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					Conference at-a-glance: MONDAY, December 8
           venue  Lazenby Hall
        8:35-8:40  Assoc Prof Nick Reid: Introduction and conference housekeeping
        8:40-8:45  Indigenous Representative: Welcome to Country
        8:45-8:55    Prof Ingrid Moses (Vice Chancellor, UNE): Welcome to UNE and to the Deputy Prime Minister, John Anderson
        8:55-9:10    The Hon, the Deputy Prime Minister, John Anderson (to be confirmed):
                     Opening of the conference and the Federal Government’s Natural Resource Reforms
        9:10-9:25      Assoc Prof Nick Reid introduces two performances by local artists:
                     1. Body Moves to perform “Ancient Lands” from The Plague and the Moonflower
                     2. Armidale Sing NSW Choir to perform Terra Nova: This Land, by Sirocco
        9:25-9:30    Assoc Prof Nick Reid opening of symposium:
                     Australia's environmental challenge: ecological science and decision making
        9:30-9:50    Prof Hugh Possingham (University of Queensland): Cost-efficient decision making at a continental scale
       9:50-10:10    Leith Boully (Farmer/Grazier and Murray Darling Basin Leadership Program):
                     From catchment to kitchen table - achieving outcomes!
     morning tea
            chair    Assoc Prof Nick Reid
     10:40-11:00     Peter Cosier (World Wide Fund for Nature): The role of science and public debate in civil society
     11:00-11:20     Prof Peter Cullen (University of Canberra): Reflections on rippling the waters
     11:20-11:40     Dr Steve Morton (CSIRO Environment and Natural Resources, Canberra): Science and policy: some hard lessons
     11:40-12:00     Wentworth Group Panel: questions from the floor and general discussion
 lunch 12:00-1:00    media interviews
  lunch 1:00-2:00    Dr Bill Lawrence (Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute,        Workshop organised by Dr Menna Jones (Australian Chapter of
                     Republic of Panama) Rainforests in Crisis: Comparing Threats       the Society for Conservation Biology): Talking with Government
                     to Australian, Amazonian and African Tropical Forests             (Speakers to be confirmed)
        2:00-4:00        OPEN FORUM               OPEN FORUM                  OPEN FORUM                 OPEN FORUM                 OPEN FORUM
                           Woodlands                Disturbance                   Birds                      Plants                    Mammals
 drink and nibbles                                                   Drink, nibbles and poster setup
         4:30-6:30                                                          POSTER SESSION
        6:30-8:30                                                          CONFERENCE B-B-Q
Conference at-a-glance: TUESDAY, December 9
                      SYMPOSIUM         Conservation planning          OPEN FORUM              SYMPOSIUM               SYMPOSIUM             OPEN FORUM
                    Woodlands and their     for ecological                                 Reproductive ecology         Australasian           Mammals
                       sustainable          connectivity at                                of native and invasive     peatlands: past,
                      management        landscape, regional &                                      plants            present and future
                                          continental scales
     morning tea

                            (cont.)                  (cont.)           OPEN FORUM                  (cont.)                 (cont.)           OPEN FORUM
                                                                        Conservation                                                           Animals

 lunch 12:30-2:00                                                          ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING
                      Managing profitable        SYMPOSIUM              SYMPOSIUM              OPEN FORUM              OPEN FORUM            OPEN FORUM
                         and biodiverse         The ecology of       Ecological thresholds Reproductive ecology                                 Weeds
                      production systems:     salinity: what do we      in biodiversity    of native and invasive
                    linking policy research        really know           conservation              plants
                          and practice

    afternoon tea
                            (cont)                  (cont.)                 (cont.)           OPEN FORUM             Ecology, economics      OPEN FORUM
                                                                                                 Plants               and public policy of
                                                                                                                    revegetation schemes
                                                                                                                       as carbon sinks

        6:30-late                                                    CONFERENCE DINNER - ECHIDNA GULLY
Conference at-a-glance: WEDNESDAY, December 10
                         SYMPOSIUM                SYMPOSIUM                SYMPOSIUM                   SYMPOSIUM              SYMPOSIUM
                    Ecological functions and Riverine Ecosystems: a     Human dimensions in      Disturbance regimes and Chemical Ecology: from
                      values of scattered       multidisciplinary        ecology: institutions        the ecology and     process to application
                      native vegetation in        perspectives            communities and             evolutionof plant
                     managed landscapes                                      landscapes              persistence in the
                                                                                                  Australian environment
     morning tea

                                                                                                         (cont.)              SYMPOSIUM
                            (cont.)                  (cont.)               SYMPOSIUM
                                                                                                                           Bugs, birds and bats:
                                                                         Ecological impact
                                                                                                                          conservation biological
                                                                       assessment: what role
                                                                            for science?

lunch 12:00-12:45
 lunch 12:45-1:30

                        OPEN FORUM              OPEN FORUM                 OPEN FORUM                OPEN FORUM
                     Data for Conservation        Mammals                                            Plant Ecology

    afternoon tea

                                                                            Lazenby Hall
        4:00-5:00                                                     Gold Medal Presentation
        5:00-5:30                                                     Awards Ceremony Closing

                        OPEN FORUM                              OPEN FORUM                               OPEN FORUM                                 OPEN FORUM                                OPEN FORUM
                         Woodlands                               Disturbance                                Birds                                      Plants                                   Mammals
      chair                                                                                                                                                                                                     Kim Downs
  2:00-2:15     Ecological processes causing the         *Guidelines for ecological restoration       *Changes in a frugivorous bird         *Host Specificity in Sarcanthinae            *Using small mammals to test
                decline of woodland birds across           projects and inclusion of ecological      assemblage and rainforest seed                      Orchids.                          ecological processes driving
                       southern Australia.                restoration project in school science   dispersal in a fragmented landscape.                                               population and community responses
                                                                         curriculum.                                                                                                  to fire in nutrient poor environments.
                                H. Ford                                  C. Herden                               C. Moran                                  K. Gowland                               M. Kennedy
  2:15-2:30        *Belah woodland of north west            *Restoring native woody cover to           *Foraging Behaviour of Small          *Stress indicators, due to salinity, in  *Disturbance and the Hastings River
               Victoria: distribution, regeneration and     sand-mined sites in Bongil Bongil      Insectivorous Birds in Response to          Phragmites australis: a long-term      Mouse: Landscape-scale processes
                               condition.                National Park - A transition threshold                Urbanization.                                   study.                 and management of an endangered
                              K. Callister                      discovered? J. Cummings                        P. Hodgson                                M. Greenwood                           species. E. Tasker
  2:30-2:45   *Restoration of Temperate Woodlands- *Effect of fertilization on biomass and          *Translocation of the Endangered      *An association between water source, *Demographic shifts and changes in
                       Getting it right in CPW.               yield and composition of foliar    Eastern Bristlebird in south-east NSW.   leaf gas exchange and xylem hydraulic         spacing behaviour in an outbreak
                                                             essential oil of E. radiata subsp.                                                 properties in three co-occurring                 population of mice.
                                                         radiata at Banalasta, northern NSW.                                               Banksia species growing on a coastal
                               P. Nichols                                  A. Kar                                  D. Bain                            sand plain. P. Drake                         D. Sutherland
  2:45-3:00         *Soil seed banks in remnant                  *Herbivory limits seedling             *Life on the edge – habitat              *Spatial Patterns of Snow Gum            *The dependence of Bettongia
                vegetation: the influence of fire and   establishment in montane wet forests.       requirements of the barking owl in       (Eucalyptus pauciflora) at the alpine     penicillata (brush-tailed bettong) on
               vegetation types on composition and                                                       south-eastern Australia.             tree line in south-eastern Australia.     hypogeal fungi in the Venus Bay
                              germination.                                                                                                                                            Conservation Park, Eyre Peninsula.
                               M. Keenan                                M. Campbell                            N. Schedvin                                   S. Cutler                                  J. Lee
  3:00-3:15         Temporal comparison of bird         *Herbivore damage along a latitudinal *Detectability of the Southern Boobook        *Environmentally induced variation in       *Sexual segregation in a tropical
                assemblages in forest fragments in       gradient: Relative impacts of different (Ninox novaeseelandiae) in relation to         leaf morphology in Pelargonium          macropod, the antilopine wallaroo
                               Gippsland.                              feeding guilds.              season, moon phase and weather        australe (Geraniaceae): Links between               (Macropus antilopinus).
                                                                                                           conditions. B. Stone             morphology, anatomy and aspects of
                               W. Wright                                 N. Andrew                                                                   physiology. J. Hermes                            E. Ritchie
  3:15-3:30     Ecosystem Service Thresholds in a         *Effects of drought on dry rainforest   *Ecosystem robustness in the face of           *How does leaf shape relate to      *The influence of resource availability
                      Re-vegetated Landscape.           species on two contrasting soils: a test      species loss: data from a forest     temperature? A multi-species study of on the social and mating systems of
                                                               of the edaphic compensation                        avifauna.                        leaves in the Proteaceae.             bobucks (Trichosurus caninus).
                             A. Langston                           hypothesis. T. Curran                          F. Scarff                                  A. Leigh                                 J. Martin
  3:30-3:45        Broken sticks, bent cables and           *Survivors! Effects of drought and     *Invasive Bitou Bush alters the bird     *Aspects of the reproductive ecology       *Social and sexual behaviour of the
                        ecological thresholds.                defoliation on five contrasting        community of coastal vegetation.     and seedling establishment of Banksia           yellow-bellied glider (Petaurus
                                                                  perennial grass species.                                                                    aemula.                  australis) in south-western Victoria.
                               V. Debuse                                  N. Bruce                              C. Gosper                                   J. Waldron                                M. Brown
  3:45-4:00       The resource value of native and            *Before and after the fire: how                                               *Flowering patterns in Xanthorrhoea        *Multiple mothers: evidence for age
               exotic garden plants and their relative      seasonal conditions influence the                                                                australis.                    and mass related changes in
                contribution to the diets of suburban          germination response to fire.                                                                                             reproductive output in possums.
                      nectarivores. K. French                            P. Thomas                                                                           P. Curtis                                 J. Isaac
                 SYMPOSIUM                            SYMPOSIUM                        OPEN FORUM                       SYMPOSIUM               SYMPOSIUM                                   OPEN FORUM-
              Woodlands and their                Conservation planning                                             Reproductive ecology Australasian peatlands:                               Mammals
                 sustainable                         for ecological                                                of native and invasive past, present and future
                management                          connectivity at                                                        plants
                                                landscape, regional and
                                                   continental scales
      chair                   Chris Nadolny                       Harry Recher                                                     Caroline Gross                       Kerry Bridle
  8:30-8:45    Where are the jewels in the        WildCountry - an overview.         The Global Millennium        *The mechanism of self-sterility Marcasite in Holocene coastal           *Rock on! Ecological
               crown? Vegetation condition                                          Ecosystem Assessment.             in Bulbine bulbosa: self-    floodplain peats: Its occurrence      consequences of pebble-
               benchmarks for widespread                                                                            incompatibility or inbreeding         and significance.                      mounds
            woodland types in Central West                                                                                  depression.
            New South Wales. P. Gibbons                 B. Mackey                          A. Beattie                         K. Owen                          R. Bush                              F. Ford
  8:45-9:00      Evidence suggesting that        Comparison of connectivity        *Patterns and rates of Land    Inbreeding avoidance maintains *Oxidation and Acidification of       *Detoxification constraints as a
            Chilean Needle Grass threatens       between North America and         Cover change in Colombian      gender dimorphism in Wurmbea         Peat Acid Sulfate Soils.                limit to feeding.
                  the sustainability of the              Australia.                 Ecosystems (1940-2000).            dioica (Colchicaceae).
             endangered Cumberland Plain
                    Woodland. E. Ens                      M. Soulé                           A. Etter                      M. Ramsey                         S. Allery                            K. Marsh
  9:00-9:15 *Environmental Correlates and         Regenerating landscapes:            Amazon birds and their      Harsh environments favour       Fires and their implications for   *Frequency of torpor in sugar
                   Associations of Tuart         energy, earth, air and water.     response to roads, highways gender dimorphism in Wurmbea acidic peatlands northeastern             gliders (Petaurus breviceps):
              (Eucalyptus gomphocephala)                                               and large clearings.      biglandulosa (Colchicaceae).                  NSW.                   foraging difficulties or winter
                   Decline. T. Edwards                     J. Williams                     S. Laurance                   G. Vaughton                          J. Parr                food shortages? N. Christian
  9:15-9:30 *Effects of repeated applications        Putting processes in to       Estimating rainforest canopy Does dust inhibit reproduction in Chronology and Palaeoecology      *Thermoregulation during day-
                of low doses of 2,4-D and            conservation planning.      connectivity across highways in    roadside populations of          of an acidic wetland peat         roosting by Australian long-
             glyphosate on young eucalypts                                       the Wet Tropics World Heritage     Grevillea lavandulacea?             northeastern NSW.                 eared bats, Nyctophilus
                       in a field trial.                                                       Area.                                                                                      geoffroyi and N. gouldi:
                                                                                                                                                                                          advantages of thermally
                                                                                                                                                                                         unstable roosts to energy
                        V. Banks                        H. Possingham                      D. Gillieson                        S. Carthew                        K. Taffs                 expenditure. C. Turbill
  9:30-9:45    *Do Experts Know Anything           Biodiversity conservation in    Plant-animal interactions in      *Reproduction on top- canopy    Accelerated peat formation in        *Vertical stratification of
              About Birds and Grazing? A        northern Australia - the need for     rainforest restoration.          trees and the birds and the   upland lakes of northern New  insectivorous bats in harvested
                Bayesian Approach Using           extensive linkages between                                                       bees.                      South Wales.           forests: The effects of logging
                     Expert Opinion.                        reserves.                                                                                                              history, vegetation structure and
                        T. Martin                         J. Woinarski                     J. Kanowski                         S. Boulter                      R. Haworth           insect abundance. M. Adams
 9:45-10:00      Integrating biodiversity         *Evidence for the Balance of    Monitoring attributes for hollow- *Measuring Interplant Variation   *Using sediment archives to       *Tree roost characteristics
              conservation and agricultural      Nature: From a Guild of Forest     nesting birds of production          in Grevillea macleayana       reconstruct a post-colonial     determine use by Tadarida
                production in a degraded           Inhabiting Ground Feeding                  forests.              (Proteaceae) Nectar Production. environmental history of metal      australis (Microchiroptera,
                       landscape.                             Birds.                                                                                pollution and land-use changes       Molossidae) in suburban
                                                                                                                                                    around Queenstown, Tasmania.                 Brisbane.
                        P. Spark                           S. Gilmore                        A. Smyth                            S. Lloyd                       S. Keele                         M. Rhodes
             (cont.) Woodlands and (cont.) Conservation       OPEN FORUM                                             (cont.) Reproductive                (cont.) Australasian                    OPEN FORUM
                their sustainable  planning for ecological Conservation Planning                                     ecology of native and             peatlands: past, present                    Animals
                  management           connectivity at                                                                  invasive plants                       and future
                                  landscape, regional and
                                     continental scales
     venue                     Chris Nadolny                    Harry Recher                                                        Caroline Gross                              Jeff Parr
10:30-10:45 Effects of European colonisation Implementing Wild Country in        *Methods for testing biodiversity   *Native pollinators of native          Post-fire monitoring and        *Management of Wildlife using
               on indigenous ecosystems:             Northern Australia.             surrogates for regional         parsnips - insect visitation to   recovery strategy testing of sub-    Repellents: Movement of Red-
            stand structure of pre- and post-                                        conservation planning.            Trachymene incisa in the         alpine Sphagnum –shrub bogs.         necked Wallabies (Macropus
            settlement Callitris - Eucalyptus                                                                           absence of introduced                                              rufogriseus banksianus) through
                    woodlands. I. Lunt                     B. Traill                        H. Grantham                  honeybees. Y. Davila                         G. Hope                 a Scent Barrier. C. Gibson
10:45-11:00       *The effects of grazing     Practical approaches to regional       Connectivity' shouldn't be      *Seed size, germination and             *Sphagnum-dominated           *Effects of tourism on Australian
                  management on native         scale connectivity: Gondwana      isolated! Defragging the analysis seedling growth of Australian         peatlands in the highlands of sea lions (Neophoca cinerea) at
            grassland and grassy woodland         Link and Nature Links.               of habitat functionality.       species of the desert and        Vic: floristic patterns across the   Seal Bay Conservation Park,
                in the Northern Midlands,                                                                               halophytic plant genus         region & the factors responsible.            South Australia.
                 Tasmania. S. Leonard                     R. Hobbs                          M. Drielsma                 Frankenia. L. Easton                        J. Shannon                          A. Terijo
11:00-11:15 *Grassy woodlands in the New            Social and economic              Conservation planning for       *Indehiscence in the shrubs         *Crossing the FBT (Fen-Bog          *Conservation biology of the
             England Tableland Bioregion:       dimensions to WildCountry.       biodiversity processes: five ways Kunzea rupestris, K. capitata &       Transition zone) - When is an       Giant Burrowing Frog: habitat
              Effects of fire season and fire                                        of keeping time in space.     associated putative hybrids: new           ecological engineer a         use in a modified environment.
               intensity on shrub seedling                                                                           understanding of dormancy,                    prerequisite?
                 emergence and survival.                                                                            germination & dispersal for the
                          K. Knox                         V. Young                          Bob Pressey                 Myrtaceae. D. Tierney                     T. Hodges                        A. Stauber
11:15-11:30 *Determining appropriate fire                                         *Incorporating Socio-economic *Fire Ecology of the Endangered         *The impact of fire on organic   *Effect of observer presence
              frequencies for Cumberland                                           concerns into marine reserve     Perennial Herb Stemmacantha         soils in West and South West  and handling on activity patterns
            Plain Woodland, an endangered           PANEL AND OPEN                            planning.                        australis.                         Tasmania.               in the sleepy lizard (Tiliqua
             grassy woodland ecosystem in               DISCUSSION                                                                                                                          rugosa): implications for
              Western Sydney. P. Watson                                                     P. Morley                        G. Bramston                       M-B di Folco               behaviour studies. G. Kerr
11:30-11:45 *Impacts of repetitive burning in                                    Market-based mechanisms for         Seed dispersal of invasive        *Late Holocene vegetation       *Mechanisms of coexistence in
                 riparian habitats on bird                                             improved biodiversity      cadaghi (Corymbia torelliana) by history from a coastal peat in      the sympatric lizards, Ctenotus
              assemblages in grazed open            PANEL AND OPEN                conservation on private land.             stingless bees.           West New Britain, Papua New            robustus and Ctenotus
            woodlands of north Queensland.              DISCUSSION                                                                                                Guinea.                   taeniolatus (Scincidae).
                       L. Valentine                                                           I. Oliver                      S. Trueman                           L. Jago                           J. Taylor
11:45-12:00 Habitat as resource: modelling                                       Building Human Capacity in the The invasive potential of Pinus          Australian peat miners:        *Habitat fragmentation effects
             dynamics under revegetation.                                           Rangelands as a Route to          radiata: seed production,      burrowing crayfish in peatlands.     on beetle species in upland
                                                    PANEL AND OPEN                        Conservation.             dispersal and the role of fire.                                          Australian Wet Tropics
                          P. Vesk                       DISCUSSION                         A. Hopkins                          G. Wardle                      A. Richardson               rainforest. P. Grimbacher
12:00-12:15 *Reconstructing Cumberland                                            Mapping future landscapes in     Secondary seed dispersal in a       *The nature of the edaphic        Seasonality, dung specificity
              Plain Woodland community:                                            the NSW sheep-wheat belt:         high mountain community.            influence on vegetation       and competition in dung beetle
             Effects of pasture revegetation        PANEL AND OPEN                putting policy proposals to the                                       succession in Tasmania.         assemblages in the Australian
                on seed removal by ants.                DISCUSSION                               test.                                                                                     Wet Tropics, northeastern
                        B. Lomov                                                           M. Bedward                          C. Castor                        E. Rumpff                     Australia. K. Vernes
12:15-12:30     Understorey restoration in                                        Decision Points for Land and      *How not to recruit perennial    The impact of fire on an eastern Variation in nesting success in
             grassy White Box woodlands.                                                  Water Futures.           grasses: the role of abiotic and buttongrass moorland, Central       Darwin's finches: why are old
                                                    PANEL AND OPEN                                                 biotic factors in the recruitment       Plateau, Tasmania.                    males better?
                                                        DISCUSSION                                                 of invasive annuals and native
                                                                                                                    perennial grasses in a South
                       S. Prober                                                            M. Dunlop              Australian grassland. T. Lenz                 J. Balmer                       S. Kleindorfer
                   SYMPOSIUM               SYMPOSIUM                SYMPOSIUM               OPEN FORUM                                                         OPEN FORUM                        OPEN FORUM
              Managing profitable and The ecology of salinity: Ecological thresholds in Reproductive ecology                                                                                       Weeds
               biodiverse production    what do we really            biodiversity       of native and invasive
              systems: linking policy,        know?                 conservation                plants
               research and practice
      chair                    Jann Williams                    Margaret Brock                     Andrew Huggett                       Caroline Gross
  2:00-2:15      A PERFORMANCE that                Continuing Challenges in           The concept and utility of          Dispersal and seed bank        Tasmanian Blanket Bogs - A dry *Bitou Bush Invasion Changes
            INDICATES ways for managing Salinity Management: Findings                 ‘ecological thresholds’ in        ecology of a riparian invader,       wetland environment.       Coastal Ecosystem Processes.
                 profitable and biodiverse         of the NDSP 1993-2003.             biodiversity conservation.        balloon vine (Cardiospermum
                   production systems.                                                                                          grandiflorum).
                 D. Curtis* & J. Williams                   R. Price                          A. Huggett                       G. Viviansmith                        K. Bridle                        E. Lindsay
  2:15-2:30 Shaping biodiverse production           Salinity and terrestrial            Gap-crossing by gliding         Tree Recruitment in Riparian      *Homogenous landscapes or           *Interactions between two
              systems in collaboration with      vegetation: are we asking the     marsupials: thresholds for use of    Zones - What Impact Weeds?          hotspots of biodiversity?      biocontrol agents, a leafhopper
               producers, consumers, and                right questions?           isolated woodland patches in an                                       Conflicting perceptions of farm   and a rust fungus, attacking the
              agricultural scientists: a view                                           agricultural landscape.                                                dams in Australia.             environmental weed bridal
            from Nth. America. L. Jackson                  V. Cramer                          A. Bennett                             F. Ede                       M. Brainwood                    creeper. P. Turner
  2:30-2:45 *Biodiversity Loss and Slash-         Current research and future           *Investigating threshold            *The capacity of lantana     *Ground flora composition can      Understanding the success of
            and-burn Agriculture: Underlying directions for aquatic salinity:      responses for vertebrates: case     (Lantana camara L.) to displace   be used as an ‘alert system’ in    invasive plants: a leaf carbon
            Causes and Essential Strategies What are the crucial questions?             studies from the Tumut          subtropical rainforest along the        effluent irrigation.              strategy approach.
                     for Conservation.                                                  Fragmentation “Natural            lantana/rainforest interface.
                    H. Swarna Nantha                       D. Nielsen                  Experiment”. J. Fischer                      D. Stock                      A. Sharma                         V. Thomson
  2:45-3:00 Challenges managing native           Ecological function the key to        Bottlenecks and booms:          *Factors influencing patterns of *Impacts of simulated freshwater    Predicting invasiveness from
               vegetation in grain growing       decision-making. Ecological         management in response to         shrub encroachment in species- floods on an estuarine sponge.           plant traits: the role of
                          regions.              function: the key for managing         environmental variability.           rich Red Gum woodland.                                               disturbance type.
                                                  salinised aquatic systems?
                      M. Blumenthal                         J. Davis                           T. Walshe                      J. Price                              P. Barnes                        M. Leishman
  3:00-3:15 Integration of native biodiversity   *Threshold or continuum: an       Bird species richness in remnant Geographical gradients in seed           Mangroves as biological         Predicting high impact weeds
                research in the Australian      experimental investigation into      woodlands in the Little River    mass and the influence of             indicators of heavy metal      from seedling growth responses
                      Cotton Industry.         the effects of secondary salinity         catchment, NSW: The                  climate.                     contamination in estuarine             to nutrient supply.
                                                    on benthic community               importance of considering                                                    systems.
                                                           dominance.               vegetation communities when
                                                                                    defining ecological thresholds.
                       G. Roth                                L. Sim                          J. Seddon                      B. Murray                           G. MacFarlane                       G. Hastwell
  3:15-3:30    Geospatial technologies for      A framework for understanding        *Thresholds for remnant size *Banksias are like sunflowers in         *Tidal wetland restoration:     Willows and Blackfish: a Weed
                 managing agricultural         salinity effects on frogs in south-     and isolation in relation to             3-D.                      Spatial analysis of vegetation   of National Significance (WON)
                     landscapes.                        eastern Australia.          species diversity in a Southern                                                responses.                hosts a threatened species.
                                                                                            Sydney Suburb.
                      Tony Norton                           D. Hazell                          I. Drinnan                  A. Renshaw                              J. Graham                         M. Wilson
                 (cont.) Managing                  (cont.) The ecology of             (cont.) Ecological                   OPEN FORUM                      SYMPOSIUM                            OPEN FORUM
                   profitable and                   salinity: what do we                thresholds in                         Plants                    Ecology, economics
               biodiverse production                     really know                      biodiversity                                                  and public policy of
              systems: linking policy,                                                   conservation                                                  revegetation schemes
               research and practice                                                                                                                      as carbon sinks
      chair                       Jann Williams                   Richard Hobbs                   Andrew Huggett                                                     Michael Roderick
  4:00-4:15     Holistic decision making and           Salt Impact Model.           Landscape level thresholds in *The determinants of vegetation Carbon trading in an uncertain           The impact of cane toads on
               grazing management: looking                                          habitat cover for woodland bird pattern in Australian sub-tropical        policy environment.          native frogs along the Roper
               after biodiversity and profits at                                   diversity: empirical evidence for               rainforests.                                                      River, NT.
                     ‘Lana’, Uralla, NSW.                                                  an effect of habitat
                            T. Wright                         B. Cant                          J. Radford                          M. Laidlaw                       L. Drolz                       H. McCallum
  4:15-4:30      The challenge of integrating   *A framework for evaluating the        The quest for landscape         *A population viability analysis Salinity and greenhouse: inter-    Effects of brown trout in food
                 conservation and economic        effect of increased salinity on        thresholds in southern      for a vulnerable plant: Leionema       twined natural resource          webs of small streams in
              production objectives on private           freshwater biota.                    Queensland.                      ralstonii (F.Muell.).     management problems, inter-                 Tasmania.
              grazing lands – Insights from the                                                                                                                 twined solutions.
               grassy woodlands of southern
                 Queensland. N. MacLeod                      B. Kefford                        C. Chilcott                           J. Potts                      R. Harper                         L. Barmuta
  4:30-4:45        Meeting biodiversity and       *Interactive effects of salinity Beetles over the threshold. How *Timber harvesting as a factor Carbon sequestration predictor            *Effects of colony size on the
                    financial goals on wool          and water regime on the       many survive 90% habitat loss?           influencing cryptophyte      for revegetation schemes in        invasion of the Argentine ant
                     properties in Victoria.        performance of Melaleuca                                          abundance and composition in       lower rainfall areas of NSW.        (Hymenoptera: Formicidae):
                                                   ericifolia Smith, the swamp                                           the northern Jarrah forest of                                    implications for biotic resistance
                                                             paperbark.                                                        Western Australia.                                                   by native ants.
                          J. Dorrough                         J. Salter                        D. Driscoll                           C. Slee                      K. Montagu                         A. Walters
  4:45-5:00    Land use conservatism results     Effect of increasing salinity on       Thresholds: arbitrary or          *Steeper rootedness is co-      Ecology and physiology of           Competitive interactions of
                  in conservation of grassy          an intermittent floodplain             statistically valid?      ordinated with drought resistant       vegetation thickening.       Solenopsis invicta with selected
                 ecosystems used for sheep          wetland - water chemistry,                                            leaves, but does not differ                                            native ant species.
                             grazing.               macrophytes and diatoms.                                             between high or low rainfall.
                         J. Kirkpatrick                      K. James                      D. Freudenberger                        H. Morgan                        S. Berry                         S. Marsden
  5:00-5:15     *Intersecting policy, research Acute effects of salt on sediment      When too much grazing is             *Does the level of genetic   Carbon Accounting: Beyond the       *Morphological dispersion of
                and practice in the Oil Mallee   biogeochemistry and microbial         clearly enough – floristic           variation and structuring      Current Kyoto Paradigm.        spatially nested assemblages of
                             Project.                 community structure.             thresholds for jarrah and        influence the distribution and                                      Rhytidoponera (Formicidae:
                                                                                           wandoo remnants.                abundance of Persoonias                                          Hymenoptera), Sturt National
                                                                                                                                 (Proteaceae)?                                                     Park, Australia.
                             S. Bell                          G. Rees                        M. Strawbridge                         P. Rymer                       C. Mitchell                      D. Nipperess
  5:15-5:30       Incorporating commercial          *SALTernative land uses:         Thresholds of resilience: The     *Conservation genetics of the                                       *Do preferences for thermal or
               products into revegetation and     Impacts of using saline mine        Soft Tree-fern (Dicksonia        nationally endangered mound                                         structural environment dictate
                   adapting farm forestry to    waste water to irrigate trees on     antarctica Labill.) in a forest      spring endemic plant, Salt         OPEN DISCUSSION              assemblage structure in lizards?
                     increase biodiversity.        coal mine overburden in the          production landscape in              Pipewort (Eriocaulon
                                                   Upper Hunter Valley, NSW.                    Tasmania.                  carsonii)(Eriocaulaceae).
                             D. Carr                          A. Joyce                         R. Peacock                           R. Davies                                                         B. Mott
                    SYMPOSIUM                           SYMPOSIUM                           SYMPOSIUM                             SYMPOSIUM             SYMPOSIUM
              Ecological functions and             Riverine Ecosystems: a               Human dimensions in                Disturbance regimes and Chemical Ecology: from
              values of scattered native              multidisciplinary                 ecology: institutions             the ecology and evolution process to application
               vegetation in managed                    perspectives                      communities and                   plant persistence in the
                     landscapes                                                             landscapes                      Australian environment
      chair                         Brian Wilson                         Craig Miller                  David Brunchorst                         Peter Clarke                        Peter Gregg
  8:30-8:45 The importance of Paddock Trees         River Hydrology: Quantifying        People and their frameworks of     *Seed bank dynamics in an arid      New developments in chemical
               for regional conservation in         Droughts and Connectivity.          environmental practice: a case          zone saline wetland.              ecology and insect pest
                  agricultural landscape.                                                  study of two contrasting                                                    management.

                           M. Boak                         M. Stewardson                     A. Wardell-Johnson                        J. Porter                          P. Gregg
  8:45-9:00    Quantifying the production and        Effects of regulation on the         A botanical perspective on          *Addressing the Seeds of         Learning, odour preferences and
                biodiversity values of trees in    wetland inundation regime of the     landscape as heritage: a case      Uncertainty: The Demographic           flower foraging in moths.
                grazing systems in southern          Murrumbidgee River, NSW.            study in the Mangkuma Land       Role of the Soil-Stored Seed Bank
                        Queensland.                                                           Trust, Cape York.                  in Genus Persoonia.

                       W. McGrath                            P. Frazier                    G. Wardell-Johnson                     D. McKenna                         P. Cunningham
  9:00-9:15    *Isolated trees: their role in       How (dis)connected are our       Making Aboriginal views count in Detecting plant species richness in *A little bit on the side - the failure
             improving conservation value of          landscapes? Ecological          water management planning in      a long unburnt endangered plant      of mating disruption to control
              matrix habitats. A perspective        implications of geomorphic             central western NSW.           community: seeds, bulbs and             Helicoverpa armigera
            based on the study of Mexican ant        coupling and sedimentary                                             rhizomes that hide in the soil. (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) in tomato
                      communities.                  cascades in Australian river                                                                                   and capsicum crops.
                         A. Gove                       systems. G. Brierley                     R. Molsher                         Tony Auld                             D. Britton
  9:15-9:30 Ecosystem wicks: woodland trees           Geomorphic changes to         *Linking decision making scales for     Surviving by staying put –         Role of foliar chemistry in
            enhance water flow in fragmented     catchments and rivers in eastern        improved natural resource         persistent herbs in western       avoidance of a putative hybrid
                 agricultural landscapes.        Australia over the last 200 years:            management.                     Sydney’s woodland.          eucalypt by Mnesampela privata:
                                                   causes, implications, and the                                                                                implications for breeding.
                         D. Eldridge                         A. Brooks                            A. Vagg                           J. Howell                         M. Steinbauer
  9:30-9:45 Variation in wolf spider abundance Large woody debris character and         *Using the arts to create an    Does post-fire herbivory decline     *Characterising resistance to
            in relation to the size and shape of  habitat scale hydraulics in the             ecological ethic.         with distance from an unburned      insect defoliation in Eucalyptus
                    woodland remnants.                     River Murray.                                                              edge?                               grandis.

                         R. Major                            V. Hughes                            D. Curtis                            R. Whelan                         M. Henery
 9:45-10:00 Crop killers? The Possible Impact      Geomorphology and fish habitat                                         Do small plots adequately describe *Nutritional quality affects choice
              of Paddock Trees on Wheat              use in a large dryland river.                                          the effects of fire frequency on by predators in feeding preference
                        Production.                                                                                             plant diversity in native              experiments.

                     D. Freudenberger                         C. Boys                                                                 J. Morgan                          A. Watson
                   (cont.) Ecological                   (cont) Riverine                         SYMPOSIUM             (cont.) Disturbance                                  SYMPOSIUM
                functions and values of                  Ecosystems: a                       Ecological impact      regimes and the ecology                             Bugs, birds and bats:
                    scattered native                    multidisciplinary                 assessment: what role for and evolution of plant                             conservation biological
                 vegetation in managed                    perspective                            science?              persistence in the                                      control
                      landscapes                                                                                     Australian environment
       chair                      David Eldridge                           Craig Miller                    Louisa Mamouney                             Peter Clarke                      Sarah Mansfield
10:30-10:45      Scattered paddock trees, soil         Experimental fish habitat           *Effect of experimental trampling Recovery of alpine vegetation from          Silent But Deadly - Bats As
                   chemistry and landscape          rehabilitation in a coastal NSW       on alpine and subalpine vegetation grazing and drought as shown by            predators Over Cotton Crops.
                        management.                               river.                     in Kosciuszko National Park.    data from long-term photoquadrats
                                                                                                                                in Kosciuszko National Park.

                      B. R. Wilson                       Bob Creese                       A. Growcock                                      C. Pickering                         T. Staines
10:45-11:00 When does nutrient accumulation *Using neural networks and GIS to A Sink or a Source?: The Grey-                      *Habitat differentiation in open    *Insectivorous bats, irrigated
            under trees increase productivity? predict the spatial occurrence of    headed Flying-fox, Pteropus                 forest understoreys: Investigating cotton, native vegetation remnants
                                                freshwater fish and decapods.    poliocephalus at an Urban Colony                the scarcity of shrubs in grassy       and intensive production
                                                                                               Site.                                       open forests.                       landscapes.

                        J. Facelli                            M. Joy                              K. Parry-Jones                            K. Wills                            L. MacKinnon
11:00-11:15 *Mistletoes in rural environments: Potential of high spectral and high          *Can conservation learn from          Landscape patterns of plant           Value-adding. The relationship
            does landscape structure influence   spatial resolution sensors for            medicine about bridging the gap       persistence in response to fire.          between native trees and
                       distribution?            wetland vegetation health and                  between scientists and                                                 populations of beneficial insects on
                                                      condition mapping.                           practitioners?                                                                cotton farms.

                          L. MacRaild                          L. Kumar                                I. Fazey                             P. Clarke                      Tish Silberbauer
11:15-11:30     *Historical land-use impacts on      *A day in the life of a tropical       Application of no net adverse       Grasstree resprouting: questioning      Detection of predation on
                roadside vegetation condition in        aquatic monitor lizard.            ecological impact concept to the          the obvious conclusion.       Helicoverpa armigera in Australian
                 woodlands of southern NSW.                                                Kuranda Range Road Upgrade.                                                 cotton crops using ELISA.

                           P. Spooner                         P. Mayes                                 S. Turton                         D. Korczynskyj                            S. Mansfield
11:30-11:45     Avifauna of retained vegetation        Scaling up from points to           The utility of ten road structures      Fire, fertility and vegetation          Ecology of Helicoverpa spp.
               corridors: a pre- and post-logging   catchments: Assessing riparian         along the F3 Freeway as fauna                    boundaries.                (Noctuidae) and their parasitoids,
                          comparison.                         condition.                             underpasses.                                                     in relation to the use of transgenic
                                                                                                                                                                         cotton and associated refuges
                         M. MacDonald                          A. Jansen                             A. Finegan                              L. Hughes                               G. Baker
11:45-12:00         *The contribution of bird           *Optimising restoration of           *Rehabilitation index and            Arid land vegetation dynamics             *Regulation of outbreaking
               communities to ecological services      Casuarina cunninghamiana           monitoring protocol for evaluating        after a rare flooding event:               populations of Creiis
                in agricultural lands surrounding   woodlands in river floodplains in       the success of rehabilitated           influence of fire and grazing.         lituratus.Froggat (Hemiptera:
                       Brigalow remnants.            the Central Tablelands of New                disturbed areas.                                                      Psyllidae) in Eucalyptus dunnii
                                                             South Wales.                                                                                                           plantations.
                          S. Collard                          J. Graftdyk                           S. Thompson                           S. Florentine                              P. Angel
                      OPEN FORUM                                      OPEN FORUM                                    OPEN FORUM                                    OPEN FORUM
                   Data for Conservation                               Mammals                                                                                    Plant Ecology
  1:30:1:45    Inter-annual Rainfall Variability of Arid   Kangaroo grazing and rangeland condition         Does the effect of leaf shape on leaf    Remnant vegetation – how to define it and
                Australia – Greater than Elsewhere?                     in arid NSW.                       temperature influence carbon gain and           what does it mean ecologically?
                            E. van Etten                                 A. Denham                                          water use?                               B. A. Wilson
                                                                                                                            A. Nicotra
  1:45-2:00      Collecting data for modelling and          Arid Recovery - restoration of arid land.   Leaf and environmental attributes influence The Influence of Very Large Trees on the
                            evaluation.                                                                           heat damage in sclerophylls.           Distribution of Smaller Trees in the
                                                                                                                             P. Groom                     Rainforests of North Queensland.
                              J. Elith                                        B. Hill                                                                                  D. Hilbert
  2:00-2:15 Biodiversity monitoring: Impossible dream        Experimental manipulation of habitat              I feel like Toona tonight: feeding      Rainforest stand dynamics and diversity
                         or future reality?                  structure: a retrogression of the small          preferences of Hypsipyla robusta.      was related to disturbance intensity over 35
                             C. James                            mammal succession. B. Fox                                                                         years. G. Smith
                                                                                                                         S. Cunningham
  2:15-2:30   Using Life History Characters from the            Can outbreaks of house mice in           Role of nutrients and zooplankton grazing Distribution and Status of the Vine Thickets
                Australian Angiosperms to Examine            southeastern Australia be predicted by       on phytoplankton growth in a temperate            of the Brigalow Belt Bioregion.
                 Patterns in Recently Extinct and                      weather models?                    reservoir in New South Wales, Australia.
             Endangered Australian Plants. C. Gross                         C. Krebs                                      T. Kobayashi                              Bill McDonald
  2:30-2:45 Modifying policy and practice to improve the    Population dynamics of the brush-tailed               Conflicting Plankton Models.          The influence of fire and rainfall upon
                 strategic value of regional lists of       rock-wallaby in the Hunter Valley, NSW.                                                  seedling recruitment in sand mass (wallum)
            threatened plants: a case study from Cape                                                                                                   heathland of north-eastern New South
                  York Peninsula. J. Landsberg                           C. Rummery                                       B. Sanderson                            Wales. S. Griffith
  2:45-3:00 Do canopy and full floristic data show the     Roost switching, roost sharing and social     Drivers of Aquatic Biodiversity in the Lake   Effect of drought and fire on alpine and
               same species composition patterns?          cohesion: Forest-dwelling big brown bats            Eyre Basin: hydrology and other           subalpine vegetation in Kosciuszko
                                                           (Eptesicus fuscus) conform to the fission-                environmental factors.            National Park: Severity of initial impact.
                            L. Holman                             fusion model. M. Brigham                                    J. Reid                                    W. Hill
  3:00-3:15 Preliminary comparisons of four Tasmanian        One size fits all? Fauna use of road           Sulfidic materials in the River Murray    During the fire: combined effects of heat
               vegetation types using vascular plant,           underpasses in northern NSW.                floodplain: An emerging issue for the         shock and smoke on germination.
                 bryophyte and macrofungal data.                                                               management of saline wetlands.
                        S. McMullan-Fisher                                L. Gibson                                      S. Lamontagne                                 C. Morris
  3:15-3:30 Genetic diversity, population structure and    Relative horn and body growth in bighorn      Geochemical aspects of sulfate salinity in Effect of spatial scale in post-fire heathland
            the current cancer epidemic in Tasmanian         rams vary with resource availability.      the waterways of the Murray-Darling Basin.                    succession.
                         devils. M. Jones                             M. Festa-Bianchet                                                                                 T. Wills
                                                                                                                            L. Sullivan