment of Relatives
Leave Policies
- General Policies
- Sick Leave
- Short-Term Disability Leave
- Family & Medical Leave
- Personal Leave of Absence
- Jury Duty
- Military Duty
- Funeral Leave
- Emergency Closings & Severe Weather
Employment Benefits
- Benefits Eligibility
- Medical Insurance
- 401K
- Stock Options
- Employee Discounts
- Tuition Reimbursement
- Worker's Compensation
Disciplinary Policies
- Problem Resolutions
- Discipline
- Corrective Action
Separation Policies
- Job Abandonment
- Termination
- Termination Process
- Employment References
Acknowledgement of Employee Handbook Receipt
- Overview of the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
- Overview of Federal Equal Opportunity Laws (including Americans with Disabilities Act, Equal Pay
Act and Age Discrimination in Employment Act)
- Overview of Immigration Reform & Control Act

Don't let another day go by without an employee handbook!
You can start handing out employee handbooks today by buying the Employee Handbook Template for
only $34.95. Compare this to other employee handbook software programs, which can cost upwards of

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Plus, for a limited time, we are offering an incredible special bonus for all Employee Handbook
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Bonus 1: Expense Policy Template ($19.95 value)
Extend your Employee Handbook with our detailed expense policy. Our Expense Policy Template
includes sections on:

- General Guidelines
- Cell Phone Policies
- Ground Travel
- Traveling on Company Business
- Travel Related Expenses
Bonus 2: Employment Contract Template ($29.95 value)
Further your protection by having documented records of your employees' hiring terms, and signed at-
will employment, confidentiality and non-compete clauses in place. Our Employment Contract
Template includes the following sections:
At Will Employment
Confidential Information
- Company Information
- Former Employer Information
- Third Party Information
- Inventions retained and licensed
- Assignment of inventions
- Inventions assigned to the United States
- Maintenance of records
- Patent and Copyright registrations
- Application
Conflicting Employment
- Returning Company Documents
- Notification of New Employment
- Solicitation of Employees
- Noncompetition
- Representations
Arbitration & Equitable Relief
- Arbitration
- Equitable remedies
General Provisions
- Governing law
- Entire agreement
- Severability
- Successors & Assigns
Exhibit A
- List of Prior Inventions & Original Works of Authorship
Exhibit B
- Termination Certification

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