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					 September, 2009
 Issue #322                     PREFLIGHT
                     Oshkosh Ultralight Flyers, EAA UL Chapter 41, Neenah, Wisconsin Newsletter
                                                 - Organized 1981- Chartered 1982 -
    Bill Brown
                                   What To Write About?! by Mike Engel
 VICE-PRESIDENT      Every month, some more than others, it’s somewhat difficult to come up with something to write
  Peter Carlson      about. I was going to lament about the fact that, during the recent, best few weeks of the year, with
  920-235-6298       no rain and little wind, I was not able to fly. And, as I write this, the trend for good weather is
  Sally Lamers       But, I won’t complain (much). Because I did get several opportunities to take a friend’s single-
  920-475-0789       seater powered parachute up. One on a beautiful, windless evening in the vicinity of Mark’s Park
                     and Airfield.
Tony Van Kampen      And I have been making progress in helping to get a Quicksilver GT500 ready for the next phase of
                     my flying adventures. So that’s a good thing.
                     Does it seem like I am fishing for articles? Well, yes. That and more ideas about articles for the
                     club’s newsletter. Guess I’m really getting close to calling people up and asking them about their
    BOARD            aviation history and flying experience. Would you like me to do that? OK, here I come!
                     There is, of course, other things going on around the area. Some good and some not so good. The
  Paul Coonen        not so good including Ted’s facility coming under attack of local thieves and making off with a
 Carl Eichenauer     boatload of tools. This has forced Ted to lock up when leaving, probably a good thing, after all. But
   Mike Engel        it leaves others at the airport no options when needing that special tool to complete a project.
   Jim Kress
  Dennis Miller      At this point, no leads have surfaced. It was talked about at the last meeting, but needs to be
                     mentioned again: if anyone has information leading to the capture of these petty thieves please
                     contact Ted immediately. Also, those that have hangars or frequent the airport need to be more
NEWSLETTER/WEB       wary of strange cars and people coming around. It can happen again!
   Mike Engel
  920-236-9080       Other things at the airport that aren’t exactly rosy are John Hartman’s departure (his hangar and
                     plane are for sale) and Paul Coonen’s carburetor problems. Paul must be pulling his hair out by
                     now! (wait, he didn’t have much to begin with ☺).
     Preflight       On the good side of the things going on include the steady building and selling of Lightnings by
c/o INNOVISIONS      Tom Hoffman and Alan Skruby. Check out their new website at www.hsaviationllc.com Keep ‘em
917 Oregon Street.   comin’ guys!
Oshkosh, WI 54902
                     Jim Kress has become the new owner of a used Cessna 150, trading in his beloved Challenger,
    WEBSITE          and taking a long cross-country to pick it up. He is looking for hangar space at Brennand and
 www.eaaul41.org     before you know it, we will be seeing another plane in the skies around the pattern.

Page 1 – What To     I attended a thank-you party, thrown by Oshkosh Chapter 252, at EAA’s Weeks rebuilding facility
  Write About?       recently and it was most pleasant. The party was for the volunteers who helped out with the
Page 2 – August      Aeromart facility at Airventure this year. A big spread of food, refreshments, cake and ice cream
                     was available as well as some other surprises. I brought up the idea to Jim that maybe some other
  Minutes and
                     local Chapters could be directly involved with Mart next year, sharing in the workload and also the
                     profits. However, if this does not happen, and you have the chance to volunteer, please do. You will
Page 3 – Thank       get a ringside seat to every kind of aviation part imaginable to man! And meet some neat people in
  You Note           the process!
Page 4 –
  Classifieds,       Well I’m at the end of the space now and hey, it looks like I really did have something to write
  Funny Pic          about! Whadaya know about that!? See you at the next meeting and donut days as well!
                                             PREFLIGHT                                                            Page 2 of 4
EVENTS!                               EAA UL41 August Minutes by Sally
Saturday, September            Meeting was called to order at        looking for rental or purchase, a      by EAA in the UL area. Will
12th – Chapter 252             6:15 by President Bill Brown.         half would be fine. Please get a       we have flyers and handouts
Pancake Breakfast and                                                hold of Jim Kress if you know of       that the tram drivers will put
                               Attendees: Members (no count)         hangar space.                          out each day? Will we have a
Car Show, 7:30 a.m. until
                               and guests Louis and Thomas                                                  display board? Who wants
11, Wittman Regional           Michael, Tommy Thomson,                                                      to head this up and make
Airport Terminal               Linsay Turnbow and Wally              Old Business:                          something we can be proud
                                                                                                            of? Volunteers anyone?
Tuesday, September             Treasurers Report given and           Big thanks to Channel Five and
15th – Chapter 41              accepted.                             WBAY for the Brennand Old
                                                                     Time Airport Days coverage. It         New Business:
meeting, Brennand Club
                                                                     was fantastic, even if it was a
Hangar, 6:00 p.m.              Incident Report:                                                             Changes at the club’s hangar
                                                                     wee bit early in the morning.
                                                                                                            are occurring and the place is
Saturday, September            Ted spoke of his break in and         The kick-off Hoffman, Hartman,         getting squared away. It is a
19th, – Chapter 41             burglary. Wally reported what he      and Coonen party was wonderful.        slow process but coming to a
Chapter Donut Day,             saw and will do in case of future     A huge thanks to all who flew,         close. Thanks to the group
Brennand Club Hangar,          “suspicious behavior”. Witnesses      who brought food, who worked,          who has been plugging away:
7:30 a.m. until 10 a.m         were asked to report anything         who got prizes and who                 Carla, Chad, Bill and Sally.
                               unusual to the Sherriff’s             supported this organization in any
                               Department. Surveillance              way that weekend. It was               Christmas party is right
Sunday, September 27th
                               cameras will be a part of             fantastic and all who were there       around the corner….if anyone
– Hangar Party for the                                                                                      wants to see changes, please
                               Brennand Airport so theft will be     had a great time! The prizes that
winners of our raffle, 11:00   deterred in the future.               were collected were fantastic and      bring ideas to the September
a.m. Everyone is welcome                                             the hard work was appreciated.         meeting. We will ask for
and please bring a dish to                                           Thanks to Ted for power spraying       volunteers for the food,
                               Building Report:                                                             entertainment, gifts and
                                                                     the grill, it is like a brand new
                                                                     machine again.                         other things we did for fun.
Tuesday, October 20th –        Tom and Al are finishing up
                               another Lightning. Quint              Ideas for next year were brought
Chapter 41 meeting,
                               completed the RV-8 and it is sold
Brennand Club Hangar,                                                up. Ted volunteered to give a
                               and gone.                             flight for two for breakfast as a
6:00 p.m.                                                                                                   August 22 /Donut Day
                                                                     prize. How about we offer
                                                                                                            reminder: right after that we
Saturday, October 24th,
                               Flying Report:                        desserts, snacks and chips? Get
                                                                                                            have the fly-in for the Families
                                                                     the flyer out much earlier. Food
– Chapter 41 Chapter                                                 from 10:00 to 2:00. Use                of Children with Cancer so
Donut Day, Brennand Club       Ted told of the regular lunch runs.                                          please come out and support
                                                                     microphone and announce raffle
                               Jim Kress gave an update of the                                              this awesome event. Pot luck
Hangar, 7:30 a.m. until 10                                           all day long, playing it up.
                               Aero Mart that EAA 252 has at                                                at 11:30 or so.
a.m                                                                  Committee for responsibility will
                               EAA. He thanked all the EAA 41                                               Paul and Dianne will offer the
                                                                     be formed, Carla is our first
                               volunteers that helped make it a                                             food at their winter fly in to our
Tuesday, November 17th                                               volunteer. One suggestion was
                               success. The tent made a                                                     club and Chad has taken the
                                                                     that we utilize the Lion’s Club and
– Chapter 41 meeting,          whopping $100,000 on the first                                               position of Food Chairman. He
                                                                     have them do a breakfast.
Brennand Club Hangar,          day! That is a whole lot of                                                  will be recruiting so plan on
6:00 p.m.                      consignment parts and pieces!                                                helping out. It is a great fly-in
                                                                     Thank you to every one of the
                               They will use our tram for                                                   on Lake Winnebago.
                                                                     tram drivers who covered the
Tuesday, December 15th         storage-in the Aviation Education                                            It was brought up that we ought
                                                                     entire week of Air Venture. The
                               Center until mid July of 2010.                                               to purchase a Sporty’s AMFM
– Chapter 41 meeting,                                                tram was especially needed this
                                                                                                            22.9 radio. This may be
Brennand Club Hangar,          Quint donated the set of tires to
                                                                     year as one of the bigger trams
                                                                                                            procured in the future for club
6:00 p.m.                                                            broke down early in the week.
                               the UL 41 tram after they blew                                               use. It would be nice to have
                                                                     We were able to help out and get
                               out. Sorry about that Jim ☺ and                                              for our many events.
Tuesday, January 19 ,
                       th                                            people all the way from the south
                               thanks a bunch Quint ☺ ☺
                                                                     40 to the hub by the Café. It was
2010 – Chapter 41                                                                                           Meeting Adjourned at 7:30
                                                                     nice to be able to see more of the
meeting and Christmas          Jim also reported he sold his
                                                                     grounds and assist many more
Bash, TBD, 6:00 p.m.           Challenger and it was going to go                                            Next meeting: September 15
                                                                     people. The shift flew by quickly.
                               to Kansas City MO. The problem                                               and donut day is September
                                                                     Will we continue with the tram
                               was it was too big for the                                                     th
Tuesday, February 16th                                               in 2010? Yes or no, vote on it         19 ! Hangar party that was
                               trailer…then the truck wasn’t                                                won by Dan Miller will be at
– Chapter 41 meeting,          available…so Jim did what any
                                                                     at the September meeting.
Brennand Club Hangar,                                                EAA Air Venture Ultra Light            11:00 am on Sunday
                               pilot would do. He flew it for 10                                            September 27. All members
6:00 p.m.                                                            discussion was that the UL area
                               hours! It was a great trip and five                                          please plan on attending and
                                                                     is drying up more every year,
                               fuel stops –and a sore rear- later,                                          bring a dish to pass. This
                                                                     becoming a ghost town.
                               he made the deal and flew his                                                only lasts a few hours and is
                                                                     We need to consider how we will
                               “new” Cessna 150 home! He is                                                 a whole lot of fun!
                                                                     be utilizing the table offered to us
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A Thank You Note from the families of Hozhoni

                   A nice
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  Iola Central Flyers Club
                                                         UL 41 Classifieds
Chapter 75 - Bill Markstrum
      Newsletter editor        Delcom Air960 Aviation Transceiver. Good condition $60. Also, Garmin E-Trex, brand new
                               in box, $60. Contact Mike Engel at 920-236-9080 or mengel@new.rr.com
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